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    Sunday, December 25, 2005
All the Latest GP2X Emulation News

The GP2X is the hottest Emulation scene of the moment and heres all the releases from the last week that i posted on GP2X News and now here so for those of you who dont follow the new console can catch up, here goes:

MAME GP2X v1.0 Released (1000 Arcade Games Supported)

Franxis the author of GP32MAME has now ported the MAME Arcade Emulator to the GP2X, this release has support for 1000 Games :), heres the info :

- In this first version 904 games are supported, almost all games in MAME 0.34. There are some missing games like Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat, Popeye, etc, i will try to add all games in the next version. Also all currently supported games are not playable, in example biggest Neo·Geo games are not working yet due to lack of RAM (GP2X Linux only support 32 Mb of the 64 Mb yet). I think everything will be solved in next versions, please be patient ;-)
- I recommend the use of "CPU & LCD Tuner" program to overclock the GP2X to 250 MHz to play the most modern games. I have not integrated the overclocking in the emulator yet.
- Reesy DrZ80 core has been modified by Flubba to be faster and easier to maintain.
- Software scaling / stretching based on Pepe_Faruk code. Hardware scaling / stretching not implemented yet.
- Different frontend skins done by Zenzuke, Chipan, Dokesman, Enkonsierto, Quest and Sttraping.
- Thanks to all paypal donators: gp32x.de, Federico Mazza, Nandove, Videogame Stuff, Denis Evans, Ricardo Cabello and Elías Ballesteros.

Awesome work Franxis :)

Vice 2X (Commodore 64 Emulator for the GP2X)

Snaff has released Vice2X the emulator which supports Commodore computers including the c64, c128 and the VIC20 .

"VICE is more accurate than Frodo so many more things will work, but its also much more CPU hungry - when I ported it to the gp32 it was way too slow and I had to abandon it. Happily though, it's already quite playable on the GP2X. I've just been playing Cauldron 2 and Mayhem in Monsterland "

This release supports the C64 only:

Neopop GP2x v0.2 (NeoGeo Pocket Emu for GP2X)

Madelman has released and also updated very quickly his NeoGeo Pocket Emulator for the GP2X, heres the release infos:

Changes for v0.2

Fixed the diagonal controls
Implemented an extension
Cleared the cursor in the corner

Gnuboy2x v0.4b (GB/C emu for GP2x)

k-teto has released a new version of his port of GNUBoy the Gameboy Colour emulator for the GP2X, heres the info:

I don't have a webpage right now, so... tracking the changes is difficult, i know. But when gnuboy2x 0.3b was just added to the news here, 0.4b was out already. And here you have it, with better sound, faster screen code and many bugfixes. And more important, HARDWARE SCALING for full screen gameboy madness, yeah, you like it b*tch.

And thats only a few of the many emulators released lately :), Download via the official links above.


File Releases

GCI to Dolphin 0.3
No Description in database.

No Description in database.

sixtyforce 1.0.3
No Description in database.

No Description in database.

Cemu 1.13.1
No Description in database.

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