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    Saturday, December 31, 2005
MESS 0.103 Released

System Driver Changes:
- [ADVISION] Added sound support. [Dan Boris]
- [AMIGA] Fixed regression introduced in MESS 0.102. (bug #801) [Nate Woods]
- [APPLE2P] Fixed BIOS. (bug #820) [Nick Westgate]
- [ARCADIA] Added support for 12k cartridges, fixed a buffer overrun and enhanced sound generation. [Irving Gould]
- [AT486] Fixed regressions introduced in MESS 0.102. [Nate Woods]
- [C128] Fixed regressions introduced in MESS 0.102. [Nate Woods]
- [DGNBETA] Implemented MMU, keyboard and floppy support. [Phill Harvey-Smith]
- [GAMEBOY] Fixed several games that did not loard properly. (bug #116) [Wilbert Pol]
- [NES] PPU, palette reading, mapper and sprite handling enhancements and implemented some undocumented N2A03 opcodes. (bugs #810, #811) [Rob Bohms]
- [NES] Switched to use the MAME NES APU implementation. [R. Belmont]
- [PCE] Added imperfect sound. [Rob Bohms]
- [SGI] Added a harddisk to the ip22 systems. [R. Belmont]
- [SNES] Fixed save RAM to store and save properly, improved memory mapping improved raster timing, added HIRQ support and better VIRQ support, improved joypad support, DSP-1 support (including all subtypes), Counter latching support, fixed OAM read/write. [R. Belmont]

User Interface Changes:
- [Windows GUI] Fixed a bug that prevented column width changes in the software picker from being saved. (bug #589) [Nate Woods]
- [Windows GUI] Fixed a bug that caused "ghost filenames" to be introduced when using images with spaces in the filename. (bug #784) [Nate Woods]
- [Windows GUI] Fixed a bug that could cause clones to not be ran due to software settings "spilling" over onto the clones. (bug #704) [Oliver Stoeneberg]

Imgtool Changes:
- Implemented a feature that allows filters to qualify files, to see if they are appropriate for any given filter. [Nate Woods]
- Updated Mac module; moved to floppy abstraction system, as well as support for directories and filters. MFS disk image creation now works. [Nate Woods]
- Added support for modules to specify specific for icons. Enhanced the Mac module to support this feature. [Nate Woods]
- [Imgtool] Changed the Imgtool "put" command to require a destination argument, like the UNIX "cp" command. This is so that a directory argument can be properly specified. [Nate Woods]
- [Imgtool] Added the ability to get and put the boot block, as if it was a file called "??BOOT??". The FAT module has been enhanced to support this feature. [Nate Woods]
- [Windows Imgtool] The insert file dialog will no longer let the user specify a file that does not exist (which was allowed, but eventually resulted in an error.) Also, fixed a few cosmetic errors. [Nate Woods]
- [Windows Imgtool] The disk title is now displayed on the title bar, if present. [Nate Woods]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.103. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Changed generic cartridge loading so that a ROM_LOAD_CART declaration can be placed in a ROM_REGION. This change makes cartridge loading be specified similar to BIOS loading, and makes things cleaner and more declarative. [Nate Woods]
- Makefile tweaks. (bug #819) [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- Added mandatory attribute to the device tags on the -listxml data. [Nate Woods]
- Pruned out some redundant PORT_NAME declarations. [Justin Kerk]
- [Messtest] Added a trace command, to emit debug traces. [Nate Woods]

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.103

MAME 0.103 Releases

A new version of MAME has been released and several derivates has been updated. The full list of changes for MAME can be found here.

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.103

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.103

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.103

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.103

iDeaS Released

A new version of the upcoming Nintendo DS emulator for Windows known as iDeaS has been released.
Here are the changes for this version:


- Added Video, Audio and 3D Plugin System (VERY primitive, ask before developing anything!)
- Corrected some DSP ARM9 errors
- Added si9 in ARM9 BIOS

- Corrected some errors in extended palettes' management
- Corrected an error in sprite drawing routines
- Corrected some errors in Mode 3, 4, 5

- Added Texture Modes 3, 4, 5
- Corrected some errors in 3D FiFo management
- Optimized texture management

- Bug Fixes in TouchScreen management
- Bug fixes in firmware emulation

iDeaS Official Site

    Thursday, December 29, 2005
Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU 2.8 Released

- trickyfree suggested on my messageboard to have some different types of the display stretching. Ok, done: beside the old "full screen stretching" and "keep psx aspect ratio" modes, I've added two more ways to stretch the psx display to your screen.

- ShadX and guest(r) are still doing amazing full screen shaders for the OGL2 plugin. Therefore you can find many shaders in the messageboard section of my site (http://www.pbernert.com). To make the shaders somewhat faster, they suggested to get additional pre-calculated values from the plugin. Done. Now the "OGL2InvSize" uniform is available for new GLslang shaders... let' em coming :)

- Well, I have got a Geforce 6800 Ultra card over half a year ago, and while trying to make this baby sweat, I've added an "Ultra high" internal Y resolution mode. If you want to activate this, you will need a card with 4096x4096 texture size support (newer NV cards or ATI's 1XXXX ones), and 256 MB vram is also recommended. By the way: the rendering speed will still be very high with this new setting, but psx framebuffer effects can now last a couple of seconds (!!!). Therefore this "ultra" resolution is not really usable with psx games which are doing much FB effects. You are warned :)

- In july 2003 I've started this PSX OGL2 plugin. Basic idea: don't map the psx drawing commands on-the-fly to the PC's gfx card's backbuffer (like my Standard OGL and D3D plugins are doing it), but to create a offscreen buffer in the same size as the real PSX GPU vram (or a multiple of it), and draw into that buffer. Well, by this time the only way to do this was to use "P-buffers" in OpenGL, and yeah, I got it to work nicely.
Much later (spring 2005) a nicer way to handle offscreen buffers were added to the OpenGL specifications, called "framebuffer objects". FBOs promise a better speed, and are easier to handle than the clumsy P-buffers, so I finally decided to add them in my plugin as well. You can change the render mode in the plugin config, if you are looking for some more speed, but to be honest: on my system every PSX game runs like mad (without frame limitation), so I cannot tell if FBOs are really faster. You have to try it yourself...

