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    Sunday, December 04, 2005
bsnes 0.015 Released

• Added GZ / ZIP / JMA archive support [Nach, NSRT team]
• Fixed bug in APU ADDW/SUBW opcode flags, thanks to DMV27, anomymous for info
• Mosaic support is now (mostly) hardware accurate, thanks to TRAC for info
• Fixed a bug in SC tilemap clipping, fixes Seiken Densetsu 3
• Emulated pseudo-hires mode, uses a fairly poor color filter to simulate TV effect, the same one that SNES9x and Super Sleuth use
• Rewrote the ROM loading code to be more port-friendly, and improved header detection
• Added C4 emulation -- mostly correct. Only minor bugs remain, possibly not C4 related [Nach, byuu], also uses code from zsKnight, Overload, and anomie
• Fixed noise channel generation for DSP, fixes Dual Orb 2 opening. Thanks to DMV27 for info
• Fixed bug with DSP VxSRCN registers, fixes horrible sound corruption in Mortal Kombat 2/3
• Modified DSP KON register reading to act according to anomie's research, while still allowing Der Langrisser, etc. to play sounds correctly
• Fixed a bug in CPU BCD math, fixes numbers in SimEarth, thanks to DMV27 for info
• Rewrote the windows port from scratch
• -- Added triple buffering support (buggy)
• -- Added DirectInput (joypad) support, allows both keyboard and joypad to be mapped to the same SNES controller button. Only one controller supported for this release, will be improved shortly
• -- Added pause key (mapped to Pause/Break)
• -- bsnes no longer consumes CPU time when paused or when no ROM is loaded
• -- Updated DirectDraw to 7, and added video mode configuration options to configuration file
• -- Video modes can specify screen width+height, refresh rate, and render width+height
• -- Added CTRL+[1-0] hotkeys for swapping video modes
• -- Added +/- hotkeys for adjusting frameskipping rate
• -- Added adjustable speed regulation. There are five modes, all can be adjusted inside the configuration file. CTRL+[+/-] will adjust the speed mode.
• -- Added PPU options to toggle any BG / OAM layers with any priority, HDMA effects, and offset per tile effects
• -- Added option to accept invalid button combinations (up+down, left+right) to joypad config menu
• -- bsnes now properly clears the main window when unloading games
• [code] Made destructors for base classes virtual, so the correct destructors will be called now

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.015


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