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    Saturday, September 30, 2006
SSF 0.07 beta R10 Released

A new beta of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, and since I don't speak japanese I can't provide any more details.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.07 beta R10

PCSX2 0.9.2 WIP News

In the Good News for 0.9.2! post, made on 16th August, Refraction hinted at progress being made with the audio side of PCSX2, as many of you will of guessed - the clip posted was from Final Fantasy X, more importantly from an FMV, which in all previous versions of PCSX2 had no audio (99% of the time).

To elaborate on this further; GiGaHeRz and Saqib have fixed large portions of ADMA support, allowing for all videos to have audio and many games now have full background music!

Alittle work has been done by Saqib today which allows for audio and video sync when recording, so I can demonstrate with a small video (xVid) - the results of their hardwork.

PCSX2 Official Site (visit to download the clip)

Ootake 0.69 Released

- The bug related to interrupt processing (It is generated by v0.68. In some games, the screen was not displayed and stopped.) was corrected.
- When starting, it is started by "screen stretch setting" that had been used last time.
- (The mistake existed in the description of "Readme.txt" last time (v0.68).
  Third line from the bottom
  x"Rastan Saga II" -> o"Ankoku Densetsu (The Legendary Axe 2)")

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.69

    Friday, September 29, 2006
MAME GP2X 2.8 Released

- New faster threaded sound core. No choppy sound. Games running too slow, e.g. Iron Horse, now run ok. Other games need less overclocking to run at 100%, etc.
- MMU Hack runs better and more stable.
- Full 4 USB Joypad Support through the GP2X Interface Board.
- Added spinner control via the shoulder buttons to Tron, Discs of Tron and Mad Planets. Thx, Sean Poyser.
- Added the use of diagonals to Q*Bert and derivatives. Thx, Sean Poyser.

MAME GP2X Official Site

ZSNES WIP September 29th Released

September 29th:
Unfortunately, the last release had some compression support broken, its fixed now as always, binaries are in the ZSNES section
• ALL: Fixed case sensitive issue in isextension(). [Nach]

September 28th:
• ALL: Added IPS multipatch support. Goes from IPS, IP0, IP1, IP2, ..., IP9. Also made IPS extension code use new zpath functions. Let me know if any IPS abilities are problematic. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed issues with BIOS/Base carts. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed typo causing many games to freeze. [pagefault]
• ALL: Auto Savestate Load/Save is really fixed. I'm not sure how this bug wasn't reported before... [Deathlike]
• ALL: Battletoads intro fix [pagefault]
• ALL: Changed the default keys for Player 2 to saner defaults. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Expanded savestate increment option to support 100 savestates. Also added AutoIncSaveSlotBlock option for legacy behavior in individual blocks (0-9,11-19,etc). [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed a crash if the internal name check fails for SPC7110 games. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed all remaining bugs with the SPC7110. SPL4 and MDH are working correctly, now. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed corrupted sound after loading a state. Savestates created with the latest WIP will have corrupted sound after loading it starting with this revision. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed savestate increment/decrement keys. This should be the last of the require fixes. Also fixed something for VS compilers. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed some bugs that were discovered with Valgrind. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed Start at Latest Save option. [Deathlike], [Nach]
• ALL: Force4:3Ratio should be applied after scanlines. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Hopefully fix the 100% cpu usage while using the up+down buttons in the F3 menu. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Hopefully fixed the black omen bug. Special thanks to pagefault. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Moved the SPC7110 stuff in it's own file. Less RAM usage. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Proper realpath() is now used per platform on command line init. [Nach]
• ALL: Removed unneeded always on debug output from gui load menu. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed buffer overflow. [Nach]
• ALL: Improved output of state messages. [Nach]
• DOS: Fixed ROM loading of the cmdline for DOS when a VESA2 mode is selected. [Jonas Quinn]
• DOS: Removed the NTSC filter from the DOS port for now. This lowers the RAM usage so it is possible to play Super Mario World on my old 486 with 16 MB of RAM again. [Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: Added "Show Clock Box" and "Show Rom Info On Load" to the Options menu. Also fixed display of the shortcut key for the "Enable Clock" option. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Change name of the clock option due to it being a misnomer. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fix dir browse bug, and some sanity to a check. Thanks Jonas Quinn. [Nach]
• GUI: Fixed a case where in the F3 menu, the numerical quick keys and level selection did not update properly. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed clock display while in the F1/F3 menus. Also set default Palette0 setting to off because of rendering problems in certain games. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed F3 menu's screen refresh potentially sucking up CPU unnecessarily. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed GUI state key selection while not on level 0. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed inconsistency between toggling Auto Frame Rate by the button and by the shortcut key. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed slot level display when Start at Latest Save option is used. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed the cause of the cursor not staying where it should under certain circumstances. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed the GUI Pick Savestate menu.
• GUI: Fixed underlined shortcut key for "Merge With Video" option. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Now correctly displays the savestate number on save or load. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Refreshing the screen twice is not needed. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Renamed "Disable Screensaver" to "Disable Power Management" because of changed behavior. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Savestate selection expansion via the F3 menu is now available. This needs further testing. Use up/down to decrease/increase the saveslot # by 10. [Deathlike], [Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: Screen must be refreshed when Triple Buffering/Vsync is toggled. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Some GUI tweaks for better use of existing space. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Transitioning from Auto Frame Skip to Frame Skip (and vice versa) will now not have the display+buttons move when toggled. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Since Jonas got screen refreshing in, displaying the slot level has become a reality! [Deathlike]
• GUI: Updated list of supported formats. [Deathlike]
• MSV: I don't know why I'm even commiting this, but apparently if you don't use the official method to compile MSVC, it may act stupidly without this fix. [Nach]
• MSV: Fixed a VS compiler problem because it sucks. [Deathlike]
• OSX: Mac OS X fixes and cleanup for ManyMouse. Still issues though with two-finger-scroll trackpad. [Nach]
• PSR: Added in memory PSR backup and restore too. [Nach]
• PSR: Added PSR_NOUPDATE define so reads don't update format with a write. [Nach]
• PSR: Fixed a bug in the PSR parser which crept in from our change to use array handling functions and adding packed support. Good thing we weren't using this block of the parser since we added packed. [Nach]
• PSR: Output of C file doesn't start till entire PSR is parsed. Now PSR_COMPRESSED can be defined within the PSR file on a per PSR basis easily. [Nach]
• PSR: PSR RAM usage lessened. Packed code only outputted when needed (also fixes warnings). Reading and Writing now uses function pointers for easy compressed support later. [Nach]
• PSR: Some cleanup. Added GZip support to PSR. [Nach]
• PSR: Fixed a bug with packed usage detection. [Nach]
• PSR: Added variable dependancy support. [Nach]
• PSR: Documented the undocumented compiling parameters. [Nach]
• SDL: Fixed the case in the SDL port where the up+down numpad keys do not behave as intended. [Deathlike]
• SDL: Removed a non-working SDL specific mode. You probably will need to edit your cfg file if you were previously using an OpenGL mode. [Deathlike]
• SDL: Fixed bug when trackballs are present, also cleaned up joystick code a bit. [spoon0042]
• SRC: Anything that clears vidbufferofsb should be consistent. [Deathlike]
• SRC: Our path functions now work properly if file is an absolute path. [Nach]
• SRC: Clean up. [Nach], [Deathlike], [pagefault]
• SRC: Unified all time functions into one place, instead of port specific.
• SRC: ROM loading functions now uses ZPath extension matching functions. [Nach]
• TOL: Add another tool. [pagefault]
• TOL: Set SVN properties of new tool. [Deathlike]
• W_S: Directory name is now printed in the expanded area like files is in non DOS ports. [Nach]
• W_S: Fixed NTSC toggle [pagefault]
• W_S: Reposition 640x480 full for NTSC [pagefault]
• WIN: Added a comment about the minimum res required by Keep4_3Ratio for the Windows port. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Added mouse sensitivity for Windows port. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Changed "High Priority Mode" to "Use A Higher Priority" and Above Normal Priority is used on NT OSes. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Changed default video mode the Windows port uses due to sanity reasons. Also, a check was added to prevent the black screen (and maybe double vision) issue. A message box will now pop up to tell you what options you have. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Disable Screensaver Option now disables all annoying power management stuff. [Deathlike]

