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    Monday, October 31, 2005
Satourne WIP progress

The Satourne webpage has been updated with a whole bunch of screenshots showing the progress of the upcoming 2.0 release. Head over to the official site for the news post (in french) and the screenshots.

Satourne Official Site

FakeNES WIP October 31st Released

ipher has released a new WIP build of the NES emulator FakeNES.

- ALL: Added a check for VRAM->VRAM blit hardware acceleration before attempting VRAM page buffering. [Siloh]
- ALL: Improved behavior of VSync and disabled it by default. [Siloh]
- ALL: Changed value of I flag upon reset from CLEARED to SET. (C Core) [Siloh]
- AUD: Massive APU overhaul. [Siloh]
- AUD: Added ability to enable/disable audio interpolation (previously whatever Allegro defaulted to). [Siloh]
- AUD: Audio fixes & improvements and support for OpenAL (currently broken?) [Siloh]
- AUD: Overhauled apu_process* to use 24-bit mixing (+ code clean-up). [Siloh]
- GUI: Fixed a cosmetic selection bug in the Audio > Mixing > Channels menu. [Siloh]
- SRC: Fixed missing alstream.* files. [Siloh]

ipher's FakeNES WIP Site
FakeNES WIP October 31st

MAME releases

MAME diff v0.101u4 was released yesterday and some MAME derivates have been updated to match it, the History.dat has been updated as well.

MAME Plus! changes:

- fixed and optimized M68K DRC core
- fixed memoryupdate0101u1red for parodius/parodisj
- added hack to fix the official MAME 'Shift+P' bug, which caused stepping forward more than 1 frames. Changes are marked as 'ENABLE_POLL_INPUT_HACK_FOR_SINGLE_STEP' in source code
- added syscheck(homebrew), frogfest(homebrew), zintrkcd(Razoola's CD to MVS conversion) to neogeo.c
- PS: Simplified Chinese language pack is updated.

MAME Plus!
MAME Plus! 0.101u4

MAME32 0.101u4

History.dat Official Site
History.dat 1.05

GameEx 5.15 Released

A new version of this frontend has been released.

- Fixes issue where the only existing ROMS setting was always enabled when updating the game list. This meant that the list would always only include games where the specified ROM name, clone or parent physically existed on your disk. Therefore you could only get a complete MAME game list if you had every single rom split for both clone and parent. It also meant that if your roms were all merged sets you might not see clones.
- With this fix it is now possible to get a complete MAME game list if you have no roms at all.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.15

DGEN PSP 1.10c Released

A bugfix release of the DGEN port for the PlayStation Portable has been released.

DGEN PSP Official Site
DGEN PSP 1.10c

64th Note 1.0 beta 22 Released

A new beta version of this USF-plugin for Winamp has been released.

* removed DirectSound buffer problem workaround, turned out to be unneeded
* pause/unpause now only occur when they'd actually do something (fixed ASIO crash)
* updated in_usf.ini (Mario Kart 64 no longer set for Auto Audio HLE, Shadowgate 64 added)

64th Note Official Site
64th Note 1.0 beta 22

    Sunday, October 30, 2005
ScummVM 0.8.0 Released

A new version of ScummVM, an emulator for various graphical point-and-click adventure games has been released.
This version has ports for various systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, PSP and Nokia cell phones.

For more information and the dowloads visit the Official Site.

Thanks to wraggster for letting me know on the IRC :)

ScummVM Official Site
ScummVM 0.8.0

Gens32 Surreal 1.29 Mermaid Released

Yet another version of the Genesis emulator Gens32 has been recently released. Here are the changes for this version:

1)3D Surround playback supported.

2)Some work on VSync.

3)Update Cool Music,some codes(Lowpass and echo)are taked form Gens+.

4)Drop file supprted agin.Only roms and ziped roms are supported now.-_-Some old versions of Gens32 even can play mp3 or make icons with this function...But some guys said that emulator sholdn't like that...

5)Protcted Saves system added.Use this function to protect saves form some accident.Such as power cut.

6)Priority switch added.You can change Priority with it.

7)SEGA CD sample rate auto controller added,lowdown the sample rate if the sample rate is too high to play music.If you like to play SEGA CD at a heigh sample rate with out music,I am afraid that you have to use Gens32 v1.28 Seelama.

8)Fixed some bugs.

As always, visit the Official Site for more info.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.29 Mermaid

NEOGEO CDZ 20051030 Released

A new version of the Japanese Neo Geo CD emulator NEOGEO CDZ has been released.

Since I can't read Japanese I can't tell what the changes are but you can visit the Official Site if you're interested.

NEOGEO CDZ Official Site
NEOGEO CDZ 20051030

MAME diff 0.101u4 Released

Another diff update of MAME has been released. You can view the changes for this verion by clicking here.

If you're not familiar with diff updates you should visit MameDev.com for more more info.

MAME diff 0.101u4

WonDerS 1.1 Released

A new version of this Wonderswan emulator for the Nintendo DS has been released.

- Added GBFS ROM Loading
- Minor speed boost

WonDerS Official Site
WonDerS 1.1

PocketGBA rel. 051030 Released

A new version of this Game Boy Advance emulator for Pocket PCs has been released.

-changed ARM7tdmi entire core. some buggy & on debuggggging -_-;
-added eeprom saving/loading function
-fixed version name -> 'rel. yymmdd' format (released date)
-changed 'Exit' menu to 'System' menu
-added virtual joypad
-added 'Edit Game Screen' option (in system menu)
-added game reset option (in system menu)
-added 'Patch cart' option (in system menu)
-> for some Hacked Cartridges, i.e.,
0775 - Kirby - Nightmare in Dreamland (U) [hI].gba
0807 - Hajime no Ippo The Fighting (J).gba
Samurai Deeper Kyo.gba
and so on.
With 'Patch cart' option, PocketGBA jumps to original codes.
(BUT, not for all hacked cartridegs!!)
'0775-Kirby-..' is only working with this option.
Toggle this option before you load a cartridge.
-added Sound parameters option (in sound menu)
-added Quick LOAD/SAVE with 2 slot2 (emulating states)
-fixed max available memory. upto 24Mega-bytes (for some Korean patched cartridges).
-added some WindowCE message handler.. (for illegal escape from PocketGBA)
-released PocketGBA without SOUND version.
-> This version is for devices that have not compatibility with FMODCE library.
-> Check 'fmodce.dll' at 'http://www.fmod.org' for your device.

PocketGBA Official Site
PocketGBA rel. 051030

Emulation64/EmuTalk Wiki Project Open

We at the Emulation64 Network/EmuTalk Community have recently launched a user maintained wiki based upon MediaWiki(The Wiki software used by Wikipedia). As with other wiki's it is user editable, which is the entire point:)

We are of course looking for individuals who wish to help build up the knowledge base into a veritable encyclopedia of emulation, there is no need to apply, simply to go and do as you please, at a pace of your choosing and on issues of your choosing. We only ask that you keep things focused on emulation and avoid posting anything illegal or slanderous on the wiki, and that you be on the lookout for those that do.

Oh yeah, you can find the wiki at the old location of EmuHelp:D
EmuTalk Community Wiki

    Thursday, October 27, 2005
A Happy Farewell :)

Hey guys I just wanted to post up a short formal farewell and to say goodbye to the all the great people I have come across in the community over the past 6 years. This is not a sad farewell and I am happy to leave the community feeling good about what I have given back. With the recent merge of my site EmuFanatics with Emulation64 it enabled me to finally step down and walk away on good terms and to leave the site in good hands. I was originally going to fade away quietly but that's not really my style. ;)

I still have a few developer spotlights out there that I am waiting for and I will be sure to pass those on to the team once I get them back. I will also be around working on my project EFx2Blogs (yeah shameless plug) and will be here to help with the Emulation64 maintenance when something breaks or needs to be added. Thanks for all the good times it's been fun. :)

Dolphin Final 1.03 BETA Released

A new version of the Gamecube emulator Dolphin has been released! Since talk is cheap let me just quote what Knuckles wrote about this version in This Thread.