Pete Bernert's site
Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU 2.8

    Wednesday, December 28, 2005
MAME GP2X 1.1 Released

- Some optimizations have been done, the emulator is faster now.
- Better sound quality: Now i don't use an specific thread to update the audio and the sound quality is very good now.
- Better controls layout: The buttons order is now A,Y,B,X.
- A new more compatible executable (it has original slow M68000 C core, it solve the problem with some System 16 games i.e.)
- Thanks to all paypal donators: gp32x.de, Federico Mazza, Nandove, Videogame Stuff, Denis Evans, Ricardo Cabello, Elías Ballesteros, J.Antonio Serralvo Martín, Michael Curtis, Suj, funkyferdy and Gieese.

MAME GP2X Official Site

Gens32 Surreal 1.47 std Released

The Update:
1) Based on OpenGL, added some filters. Such as glscanlines, glNTSC3.58(WIP), glMotion Blur (not like the old LCD effect, but a new, nicer one), glHigh Lihgt.
2) Based on OpenGL, added 16bpp supported.
3) Based on OpenGL, added an option to adjust scalines.
4) Added some Color maps
5) Fixed some bugs. (Power Instinct (J) [!]'s music OK again.)
6) Optimized some stuff, maybe work faster.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.47 std

    Monday, December 26, 2005
Saturnin 0.40 Released

Runik decided to release a new version of his upcoming Sega Saturn emulator known as Saturnin for these Christmas. This version feautures improved compatibility, more debuging options and partial sound support!
Here is the list of chages for this version:

- General : added command line to automatically load multiple binaries
- General : added the RAM cart (fixed to 4MB for now)
- GUI : little tweaks for some specific languages
- Debug : possibility to display cached textures in the VDP1 debug options
- Debug : possibility to see the general planes configuration in the VDP2 debug options
- ST-V : added Batman Forever
- CD-Block : periodic response is now dependant of the SMPC clock
- CD-Block : various tweaking
- CD-Block : added the drive letter to the drive list
- CD-Block : fixed the bug that made the emu loops when selecting a cd drive after any path
- CD-Block : added GetSectorInfo command
- SCSP : corrected a bug in Stef's code (huge thanks to CyberWarriorX)
- SCSP : replaced Turbo68K by Musashi
- SCSP : sound is output through a DirectSound interface to the soundcard (multiple soundcard support)
- VDPX : added basic priorities
- VDPX : auto switch to upper resolution in case of strange display
- VDPX : full C++ handling of VDP parts rendering
- VDPX : sprites and backgrounds are filled into a list before rendering to ease priority display
- VDPX : blending bug fixed
- VDP1 : sprites with a width or heigth less than 2 pixel aren't displayed
- VDP1 : increased the top number of commands display (fixes the missing sprites in various games)
- VDP1 : automatic reload of textures when needed (F9 should be less needed)
- VDP1 : texture cache autocleaning
- VDP1 : corrected the bug that rendered some sprites in black with only the outline correct
- VDP2 : added reduction / expansion functions
- VDP2 : added 2048 colors bitmap mode
- VDP2 : bitmaps are now displayed as sprites
- VDP2 : added bitmap caching

You can visit the Saturnin Official Site for more info or if you're intrested to translate Saturnin in your own language.

Saturnin Official Site
Saturnin 0.40

    Sunday, December 25, 2005
NEOGEO CDZ 20051225 Released

A new build of NEOGEO CDZ has been released, the official site has the words "final release" on them so I guess it's the final release.

NEOGEO CDZ Official Site
NEOGEO CDZ 20051225

All the Latest GP2X Emulation News

The GP2X is the hottest Emulation scene of the moment and heres all the releases from the last week that i posted on GP2X News and now here so for those of you who dont follow the new console can catch up, here goes:

MAME GP2X v1.0 Released (1000 Arcade Games Supported)

Franxis the author of GP32MAME has now ported the MAME Arcade Emulator to the GP2X, this release has support for 1000 Games :), heres the info :

- In this first version 904 games are supported, almost all games in MAME 0.34. There are some missing games like Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat, Popeye, etc, i will try to add all games in the next version. Also all currently supported games are not playable, in example biggest Neo·Geo games are not working yet due to lack of RAM (GP2X Linux only support 32 Mb of the 64 Mb yet). I think everything will be solved in next versions, please be patient ;-)
- I recommend the use of "CPU & LCD Tuner" program to overclock the GP2X to 250 MHz to play the most modern games. I have not integrated the overclocking in the emulator yet.
- Reesy DrZ80 core has been modified by Flubba to be faster and easier to maintain.
- Software scaling / stretching based on Pepe_Faruk code. Hardware scaling / stretching not implemented yet.
- Different frontend skins done by Zenzuke, Chipan, Dokesman, Enkonsierto, Quest and Sttraping.
- Thanks to all paypal donators: gp32x.de, Federico Mazza, Nandove, Videogame Stuff, Denis Evans, Ricardo Cabello and Elías Ballesteros.