ipher's ZSNES WIP Site
ZSNES WIP September 29th

EasyMame 5.4.4 Released

- Fixed : Memory leak in .mng playback code.
- Changed : Removed all obsolete Mame options according Mame .109
- Improved : faster .mng playback (allmost correct)

EasyMame Official Site
EasyMame 5.4.4

    Thursday, September 28, 2006
Ootake 0.68 Released

- The tone quality of the "PSG noise sound" was modeled on a real machine.
- The volume balance of "PSG noise sound" was thoroughly modeled on a real machine.
- The tone quality of the sampling sound of the wave memory sound (drum and voice) has been improved more.
- The reproduction processing of the CD-DA sound source was modeled on a real machine. (When "Wizardry I&II" was played, the CD-DA came to be played from continuation as well as a real machine at the switch of CD-DA and PSG.)
- Speed & Timing was modeled on a real machine more. (When "Rastan Saga II" was played, the problem that the screen uncommonly falls into disorder was solved.)
- When "Rastan Saga II" was played, movement was slow (it is "Mossari" in Japanese language) after the pause(select button) was solved.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.68

clrmamepro 3.91b Released

• added: xml description file setformat.xml which lets you specify set list exports in scanner's popupmenu. Default file includes definitions for standard set list, CSV and some newsreader applications.
• added: drag'n drop in set information window can be used to enable sets
• added: batchrun: 'always use 'default.cmp' for new dat' (tri state checkbox)
• added: batchrun: 'for default naming use' options (also in profiler options)
• added: %c (cloneof) %C (sampleof) %f (setname) etc to the variable list and made it accessable from setinfo, rebuilder adv and setformat.xml
• misc: profiler and scanresults windows remember maximized state attribute
• misc: several gui/text changes
• fixed: setinfo hide-bios option doesn't hide biossets
• fixed: listinfo parser falsely trims string in quotes
• fixed: an aborted progress cancel in batchmode falsely asks to stop the batchrun
• fixed: profiler info window state isn't remembered when leaving with ESC key
• fixed: scanner [x] doesn't store window placements
• fixed: xml sax parser handles "'", """, multiple escaped chars in one tag and hexadecimal escaping
• removed: removed several scanner popup menu items (set list export, csv), this is handled by the new export set list options

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.91b

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Emu Loader 4.9.5 Released

• fixed: All screens setting in "mame.ini" was not being loaded (resolution, bpp, refresh rate)... mame settings screen
• fixed: System filter not working when using grouped, system or system+grouped view modes ... nobody noticed this!!! ????
• changed: Emulator filename checksum is now MD5
• changed: Directory structure has changed a little bit:
  - arcade games lists from "resources" to "arcade" folder (*.el)
  - favorites games files from "resourcesfavorites" to "ini_filesfavorites" folder (*.el; *.ico)
  - columns profile files from "resourcescolumns" to "ini_filescolumns"
• removed: Remaining "MAME legacy" code from the source code
• added: New setting: "Force Quotes in Command Line (WinXP/Vista). It appears that the emulator filename must be surrounded with quotes in some WinXP/2k3/Vista machines (preferences screen, general / miscellaneous tab)
• added: Support for MAME Plus! v0.108u3 (mame settings screen). notes:
  - hiscore.dat is not supported
  - "driver_config" is not supported
• added Main CPU info on an external file (ini_filescpu.ini)
• added: Option: "Filter Games by CPU" (main menu "View"). Enable this setting and an edit box will appear at the top of the games list. Type a CPU name to filter the games list or select one from the listbox. The file "ini_filescpu.ini" must exist. When enabled, an edit box / listbox will appear at the top of the games list, eg.: Z80 (it will show only games that use a Z80 main CPU)
• added: New system: HazeMD, all the usual stuff from MAME is supported on this emulator :)

Emu Loader Official Site
Emu Loader 4.9.5

ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta2 Released

• Max Media Dock Support
• Fix to Zip file reader
• Replaced SCSD driver with original version
• Readded MP3 support

ScummVM DS Official Site
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta2

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006
MAME 0.109 Releases

MAME and several of it's derivates have been updated. Full what's new for MAME 0.109 here or here.

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.109

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.109

MAME32 Official Site

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.109

PSPMSX 1.0.6 Released

- Icons and background images designed by Malkster
- Emulator menus reorganization (new menu for settings)
- Multiple keyboard mappings feature developped by Pou-chan : You can now toggle between 3 different keyboard mapping using LTrigger and RTrigger keys
- Add keyboard change skin option : you can add your own virtual keyboard images in the graphics directory.
- New speed limiter (more accurate)
- New feature to save and load a distinct setting file for each games
- Delete files option (in the file selector)
- Screenshots are now saved in PNG format instead of BMP
- The percent of battery left is now displayed in the emulator window
- Add a watchdog to automatically return to the emulator menu when the battery is very low (< 5%)
- Bug fix and code cleaning

PSPMSX Official Site
PSPMSX 1.0.6

    Monday, September 25, 2006
PSPBEEB 1.0.7 Released

- Multiple keyboard mapping feature developped by Pou-chan : You can now toggle between 3 different keyboard mapping (using for example LTrigger and RTrigger keys)
- Bug fix in the keyboard skin chooser (that made the emu crashed)
- Add new keyboard files from Bah and Pou-chan

PSPBEEB Official Site

pSX emulator 1.9 Released

• Various CDROM changes to make Ape Escape work
• Removed incorrect ADPCM autopause functionality (fixes G-Police music)
• More accurate emulation of GPU LCF status bit (fixes G-Police hang)
• Implemented sprite flip draw mode bits (Master system emulator)
• Various root counter emulation improvements (fixes Rhapsody)
• Slight timing change to fix problem where pad stops working intermittantly
• Fixed bug where Crash Bandicoot 2 executes illegal opcodes after intro
• Fixed WildArms XA spell effect bug (didn't stop after effect correctly)
• Changes to CDROM emulation to make Ape Escape work
• Reject large polygons (fixes ChronoCross Dragonia bug and SagaFrontier2)

pSX emulator Official Site
pSX emulator 1.9

    Sunday, September 24, 2006
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta1 Released

This is still a beta, so there's no full instructions yet. Using it should be the same as with version 0.61, except the build you need to use for your game may have changed.