This is right, I've got the permission from FiRES to release the latest beta of Dolphin. This version is classified as an open beta, development on the emulator has already been stopped for a good while now and since there is no work in sight, this version is getting released.

I know a lot of people were waiting for it and there it is. It's still buggy, not compatible with a lot of games, slow and all but it's still better than the previous one.

What's new in this one:
-Improved Audio plugin
-improved Dolphin default input plugin
-Added Falcon4ever's nJoy 0.2 input plugin (recommended)
-Added Memory card support
-----slot 1 & 2, 2MB ones are inserted by default, can't be changed,
-----WARNING: if you format your memcard with an US game, you will be only able to use it with US games (same goes for EUR and JAP ones)
-Better recompiler compatibility and stability

that's all I can remember of the changes....


Please note that this is a BETA release and it is certain that it will have problems.
It's recomended to visit the Release Thread and the Official Site for more information

Dolphin Final 1.03 BETA Release Thread
Dolphin Official Site
Dolphin Final 1.03 BETA

FakeNES WIP October 27th Released

ipher has put up a new WIP build of FakeNES.

ALL: Added support for decoding NESticle raw patches. [Siloh]
ALL: Modified main loop to only consume as much CPU as neccessary (experimental). [Siloh]
ALL: Added automatic VRAM page buffering (greatly reduces the need for VSync). [Siloh]
AUD: Implimented 60FPS Audio [Siloh]
AUD: Overhauled all pAPU buffering code. [Siloh]
AUD: Vastly improved audio playback code, eliminates skewing of emulation timing (experimental). [Siloh]
AUD: Removed support for user-defineable audio buffer lengths (fixes some playback problems). [Siloh]
AUD: Added 'Stereo Mix' mode that produces mono sound while allowing stereo effects. [Siloh]
AUD: Added audio anti-aliasing. [Siloh]
AUD: Added audio 'hard sync' option to emulate old pAPU behavior. [Siloh]
GUI: Added support for custom fonts, loading dialogs/menus into malloc'ed memory, assorted bug fixes, and more. [Siloh]
GUI: Added unfinished 'Panta' GUI theme. [Siloh]
GUI: Changed 'Audio > Mixing > Speed' menu title to 'Frequency'. [Siloh]
GUI: Removed 'Audio > Mixing > Advanced' menu [Siloh]
GUI: changed 'Reverse Stereo' to 'Swap Channels' to match the configuration file entry. [Siloh]
GUI: Improved mouse handling. [Siloh]
GUI: Misc Fixes [Siloh]
SRC: Renamed 'mouse_sprite' to 'gui_mouse_sprite' to fix API conflict with Allegro-djgpp. [Siloh]
SRC: Casts are no longer used on lvalues. (for GCC4) [Siloh]
SRC: Replaced 'yield_timeslice' call with 'rest (0)' and removed support for 'usleep'. [Siloh]
SRC: Fixed some compiler warnings. [Siloh]
SRC: Updated copyright notices. [Siloh]

Changed Default Settings:
Vid Res: 320x240 -> 640x480
Vid Blitter - Automatic -> Stretched
Palette - Default -> Modern NTSC
Linear Echo - ON -> OFF
Audio Filter - LPM3 -> OFF
Spatial Stereo - Mode 2 -> OFF
Sample Rate - 96000 -> 48000
Pseudo Stereo - Mode 2 -> Mode 3

ipher's WIP Site
FakeNES WIP October 27th

64th Note 1.0 beta 21 Released

A new beta of this USF-plugin for Winamp has been released.

* Fixed bug with loading save states with FR in the status reg set (Turok 3)
* Workaround for a buffer problem with DirectSound output plugin, track would cut off half second too soon

64th Note Official Site
64th Note 1.0 beta 21

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005
MAME32FX 0.101u3 fix Released

Apparently there was some bugs in the 0.101u3 release of MAME32FX that was posted earlier which have now been fixed. So if you downloaded it earlier you should get it again.

- Removed hack in V60 CPU added in previous version. (It was buggy)
- Updated some drivers to new V60 CPI counter.

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.101u3 fixed

PSPGBA 1.1 Released

A new version of PSPGBA, a GBA emulator for the PSP has been released. Here are the changes for this version:

25 Oct 2006 v1.1
Speed increase, add 240x160 screen mode, add vsync on/off

Many thanks to wraggster for letting me know on the IRC.

PSPGBA 1.1 Release Thread

Stella 2.0.1 Released

A new version of the multi-platform Atari 2600 emulator Stella has been released a couple of days ago. Here is the change log for this version:

2.0 to 2.0.1: (October 24, 2005)

* Added 'dirtyrects' support, which speeds up rendering for some Windows users.

* Fixed bug where taking snapshots would fail if the snapshot directory
wasn't specified.

* Made ROM launcher case-insensitive, so upper and lowercase names are now
mixed in the correct order.

* Fixed ZIP ROM support to search the archive for ROMs ending with either
.bin or .a26 (case insensitive).

* ROMs which don't have an associated properties entry are no longer named
'Untitled' in the Stella window or when taking snapshots. The actual
ROM name is now used.

* Changed minimum height of debugger to be 27 lines in the prompt, or approx.
700 pixels high. This should make using the debugger easier for users
with lower resolution monitors. Related to this, the RomWidget now uses
all possible vertical space when changing the debugger height.

* Fixed bug related to upgrading Stella and event mappings being incorrect.
Stella now detects this, and uses the default mappings. So upgrading
to version 2.0.1 means your event mappings will be reset.

* Fixed bug in loading debugger symbol files generated on different
operating systems.

* For the Windows port; added exe installer based on InnoSetup.

* For the Windows port; compiled icon into Stella, so it now looks like
a real Win32 application.

* For the OSX port, reverted window resize key combos back to 'Cmd =' and
'Cmd -' to match the 1.4.2 release.

You can visit the Official Site for more information.

Stella Official Site
Stella 2.0.1

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005
MAME Plus! and MAME32FX 0.101u3 Released

MAME Plus! was updated to the latest MAME diff version. Changes are the same as on the MAME 0.101u3 diff update.

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.101u3

MAME32FX changes:

Updated to MAME 0.101u3 - MAME32 0.101u1
- Added an hack to V60 CPU core.
- Fixed MAMETesters bug Vf097u2Gre. (As requested)
- Re-added "-gamelist" option with some nice modifications.
- Removed SYSTEM18.C driver changes. (They were incorrect)
- Removed some NEOGEO.C driver changes. (They were incorrect)

MAME32FX Official SIte
MAME32FX 0.101u3

Nintendulator 0.955 beta updated

The 0.955 beta of Nintendulator has been updated.

A few major bugs (dealing with recording movies from savestates) have been fixed, and a few new mappers have been added.
After some consideration, I realized that there's no point in including separate downloads for the beta mapper DLLs when the beta emulator binaries always include them.

Nintendulator Official Site
Nintendulator 0.955 beta

MAME 0.101u3 Releases

A new diff has been released for MAME and MAME32 has been updated to it.
Complete list of changes can be found here.

MAMEDev Official Site
MAME diff 0.101u3

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.101u3

    Monday, October 24, 2005
WinUAE 1.1.1 Released

A new version of this Amiga emulator for Windows has been released.

Bugs fixed:
- Incorrect AF 2005 path defaults.
- Blitter freeze in CE-mode if D-channel was not enabled.
- Misc/Priority panel crash when running under Windows 9x/ME.
- Parallel port emulation. (Gauntlet III)
- Two disk emulation bugs. (Xybots, Disposable Hero and others)
- Incorrect .uae extension path if -datapath -command line parameter was used.