Awesome work Franxis :)

Vice 2X (Commodore 64 Emulator for the GP2X)

Snaff has released Vice2X the emulator which supports Commodore computers including the c64, c128 and the VIC20 .

"VICE is more accurate than Frodo so many more things will work, but its also much more CPU hungry - when I ported it to the gp32 it was way too slow and I had to abandon it. Happily though, it's already quite playable on the GP2X. I've just been playing Cauldron 2 and Mayhem in Monsterland "

This release supports the C64 only:

Neopop GP2x v0.2 (NeoGeo Pocket Emu for GP2X)

Madelman has released and also updated very quickly his NeoGeo Pocket Emulator for the GP2X, heres the release infos:

Changes for v0.2

Fixed the diagonal controls
Implemented an extension
Cleared the cursor in the corner

Gnuboy2x v0.4b (GB/C emu for GP2x)

k-teto has released a new version of his port of GNUBoy the Gameboy Colour emulator for the GP2X, heres the info:

I don't have a webpage right now, so... tracking the changes is difficult, i know. But when gnuboy2x 0.3b was just added to the news here, 0.4b was out already. And here you have it, with better sound, faster screen code and many bugfixes. And more important, HARDWARE SCALING for full screen gameboy madness, yeah, you like it b*tch.

And thats only a few of the many emulators released lately :), Download via the official links above.

c64psp v0.3 & CPCPSP v0.1 Released

Hi all, just gonna let you catch you catch up on some news i posted at PSP News, heres both new emulators recently released:

CPCPSP 0.1 - An Amstrad CPC emulator for the PSP

Nige has released the worlds first Amstrad CPC Emulator for the PSP, heres all the info :

Merry Christmas and happy new year! CPCPSP is a port of the Caprice32 Amstrad CPC emulator for the Sony PSP.

Version 0.1 contains:
Without sound, about 92% of original CPC speed
With sound, about 75% of original CPC speed
Emulation of the 464, 664 or 6128
64/128k snapshot support
Very accurate emulation

Over the forthcoming releases, the following things should be added:

Disk (.DSK) support
Tape (.TAP) support
A virtual keyboard
A centred screen (and maybe some more screen modes)
Faster emulation
A better webpage (it couldn't get much worse)
Known bugs:
Video overwriting - there is some video corruption in places where the CPC screen shouldn't be intruding
Slowness! Accuracy is good but things need to speed up
User options. Config file mucking around can result in PSP crashes (you have been warned)
Dodgy sound. This is due to the emulator not running at 100% of original speed.

Download from site above:

c64psp v0.3 (Commodore 64 Emulator for PSP)

Urchin has released a new version of his excellent Commodore 64 emulator for the PSP, heres what he posted:

Team c64psp would like to wish PSP users a Merry Christmas with a new version of c64psp!

New features

* Multiple screen modes (with vsync on firmware v1.5)
* Full speed, stable C64 emulation (no need for PSP overclocking)
* Excellent SID emulation
* Quit key combination for firmware v2.0 users
* Memory snapshot quickload and save
* Increased game compatibility

Download at link above :)

Thats the latest 2 releases of emulators from the PSP Scene.

    Saturday, December 24, 2005
Duck Hunt clone 0.2 alpha Released

My buddy Drakonite released another alpha for his Duck Hunt clone for the PlayStation 2, he also released a X-mas version (see the official site for a screenshot)

Here's some of what he had to say about the release (visit official site for more information):

I've just uploaded an update to duckhunt. I didn't work on it as much as I was planning to this week, however since the christmas season is upon us and I doubt I"ll have time to get any noticable changes done over the weekend I decided to go ahead and post the few changes that have been made.

One of the major changes is in the ducks' behavior. Instead of the set path I had hacked together to get the first preview release done, they are now flying eradically around the screen and are much harder to hit!

Makeshift Official Site
Duck Hunt clone 0.2 alpha

B-EM 1.0 Released

Changes from v0.82:
* FDI support. Allows use of copy protected disc images. A few bugs in FDC emulation remain, however about 75% of FDI images dumped so far work.
* Improvements to timing, Joust now works, along with some Kevin Edwards protected games.
* Master Compact emulation (largely for some of the dumped FDI images).
* Slight improvements to cassette emulation, loader on Joust now works, speedup now available.
* Fixes and optimisations to ARM emulation.

B-EM Offical Site
B-EM 1.0

Yabause 0.6.0 Released

A new version of the very promising (and underated) open source Saturn emulator Yabause has been released a while ago. Some games are even running fullspeed on this release!
Here are the changes for this version:

0.5.0 -> 0.6.0
- accesses to Netlink addresses when Netlink was not present was causing
errors, this has been fixed.
- fixed DSP debugging.
- fixed a Timer 0 bug. Fixes Shining the Holy Ark.
- added SH2 idle detection. Speed should be significantly faster.
- separated original core(now the "debug interpreter core") from the core
with idle detection.
- sh2 cores are now selectable.
- added 68k disassembler.
- fixed some warnings.
- added debugging functions.
- fixed bug that was causing garbage graphics in Albert Odyssey.
- fixed bug that was causing graphics in Legend of Oasis to not get drawn.
- other bug fixes.
- fixed a few priority bugs.
- added initial special priority emulation.
- changed event handling a bit. Gained quite a bit of speed from it.
- added fullscreen and fixed resize in Windows. Still needs quite a bit of
- fixed some Mac OS X port bugs.
- fixed some Dreamcast port bugs.
- added proper Linux gui.
- Fixed YGL initialization.
- fixed some Windows ports bugs
- other bug fixes.