Please let me know of any bugs you find, and whether it runs on your card reader, by posting in the forum below. The driver has been updated for M3 and SD devices, so the compatibility may have improved, there is also now NinjaSD support. Max Media Dock support is being worked on and will probably appear in the next beta. There is no G6 support.

Build A: All Lucasarts games
Build B: Beneath a Steel Sky, Flight of the Amazon Queen
Build C: Simon the Sorcerer 1/2, Legend of Kyrandia, Gobliiins

Here are the new features:
• New Games Supported: Simon the Sorcerer 2 and Legend of Kyrandia
• Made the DS turn off when you quit a game
• Updated flash device drivers
• Added a 200% scale option for the zoomed view
• Change zoom range for the zoomed view so you can zoom right out
• Speed increase!
• Fixed crashing when saving in Beneath a Steel Sky
• Fixed inventory not appearing in Beneath a Steel Sky
• Fixed incorrect colours in frontend
• Made frontend more responsive

The final version will be released when the rest of the ScummVM team release 0.9.1. This should be within a month or so.

If you have problems with this, please use version 0.61 instead.

ScummVM DS Official Site
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta1

    Saturday, September 23, 2006
PSPZX81 1.0.2 Released

- Add speed limiter option
- Add background change color option
- Add .81 as a valid program file extention

PSPZX81 Official Site
PSPZX81 1.0.2

PSPXTI 1.0.8 Released

- Save state is now done using zlib so ram file size is smaller and as a consequence, it is much faster to save
- Bug fix (may display stange characters in the emulator menu)

PSPXTI Official Site
PSPXTI 1.0.8

    Friday, September 22, 2006
PSPX48 1.0.6 Released

- Save state is now done using zlib so ram file size is smaller and as a consequence, it is much faster to save
- Bug fix (may display stange characters in the emulator menu)

PSPX48 Official Site
PSPX48 1.0.6

    Monday, September 18, 2006
Ootake 0.66 Released *updated to 0.67*

- Tone quality and the volume of the "PSG noise" were modeled on a real machine.
- The volume balance of "PSG, ADPDM, and CD-DA" was thoroughly modeled on a real machine.
- The time of "fade-in & fade-out" of the CD-DA sound was modeled on a real machine. (When "Ys Book I&II" or "Tengai Makyo II",etc. was played, The switch operation of BGM was modeled on a real machine more.)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

- When the emulator is PAUSE, The "Pause." is displayed in the finding part in the window.
- "Start FastCD" (Setteing->CD Drive) and "Start SpriteLimit" (Setteing->CPU) were added to the setting menu. The setting of the starting default can be changed.
- Speed & Timing was modeled on a real machine more. (At start of gambling scene of "Youkai Douchuuki", the problem that the screen falls into disorder (only one frame) was solved.)
- The quality of the sampling sound of the wave memory sound has been improved a little.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.67

PSPBEEB 1.0.6 Released

- Icons and background images designed by Mr Nick666
- Emulator menus reorganisation (new menu for settings)
- New feature to save and load a distinct setting file for each games
- Delete files option (in the file selector)
- Add keyboard change skin option
- The percent of battery left is now displayed in the emulator window
- Add a watchdog to automatically return to the emulator menu
- when the battery is very low (< 5%)
(you can add your own virtual keyboard images in the graphics directory).
- Bug fix and code cleaning

PSPBEEB Official Site

PSPZX81 1.0.1 Released

- Intial release

PSPZX81 Official Site
PSPZX81 1.0.1

    Sunday, September 17, 2006
SSF 0.07 beta R9 Released

A new beta of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, and as I don't speak japanese I can't provide any details of what's new since the last beta.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.07 beta R9

blueMSX 2.6 Released

blueMSX is the first freeware emulator to support the Game Reader, a device that allows an user to play real MSX cartridges on a PC. blueMSX is using Vincent van Dam's API to access the Game Reader device. The support requires the Game Reader hardware and official drivers that can be purchased from Sunrise or MSX-ASSOCIATION.

Note that the support is very different from MSXPLAYer and some cartridges will not run as well as with the MSXPLAYer.

Another surprising new feature is support for ObsoNET, the only Ethernet solution for MSX, developed by Daniel Berdugo. Read carefully the manual as this support requires to install first WinPCap, the Windows Packet Capture Library.

After many requests from gamers, the emulator comes finally with input event logging, replay and AVI rendering. Conceived as enhanced save states, this great feature gives to the user a more complete MSX experience !

blueMSX 2.6 has also support for the Sega SC-3000 and SF-7000 computers, that were very close to the MSX1 system without being compatible.

Which are the other changes ?

- Added support for low resolution in fullscreen mode
- Added SVI printer support
- Added selection of video in grabber
- Added support for Sony Playball roms with digitized speech
- Added support for MegaCart(R), a new type of Coleco rom
- Added dutch version of the user manual
- Fixed crash caused by video grabber card
- Made video grabber unload if not selected (in 2.5, the grabber was always enabled)
- Fixed NMI bug in z80 emulation causing some Coleco games to fail running
- Fixed detection of Sega rom types in menus and dialogs
- Fixed bug in screen 10 vertical border color
- Fixed header of PNG screenshots
- Fixed bug in the S1985 device that caused emulator to crash when debugger was open.
- Fixed the joystick button triggers for the SVI joystick
- Fixed bug in the I8250 UART used in SVI-328 that caused emulator to hang
- Fixed SVI-328 PPI bug
- Fixed default rom mapper handling
- Changed default width of the memory window in the debugger to 16 bytes
- Fixed some printer emulation bugs
- Fixed save state in R-Type rom mapper so it doesn't crash the emulator
- VDP timers are now saved correctly in save states
- Updated MSX Printer emulation to include a static font
- Fixed screen 6 sprites
- Fixed CC sprite bug that made CC sprites visible even if no non CC sprite was present
- Fixed sprite collision index in Status Register 0 for screen 5-8 sprites
- Fixed bug related to CC sprites (having the attribute "Mix color with sprite that has next higher priority")

blueMSX Official Site
blueMSX 2.6

    Saturday, September 16, 2006
MAME GP2X 2.7 Released

- Squidge MMU Hack included. Some speed improvements in the framerate and also in the biggest Neo·Geo games. Thanks to Squidge, NK, Reesy, Pepone and Kounch for the information and help.
- USB Joypad support through the GP2X Interface Board. Thanks to GnoStiC for the integration of the USBJoy library created by Puck2099.