New features:
- Old versions of AdaptecASPI and NeroASPI are now automatically rejected. No more crashes or bluescreens under Windows 9x/ME if Windows build-in ASPI is used.
- Full SCSI device support in SPTI-mode.
- Display panel resolution and depth moved to separate select boxes
- Disk history format changed. File name is now visible even if path is very long.

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.1.1

Spotlight On Guillaume

The Emulation64 Network staff is proud to introduce a new spotlight interview just for your reading pleasure. :D
Today we focus our spotlight on Guillaume, founder and one of the lead programmers of the open source Saturn emulator Yabause. Here is a small bit from the interview:

Q :  Are you satisfied with the work you have done up to this point?
A :  Yes, a lot of games are booting now and some of them are playable at "correct" speed. I can even play some of my favourites Saturn games again like Albert Odyssey or Tengaimakyoo.

Head on over to the spotlight on Guillaume to read the full interview.

As a side note, Yabause now has a new message board. If you have any problems, questions or requests regarding Yabause don't hesitate to visit the board since posting is also open for guests.

Spotlight On Guillaume
Yabause Forums

Atari++ 1.44 Released

A new version of Atari++, a multiple Atari system emulator has been released. Here are the changes for this version:

* Fixed the SetIRQ service routine of the built-in Os.
* Fixed (again) the Antic NMI/DLI generation.
* Fixed CPU handling of the WSYNC register (broke Atlantis)
* Fixed the keyboard handler of the 5200 emulation which did not generate the up/down bits properly.
* Fixed the light pen code generation.
* Fixed parts of the 65C02 emulation, zero page access was not extending properly to page 1.
* Fixed a lot of compilation problems on 64 bit architectures, special thanks goes to Alexander Müller for helping me to hunt down these bugs.
* Fixed the SDL detection in configure.
* Fixed the player generation logic again a bit, did not support horizontal player splitting quite as it should.
* Improved the emulator handling of warnings, you can now go back to the menu.
* Added emulation of 1050 internal diagnostic commands.
* Fixed SIO return codes for SIO bypass routines.

Thanks to Dalthon for the info.

Atari++ Official Site
Atari++ 1.44

bsnes 0.013 Released

A new version of this SNES emulator has been released.

- Greatly improved HDMA timing and accuracy with help from anomie and DMV27 -- fixes bugs in Energy Breaker and Street Fighter Alpha 2
- Fixed a problem with color add/sub code -- fixes opening battle in Tales of Phantasia and clouds in Energy Breaker
- Temporarily added DMV27's bugfix for the DSP KON register -- fixes sound in Der Langrisser, but this is not a hardware-accurate fix
- Disabled VRAM writes outside of vblank -- fixes Hook, but breaks many PD ROMs and fan translations (Roto's BS Zelda hack, Gideon Zhi's Ys 4 translation, etc). I might add an option in the future to toggle this behavior, but for now these games will no longer work. Please keep in mind these games will not run properly on real SNES hardware, either.
- Improved frameskipping code thanks to a suggestion from Richard Bannister
- Misc. other code cleanups and improvements (notably in the color table generation code)
- bsnes is now endian-safe and runs on Mac OS X
- Added caching support for window clipping tables resulting in a slight speedup. Please let me know if you spot any errors as a result of this change.

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.013

    Sunday, October 23, 2005
DGEN PSP 1.10 Released

A new version of the DGEN port for the Sony PlayStation Portable has been released.

Changes (translated with Google):

* VSYNC speed decrease it is not even with ON
* Frame addition of skip and type
* Screen in mode 4: 3 addition
* Sound quality improvement (DAC part)

DGEN PSP Official Site

SSF 0.07 Alpha R13 Released

A new version of the Japanese Sega Saturn emulator SSF has been released. Unfortunately the list of changes is in Japanese so I'm not able to say what's new in this version.

If you can read Japanese you can visit the Official Site for more info.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.07 Alpha R13

    Friday, October 21, 2005
Nestopia 1.21 Released

A new version of the open source NES emulator Nestopia has been released. Here are the changes for this version:

-Adjusted PPU cold reset timing, fixes Time Lord.
-Removed $4017.7 check for DMC IRQ, fixes Silent Service and Time Lord.
-Added an option for preserving the window size and position after exit.
-Added A12 hook for $2007(R/W).
-Added a newer version of ZLib.
-Fixed a window focus bug.
-Fixed a window size on startup bug.
-Fixed two minor APU save/load state bugs.
-Fixed a minor PPU sprite overflow bug.
-Corrected a VS palette entry, VS.Goonies looks better now.
-Options in the machine section in the menu are now saved on exit.
-Improved compatibility with DirectInput devices.

As always you can visit the Official Site for more info.
Many thanks to Hawq for the heads up. :)

Nestopia Official Site
Nestopia 1.21

    Thursday, October 20, 2005
New Project64 site design and features

zilmar and the lads at Project64 has updated their site with a new site design, but not only that, the site has lots of new features that shouldn't be missed!

Welcome to the new Project64 site
Written by zilmar
Tuesday, 11 October 2005

The new site has been built so we can better support our user base and provide more news. You can get the latest public version of Project64 (v1.6) from the download section. Any problems, have a good look around the support section - still under development as we launch - and the public forum, where we'd also like to hear your responses. We are also giving access to the beta versions and more development news, read more about this here.


The Project64 team.

Great work! Head over to the Project64 website to sneak a peak.

:: Project64 website

ZSNES WIP October 20th Released

ipher has released new WIP builds of ZSNES.

- ALL: Reenable all sound channels on state load, removed some useless code. [Nach]
- ALL: SPC filenames are no longer truncated if there is a dot in the filename. [Jonas Quinn]
- ALL: Hacks can now be disabled via command line (-dh). [Jonas Quinn]
- W_S: As requested, 'Gamepad' instead of 'Joystick'... [grinvader]
- SDL: Fixed bug in secure browser launcher. (Thanks Matt Messier!) [Nach]
- WIN: 1680x1050 FDR is really FDR now (not FDS) [Aerdan]
- GUI: Fixed cosmetic bug in cheat window when removing cheats (bug #15). [Jonas Quinn]
- SRC: Cleanup [Jonas Quinn]
- SRC: Get_Date returns correct year now [Jonas Quinn]

ipher's WIP Site
ZSNES WIP October 20th

GameEx 5.14 Released

A new version of this arcade frontend has been released.

- Several bug fixes which I am not going to detail here as they've not been noticed or reported by others.
- Ability to navigate through pictures when viewing a slideshow.
- New deadzone settings available to shrink the display for TV and Arcade Monitor users.
- Implemented dialog box functionality, used to confirm for Update list and the next listed feature.
- Ability to remove games from MAME, emulators, and favourites lists with the delete key.
- Can now specify individual background images or videos for each emulator.
- Jukebox now lists albums with various artists now as just one album
- Ability to navigate alphabetically in games list with the number buttons on the Media Center remote (or keyboard)
- Pictures and video module now lists share or volume names for drives.
- Control responsiveness issues fixed in music visualize.
- Most played list now uses Startbak and not emulatorbak image.
- Attract mode videos now work when GameEx is windowed.
- GameEx now also in Danish thanks to Night.
- Now also available in Swedish thanks to Daniel Nylander.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.14

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005
clrmamepro 3.81 Released

A new version of this ROM auditing tool has been released.

- misc: www profiler red-* icon for sites *only* appears when at least one file of the site is new / was updated
- misc: little speed optimization for chd detection in unneeded rom tests
- fixed: several old browse-folder settings aren't remembered correctly
- fixed: some issues while loading wwwdats.ini/urls.ini
- fixed: wwwprofiler doesn't display empty sites

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.81

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005
MAME 0.101u2 Related Releases

Sorry for the late news. I have been pretty busy and will be for awhile so I might miss some news here and there or post late. Well lets get on with the news.