Go grab the new version and visit the Official Site for more info.

Yabause Official Site
Yabause 0.6.0

Mednafen 0.4.1 Released

The Win32 build will be updated later, sometime before the next year.

• Joysticks initialization is now slightly more verbose.
• Fixed hash calculation in the joystick code, and added a workaround for hash collisions(which would occur if two extremely similar joysticks are used on the same system).
• Video initialization is now more verbose.
• The -.special command-line arguments for selecting a special scaler now take the short name of the scaler, which is found in the documentation, instead of arbitrarily-chosen numbers. However, out of the goodness of my cold, black heart, arbitrarily-chosen numbers may still be used, though it should be considered deprecated.
• libsndfile is now used for WAVE recording(instead of the old ugly code).
• Altered the internal floating-point format used to represent audio data by changing the range to -1.0<=sample<=1.0(previously it was 0.0<=sample<=1.0).
• NES: Fixed a 1-byte overflow bug in the Barcode World input device emulation code by changing a strcpy() to a memcpy().
• Added a "-help" command-line option, which prints out command-line argumentsand parameters.
• Fixed the configuration file loading code to exit the emulator if invalid data is in the configuration file, instead of just ignoring it and the rest of the entries, thus trashing the configuration file on exit.
• Changed the default xscale and yscale settings for Lynx to 4.
• Physical mouse buttons can now be assigned to virtual buttons.
• The width and height of the state preview are now saved in save states, fixing a problem with broken save states if the -nes.clipsides option is used, and possibly in other situations(note that this won't fix the problem in old save states, only new ones).
• Fixed a garbage(OSD stuff) problem in screen snapshots and save states when they are done after a frame that has been skipped(the solution is to delay the snapshot/save state until the next frame, which is set to not be skip).
• Fixed a typo that broke the hq3x effect(it had weird graphical glitches).
• Modified more settings to use the new plain-text configuration file format.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.4.1

History.dat 1.05h Released

A new version of History.dat has been released. Check out the official site for the latest additions and information.

History.dat Official Site
History.dat 1.05h

clrmamepro 3.82 Released

• fixed: byteswap fixing routine in scanner's checksum analysis functions
• fixed: circular rename of chd files in MAME .102u5

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.82

Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the Emulation64/EmuTalk moderators and staff, I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas! I hope you'll enjoy the holidays and time off from school and work, to relax and take a well-deserved break with friends and family. I'm off to my parents in a minute, and won't be online much in the next few days, but for those of you who can't stay away from our fantastic community, feel free to keep the spirit up in our forums. :)

Happy holidays, gang!

    Friday, December 23, 2005
MAME 0.102u5 releases

A new MAME diff has been posted and several MAME derivates has been updated. Go here for a complete list of changes.

MAMEDev Official Site
MAME diff 0.102u5

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.102u5

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.102.5

MAME32FX Changes:

Updated to MAME 0.102u5 - MAME32 0.102u4
- Removed some drivers changes. (No more needed)

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.102u5


    Thursday, December 22, 2005
GameEx 5.32 Released

• I spent a fair bit of time trying optimize memory usage and clean things up resulting in possibly a slightly leaner and faster GameEx.
• It uses 5-25 MB less ram now. For me anyway.
• Startup is quicker if using Jukebox in Windows Media player mode, at least by 1-2 seconds.
• It seems to run a fair bit faster on my laptop.
• Theres a new theme variation in the install, BlueEx - Snap. Nothing too special
• I fixed the issues with the BlueEx MCE theme overriding the MCE startup and exit mode.
• The default theme is no longer animated as there were reports that this slowed things down, although I've no real idea why.
• I've added a default - animated theme.
• Anyone complaining of bloat (and not from Christmas chocolate), please at least give this version a go.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.32

    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Duck Hunt clone 0.1 alpha Released

My buddy Drakonite recently posted a binary for his Duck Hunt clone for the PlayStation 2. So if you own a PlayStation 2, a PS1 GunCon and have the ability to boot homebrew you should check it out! Here's some of what Drakonite posted about it:

This is the beginning of a quick clone of Duckhunt I've created over the past couple days.
It's not very robust (guncon has to be in port 2, etc), it's no where near complete, and there are likely a few bugs, but I wanted to get this out to see what type of reaction it gets.
I had planned to make a nice parady of Duckhunt, including some changes I know everyone wants to see to the original game, while making it look and feel as much like the original as possible to aid in the parady.. however if no one has a guncon and is going to play it I won't bother doing that much work.
I'll be judging the response I receive from this preview release to decide if I'm going to finish and polish it all up, or patch it up and call it good...

Drakonite's site
Duck Hunt clone 0.1 alpha

DSemu 0.4.9 Released

New features in 0.4.9 are:
- Fixed Thumb emulation bug the was occasionally causing black screens and crashes.
- Fixed touchscreen bug that prevented it from working with devkitpro release 17.
- Fixed even more SWI divide bugs with patch by Mark Winney.
- Fixed some bugs in DMA and SWI divide handling allowing a few more games to run (Ruby video demo, Tickle Girl, etc).