MAME GP2X Official Site

GameEx 6.77 Released *updated to 6.78*

• Sorry some test code got into 6.77 which stopped MAME from working and made random exits happen
• If you downloaded 6.77 then get this release

• New 4 Player MAME games list
• Additional 5 emulator configs
• Can now specify which emulators run in the screensaver
• News Reader now shows images
• Updated all support files
• Radio station name changed to Run Last Game after running a game

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 6.78

PSPSim 1.0.3 Released

- Icons and background images designed by Mr Nick666
- Emulator menus reorganisation (new menu for settings)
- The percent of battery left is now displayed in the emulator window
- Add a watchdog to automatically return to the emulator menu when the battery is very low (< 5%)
- New feature to save and load a distinct setting file for each games
- Add keyboard change skin option (you can add your own virtual keyboard images in the graphics directory).
- Delete files option (in the file selector)
- Screenshots are now saved in PNG format instead of BMP

PSPSim Official Site
PSPSim 1.0.3

Ville Linde N64 progress

"I've recently continued working on the N64 emulation. After fixing some RSP bugs and adding tons of features to the RDP emulation, many games are starting to look quite good."

Ville's Development Log

    Thursday, September 14, 2006
Yabause 0.7.2 Released

  - A few Netlink changes(still doesn't work).
cd block:
  - CD Block play disc command fixes and improvements. Play Modes now handled correctly.
  - Added correct Repeat counter support.
  - CD audio data is now written to its own buffer, which is then played by the SCSP.
  - CD audio data is now played by the SCSP. EFSDL and EFPAN support still needs to be added.
opengl video core:
  - glutInit is now called before any other glut function(except for on the windows port).
software video core:
  - Added normal sprite flipping(copied from scaled sprites).
  - Corrected a bug with 8 bpp color calculation in scaled and distorted sprites.
  - Fixed a bug that caused duplicated textures in 8 bpp regular sprites.
  - Distorted sprites made safer (won't read outside the texture)
  - Fixed transparency for distorted sprites.
  - Fixed scaled sprites bug in zoom points modes two points mode and C point upper than A.
  - Fixed a bug that was causing sprite priority problems.
linux port:
  - Fixed a gtk warning.
  - Added Joystick support.
  - Added a test in configuration dialog so input tab is displayed only when emulation is initialized.
  - Added NTSC/PAL setting
  - Input settings are now disabled when PERCore isn't initialized.
  - Added a sound setting tab.
macos port:
  - Added code to handle settings (everything should be working now, except the "browse" buttons).
  - Controls are now using the new Per* functions.
  - Fixed some bugs in combo boxes.
windows port:
  - EC Compatibility list link added to help menu.
  - Fixed an issue where default values weren't set correctly when yabause.ini wasn't present.
  - Fixed an issue where Yabause would go into an endless loop if bios path was incorrect.
  - DirectX error messages now return more info when there's an error.
  - Fixed an issue where people without hardware sound buffers on their sound card would have problems trying to run with sound.
  - Fixed some inaccurate information in the README.WIN file.
  - Fixed cut-off text in Memory Transfer dialog.
  - All dialog windows can now be closed using the X icon in the top-right corner.
  - Fixed an issue where in certain cases Yabause would crash when sound settings were altered.
  - Some useless files were removed.
  - Moved SDL detection in "global" part of configure script as it may be used by all ports.
  - Fixed a weird issue where a few functions were trying to return a value when they obviously can't(How come GNU C compilers won't detect this?).
  - Fixed a number of things that were causing compilation issues in VC++(VC++ still doesn't completely compile Yabause yet).
  - Configure now checks if c99 variadic macros are available.

Yabause Official Site
Yabause 0.7.2

Ootake 0.65 Released

- The "ZIP file" of rom-image can be open.
* "UNZIP32.DLL" is necessary.
-> http://www.csdinc.co.jp/archiver/lib/unzip32.html
- The wave memory sound was modeled on a real machine more. and, as a result, tone quality has improved. Reproducibility of bitter "HUMAN" tones ("Fire ProWrestling", "Formation Soccer", and "F1 Triple Battle", etc.) has improved, too.
- The pronunciation accuracy of ADPCM sound is improved, and tone quality has been improved.
- When "Ootake" accesses CD-ROM, and if the menu was displayed or the state is saved, the bug that "Ootake" had uncommonly occasionally freezed (It is generated by v0.64) was corrected.
- When "Ootake" accesses CD-ROM, the stability of the "State Save" has been improved.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.65

clrmamepro 3.91a Released

• fixed: dir2dat unzipped files gets skipped due to 3.91 fix

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.91a

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006
YAPE 0.68 Released

A new version of YAPE, an emulator for various Commodore microcomputers that are based on the 264 family has been released.

Here are the changes since the previous YAPE version:

released on Sep 10, 2006

- [NEW] true Toshiba 6721 speech LSI emulation (!)
- [NEW] performance mode for very slow PCs
- [NEW] separate drive reset
- [FIX] bugfixes

Many thanks to Hawq for letting me know about the news over the IRC.

YAPE Homepage
YAPE 0.68

    Sunday, September 10, 2006
Nestopia 1.34 Released

Shell Changes:
• Better method for CPU/GPU frame synchronization. Disabled when triple buffering is enabled.
• Suitable default settings for auto frame skip, triple buffering and clock source based on system info.
• Blargg's nes_ntsc back again with new version 0.2.1.
• AVISTREAMINFO::szName no longer used since its presence seem to cause loading failures in some AVI file editors.

Shell Fixes:
• Frame timing bug. Could cause severe slowdown on some systems.
• Wrong speed at higher refresh rates.
• Non-blocking input key commands.

Core Fixes:
• "Quattro Sports: BMX Simulator" now responds to input again.

Nestopia Official Site
Nestopia 1.34

gpSP 0.7 (GameplaySP V0.7)

Exophase has released 2 new versions of his excellent GBA Emulator for the PSP, heres the release info from the readme file:

v0.7 - (beta than ever)