A new diff version of MAME has been released. If you patch your sources be sure to report any bugs you come across. You can view the changes here.

MAME diff 0.101u2

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.101.2

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.101u2

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.101u2

    Monday, October 17, 2005
Stella 2.0 Released

A new version of the Atari 2600 emulator Stella has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. For a full list of changes head on over to the official site.

Stella Official Site
Stella 2.0

    Sunday, October 16, 2005
AdvanceMAME 0.101.0 and AdvanceMENU 2.4.11 Released

AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMENU has been updated to the match the latest MAME release.

AdvancedMAME changes:

- Fixed the crash problem without the -quiet option.

AdvanceMENU changes:

- Added a new `mute' event. Default to period key on the keypad.

AdvanceMAME Project Official Site
AdvanceMAME 0.101.0
AdvanceMENU 2.4.11

Pasofami 1.5f Released

Pasofami a Game Boy, NES and SNES emulator for Windows has been updated, as for the changes I can't tell what's new since I don't know japanese.

Pasofami Official Site
Pasofami 1.5f

Mednafen 0.3.7 Source Released

A new source release of the multiple system emulator Mednafen has been released. Here is the changes for version 0.3.7.

 Modified the OpenGL code to use glTexSubImage2D() instead of glTexImage2D() every frame, resulting in a slight performance increase.
 Modified the OpenGL code to use smaller texture sizes with most PC Engine games(at least those that run at a width of 256 pixels; exceptions include Aoi Blink, R-Type 1 and 2, Yo Bros., and others).
 Lynx: Moved CMikie::Update() and C65C02::Update() into c65c02.cpp and mikie.cpp, respectively.
 Fixed pointer-to-integer type casting that was causing compiler errors under Ubuntu Linux AMD64.
 Modified a lot of code to work around/fix various compiler warnings.
 Fixed a few typos in the documentation.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.3.7

    Friday, October 14, 2005
VBA Rerecording 14 Released

nitsuja has released a new version of his unofficial build of the Gameboy Advance emulator VisualBoy Advance. Here is the changes for VBA Rerecording version 14.

This is re-recording version 14, which:
 fixed a bug that made the 2xSaI video filter mode crash
 added hq2xS, hq3x (adapted from Spacy's unofficial VBA builds), and hq3xS video filters

Head on over to the release thread for more information. Thanks to GameCop for the heads up on IRC.

VBA Rerecording Release Thread
VBA Rerecording 14

FluBBa releases (PCEAdvance 7.5 and SMSAdvance 1.0)

FluBBa has updated both PCEAdvance (PC-Engine emulator) and SMSAdvance (Sega Master System emulator) for the Game Boy Advance.

PCEAdvance changes:

V7.5 - 2005-10-14 (FluBBa)
- Optimized DMA control (sprite bit) a bit.
- Fixed SUBQ_READ in CD emulation (FinalZone II intro doesn't crash).
- Fixed AD_PLAY status in CD emulation (Valis II intro doesn't crash).
- Fixed Game Over screen in Rayxanber II.
- Separate version for EZ3.

SMSAdvance changes:

V1.0 - 2005-10-14 (FluBBa)
- Fixed Codemasters mapper (broken in V0.9).
- Cleaned up the mapper code a bit.

FluBBa Official Site
PCEAdvance 7.5
SMSAdvance 1.0

Spotlight On Franxis

A new spotlight interview is up for your reading pleasure. Today we focus our spotlight on the talented GP32 developer Franxis who is best known for his work on MAME GP32 and MultiPac GP32. Here is a small bit from the interview.

Q : Are you currently working on any other projects besides your publicly known ones?
A : I have taken a look to a lot things, like SNES9X, DOSBOX, PCSX... But when I have started to investigate more deeply I have been 'forced' xD to continue working on my MAME GP32 port, because I have got a lot of help from people like TheGrimReaper, Reesy, Una-i, Pepe_Faruk, etc. Also with incoming GP2X appearance, I will have a lot of work to have MAME ported to the new console as soon as console appears...

Head on over to the spotlight on Franxis to read the full interview.

Spotlight On Franxis

DOSBox Coming To The Dreamcast Soon

GPF is in the process of porting over DOSBox for the Dreamcast console. Here is what he posted over at his site.

Iv got the shell running so far on my dreamcast hardware, still needs some work and don't know how fast , compatibility ,sound etc are working yet. Still need to figure out how to mount the dc gdrom as a drive to load dos games from also.

Head on over to GPF's site to check out the screenshot and to get some more information.

GPF's Site

ZSNES WIP October 13th Released

A new work in progress build for ZSNES has been compiled and released by ipher. Here is a rundown on the changes for the October 13th release.

 ALL: Made gui option save config override dontsave option. Fixed bug #13. [Nach]
 WIN: Added 1680x1050 FDR [Aerdan]
 SRC: Cleanup and consolidation [Nach]

Head on over to ipher's site for more information.

ipher's ZSNES WIP Site
ZSNES WIP October 13th

    Thursday, October 13, 2005
MAME 0.101u1 Related Releases

A new diff file has been released for MAME. Before you patch your MAME source with the changes be sure to read the following warning.

WARNING: There is a significant change to the memory system in this version. It is likely that a number of games are broken. Please report these games
to mametesters.org.

You can read the full list of changes located here.

Also be sure to check this post for more MAME related releases. I will try and keep them all in this post to cut down on the work load. :D

MAME diff 0.101u1

- - - - - - - -

MAME Plus! 0.101u1 Released.

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.101u1

- - - - - - - -

MAME32 0.101.1 Released.

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.101.1

- - - - - - - -

MAME32FX 0.101u1 Released.

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.101u1

PSP-UAE 0.40 Released

MIB.42 has released a new version of the Amiga emulator for the PSP handheld ported from UAE. Here is the changes for version 0.40.

 Several minor optimizations on M68K and Amiga/PSP graphics.
 Semi-transparent ( customizable from Config Menu ) full-featured keyboard.
 Fully configurable button and analog stick assignments from Config Menu/Options ( finally )
: includes flexible assignments of key presses, joystick/mouse buttons to PSP buttons.
: includes flexible assignment of Joy0/Joy1/Mouse to PSP Analog stick/Directional Buttons.
 Auto repeat on menu selections.
 Adaptive Border Padding ( change from Config Menu )
 Load / Save / Default configurations ( 2 slots )
: I use this to load different configs for different games... Joystick/Mouse/keys etc...
 ScreenSave to .bmp file. ( Assign key from Config Menu/Options, START button by default )
: saves to directory where the executable was invoked from ( the non-% pspuae directory )
 Fine mouse movement ( HiRes ) is possible while holding button ( assignment customizable )
 From Config Menu, press Select to shortcut back to the Amiga.
 In the Config Menu ( activated by Select ) : Cross (X) is select, Circle (O) is cancel.

Many thanks to wrags for the news.

PSP-UAE 0.40

Online Nintendo 64 Emulation Configuration List Updated

Bighead has updated his very nice online Nintendo64 Emulation Configuration List with a whole new layout and much easier to use format. This is a very nice list for those looking to see what configuration works best with each game.

Head on over to Bighead's site to check out the new look to the configuration list. :)

Bighead's Emulation Help
Online Nintendo 64 Emulation Configuration List

unofficial NesterJ for PSP rel 2b Released

The developer "e" has released a new build of his unofficial NesterJ (NES emulator) for the PSP handheld. I couldn't make much sense of the translation changes but if someone wants to provide some proper translations that would great. Head on over to the official site for more information.

unofficial NesterJ for PSP Site
unofficial NesterJ for PSP rel 2b

iBoy 0.1.3 Released

A new version of the Gameboy emulator for the iPod running Linux has been released. Here is what was posted for version 0.1.3.

