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    Thursday, September 07, 2006
Mednafen 0.6.5 Released

• PCE: Made a small optimization to HuC6280 emulation by caching the CPU speed shift-left cycle count adjust value.
• Removed an old kludge for Win32 that worked around an SDL problem in which the window position would be off-screen when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode, as I think the problem is fixed in SDL 1.2.10.
• Reworked the signal handling code to be included if HAVE_SIGNAL is defined instead of if WIN32 is not defined, and added #ifdefs around each possible signal(as some platforms don't provide #define's for some signals).
• PCE: Added setting "pce.cdspeed" to set a CD-ROM data transfer speed multiplier. PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTATION FOR CAVEATS.
• PCE: Fixed CD-DA and ADPCM fadeout speed when setting the "pce.ocmultiplier" setting to a value other than 1.
• Cleaned up the multi-res blitting code in drivers/video.cpp to not cause crazy compiler warnings(and not be crazy in general!).
• PCE: Fixed the ADPCM playback rate formula(the result was off by about 0.27%), thanks to Charles MacDonald for detailed information.
• Began work on implementing several OpenGL pixel shaders, which will be finished in a later release.
• Mednafen no longers directly links to the OpenGL library, instead it uses SDL's OpenGL library loading and function address functions.
• Reverted back to pow() and cos() from powl() and cosl() in Blip_Buffer.cpp, due to some platforms not having long double types per se, and adjusted the code activated by setting "pce.adpcmlp" to call Blip_Synth::treble_eq() with a "treble" value of a lower magnitude, which might result in a slight difference in the ADPCM frequency spectrum produced when "pce.adpcmlp" is enabled.
• Fixed "Value increased" cheat search method(it was acting the same as "Value decreased", oops -_-).
• Changed the usage of fix-sized filename component arrays in general.cpp with string objects.
• MDFN_printf() and MDFN_PrintError() now use trio_vaprintf() instead of trio_vsnprintf().
• NES: Added setting "nes.n106bs", which when set, will enable less-accurate, but better sounding, Namco 106(mapper 19) sound emulation.
• NES: Fixed save states for mapper 69 games(mirroring and prg bank setup wasn't being saved and restored).
• NES: Added support for multiple expansion sound chips used simultaneously in NSFs, including limiting the address space they will respond to when multiple expansion sound chips are used(to prevent collisions between VRC6 and VRC7's address space, for example).
• PCE: Fixed CD-DA playback speed when setting the "pce.ocmultiplier" setting to a value other than 1.
• NGP: Changed the default full-screen video settings, so that the scaled image size is no longer larger than the display area(oops -_-).
• NES: Added support for UNIF board "UNL-603-5052"(thanks to CaH4e3).
• NES: Fixed mapper 115, "Thunderbolt 2" now works(thanks to CaH4e3).
• NGP: Sound emulation now respects global sound volume setting "soundvol".
• NGP: Added missing setting "ngp.forcemono".
• PCE: Physical CDROM device names will now be printed on Mac OS/X on startup again. Physical CDROM access seems to work, but the DarwinPorts libcdio 0.75 package appears to be horribly broken, so please remove it and install libcdio 0.77(or higher) from its source code.
• NGP: Fixed a few major problems with NGP emulation on big-endian platforms(such as PPC OS/X).

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.6.5


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