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    Thursday, September 14, 2006
Yabause 0.7.2 Released

  - A few Netlink changes(still doesn't work).
cd block:
  - CD Block play disc command fixes and improvements. Play Modes now handled correctly.
  - Added correct Repeat counter support.
  - CD audio data is now written to its own buffer, which is then played by the SCSP.
  - CD audio data is now played by the SCSP. EFSDL and EFPAN support still needs to be added.
opengl video core:
  - glutInit is now called before any other glut function(except for on the windows port).
software video core:
  - Added normal sprite flipping(copied from scaled sprites).
  - Corrected a bug with 8 bpp color calculation in scaled and distorted sprites.
  - Fixed a bug that caused duplicated textures in 8 bpp regular sprites.
  - Distorted sprites made safer (won't read outside the texture)
  - Fixed transparency for distorted sprites.
  - Fixed scaled sprites bug in zoom points modes two points mode and C point upper than A.
  - Fixed a bug that was causing sprite priority problems.
linux port:
  - Fixed a gtk warning.
  - Added Joystick support.
  - Added a test in configuration dialog so input tab is displayed only when emulation is initialized.
  - Added NTSC/PAL setting
  - Input settings are now disabled when PERCore isn't initialized.
  - Added a sound setting tab.
macos port:
  - Added code to handle settings (everything should be working now, except the "browse" buttons).
  - Controls are now using the new Per* functions.
  - Fixed some bugs in combo boxes.
windows port:
  - EC Compatibility list link added to help menu.
  - Fixed an issue where default values weren't set correctly when yabause.ini wasn't present.
  - Fixed an issue where Yabause would go into an endless loop if bios path was incorrect.
  - DirectX error messages now return more info when there's an error.
  - Fixed an issue where people without hardware sound buffers on their sound card would have problems trying to run with sound.
  - Fixed some inaccurate information in the README.WIN file.
  - Fixed cut-off text in Memory Transfer dialog.
  - All dialog windows can now be closed using the X icon in the top-right corner.
  - Fixed an issue where in certain cases Yabause would crash when sound settings were altered.
  - Some useless files were removed.
  - Moved SDL detection in "global" part of configure script as it may be used by all ports.
  - Fixed a weird issue where a few functions were trying to return a value when they obviously can't(How come GNU C compilers won't detect this?).
  - Fixed a number of things that were causing compilation issues in VC++(VC++ still doesn't completely compile Yabause yet).
  - Configure now checks if c99 variadic macros are available.

Yabause Official Site
Yabause 0.7.2


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