# Fixed a dynarec bug involving flags generating functions in contiguous conditional blocks. Fixes music in Super Mario Advance 2-4.
# Fixed a dynarec bug where Thumb mov imm instructions wouldn't set flags. Fixes Zelda: Minish Cap, Megaman Battle Network, probably others. Comes at a slight speed cost.
# Fixed a MIPS dynarec bug where some delay slots might not get filled rarely, causing chaos. Don't know if it improves any games.
# Improved self-modifying code detection. Makes Golden Sun, Golden Sun 2, and Madden 2007 sorta work but excrutiatingly slowly. Looking for a game-specific workaround for this - if you want to play these games you'll have to wait for now :(
# Fixed a bug causing the interrupt disable flag to go down when SWIs are entered, causing crashes/resets. Fixes Super Mario Advance 2-4.
# Fixed menu crashing when strings with certain characters are printed (for instance going to the menu after loading the BIOS)
# Accidentally forgot to render win0 + win1 + objwin when all active at the same time, many weeks ago. Added that, should fix some parts in games that had frozen screens.
# Fixed some issues with gpsp.cfg needing to be present and corrupting, hopefully. At the very least sanity checks are performed on the config file.
# Made it so assigning the frameskip button to something besides triangle actually worked as expected.
# Fixed ability to restart current game if nothing is loaded (ie, crash)
# Added interrupt on cpsr modification support to the dynarec (fixes backgrounds in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance)
# Added open addressing for ldm/stm instructions (fixes Super Mario Advance 3)
# Improved cycle accuracy a little. Don't know of anything this fixes, but games with idle loops will run a little better w/o idle loop elimination (but should still be added when possible)
# Fixed some bugs causing sound to play sometimes when it shouldn't.
@ Added dead flag elimination for Thumb code. May possibly have noticeable performance increases (Thumb emited coded size can have a reduction of 20% or more)
@ Added code generation for divide SWI. May have a small speed increase in some games.
+ Added analog nub support (special thanks to psp298 for the code)
+ Added fractional frameskip. Go below 0 to get them. A frameskip of 1/2 for instance means render 2 out of every 3 frames, 2/3 means render 3 out of every 4 frames, etc. Possibly useful for games that are not quite fast enough at fs0 but fullspeed at fs1...

One version is faster and the other more compatible, choose which one works for you.

gameplaySP 0.7

PSPAtari 1.0.5 Released

- Emulator menus reorganisation (new menu for settings)
- Icons and background images modification (add colors)
- New feature to save and load a distinct setting file for each games
- Speed limiter option
- Delete files option (in the file selector)
- Speed improvement
- Screenshots are now saved in PNG format instead of BMP
- Bug fix

PSPAtari Official Site
PSPAtari 1.0.5

Emu Loader 4.9.4 Released

• fixed: Application crash when searching for games in parental lock editor when "ini_filescatver.ini" wasn't found. This file is not required for the editor to function anymore
• fixed: Multi-selection wasn't working correctly
• fixed: Bios entries are not shown in vectors filter anymore
• fixed: Feature "Encrypt File" (parental lock editor screen) was not saving the new file encrypted
• fixed: Slow emulator loading when trying to run games (some systems only)
• fixed: Main menu reappearing when in full screen mode
• changed: Moved from games popup menu to main menu "View":
- Show Game Details
- Full Screen
• changed: Move "Show Command Line" from main menu "Emulator" to main menu "View" and renamed to "Show Command Line Before Run Game"
• changed: Run game menu items are split into 2 categories (games popup menu):
- "Play" -> used to play games with default settings
- "Play (Custom)" use to play custom command lines and zinc custom options
• changed: Feature "Refresh Games" renamed to "Scan Games"
It is used to set games status of available/missing avoiding the need for create new games list
• changed: Description of the following image types cannot be changed anymore, and they support images in .png format only (indexes 0, 1, 7, 8):
- Title Snapshots
- Game Snapshots
- Select
- Versus
Located in preferences screen, "General" / "Images" / "Type Settings" tab
• changed: MAME ROMs folders selection (MAME settings screen). From now on, you must add all your MAME roms, instead of just the top folder ... bye bye recursive scan
• removed: Batch files feature
• removed: MAME settings (Legacy), for all MAME based emulators. From now on, only latest MAME builds will be officially supported
• removed: Extra Command Line Parameter feature
• removed: Detection of .exe type from the frontend's core (too buggy)
• removed: Game info label from preview image
• added: Images preview popup menu item "Image Details"
Info displayed:
- Filename with full path
- File size in bytes
- Zip filename with full path (if image is zipped)
- Resolution
- Screen resolution (screen aspect ratio)
• added: Games popup menu setting: "Return to Window Mode". Option visible only when in full screen mode
• added: New column: "Save State". Handy, now that hiscore support is removed from MAME
• added: New search patterns for a more precise search:
-> Description
-> Manufacturer
-> Category
-> Game Name
-> Parent Game Name
-> Driver Name
-> System Name
- "Clear Search List" checkbox, used with "Begin Search" button. Disabling this setting, the previous searches are not lost
- "Delete Duplicates" button. It remove all game entries from the search list that are already added in the protected list (game name + clone name + system)
- "Clear" in keywords frame to empty the keywords list
.added: Custom command line is back
More complete, easier and intuitive to use. You can create cmdline for games, game drivers and systems. Set or delete .ini files in games popup menu, "Custom Options" / "Command Line" menu item. To execute, use "Play (Custom)" / "Command Line" (games popup menu)

More info:
- this feature can be used with ".exe" / ".bat" files ...do not add quotes in the filename, it will added by the frontend
- you cannot set dynamic variables in "additional parameters" like %1 or %s, use "parameters" for that ...but you can add as many extra parameters as you like
- use the "Field With Quotes" checkbox to surround the parameter with quotes. this is useful for emulators that require game filename between quotes
- you can also define a parameter "prefix" and a "sufix" for those emulators that require a specific command before and/or after the actual data ...prefix and sufix cannot be surrounded with quotes

Emu Loader Official Site
Emu Loader 4.9.4

    Friday, September 08, 2006
MAME GP2X 2.6 Released

- Updated M68000 ASM Cyclone 0.00861 core by Notaz.
- Some corrections in the sample support (from MAME GP32 2.2). Thx, Slaanesh.
- Fixed the bug related to GP2X clock frequency not changed when using the FEMAMEGP2X alternative frontend. Thx, Zaq121.

MAME GP2X Official Site

Ootake 0.64 Released

- The system message is displayed on the screen. When the check is put in "Hide Message" of the "Setting" menu, the message is made non-display.
- "Opening and shutting of the menu" and "Release of PAUSE" can be done by mouse's "Left-click".
- Interrupt processing was modeled on a real machine more. (When "Obocchama-kun" was played, the problem that the screen falls into disorder was solved. BGM of "Fire ProWrestling" was modeled on a real machine.)
- When "Popful Mail" was played, The display of opening demo & start demo was modeled on a real machine. - Still, after it begins to play a game, it freezes it in the visual scene of the third times. It is a problem that wants to be solved in the future.
- Speed & Timing was modeled on a real machine more.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.64

SSF 0.07 beta R8' Released

An updated version of the SSF 0.07 beta R8 has been released, no idea what's new though since I don't understand japanese.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.07 beta R8'