DSemu Official Site
DSemu 0.4.9

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005
ScummVM DS 0.5 Released

Changes in this version:
• CD audio is supported using IMA-ADPCM compressed WAV files
• Direct file system support now works on the M3 and Supercard
• An on-screen keyboard to name saves
• Interact with the zoomed view by swapping the screens over with X
• Zoom in/out by holding L and pressing A or B
• Scroll the screen with the pen while holding L
• Improved the way the zoomed view follows the talking character
• Music support in FM TOWNS games
• Sound volume improved, and sound glitching fixed
• Left handed mode
• Help screen added
• D-pad controls in the front end
• Numerous other bug fixes

ScummVM DS Official Site
ScummVM DS 0.5

GameEx 5.31 Released

• Fixes random startup videos not working if the path had a slash () on the end.
• Uses even less of the cpu when running in the background after launching something. Showing 0% and 15MB on a 2.4GHZ
• Exits emulators and apps slightly quicker
• Please try this version if you experience any slow downs or problems running emus and apps.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.31

PCSX2 - Ingame with Biohazard 4

Over on www.pcsx2.net I have posted a video created by Parotaku showing PCSX2 running Biohazard 4:

Time to brighten up the front page of this site with some sexy news. :)

Parotaku one of our long serving betatesters has been having 'fun' testing Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4) under the WIP PCSX2 0.9 beta. Whilst there are still many issues with this game, such as a lack of memory card detection, it is fully playable, and looking utterly gorgeous at high res.

This video is a WMV and should be playable under any decent media player and is being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as Azureus to get this video!

Biohazard 4 - Ingame
3 Minutes 16 Seconds | 24.1MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10 FPS.

(!) The video was recorded through GSdx which automatically speeds up video, so you are NOT watching actual emulated speeds! The real FPS is shown under the video link! Given that this video is being shared through Bit Torrent, we ask if you could seed (share) this file for aslong as possible!

Enjoy the video!comments=Spooky!!

:: Visit PCSX2's homepage here

    Monday, December 19, 2005
NESCafe 0.614 Released

- Save Animations as Animated GIF Files
- Config Menu Screen for Animated GIF Recording
- Added nescafeload.php and nescafesave.php scripts
- Fixed bug where unzipped NES files wouldn't load in Applet
- Added Broadcast Menu Screen to show data being sent
- LOADSTATEONSTARTUP tag now points at a NSS file
- NSS file specified by LOADSTATEONSTARTUP is loaded on Resets
- General GUI improvements to Menu System

NESCafe Official Site
NESCafe 0.614

Gens32 Ray 1.00 Released

About this Edition:
This Edition is designed for whose PC are not strong enough to run Gens32 Surreal. Here is only a WIP version. I release this for hunting bugs, and for the guys who want to run some roms only supported by Gens32 surreal v1.40.

1) Include some feathers(except Cool music,and advanced volume config) of Gens32 Surreal v1.40.
2) 16bpp supported.
3) Restored Gym dump,and Add a option to load Gym.
4) Will add in later.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Ray Forum post
Gens32 Ray 1.00

    Sunday, December 18, 2005
SSF 0.07 beta R1 Released

A new beta of this japanese Sega Saturn emulator has been released. I don't know japanese so I can't provide any more information.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.07 beta R1

EasyMame 5.2.6 Released

- New : Added Swedisch translation. (Thkx to Daniel Nylander)
- Fixed : Some small cosmetic bugs.
- Improved : Rewrote the complete database structure. Resulting in a speed increase of about 50%.
Filters and realtime searching both benefit from this.
- Improved : Adapted and optimized realtime searching to the new database structure.
- Improved : Faster zip handling (Increased unzipping speed for snap.zip, icons.zip, etc...)

EasyMame Official Site
EasyMame 5.2.6

Gens32 Surreal 1.40 Released

1)Speciel Game Fix system.With my friend Ken's help,I restored this system.
2)Movie recored & play stystem.New format,not compatible with old versions of Gens32

1)A new SEGA CD formats was supported.That is the ISO + Playlist + Mp3.In order to help you to create the playlist when you wanna enjoy mp3s.I have write a tool with this version.You can find it In tools folder.But it is not recommend you to rename the game tracks with this tool.Especially on a FAT32 system.Wirte the playlist manually will be more safer

1)Optimized the codes of the sound system and the video system.Maybe works faster.
2)A new technology called "dynamic float correct" was used in sound system.

Bug fix:
1)Some bugs disappeared when I wanna fix them,Perhaps later.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.40

NEOGEO CDZ 20051217 Released

A new version of this NeoGeo emulator has been released. From what I can tell it seems to be a bugfix release.

NEOGEO CDZ Official Site
NEOGEO CDZ 20051217

    Saturday, December 17, 2005
Mednafen 0.4.0 Released

Mednafen 0.4.0, sources and Win32 executable package, has been released.

The most significant changes in this release are the addition of PC Engine CD emulation and major optimizations to the NES emulation code.

The PCE CD emulation is reportedly unstable under Win32 when reading directly from a physical disc. Use CUE sheets and ripped tracks instead.

Since Mendafen is now comparable to Nintencer speed-wise (and actually faster on my system), Nintencer is officially totally deprecated, and won't receive any further updates.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.4.0

    Thursday, December 15, 2005
MAME 0.102u4 Related Releases

A new MAME32 has been released based off of the latest MAME developments. Check here for a complete rundown on whats new.

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.102.4

MAME diff 0.102u4

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.102u4

FCEUXD SP 1.06 Released

A new update for the Open Source NES emulator FCEUXD SP has been released. Here is what was posted over at the official site.

Here's a mini update of everybody's favourite NES emulator FCEUXD SP. Version 1.06 fixes two problems people reported on IRC today.