The gameboy emulator team is proud to present
iBoy in Version 0.1.3 for iPods 4G running iPod Linux.

Head on over to the sourceforge site for the downloads which include files for iPod 4G, iPod Mini 1G, and source files. Many thanks to wrags for the heads up on IRC.

iBoy Official Site

EternalNGE WIP Report

My good buddy Rene has posted up a new work in progress report regarding his Playstation emulator EternalNGE. Here is what he posted about the latest developments.

After changing the code to let eternalnge think the cd cover is open more demo's started to run nicely 'Manta' from Sony for instance. Still there are some demo's that don't work but in my collection that's only a handfull. So this means compatibility is reasonable enough. Onto the next bottleneck namely 'speed'. As my primary development pc is only a 450 MHz P3 the focus shifted on a recompiler aka jit or binary translation.

Due to the maturity of the emulator i also held a informal review of the code and was totally shocked about the hacks and code style, therefore some parts will be totally rewritten. This delays progress a bit but better to write maintainable code than garbage.

Head on over to the official site for more information. Looking forward to more progress Rene, keep up the great work.

EternalNGE Official Site

Xebra 13-10-2005 Released

A new build of the Playstation emulator for Windows known as Xebra has been released for October 13th 2005. I am not sure on the changes but feel free to leave some feedback on your results if you give it a try.

Many thanks to Kojote for the news. :)

Xebra Release Page

News Credit Database Updated :)

Well I was away for a week and have been kind of busy since I have been back. So the News Credit Database got a little behind but I took some time today to get it pretty much updated.

For those that don't know what the News Credit Database is, it's basically a list of sites that have credited us for news. It's our way of giving a link back to those sites in appreciation for taking the time to credit us. :)

So feel free to pop on over to the database list and give those sites a visit. Also if you see a site crediting us and I have missed it then please let me know and I will get it added to the list. (Note: Only legal sites please. I can't link to sites that have ROMS and other illegal material.)

News Credit Database

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Arculator 0.40 Released

A new version of the Acorn Archimedes emulator for Windows known as Arculator has been released. Here is the list of changes for version 0.40.

 Delayed IRQ by one instruction - Lemmings 2 now has sound
 Fast disc access
 Can disable scanline effect

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Arculator Official Site
Arculator 0.40

Hatari 0.80 Released

A new version of the open source Atari ST emulator Hatari has been released. This is a source release that can be used on Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X and other systems that are supported by the SDL library.

 Hatari now supports STE hardware emulation:
STE palette, STE shifter (horizontal fine scrolling, split screen effects), DMA sound and STE joypads.
 Hatari can now emulate up to 14 MiB ST RAM instead of only 4 MiB.
 Support for parallel port joysticks.
 Improved GEMDOS HD emulation (added Fattrib() call).
 Adding and removing a GEMDOS or ACSI hard disk should now work correctly.
 Re-factoring of the screen conversion functions.
 Improved manual: Now with screenshots of the options dialogs.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Hatari Official Site
Hatari 0.80

Quickplay 3.8 Released

A new version of the open source multiple system emulator frontend Quickplay has been released. Here is the full list of changes for version 3.8.

 Standard- Entirely re-written media panel, totally over the top customisability too.
 Standard- Add in customisable ROM good codes for the GoodMerge support area.
 Standard- Archive contents picker for more than one ROM in archive files.
 Standard- New global wallpaper settings
 Standard- Add in ROM specific parameters
 Standard- GoodMerge right-click to set default ROM to run
 Standard- Quickplay is slow to start due to Emu Real Icons Thread - option to disable this.
 Standard- EmuFinder form looks like ass. Make it a wizard
 Standard- Directory Scrollbars not updating
 Standard- Multi-Directory Scanner, pressing the browse button and then cancelling it failed
 Standard- Deleting a folder always selects the First node.
 Standard- Scanned Filters need saving
 Standard- New Folder Button Always asks Root Node question
 Standard- MAME rename file empty
 Standard- UI Tidy up. Icons & Captions
 Standard- Menu entry for editing emulators config file.
 Standard- Move Virtual Folder results into Separate tab in sidebar.
 Standard- Emulator Management Crash on close
 Standard- Customisable Ratings
 Standard- Disable Root Node Bug
 Standard- Disabling Show Root Node removes custom icons
 Standard- ROM popup menu doesnt appear with a blank list
 Standard- Add in some weblinks to help menu
 Standard- Options screen tidy up.
 EmuFinder Data Files- Add Kega Fusion to EmuFinder Inis

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Quickplay Official Site
Quickplay 3.8

PC2E No Longer Available

The author of PC2E (PC Engine/Turbografx 16 emulator) has removed the binaries and source files for PC2E for public use. Here is the full reason behind this change.

The executable and the source code is no more open to the public,
because there was a website uploading PC engine games along with the URL to this page.


I have shown the warning messages before downloading, in the ReadMe.txt, and when the program is invoked. Despite of this, the webpage explicitly ignored my warning messages and handled the PROJECT PC2E in the absolutely unacceptable way. As to be in position of the author, I have to stop releasing the PROJECT PC2E now.

The webpage like that really makes me feel I shouldn't have released this software to the public. I'm quite disappointed.

Hopefully this will not be the end of PC2E and to follow in the authors footsteps I have removed our local files for PC2E.

PC2E Official Site

ePSXe InPCP 0.8.3 Released

My good buddy winter_mute from PSemu.pl has sent me a message about his new wonderful tool for ePSXe. ePSXe InPCP is a tool that will automaticly install ePSXe and comes with various pre-configured plugins. This is a great tool for newcomers to ePSXe and a great step towards a one step solution for Playstation emulation.

winter_mute has also asked for feedback which you can provide on their forums located here. Great work winter_mute. :)

ePSXe InPCP 0.8.3

DrSMS For GP32 Version 1 Released

Reesy has released the first version of his Sega Master System emulator for the GP32 handheld. Here some information that was posted on the official site.

I've tidied up my port of DrSMS for the GP32, so I have decided to release a version to the public. There is still no GameGear support but I may get around to it over the next few weeks.

Usual setup, just download the program below copy to the GPMM directory on your smc. SMS roms go in GPMM/SMS, these can be zipped but only 1 rom per zip is supported.

Head on over to the official site for more information. Many thanks to Kojote for the news. :)

Reesy's Site

MAME GP32 (Ghosts'n Goblins) Released

Fanxis has released a special Ghosts'n Goblins build of MAME GP32 that will allow you to play this game (and only this game). Here is what was posted regarding this special build.

I have been done some experiments with Reesy DrZ80 core and GCC 4.01. This is a specific version of MAME GP32 optimized to run only one game: Ghosts'n Goblins. These improvements will be used in the next MAME GP32 version.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Edit: A new build has been released that plays Black Tiger.

MAME GP32 Official Site
MAME GP32 (Ghosts'n Goblins)
MAME GP32 (Black Tiger)

ScummVM Looking For Testers

The developers of ScummVM have posted a request for testers to test out their latest build of ScummVM. Here is the full post for those of you that are interested.

Hello, fellow users. Now it's time to help the ScummVM team bring out a new release of err... ScummVM. Ta-da!

We have a large amount of changes, new features and bugfixes. Almost every aspect of the program was touched, tuned, altered. So we once again need to ask for testers of every game we support.

We'd like to mention two completely new titles we support now. They are Inherit the Earth and Gobliiins (first one in the series). Please, pay attention to those too.

Instructions on how to do the testing are located at our Wiki page. Please, stick to those and report on our mailing list, on #scummvm or in our forums.

If you are interested in helping out you can find some more information at their Wiki located here.