    Thursday, September 07, 2006
Mednafen 0.6.5 Released

• PCE: Made a small optimization to HuC6280 emulation by caching the CPU speed shift-left cycle count adjust value.
• Removed an old kludge for Win32 that worked around an SDL problem in which the window position would be off-screen when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode, as I think the problem is fixed in SDL 1.2.10.
• Reworked the signal handling code to be included if HAVE_SIGNAL is defined instead of if WIN32 is not defined, and added #ifdefs around each possible signal(as some platforms don't provide #define's for some signals).
• PCE: Added setting "pce.cdspeed" to set a CD-ROM data transfer speed multiplier. PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTATION FOR CAVEATS.
• PCE: Fixed CD-DA and ADPCM fadeout speed when setting the "pce.ocmultiplier" setting to a value other than 1.
• Cleaned up the multi-res blitting code in drivers/video.cpp to not cause crazy compiler warnings(and not be crazy in general!).
• PCE: Fixed the ADPCM playback rate formula(the result was off by about 0.27%), thanks to Charles MacDonald for detailed information.
• Began work on implementing several OpenGL pixel shaders, which will be finished in a later release.
• Mednafen no longers directly links to the OpenGL library, instead it uses SDL's OpenGL library loading and function address functions.
• Reverted back to pow() and cos() from powl() and cosl() in Blip_Buffer.cpp, due to some platforms not having long double types per se, and adjusted the code activated by setting "pce.adpcmlp" to call Blip_Synth::treble_eq() with a "treble" value of a lower magnitude, which might result in a slight difference in the ADPCM frequency spectrum produced when "pce.adpcmlp" is enabled.
• Fixed "Value increased" cheat search method(it was acting the same as "Value decreased", oops -_-).
• Changed the usage of fix-sized filename component arrays in general.cpp with string objects.
• MDFN_printf() and MDFN_PrintError() now use trio_vaprintf() instead of trio_vsnprintf().
• NES: Added setting "nes.n106bs", which when set, will enable less-accurate, but better sounding, Namco 106(mapper 19) sound emulation.
• NES: Fixed save states for mapper 69 games(mirroring and prg bank setup wasn't being saved and restored).
• NES: Added support for multiple expansion sound chips used simultaneously in NSFs, including limiting the address space they will respond to when multiple expansion sound chips are used(to prevent collisions between VRC6 and VRC7's address space, for example).
• PCE: Fixed CD-DA playback speed when setting the "pce.ocmultiplier" setting to a value other than 1.
• NGP: Changed the default full-screen video settings, so that the scaled image size is no longer larger than the display area(oops -_-).
• NES: Added support for UNIF board "UNL-603-5052"(thanks to CaH4e3).
• NES: Fixed mapper 115, "Thunderbolt 2" now works(thanks to CaH4e3).
• NGP: Sound emulation now respects global sound volume setting "soundvol".
• NGP: Added missing setting "ngp.forcemono".
• PCE: Physical CDROM device names will now be printed on Mac OS/X on startup again. Physical CDROM access seems to work, but the DarwinPorts libcdio 0.75 package appears to be horribly broken, so please remove it and install libcdio 0.77(or higher) from its source code.
• NGP: Fixed a few major problems with NGP emulation on big-endian platforms(such as PPC OS/X).

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.6.5

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Cologne 0.7 Released

• Added Savestates.
• Added virtual joystick.
• Added joystick config.
• Fixed "Go Multiboot" when used from Pogo.
• More colorful palette.