The first problem (reported by Gavin) was a bug in the conditional breakpoint code that occured when using numbers with leading zeros.
The second problem was reported by olaf who suggested that the automatically generated .deb debug files should only be created if the user actually used the debugger. From this release on the .deb files won't be created anymore if the user merely plays a game without debugging it.

Head on over to the official site for more information and the sources.

FCEUXD SP Official Site

Emu Loader Released

A new bug fix update for the frontend Emu Loader has been released. This is the executable only so you will need to make sure you have 4.7.6 installed already before using the updated Here is what was posted for this release.

Yet another update. Version fixes a bug when saving custom game options. Another piece of code that got corrupted... I recommend this update to everyone.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Emu Loader Official Site
Emu Loader
Emu Loader 4.7.6

History.dat 1.05g Released

A new version of History.dat has been released. Check out the official site for the latest additions and information.

Edit: Updated to 1.05g

History.dat Official Site
History.dat 1.05g

Saturnin WIP Report

My buddy Runik has just updated the official Saturnin (Saturn Emulator) site with a little update about a new release coming soon. Here is what he had to say.

Sorry (again) for the lack of updates ...
Anyway, I added a bunch of stuff to Saturnin, and I expect to release a new version by the end of the year. Speed is still a problem, but I'll work on it after this release.

Be patient ! :p

Head on over to the official site for more information regarding Saturnin. Looking forward to the update. Keep up the good work buddy. :)

Saturnin Official Site

    Wednesday, December 14, 2005
GameEx 5.30 Released

A new version of the gaming frontent GameEx has been released. Here is the latest changes for version 5.30.

 Fixes issues with background ambience, not stopping correctly, and also fixes where GameEx would keep trying to replay it (unsuccesfully) if it was stopped for launching purposes.
 This fixes the track not stopping with certain versions of MAME. It also probably fixes various other issues.
 The issues where certain emulators would not launch when MAP Keys was turned on, should be fixed, although please confirm.
 'Smallest' font size now working.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.30

GP2PSX 0.18 Released

zodttd has released a new version of his Playstation emulator GP2PSX for the new GP2X handheld gaming system. Here is what was posted for version 0.18.

This release is a much needed bug fix to the last release (v0.16). I had some timings off. This release should fix games that weren't loading but did in past releases. This release should also be a bit faster, though as usual, i'm not sure. I don't have many PSX games to test with. Super Seizure Bros is also no longer seizure-ized.

Also note the framerate counter seems to be more accurate now. It's actually always been accurate, it basically counts 60 frames then calculates the framerate. Only thing is, sometimes the PSX would have it vsync when no change was made to the screen. Not only is this an optimization waiting to happen, but it would report high framerates at times when things looked like they were going slow. This is why I've been trying to get timings right.

Thanks to RetroGuru for the news. Be sure to check out the release thread for more information.

GP2PSX Release Post
GP2PSX 0.18

NEOGEO CDZ 20051214 Released

A new version of this NeoGeo emulator has been released, no idea what's new since I don't know japanese.

NEOGEO CDZ Official Site
NEOGEO CDZ 20051214

fmsxDS 0.05 Released

A new version of this MSX emulator for the Nintendo DS has been released. Since the page is in japanese I can't provide a list of changes.

fmsxDS Official Site
fmsxDS 0.05

X360 Review - Madden NFL 06

The first of my many Xbox 360 game reviews has been added to Emu64.

Madden NFL 06 Review - Click Here to go read it!

Watch this space for more Xbox 360 reviews!


    Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Hoxs64 Released

13 December 2005 v1.0.3.12
1) Fixed sprite bug introduced in release (v1.0.3.8) where a sprite could empty its buffer at column cycle 63 even thought the sprite was hidden at X position >= 0x1f8. This was noticed as occasional blank sprite lines in the second part of the "Ice Cream Castle" demo by Crest.

Hoxs64 Official Site

GameEx 5.29 Released

• The Most played list now only displays games that have been played 4 or more times. This should make it much more usable and accurate, and avoids showing games that are just tested or randomly played.
• New Admin section in the config. This contains an option to delete ALL of the game data GameEx stores, including favourites, most played, statistics, and the mame game list. Very useful if your lists get bulked up, contain orphaned records, or get corrupted.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.29

    Monday, December 12, 2005
KiGB 2.02 Released

- New Features:
* Support GB boot ROM (not included)
- Changes:
* In the menu File->Emulation->Simulate startup is replaced by
File->Emulation->Boot ROM. Boot ROM can be emulated and simulated for
GB and GBC mode, respectively.
* [Interal change] Source is ported from C to C++.
- Bugs Fixed:
* Hyper Lode Runner no longer hung.
* Warlocked no longer hung.
* Colors in Vertical Mess Demo were incorrect. Fixed.
* Graphics gliches appeared when showing the Gin & Tonic Trick in Mental
Respirator. Fixed.
* Graphics in Versatility should be corrupted as in the real GB. Fixed.
* When showing the intro video in F-1 Racing Championship, the top few
lines should sometimes corrupted as in the real GBC. Fixed.
* Fixed a crash bug when changing palettes with no ROM loaded in WinXP.

KiGB Official Site
KiGB 2.02

Hoxs64 Released

12 December 2005 v1.0.3.12
1) Sprite hiding, distortion and buffering near the fetch clocks is now correctly emulated.
"Demus Interruptus" by Crest should now display correctly with true cycle based sprites.
2) Frame skip is off by default and VBL Sync is on by default.