ScummVM Official Site

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005
clrmamepro 3.80c Released

A new version of clrmamepro has been released.

- misc: you can access the scanresults window even when the stats are shown
- misc: renamed "removed rebuilt sourcefiles" to "remove matched sourcefiles"
- misc: also bad checksums and wrong sized roms will mark a profile 'red' (although you have to rescan the profiles once to get that activated)
- fixed: wwwprofiler status isn't determined correctly in all cases
- fixed: wwwprofiler doesn't refresh 'new/not used dats' when leaving via ESC or [X]

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.80c

    Monday, October 10, 2005
64th Note 1.0 beta 20 Released

A new beta build of 64th Note (USF plugin for Winamp) has been released. Here is what was posted for the beta 20 build.

Hmm, like Josh I've been unable to get it to open two windows at once. What version of Winamp are you using? I tried on 5.07 and 2.95.
In any case I've modified it so that it won't allow two info windows even if winamp requested it.

I changed a few instances of MessageBox that were left in the RSP (and some in the Audio HLE that hadn't really been a problem) to DisplayError so they're now affected by the configuration. All the TLB errors, however, were already DisplayError, so those shouldn't show up if Display Errors is disabled anyway.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

64th Note Official Site
64th Note 1.0 beta 20

MESS 0.101 Released

A new version of the open source multiple system emulator for Windows has been released. Here is the changes for MESS version 0.101.

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
- AT 486 [Nate Woods]
- Spectravideo SVI-603 Coleco Game Adapter [Tomas Karlsson]

System Driver Changes:
- [COCO3] Fixed assertion failure when using the zero/infinite scanlines video mode. [Nate Woods]
- [MTX512] Fixed regression introduced in 0.96. [Gerco Ballintijn]
- [SNES] SPC, APU and DSP bug fixes; sound now works in some games. [R Belmont]
- [SNES] Changed SNES default key mapping to make a bit more sense. [Nate Woods]

User Interface Changes:
- [Windows GUI] Fixed a regression that prevented sysinfo.dat from being properly recognized. [Nate Woods]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.101. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Fixed crashes when running deviceless systems. [Nate Woods]

Head on over to the official site for more information.

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.101

NEO4ALL Beta 3 Released

chui has released a new beta build of his NEOGEO/CD emulator for the Dreamcast console. Here is the latest changes for NEO4ALL Beta 3.

 Neo Turf Masters game fixed.
 CDDA track change will not stall gameplay anymore.
 New auto-frameskip method, much exact.
 Load/save from/to VMU will not stall gameplay anymore.
 Sound render improvements.
 New loading screen.
 Compiled with new Chui's SDL driver.
 More accurate 68000 CPU timming.
 General improvements.

Head on over to the official site for more information. Thanks to wrags for the heads up on IRC.

NEO4ALL Official Site
NEO4ALL Beta 3

DCEmu.co.uk Relaunched :)

Our sister site DCEmu.co.uk has been relaunched with a new design created by Lyonhrt and Soully. DCEmu is the premier site for Dreamcast news and information for the homebrew scene. Wraggster has done a wonderful job with the site and we here at The Emulation64 Network are very proud to be associated with such a fabulous site.

Keep up the great work guys. :)


c64psp 0.2 Released

Urchin has released a new version of his Commodore 64 emulator for the PSP handheld. Here is the changes for c64psp version 0.2.

09/10/2005: v0.2 :- Added support for analog stick, virtual keyboard, joystick swapping and ability to load t64 and d64 image files. Video is now centred. USB disabled for this version.

Head on over to the official site for more information. Thanks to wrags for the news. :)

c64psp Official Site

VBA smooth Discontinued

Suanyuan has decided to discontinue his unofficial build of VisualBoy Advance which is kind of sad but I know a lot of people appreciate his work. VBA smooth is my personal favorite and I love all the filters that suanyuan has added. Here is what was posted about the discontinuation.

Thanks to Pokemonhacker's hard work, the latest VisualBoyAdvance v1.8b3 with achurch's optimized ARM core works very well. This build can run at full speed with sound synchronization for most of the GBA games in most computers, so I think the future release of VBA smooth is no more necessary.

Everyone can use the source code modification from VBA smooth project for your own purpose, only if you follow the open source spirit to share your code with else. I can't stop you not to do this, but it will be not fair to all authors involved with VisualBoyAdvance project who open his source.

Many thanks for all your work suanyuan and all the best wishes on future projects. :)

VBA smooth Official Site

    Sunday, October 09, 2005
AdvanceMAME 0.100.0 Released

A new version of AdvanceMAME, a MAME port for arcade monitors and TVs, has been released.

- Fixed the recognition of the ActLabs guns in the Linux version.
- Removed the `misc_historyfile' and `misc_infofile' like the official version

AdvanceMAME Official Site
AdvanceMAME 0.100.0

MAME32FX 0.101 Released

Another MAME derivate has been updated to match the latest version.

- Updated to MAME 0.101 - MAME32 0.101

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.101

unofficial NesterJ for PSP rel 2a Released

Another new version for the unofficial NesterJ for the PSP by "e" has been released. As usual I will pass on posting some google like translation. If you want to provide some proper translated changes that would be cool. :)

Head on over to the official site for more information.

unofficial NesterJ for PSP Site
unofficial NesterJ for PSP rel 2a

MAME Plus! 0.101 Released

A new version of MAME Plus! has been released based on the same changes from MAME version 0.101. Here is some additional changes for MAME Plus!.

 updated to MAME 0.101
 added sf2ceh (Spanish translation/hack), pnicku (US Location test version) to CPS1
 sf2m2, kodb promoted from NOT_WORKING status (this is done in u3, forgot to mention)
 some GUI updates

Head on over to the official site for more information.

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.101

ZSNES WIP October 8th Released

Another new work in progress source and builds of ZSNES have been released for October 8th. The downloads for October 7th have been removed and replaced with ones for October 8th over at Ipher's site. Here is the latest changes for this WIP release.

 ALL: Auto-increase save slot now shows the right slot onscreen, and works while recording movies as well. [grinvader]
 ALL: New frameskip code. [pagefault]
 ALL: SPC700 and DMA fixes [pagefault]
 ALL: Fixed SRAM Check+Save once and for all. [Jonas Quinn]
 ALL: Stupid (and old) mistake successfully corrected after manual tracking, fixed bug #52, and probably lots of other sound issues upon state load... Thanks to Jonas Quinn for helping. [grinvader]
 ALL: Fixed sound after loading certain savestates. [Jonas Quinn]
 ALL: Fixed crash when mmx is disabled and 25% scanlines with interpolation is enabled (bug #142). [Jonas Quinn]
 ALL: Added Jonas Quinn to the Developer list in the about menu [Nach]
 W_L: Notebook battery status option is now availabe in the Misc Keys window (Thanks to David Lee Lambert for code used in Linux port with this) [pagefault, Nach]
 SDL: Removed dangerous checking of enviroment variable for user's home path. [Nach]
 WIN: Added 1680x1050 FDR, and 1600x1200 FDR/FDS. [Aerdan]
 WIN: Fixed corrupted graphics when alt-tabbing [pagefault]
 MOV: Powercycling sequence corrected, should now work with everything - thanks to pagefault for pointing out the errors [grinvader]
 SRC: Cleaner code for repackfunct, it was rather pitiful. [grinvader]
 SRC: Little source cleanup in spc700.asm [grinvader]
 SRC: Removed some alignment dependancy, removed some archaic code such as Dracula X hack. [Nach]
 SRC: Some cleanup [Nach]

Ipher's ZSNES WIP Site
ZSNES WIP October 8th

MAME32 0.101 Released

A new version of MAME32 has been released with the same changes as MAME 0.101. Head on over to the official site for more information.