Cologne Official Site
Cologne 0.7

    Monday, September 04, 2006
ZSNES WIP September 4th Released

• ALL: Evened out ROM scoring quite a bit. A bunch of beta ROMs which didn't load before now should. Special thanks to Cowering for the Reset Vector Popular Opcode Check code. [Nach]
• ALL: Cleaned up the C4 code and put it into its own file. The sprites in the Europe versions of MMX2/3 are no longer corrupted. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Removed HDMA hack code. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed a special chip SRAM bug. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed savestate loading via command line when savestate # > 9. Also adjusted the savestate load message appropriately. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Memory deallocation improvements. [Nach]
• ALL: Removed nasty code, fixes gfx problems in some games. [pagefault]
• ALL: Fix garbage at scanline 0. [pagefault]
• ALL: Fixed BG3 priority bug. [pagefault]
• ALL: Say goodbye to speedhacks. [pagefault]
• ALL: Joystick fix for SNES port 2. [pagefault]
• ALL: Fixed latch timing, we now pass another test on the test cart, also fixes a lockup in Starfox when pressing start. [pagefault]
• ALL: Various SFX fixes for timing. [pagefault]
• ALL: Fixed most of the Super Power League 4 bugs. Special thanks to John Weidman and Dark Force for working on the fix and sharing it on the old snes9x board. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Made the Mouse Wheel setting on by default. That Wheel Mouse option didn't hurt anyone :( [Deathlike]
• ALL: H/DMA fixes - no need for all the hacks anymore. Also fixes SoM white screen and other gfx trouble appeared with last set of dma fixes. [pagefault]
• ALL: Removed unneeded hacks, minor cleanup. [grinvader]
• ALL: Removed hacks for Clayfighter, Bahamut, Punchout, Mortal Kombat, DQ5. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed 224 line display. [pagefault]
• ALL: Removed some alignment dependency to fix savestates. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Shifted rom info up a bit to avoid conflicting with the clock. Tweaked rom info so that the middle line would better serve for troubleshooting. Bottom of the screen now displays more useful troubleshooting message. Fixed issue where 12 HR clock displayed 00 at 12AM. Added an option ClockBox to be able to remove the black box around the clock. [Deathlike]
• ALL: High Quality Low Pass Filter will now be disabled while MMX Support is also disabled. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed crash if no MMX is available. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Ys III, Dezaemon, Tokimeki, Fire Emblem, etc... *should* all work nicely now. Let me know if otherwise. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: NSRT header support simplified and improved. [Nach]
• ALL: Some fixes regarding WRAM. Some Open Bus. Thanks _Demo_ & byuu. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed the source of the Super Turrican crash. It also fixes my current Robotrek game. I pray this doesn't break anything else... [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed SPC7110 packs to not write into the ROM buffer. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Behold true ROM mirroring. If your translation breaks now, fix it. [Nach, grinvader]
• ALL: Fixed Stunt Race FX crash. I'm not sure why this is needed, though. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed nasty crash when the FPS counter and slowdown key are used together in certain games such as FFMQ. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed more stuff in register 4017. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed mouse moving on the test cart. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Some optimisations. [grinvader, Jonas Quinn, Nach]
• ALL: Fixed windowing issues in Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy V and probably other games. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed rates as low as 50Hz are allowed. Anything lower needs to go through DX Refresh Rate Override. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Adjust modes for NTSC filter. [pagefault]
• ALL: Expanded displayable transparency issues in several games including U.N. Squadron and Star Ocean. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed ENVx behaviour. [pagefault]
• ALL: Fixed problems with saving the config file because of bad optimisation flags. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Refresh video modes from 5 to 10. No, there will be no future expansion (DIY). [Deathlike]
• ALL: HDMA fixes, please test this. [pagefault]
• ALL: Fixed a type in the SPC init code. [pagefault]
• ALL: Fix graphics for a bunch of games. [pagefault]
• ALL: Remove B CPU core. [pagefault]
• ALL: Moved SPC emulation var to a more reasonable place. I've also rid of the longstanding . problem in 1.42 when using header names and clearing the Quickload list for the DOS port. [Deathlike]
• ALL: No more TURB! [Nach]
• ALL: No more alpha for PNGs. [grinvader]
• ALL: SPC format info cleaned up. Possible issues with SPC saving fixed. [Nach]
• ALL: Added (readded?) a new commandline option for SamB's sake. Improved description of two sound parameters. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Chou Mahou Tairiku sprite priority fix. [pagefault]
• ALL: SPC7 pack loading code cleaned up a bit. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed check for CPUID. [hector]
• ALL: Fixed some asm_call stuff. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Added new hopefully bulletproof ZPath core to solve all path issues. [Nach]
• ALL: Elliminated the evil that is ZFile (Thanks to everyone for pitching in). [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed crash with sound interpolation disabled. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed some issues with NTSC filter. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Mode7 fixes. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: zguicfgl?.dat and zsnes?.cfg removed in favor of a unified PSR based zsnes?.cfg [Deathlike, grinvader]
• W_D: Added missing library functions that are available on other platforms that we are using or want to use on DOS/Win. Thanks Deathlike and Aerdan for testing. [Nach]
• W_S: Custom modes now user proper HQ ratio (thanks Clements). [Deathlike]
• W_S: Added ForceRefreshRate as a replacement for Force60Hz. I'm sure someone will fail reading the cfg file for help. [Deathlike]
• W_S: Cleaned up AVI writing a bit. PAL mode now uses Bisqwit's algo too for cleaner code. Please report if PAL has any issues at a particular sound setting. [Nach]
• W_S: Added Keep 4:3 ratio as requested a while back by gltamarin. This is useful for laptops/LCDs that use non 4:3 resolutions. [Deathlike]
• W_S: Debugger now using curses library and available for Windows and Linux too. [SamB]
• W_S: Cleaned up PNG code, handled failing cases properly, overhauled naming format, removed junk. [Nach]
• DOS: Less memory usage for DOS. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
• DOS: 8 bit modes now save images as BMP instead of PCX. And of course in C, using, zpath, and generate_im... blah blah blah. [Nach]
• DOS: DOS users rejoice! All 3 of you... 8-point interpolation and High Quality Low Pass filtering is now enabled via the GUI. Good thing the MMX check was fixed earlier... [Deathlike]
• DOS: Fixed sample rate selection in DOS port to not be able to select 32000 Hz or bigger rates when they are not available under certain circumstances. [Jonas Quinn]
• OSX: Ported ZSNES to OSX [Nach, hector, BRPXQZME]
• SDL: Implemented Keep4_3Ratio to OpenGL. The mode currently only works in Variable ODS mode and is also enabled by default. Variable modes now start with custom res with the caveat that you will probably need to resize the window for R and Keep4_3Ratio to function. Minor asthetic changes were made and a minor res was fixed to be a proper R res. [Deathlike]
• SDL: Fixed cfg generated default keys for SDL. Also kept key naming consistency as much as possible on all ports. [Deathlike]
• SDL: Joystick sensitivity for *nix now selectable. [Nach]
• SDL: SDL now using hardware surface. [Nach]
• SDL: Unix build system overhaul. [grinvader]
• SDL: Unix dependancies generated automatically. [Nach]
• WIN: Worked around in an extremely crazy way make clean failing on NT 5.0 because del returns an error level of 1 when file is not found. Also make clean without PLATFORM specified error out. [Nach]
• WIN: Finally, I can see the icon in the alt+tab menu. Thanks kode54 for pointing the errors out. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Joystick sensitivity is now available for the Windows port. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Added DR Full mode for custom resolutions in the Windows port. I still think the Keep 4:3 Ratio option is superior than this. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Fixed windows debugger init. [pagefault]
• WIN: Added KitchenSyncPAL for those of you that can't quite use 120Hz but can use 100Hz. [Deathlike, Poobah]
• WIN: Added some resolution checks for custom res in Windows so ZSNES doesn't pull a Houdini. [Deathlike]
• MOV: Fix for movie dumping issues. [Nach]
• MOV: Fixed movie overwrite. [Nach]
• MOV: As per Bisqwit's request increased encoding command sizes. [Nach]
• MOV: -md now takes a parameter and works. [Nach]
• PSR: Replaced the biggest hack of all time with a descent parser for handling mathimatical expressions. No more slowness, no more race conditions. Thanks gladius for the parser code. [Nach]
• PSR: Can now accept CFLAGS for internal object compiles. [Nach]
• PSR: Generated .h file for PSR files should now be cross platform. [Nach]
• PSR: Less temporary files used. [Nach]
• PSR: New custom stack structure. If checking simplified. Now parsing conditionals check all nests for equality instead of just the last one. [Nach]
• PSR: Updates for sign handling. [Nach, grinvader]
• PSR: Enforced boundaries on recently added PSR variables. Damn those stinking boundaries. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed GUI hotkey labeling of the Force 8-bit option. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Removed the use of variable alignment in the "Set Keys" button. [Deathlike, Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: Rewrote quick load and gui file loading code to be way more awesome than before. Thanks Deathlike for help debugging. [grinvader, Nach]
• GUI: Updated variable for ESC to Game Menu for future compatibility. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Added a custom font system. Thanks to ipher for having most of the idea implemented. Custom fonts read off zfont.txt in a particular manner. I love the nice new font ipher provided for testing. [ipher, Deathlike]
• GUI: Ported SNES internal header loading for GUI to C. Cleaned up code, and overhauled it. Now also available for all ports. [Nach]
• GUI: Path changes now recognized when pressing enter in GUI path editor. Paths now set when clicking in another path box. [Nach]
• GUI: Typo fix for checkbox click area. [grinvader]
• TOL: Fixed cpuinfo output to also show the vendor_id. [Jonas Quinn]
• TOL: Passing a parameter to archopt now prints out cpuinfo. [Nach]
• TOL: Now by popular demand, the Macro Unroller - macroll has been released. [Nach]
• TOL: Feel the sting of my macro aware extra EXTSYM detector. Now recursive descent. Way way way faster. Handles nested macros with parameters. Properly identifies EXTSYMs that are used in Macros in which the Macros themselves are not used. [Nach]
• SRC: Fixed a jump to not disable ENV when it shouldn't. [Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Added JMA=no option. [Nach]
• SRC: Removed duplicare vars of the vcache series. [Deathlike]
• SRC: Forgotten variable is now recovered. LatestSave now works as intended. [Deathlike]
• SRC: Added bits 64 if compiling with __AMD64__ defined. [Nach]
• SRC: AC_PREREQ(2.50) for the benefit of Debian's autoconf2.13 package. [SamB]
• SRC: Some new rules, now modifying Makefile.in/configure.in won't require a manual autogen.sh run - make will work it out. Some name changes along the way. [grinvader]
• SRC: Cleanup and minor fixes. [pagefault, Deathlike, grinvader, Jonas Quinn, Nach]
• SRC: Using SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL if SDL >= 1.2.10 [Nach]
• SRC: Removing unused and probably out of date SPCDUMP. [Nach]
• SRC: Removed useless code. [Deathlike, Nach, grinvader, Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Fixed a buffer overflow issue. [Nach]
• SRC: Removed DSP1 debug code. [Nach]
• SRC: Removed code for Console Classix. It's in strange places and doesn't even compile correctly. [Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Ported more stuff to C. [Nach, grinvader, Deathlike, Jonas Quinn, hector, byuu]
• SRC: Fixed more SVN properties. [Jonas Quinn, Deathlike2]
• SRC: Fixed click enters GUI option. [Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Extra EXTSYM removal. [grinvader, Nach, Jonas Quinn]

ipher's ZSNES WIP Site
ZSNES WIP September 4th

    Sunday, September 03, 2006
Nestopia 1.33b Released

• It should solve the input device bugs introduced in 1.33.