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Sunday, December 11, 2005
GameEx 5.26 Released

• Fixed picture viewing in pictures module.
• Last MAME game snap now shows at correct aspect ratio.
• Upgraded Microsoft .net Managed DirectX to newer version.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.26

NesterDC SE 20051210 Released

Many questioned me when I decided to work on an emulator
many considered more than adequate. I had two main purposes
for the creation of this newest incarnation of NesterDC.

First, improve compatibility and speed. The release of
NesterDC 7.1 brought seemingly fullspeed emuation, but
somehow compatibility dropped a couple of notches. Many
games no longer worked that were fine in version 6.

Second, I wanted to see an emulator that had many useful
extras such as screen shots, NSF music, cartridge scans, a
favorites list, and more.

In the end, I have accomplished my goals. The result is
an emulator that is, at the core, functionally an
improvement over its predecessors but has a uniqueness
that can easily be appreciated.

NesterDC SE Official Site
NesterDC SE 20051210

    Saturday, December 10, 2005
MAME diff, MAME32, MAME32FX and MAME Plus! 0.102u3 Released

Another MAME diff update has been released. MAME32, MAME32FX and MAME Plus were updated as well. You can view the changes for this MAME diff version here.

MAME32FX related changes:

# Updated to MAME 0.102u3 - MAME32 0.102u2

- Fixed with an hack sound loop bug in Strikers 1945.

MAME diff 0.102u3

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.102u3

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.102u3

MAME Plus! Site
MAME Plus! 0.102u3

    Thursday, December 08, 2005
snesDS 20051208 Released

A new build of snesDS is out, no list of changes provided.

snesDS Official Site
snesDS 20051208

Quickplay 3.8.2 Released

Quickplay 3.8.2 Released
Yep that was quick... Turns out I broke the Emu-Finder feature totally. So the only change in this version is the fixed Emu-Finder. Apologies!

Quickplay 3.8.1 Released
New Features
• Run Random ROM thats never been played
• Power Scheme Changing when running ROM. This is both a global option and you can override on a per-emulator basis.
• Temp uncompressing folder setting. This is both a global option and you can override on a per-emulator basis.
• Ability to change whether Quickplay fully expands all folders on startup, or just first level folders, or no folders.
Bug Fixes
• Run Random fails if the ROM has no linked emulator
• Using GoodMerge mode Quickplay would scan EVERY file on folder load
• MAME Merge Scan Not working
• Main ROM listing scrolls across when clicking on long roms
• Upgrade to new version of Virtual Treeview component

Quickplay Official Site
Quickplay 3.8.2

GameEx 5.25 Released

• Fix: Desktop now restores correctly after early exit.
• Configuration application can be viewed in a window and resized.
• The log shows all installed .net framework versions.
• New setting to find snap/video/artwork for emulators on a nearest match basis. The setting is enabled by default and its under tweaks/performance.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.25

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Emulation Madness on the GP2X

Final newspost from me is about the hot new homebrew console the GP2X. For those who dont know its a Portable Linux Based Open Source console that promised tons of emulators from the word go and well it has delivered excellently

Already we have seen a Commodore 64 Emulator by Snaff (Frodo2x), a PSX emu by ZodttD(GP2PSX), an Atari emulator that supports the following Atari 130XE, Atari 800, Atari 800XL & Atari 5200 by Foft(atari800gp2x), a Master System Emulator by efegea (SMS Plus 2X) and Nes, Snes and NeoGeo CD Emulators by NK (No Official Page but downloads can be got from GP2X News or GP2X File Archive)

If that doesnt get the mouth watering then nothing will, to keep up with the GP2X scene keep your eyes peeled to all these GP2x Sites, GP2X News, GP2X File Archive, GP32 Xtreme, Emuholic, GP32 Spain and finally PDRoms.

eSwan v0.07

The PSP Scene has been a tad slow of late and to be honest its to be expected after the madness of the first 6 months but heres one that been missed from posting on here.

E has updated the eSwan emulator. It emulates Bandai's Wonderswan/Color and follows on from Pswan.

Whats new:
- sound improvements

Official Site: Here

NEO4ALL/AES alpha released

Evening Chaps and Ladies, because the team here needs a hand ill just do 3 quick newsposts of new and newish releases. First off my pal Chui (Hosted by Emu64) has released a new version of his NeoGeo Emulator for the Dreamcast that supports Cartridge roms and not just the NeoGeo CDs, heres Chui`s News post:

Alpha version of NEO4ALL fork for playing NEOGEO roms under Dreamcast.

First, you need convert your NEOGEO game roms with convert tool included.
Second, toast all files of dreamcast directory and place your converted roms where you want.

At the moment, 10 large games have preliminar prefetch for fine playing:
- Art Of Fighting.
- Blazing Star.
- Captain Tomaday.
- Magical Drop III.
- Metal Slug X.
- Shock Troopers.
- Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3.
- SNK vs Capcom - SVC Chaos.
- Tecmo World Soccer '96.
- Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok.

Games below 16MBytes can be played without problems, i have tested 44 games. Another games of compatibily list can be loaded, but you will have a lot of cdrom read switching.

See README.txt.

Download here.
Problems and comments about your tests here.

