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    Friday, September 29, 2006
ZSNES WIP September 29th Released

September 29th:
Unfortunately, the last release had some compression support broken, its fixed now as always, binaries are in the ZSNES section
• ALL: Fixed case sensitive issue in isextension(). [Nach]

September 28th:
• ALL: Added IPS multipatch support. Goes from IPS, IP0, IP1, IP2, ..., IP9. Also made IPS extension code use new zpath functions. Let me know if any IPS abilities are problematic. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed issues with BIOS/Base carts. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed typo causing many games to freeze. [pagefault]
• ALL: Auto Savestate Load/Save is really fixed. I'm not sure how this bug wasn't reported before... [Deathlike]
• ALL: Battletoads intro fix [pagefault]
• ALL: Changed the default keys for Player 2 to saner defaults. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Expanded savestate increment option to support 100 savestates. Also added AutoIncSaveSlotBlock option for legacy behavior in individual blocks (0-9,11-19,etc). [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed a crash if the internal name check fails for SPC7110 games. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed all remaining bugs with the SPC7110. SPL4 and MDH are working correctly, now. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed corrupted sound after loading a state. Savestates created with the latest WIP will have corrupted sound after loading it starting with this revision. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed savestate increment/decrement keys. This should be the last of the require fixes. Also fixed something for VS compilers. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed some bugs that were discovered with Valgrind. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed Start at Latest Save option. [Deathlike], [Nach]
• ALL: Force4:3Ratio should be applied after scanlines. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Hopefully fix the 100% cpu usage while using the up+down buttons in the F3 menu. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Hopefully fixed the black omen bug. Special thanks to pagefault. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Moved the SPC7110 stuff in it's own file. Less RAM usage. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Proper realpath() is now used per platform on command line init. [Nach]
• ALL: Removed unneeded always on debug output from gui load menu. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed buffer overflow. [Nach]
• ALL: Improved output of state messages. [Nach]
• DOS: Fixed ROM loading of the cmdline for DOS when a VESA2 mode is selected. [Jonas Quinn]
• DOS: Removed the NTSC filter from the DOS port for now. This lowers the RAM usage so it is possible to play Super Mario World on my old 486 with 16 MB of RAM again. [Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: Added "Show Clock Box" and "Show Rom Info On Load" to the Options menu. Also fixed display of the shortcut key for the "Enable Clock" option. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Change name of the clock option due to it being a misnomer. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fix dir browse bug, and some sanity to a check. Thanks Jonas Quinn. [Nach]
• GUI: Fixed a case where in the F3 menu, the numerical quick keys and level selection did not update properly. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed clock display while in the F1/F3 menus. Also set default Palette0 setting to off because of rendering problems in certain games. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed F3 menu's screen refresh potentially sucking up CPU unnecessarily. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed GUI state key selection while not on level 0. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed inconsistency between toggling Auto Frame Rate by the button and by the shortcut key. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed slot level display when Start at Latest Save option is used. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed the cause of the cursor not staying where it should under certain circumstances. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed the GUI Pick Savestate menu.
• GUI: Fixed underlined shortcut key for "Merge With Video" option. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Now correctly displays the savestate number on save or load. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Refreshing the screen twice is not needed. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Renamed "Disable Screensaver" to "Disable Power Management" because of changed behavior. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Savestate selection expansion via the F3 menu is now available. This needs further testing. Use up/down to decrease/increase the saveslot # by 10. [Deathlike], [Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: Screen must be refreshed when Triple Buffering/Vsync is toggled. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Some GUI tweaks for better use of existing space. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Transitioning from Auto Frame Skip to Frame Skip (and vice versa) will now not have the display+buttons move when toggled. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Since Jonas got screen refreshing in, displaying the slot level has become a reality! [Deathlike]
• GUI: Updated list of supported formats. [Deathlike]
• MSV: I don't know why I'm even commiting this, but apparently if you don't use the official method to compile MSVC, it may act stupidly without this fix. [Nach]
• MSV: Fixed a VS compiler problem because it sucks. [Deathlike]
• OSX: Mac OS X fixes and cleanup for ManyMouse. Still issues though with two-finger-scroll trackpad. [Nach]
• PSR: Added in memory PSR backup and restore too. [Nach]
• PSR: Added PSR_NOUPDATE define so reads don't update format with a write. [Nach]
• PSR: Fixed a bug in the PSR parser which crept in from our change to use array handling functions and adding packed support. Good thing we weren't using this block of the parser since we added packed. [Nach]
• PSR: Output of C file doesn't start till entire PSR is parsed. Now PSR_COMPRESSED can be defined within the PSR file on a per PSR basis easily. [Nach]
• PSR: PSR RAM usage lessened. Packed code only outputted when needed (also fixes warnings). Reading and Writing now uses function pointers for easy compressed support later. [Nach]
• PSR: Some cleanup. Added GZip support to PSR. [Nach]
• PSR: Fixed a bug with packed usage detection. [Nach]
• PSR: Added variable dependancy support. [Nach]
• PSR: Documented the undocumented compiling parameters. [Nach]
• SDL: Fixed the case in the SDL port where the up+down numpad keys do not behave as intended. [Deathlike]
• SDL: Removed a non-working SDL specific mode. You probably will need to edit your cfg file if you were previously using an OpenGL mode. [Deathlike]
• SDL: Fixed bug when trackballs are present, also cleaned up joystick code a bit. [spoon0042]
• SRC: Anything that clears vidbufferofsb should be consistent. [Deathlike]
• SRC: Our path functions now work properly if file is an absolute path. [Nach]
• SRC: Clean up. [Nach], [Deathlike], [pagefault]
• SRC: Unified all time functions into one place, instead of port specific.
• SRC: ROM loading functions now uses ZPath extension matching functions. [Nach]
• TOL: Add another tool. [pagefault]
• TOL: Set SVN properties of new tool. [Deathlike]
• W_S: Directory name is now printed in the expanded area like files is in non DOS ports. [Nach]
• W_S: Fixed NTSC toggle [pagefault]
• W_S: Reposition 640x480 full for NTSC [pagefault]
• WIN: Added a comment about the minimum res required by Keep4_3Ratio for the Windows port. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Added mouse sensitivity for Windows port. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Changed "High Priority Mode" to "Use A Higher Priority" and Above Normal Priority is used on NT OSes. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Changed default video mode the Windows port uses due to sanity reasons. Also, a check was added to prevent the black screen (and maybe double vision) issue. A message box will now pop up to tell you what options you have. [Deathlike]
• WIN: Disable Screensaver Option now disables all annoying power management stuff. [Deathlike]

ipher's ZSNES WIP Site
ZSNES WIP September 29th


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