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.101

MAME 0.101 Released

A new version of the multiple arcade emulator MAME has been released. I'm still waiting for the binaries to be updated but in the meantime you can check out the changes here and if you wish you can download the source from MAMEDev and compile your own build. I will update once the official binaries are available.

MAME Official Site
MAMEDev (Source Files)

    Saturday, October 08, 2005
ZSNES WIP October 7th Released

A new work in progress build of ZSNES has been released. Here is a rundown on the latest changes for the October 7th release.

Changes WIP 10/07/05
 ALL: Auto-increase save slot now shows the right slot onscreen, and works while recording movies as well. [grinvader]
 ALL: New frameskip code. [pagefault]
 ALL: SPC700 and DMA fixes [pagefault, Nach]
 ALL: Fixed SRAM Check+Save once and for all. [Jonas Quinn]
 ALL: Changed /8 to >>3, although mostly did this to test CVS commit ability. [Nach]
 ALL: Powercycling sequence corrected, should now work with everything - thanks to pagefault for pointing out the errors [grinvader]
 ALL: Stupid (and old) mistake successfully corrected after manual tracking, fixed bug #52, and probably lots of other sound issues upon state load... Thanks to jbo_85 for helping. [grinvader]
 ALL: Fixed sound after loading certain savestates. [Jonas Quinn]
 SDL: Removed dangerous checking of enviroment variable for user's home path. [Nach]
 WIN: Added 1680x1050 FDR, and 1600x1200 FDR/FDS. [Aerdan]
 WIN: Fixed corrupted graphics when alt-tabbing [pagefault]
 SRC: Cleaner code for repackfunct, it was rather pitiful. [grinvader]
 SRC: Little source cleanup in spc700.asm [grinvader]
 SRC: Removed some alignment dependancy, removed some archaic code such as Dracula X hack. [Nach]

Many thanks to my buddy aldo for the heads up. :)

Ipher's Site
ZSNES WIP October 7th

VisualBoy Advance (Spacy) 1.7.7 WIP

Spacy has just posted a new work in progress build of his unofficial VisualBoy Advance. If you are interested in giving it a go and want to provide Spacy with some feedback that would be cool. :)

 Fixed 3 Bugs in Gameboy Mono Color Picker
 Added Color Set: Real Colors
(Thanks to TheCloudOfSmoke)
 Rearranged source code
 Removed "Use old synchronization" option
 Added Config Dialog (this will be an alternative to the menu)
 Added Audio Tab to the config dialog
 Added more Tabs to the config dialog
 Menu cleanup
 Added changes of official VBA 1.8.0 beta3 (including huge core changes)

Head on over to his support thread to leave some feedback after giving this work in progress build a go.

VisualBoy Advance (Spacy) 1.7.7 WIP Thread

unofficial NesterJ for PSP rel 2 Released

The developer "e" has released a new unofficial build of NesterJ (NES emulator) for the PSP handheld. I would rather not butcher the translation of the changes but if you are interested in a google translation you can use this link. If you would like to provide a proper translation that would be great. :)

unofficial NesterJ for PSP Site
unofficial NesterJ for PSP rel 2

MagicEngineFX WIP News :)

Some exciting news has been posted for those of you following the development of MagicEngineFX the PC-FX emulator. It looks like a lot of progress has been made and currently runs about 80% of the developers games. Here is a full rundown on the work in progress news.

We spent all this week to test our PC-FX games with the latest version of MagicEngineFX (spent two whole months before that to enhance the emulation), we didn't want to release the emulator until at least 75% of our games were working correctly but after this round of testing it looks like we have reached this goal : 80% of our games work now! :)

That doesn't mean that we can release the emulator right now though, ^^; but at least now the compatibility rate is not holding back the release anymore, which is a good news.

We still have to complete :
 the PC-FX BIOS emulation (90% done)
 the Direct-X driver (it's almost complete, are missing only the new features that MagicEngineFX requires compared to MagicEngine)
 the localized GUI (40% done)
 an installer and small external setup program

No release date yet but we will keep you informed of the progresses. Meanwhile we have prepared a little compatibility list for those who want to go shopping while waiting for the release. :) It does not contain all the PC-FX games yet (only those we have) but we are planning to test the others soon.

A lot of the games that are marked 'GOOD' seem to work perfectly but some still have minor glitches, don't expect 100% perfect emulation in all the working games for the first release of MagicEngineFX, but you can expect very good quality emulation. :)

Very cool news. Head on over to the official site for more information.

MagicEngineFX Official Site

Gens32 Surreal 1.28 Seelama Released

A new version of Gens32 has been released.

1) Fixed some bugs.

2) Update Sound System.52000,96000,192000 sample rate supported.24bit,32bit playback supported.

Maybe this is an End,Maybe this is a new start,who knows?I must leave now,see you...

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.28 Seelama

EasyMame 5.2.3 Released

A new version of the MAME frontend called EasyMame has been released.

- New : Added mameoption 'Autosave'. (introduced in mame 0.100u4)
- Fixed : Some memoryleaks.
- Improved : Enhanced searchbox.
- Improved : Removed the Mame option 'Skip Validity checks'. (removed in mame 0.100u3)

EasyMame Official Site
EasyMame 5.2.3

64th Note 1.0 beta 19 Released

A new beta build of 64th Note (USF plugin for Winamp) has been released. Here is what was posted for the beta 19 build.

I fixed an issue with CPU usage going up to 100% at the end of a track.

Head on over to the official site for some music downloads and more information.

64th Note Official Site
64th Note 1.0 beta 19

WinVICE 1.17 Released

A new build of WinVICE as well as the other VICE builds for multiple platforms has been released. WinVICE is a multiple commodore system emulator for Win32. You can grab other builds for other platforms such as UNIX, MSDOS, BeOS and so on over at the official site.

** General
 Compiling for QNX 6.x works now (binary package is available).
 Binary packages for Solaris machines are available.

** C64 changes
 Added full GeoRAM memory expansion support with sizes from 64KB to 4MB.
 Added full RamCart memory expansion support.
 Added full +60K memory expansion support.
 Correct REU values after reset.

** C128 changes
 Added full GeoRAM memory expansion support with sizes from 64KB to 4MB.
 Added RamCart memory expansion support without the read-only option.
 Fixed some C64 mode bugs.
 Correct REU values after reset.

** Unix changes
 New dutch translation.
 Language support has been extended to include commandline-options.
 BSD platform problems with using the sounduss and soundsun driver have been fixed.
 Problems compiling with older versions of libpng have been fixed.
 Problems with MAXPATHLEN and PATH_MAX when compiling have been fixed.
 New ALSA sound driver.
 Fixed some compile errors if GCC4 is used.
 Added support for more analog joysticks.

** MS-Windows changes
 Added international language support (experimental, disabled for now).
 The Wine Resource Compiler is now required to compile using gcc for proper international language support.
 Added support for recent ffmpeg libraries.
 Fixed some directory lister bug.

** MS-DOS changes
 Added ethernet support using the wattcp stack and libpcap library.

** Miscellaneous changes
 Compiling without C++ or ReSID works now.
 Added support for more 3rd party basic extenders to petcat.
 Userport RS232 emulation should work as expected now.

Head on over to the official site for more information and to download the other platform builds.

VICE Official Site
WinVICE 1.17

Nestopia 1.20 Released

A new version of the open source NES emulator Nestopia has been released. A few days old but worthy of a post. Here is the changes for version 1.20.

Given the fact that it has taken almost two years to complete this release I've basically lost track of the shitload of changes and fixes I've made throughout this time, but I'll try to cover the most notable new additions.

But first, I'd like to thank all the beta testers who helped shaping up this release, especially Hellsbane, Michael Walsemann, Benjamin Siskoo and Robert Tuccitto for their dedicated time and effort in searching for bugs.