Shell Additions:
• Adjustable screen curvature.
• Auto scale option for Hqx and ScaleX video filters.
• Auto color settings option for NTSC filter.
• 'Condition' column in launcher.
• Hex and current entry view in palette editor.
• Fast way to supply a missing FDS BIOS file on disk image loading.
• 'Default' button in FDS dialog.
• More FDS info in log file and image info dialog.

Shell Changes:
• Reduced input latency and improved overall frame flow by rearranging wait loops and making use of Direct3D9 query events (or dummy texture locks if unsupported) to force CPU/GPU sync on each frame.
• Improved emu input granularity with use of DirectInput8 event notification. Fixes "BMX Simulator" in "Quattro Sports".
• Reclaim of ::Sleep() time on timed intervals in frame timer.
• Warning message now issued whenever the database corrects a nes file with bad header.
• Filelist controls now accept double clicks.
• Pressing ESC now closes most dialogs.
• No menu check marks when disk is ejected.
• WMM timer now used by default because of QPF/QPC unsafety on dual-core CPUs.
• Refactoring.

Shell Fixes:
• Wrong HSB values in palette editor.
• Speed throttle bug when vsync was enabled.
• Incorrect window size on startup after a previous exit with a PAL sized window.
• Auto cursor hiding (didn't always work).

Core Additions:
• Hq4x video filter.
• Support for extended 512*3 byte palettes (for emphasis colors).
• FDS screen text for disk reads/writes.
• Database entries.

Core Changes:
• Better RGB to YUV conversion for VS System.
• Better VS System detection strategy.
• VS DIP switch descriptions for "Battle City", "RBI Baseball", "Super Sky Kid" and "Super Xevious".
• Rewinder optimizations. Faster but more memory consuming.
• More accurate FDS disk drive emulation. Fixes "Aspic-Majaou no Noroi", "Hao Kun no Fushigina Tabi" and possibly others.
• Switched to Blargg's snes_ntsc in order to make it work with custom palettes.
• Refactoring and optimizations.

Core Fixes:
• Mapper 117. Fixes "La Bi Xiao Xin". Info from tpu.
• Change side bug for single sided FDS disks.
• Game Genie decoder bug when using certain compare values.
• Database entries.

Nestopia Official Site
Nestopia 1.33b

Thanks to Hawq for the notice.

WinUAE 1.3.2 Released

Bugs fixed:
- Debug window won't open automatically anymore
- HRTMon keyboard layout and WHDLoad commands fixed

New features:
- Mouse Up/Down and Left/Right input destinations supported simultaneously
- CD32 state save support (work in progress)
- A1000 Kickstart disk images can be used as a ROM image

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.3.2

SSSPSX Pad Plugin 1.7 Released

- Changed to DirectInput9.
- Fixed PADreadPort1/PADreadPort2 API.
- Fixed the confusion about PAD1/PAD2 settings.
- Added x64 DLL.

SSSPSX Pad Plugin Official Site
SSSPSX Pad Plugin 1.7

WinVICE 1.20 Released

- New GP2X port.
- New AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS (x86/ppc) ports.
- Mac OSX X11 port is included in the main distribution now.
- Fixed some unusual CPU opcodes.

C64 changes:
- Fixed some longstanding RMW to IO area VIC-II DMA timing bug.
- Added Mikro Assembler, Dela EP7x8, Dela EP256 and Rex EP256 cart support.
- Fixed the KCS cart emulation.
- Added swiftlink and turbo232 support.
- Added +256k memory expansion support.
- Added I/O source read collision detection support, making simultanious use of multiple expansions possible, like on the real machine.
- Fixed the RR-net address decoding and REU compatibility.
- Fixed a problem with traps using the SX Kernal ROM.
- Some IDE64 ultimax bug has been fixed.

PET changes:
- Added 128kb REU memory expansion support.

PLUS4 changes:
- Added 256k csory memory expansion support.
- Added 256k, 1024k and 4096k hannes memory expansion support.

Unix changes:
- Gnome1 is no longer supported.
- Gnome2 is now supported - everthing except the Image preview with CBM font should work.
- Gnome 2 port supports dimmable drive LED now.
- Added experimental ParSID support.
- Added support for minix3.
- Fixed some compile problems with the ffmpeg library.

MS-Windows changes:
- Added experimental ParSID support.

MS-DOS changes:
- Added experimental ParSID support.

Mac OSX X11 changes:
- Added support for Intel build.
- Added USB joystick support.

Miscellaneous changes:
- Added support for more 3rd party basic extenders to petcat.
- Added a c64/c128 cartridge conversion program (cartconv).
- Added binary distribution (package) creation functionality.
- Fixed a bug in the trap emulation with caused programs probing devices on the IEC bus to fail.
- Lots of small fixes to the monitor.

WinVICE Official Site
WinVICE 1.20

SSF 0.07 beta R8 Released

A new beta of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, but as I don't know japanese I can't say what's new.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.07 beta R8

    Saturday, September 02, 2006
Quickplay 3.8.4 Released

• Experimental support for using Windows System fonts.
• Updated 7-zip support. Now includes write support.
• Command-line parameters for disabling certain UI elements.
• Automatically check for updates
• Ability to launch emulators with custom Process priority
• Made changes to the Compressed file picker dialog.
• Drive Migration wizard doesnt change IPS file information
• Retain currently selected tab in Media Panel when moving ROMS
• ROM Properties Next/Back buttons dont use the filtered view of the ROM list
• Add Ability to modify more properties when using multiple ROMS

Quickplay Official Site
Quickplay 3.8.4

SSSPSX 0.0.34 Released

A new version of this PlayStation emulator has been released, as I don't know japanese I can't tell what's new.

SSSPSX Official Site
SSSPSX 0.0.34

    Friday, September 01, 2006
Ootake 0.63 Released

- The wave memory sound was modeled on a real machine more. (When "Fire ProWrestling" or "Formation Soccer", etc. was played, the problem that a part of sound is not uttered was solved.)
- When "Cyber Cross" was played, the problem that the screen of the demo had flickered was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.63

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