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    Sunday, September 03, 2006
WinVICE 1.20 Released

- New GP2X port.
- New AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS (x86/ppc) ports.
- Mac OSX X11 port is included in the main distribution now.
- Fixed some unusual CPU opcodes.

C64 changes:
- Fixed some longstanding RMW to IO area VIC-II DMA timing bug.
- Added Mikro Assembler, Dela EP7x8, Dela EP256 and Rex EP256 cart support.
- Fixed the KCS cart emulation.
- Added swiftlink and turbo232 support.
- Added +256k memory expansion support.
- Added I/O source read collision detection support, making simultanious use of multiple expansions possible, like on the real machine.
- Fixed the RR-net address decoding and REU compatibility.
- Fixed a problem with traps using the SX Kernal ROM.
- Some IDE64 ultimax bug has been fixed.

PET changes:
- Added 128kb REU memory expansion support.

PLUS4 changes:
- Added 256k csory memory expansion support.
- Added 256k, 1024k and 4096k hannes memory expansion support.

Unix changes:
- Gnome1 is no longer supported.
- Gnome2 is now supported - everthing except the Image preview with CBM font should work.
- Gnome 2 port supports dimmable drive LED now.
- Added experimental ParSID support.
- Added support for minix3.
- Fixed some compile problems with the ffmpeg library.

MS-Windows changes:
- Added experimental ParSID support.

MS-DOS changes:
- Added experimental ParSID support.

Mac OSX X11 changes:
- Added support for Intel build.
- Added USB joystick support.

Miscellaneous changes:
- Added support for more 3rd party basic extenders to petcat.
- Added a c64/c128 cartridge conversion program (cartconv).
- Added binary distribution (package) creation functionality.
- Fixed a bug in the trap emulation with caused programs probing devices on the IEC bus to fail.
- Lots of small fixes to the monitor.

WinVICE Official Site
WinVICE 1.20


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