    Monday, December 05, 2005
64th Note 1.1 beta 4 Released

12/04/05 - 64th Note v1.1 beta 4 released
* In a lot of situations the Fade Type dropdown list didn't appear, this has been fixed. Also, "no fade"
has been added as an option, for those who would like an abrupt ending (or want to let their output plugin
handle it)

64th Note Official Site
64th Note 1.1 beta 4

    Sunday, December 04, 2005
bsnes 0.015 Released

• Added GZ / ZIP / JMA archive support [Nach, NSRT team]
• Fixed bug in APU ADDW/SUBW opcode flags, thanks to DMV27, anomymous for info
• Mosaic support is now (mostly) hardware accurate, thanks to TRAC for info
• Fixed a bug in SC tilemap clipping, fixes Seiken Densetsu 3
• Emulated pseudo-hires mode, uses a fairly poor color filter to simulate TV effect, the same one that SNES9x and Super Sleuth use
• Rewrote the ROM loading code to be more port-friendly, and improved header detection
• Added C4 emulation -- mostly correct. Only minor bugs remain, possibly not C4 related [Nach, byuu], also uses code from zsKnight, Overload, and anomie
• Fixed noise channel generation for DSP, fixes Dual Orb 2 opening. Thanks to DMV27 for info
• Fixed bug with DSP VxSRCN registers, fixes horrible sound corruption in Mortal Kombat 2/3
• Modified DSP KON register reading to act according to anomie's research, while still allowing Der Langrisser, etc. to play sounds correctly
• Fixed a bug in CPU BCD math, fixes numbers in SimEarth, thanks to DMV27 for info
• Rewrote the windows port from scratch
• -- Added triple buffering support (buggy)
• -- Added DirectInput (joypad) support, allows both keyboard and joypad to be mapped to the same SNES controller button. Only one controller supported for this release, will be improved shortly
• -- Added pause key (mapped to Pause/Break)
• -- bsnes no longer consumes CPU time when paused or when no ROM is loaded
• -- Updated DirectDraw to 7, and added video mode configuration options to configuration file
• -- Video modes can specify screen width+height, refresh rate, and render width+height
• -- Added CTRL+[1-0] hotkeys for swapping video modes
• -- Added +/- hotkeys for adjusting frameskipping rate
• -- Added adjustable speed regulation. There are five modes, all can be adjusted inside the configuration file. CTRL+[+/-] will adjust the speed mode.
• -- Added PPU options to toggle any BG / OAM layers with any priority, HDMA effects, and offset per tile effects
• -- Added option to accept invalid button combinations (up+down, left+right) to joypad config menu
• -- bsnes now properly clears the main window when unloading games
• [code] Made destructors for base classes virtual, so the correct destructors will be called now

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.015

64th Note 1.1 beta 3 Released

12/03/05 - 64th Note v1.1 beta 3 released
* reg caching reenabled (was disabled in beta 2, it caused problems which are now fixed), better speed

12/03/05 - 64th Note v1.1 beta 2 released
* implemented method for register access via exception handler that works with new memory allocation,
needed for several games, also allows Animal Forest to run under interpreter

64th Note Official Site
64th Note 1.1 beta 3

    Saturday, December 03, 2005
BlackTiger 0.2 Released

A new version of the Black Tiger emulator for GBA has been released. Here are the changes for this version:

V0.2 - 2005-12-03 (FluBBa)
Fixed a rare graphics bug.
Added new batch files for old mame roms.

For more information visit Flubba's Homepage.

Flubba's Homepage
BlackTiger 0.2

YopYop 12/3/05 Released

YopYop, a new Nintendo DS emulator for Windows has been released a while ago. It currently runs only demos but it seems quite promising. Here is some information about it taken directly from the Readme file:

* follower 2CPUs
* direct DMA (not on VBlank or other)
* support only mode 0
* support of the sprites
* not of support of the wide pallets. - sorts bgs and sprites
* part of the SWI
* does not emulate commercial plays because mainly of the CARD_REG
* emulates rather well the demo of Weather but small Pb with the mouse (click below the menus)

Many thanks to Emunews 24 for the news and the file. :)

YopYop Official Site
YopYop 12/3/05

    Friday, December 02, 2005
EasyMame 5.2.5 Released

EasyMame 5.2.5 release info:
- New : Added new status 'Bad CHD'.
- Fixed : Small issue in the .CHD verification.
- Fixed : Memory leak in the rom verification.
- Improved : Faster rom verification. (about 10% faster)

EasyMame Official Site
EasyMame 5.2.5

    Thursday, December 01, 2005
MAME diff, MAME32, MAME32FX and MAME Plus! 0.102u2 Released

Another diff update for MAME 0.102 has been released. MAME32, MAME32FX and MAME Plus! were also updated.
You can view the changes in this MAME update by clicking Here.

MAME diff 0.102u2

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.102u2

MAME32FX changes:

Updated to MAME 0.102u2 - MAME32 0.102

- Added option to enable/disable auto volume adjustment feature to the GUI.
- Removed YMF271 sound chip changes. (They were incorrect)
- Removed some drivers changes. (They were incorrect)

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.102u2

MAME Plus! changes:

* fixed cheat menu crash
* some GUI changes:
o added 'Aspect Ratio' treeview
o fixed 'Resolution' treeview
o added more info to 'General' tab

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.102u2

DGEN PSP 1.20 Released *updated*

A new version of this Sega Genesis emulator for the PlayStation Portable has been released. Site is in japanese so no changes unless someone translates them or you want to use a machine translator like babelfish.

Thanks to Hawq for the heads up on IRC.

UPDATE: Updated the archives to the new ones with the english readme which also contains the changes:

+ Core Switches
- Switched 68K core to high-speed MUSASHI 3.3
- Switched Z80 Core
- High-speed 68K Core and Z80 Core appropriated from NeoCDPSP (thanks Yoyofr)
+ Added key config for core switching / reset

DGEN PSP Official Site

File Releases

No Description in database.

No Description in database.

No Description in database.

No Description in database.

No Description in database.

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