The Windows port has been rewritten from scratch (which proved to be more time consuming than I initially thought). The emulation core has gone through a complete overhaul as well.

Some of the new features:
 DirectDraw kicked out and replaced by Direct3D (DirectX 9.0c now required)
 More video filtering options
 More multitasking friendly
 Configurable menu keys
 Less cumbersome to take screenshots and no more GDI+ requirement
 Selectable auto-fire speed
 Recent directories
 Ability to lock and clear the recent files and directories lists
 Selectable LED source for FDS disk access
 Alternative emulation speed via assignable key/button
 Ability to change the menu color
 Changes to brightness/saturation/hue takes effect immediately
 More logfile (disabled by default now) diagnostics
 Cursor gets auto-hidden
 Many hard-coded strings now moved into the resource section
 Image info for FDS and NSF files
 Can make IPS files out of changes to FDS disk files
 Can edit iNes file headers
 Hq2x/Hq3x filter support
 Additional GUI improvements

New iNes mappers:
53, 56, 142, 158, 164, 165, 193, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 215, 217

Fixed iNes mappers:

New UNIF boards:
Mario 1 Malee 2, Novel Diamond 9999999-in-1, Super Game 8237 Super 24-in-1, WS 40-in-1

New controllers:
Oeka Kids Tablet, Hyper Shot, Crazy Climber, Mahjong, Exciting Boxing Top Rider, Pokkun Moguraa

Other emu core related things:
 More standard conformant C++ code
 Easier to port to other platforms using a new written API
 Many speed optimizations (but at NO cost of emulation accuracy)
 Save state and movie file formats rewritten, old files will no longer work
 More accurate APU and PPU emulation thanks to RE work by Blargg, Kevtris and Quietust
 Perfectly time-aligned sound sample output by using a common clocking rate
 Uses new updated palette by Matrixz
 Better (but not perfect) NTSC color generation algorithm based on tweaks by AWJ
 ROM database fixes and additions
 Support for phantom stereo sound output
 More accurate FDS emulation
 Better sound quality with the external sound chips
 Auto-selects between Famicom and NES 4-player adapter based on game CRC
 More accurate emulation for several controllers
 More accurate hard/soft reset behaviour

That covers most of it. If you like this release and would like to thank me for eating Nestopia, sleeping Nestopia and breathing Nestopia during these past two years consider donating a few bucks through the pay-pal link at http://sourceforge.net/projects/nestopia.

Head on over to the sourceforge page for more information.

Nestopia Official Site
Nestopia 1.20

EternalNGE 20051004 Released

It's good to be back after a week away from the net and while I was away my good buddy Rene has released a build of his Playstation emulator EternalNGE. Currently it is still in early development and runs many demos. Here is what was posted about the release.

Ok wat's new:
- more demo's work
- sound
- commandline for multiple files demo's

Ok what is required:
- Soundcard capable of play 44.1 KHz stereo
- Graphicscard any vga will do
- 2 GHz cpu (still interpreter based emu)

Feel free to leave some feedback in the release thread over at the EmuFanatics Forums.

EternalNGE Official Site
EternalNGE 20051004

    Friday, October 07, 2005
VBA smooth 6.5 Released

A new version of VBA smooth has been released.

new features:

- update to latest VBA v1.8 beta 3 core
- integrated with achurch's optimized ARM cpu core
- add PM's 2xPM, 2xPMLQ image filter (2xPM now works)

bug fix:

[many people] VBA smooth v6.4 failed to open file dialog in Win98
- fixed this bug by change MFC compiler directive

[mikoxc] VBA smooth in window x2 size or below, image filter effect was messed up by d3d bi-linear filter
- fixed this bug

[mikoxc] VBA smooth in window x2 mode, the right and bottom lines pixels was cut off
- fixed this bug

[Kaminari] When using 2xPM filter, the output image is heavily distorted.
- fixed, now add 2xPM and 2xPMLQ to filter plug-in

[mikoxc] after VBA smooth v6.1, for win98 failed to open FileDialog
- fixed by setting VS.NET to compile a version compatible with win98

[jeffkongz] suggest not to delete rewind states when save states are loaded
- fixed, not to reset rewind states when save states are loaded as suggested way

[suanyuan] remove skin functionality to clean up code base a little bit
- Remove skin functionality, since skin option only worked for DirectDraw driver

VBA smooth Official Site
VBA smooth 6.5

History.dat 1.04a Released

The MAME History.dat has been updated again.

MAME History.dat Official Site
History.dat 1.04a

DGEN PSP 1.00 Released

The DGEN port for the Sony PlayStation Portable has been updated.

Google translation of the changes:

* The Ver0.93 -> occurs with 0.95 correction
of the bug which * When turning the PSG to OFF, is frozen correction
of the bug which * Several correction of trouble
of games * State sound becoming strange with the load correction
* When sound setting (sampling rate) changing, sound becoming strange correction
* Sound quality improvement (DAC part)
* Performance improvement

DGEN PSP Official Site

GameEx 5.13 Released

GameEx, a MAME front-end has been updated.

- New installation option to setup only as an MCE MAME Plugin, like original versions of GameEx (eg. V1.x), but with MAME Favorites, most played MAME games, and last played MAME game. This disables a lot of features and configures for the initial GameEx crowd, including removing the startup banner.
- NOTE: All of the above can be done through the configuration of GameEx, but I guess people don't realise that initially.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.13

MAME32FX 0.100u4 Released

Another MAME derivate has been updated to match the latest diff.

Updated to MAME 0.100u4 - MAME32 0.100u3

- Added speedup cheat to Jr. Pac-Man. (As requested, button 1 to enable)

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.100u4

MAME Plus! 0.100u4

Following the release of MAME 0.100u4 yesterday, MAME Plus! has been updated as well. MAME Plus! is an unofficial version based on MAME / MAME32.

Thanks again to EmuKult for the news.

Official MAME Plus! Site
MAME Plus! 0.100u4

    Thursday, October 06, 2005
MAME32 0.100u4 out

BBS sends word that MAME32 has been updated to 0.100u4. Mame32 is the Win32 GUI version of MAME.

Thanks to BBS from EmuKult.Net for the notification.

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.100u4

MAME 0.100u4 released

retroK let us know a new version of MAME has been released, here are the release notes:


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
acrobatm0100u3gra [Mamesick]

Source Changes
More NSS updates. This is mostly for MESS's benefit but nss_ncaa improves
from it too. [R. Belmont]
* SPC700: Fixed operand order for SBC to memory
* SNESHW: Implemented unknown DMA & HDMA modes
* SNESHW: Fixed SRAM sizing (used as protection in some games)
* SNESHW: Boosted interleave
* Fixed scroll registers to work like real hardware
* Fixed timing of OAM address reset and range/time over reset to better
match real hardware
* Fixed missing "break" for HDMA mode 5
* Fixed behavior of OLDJOYx registers when auto-read is enabled

Added filters back into the Scramble driver. [Hans Andersson]

Changed break/watchpoints in the new debugger to display in hex.

Updated usrintrf.c to work better with MESS. [Nathan Woods]

Merged ctribe machine driver with ddragon3. [Mamesick]

Improved Zip & Zap DIP switches. [Brian Troha]

Improved Egg Hunt DIP switches. [Brian Troha]

Fixed flipscreen in TC0100, which improves Liquid Kids. [Bryan McPhail]

Improved Metal Saver DIP switches. [Brian Troha]

Cleaned up merging of Jolly Card sets. [Roberta Fresca]

Updated 65816 and 37710 cores: [R. Belmont]
* Fixed both CPUs to set the data bank register to the destination on
* Some minor tweeks so the debugger works properly when the 65816 is
executing out of a read handler (as it always is for the SNES)

Filled in missing asteroids DIP switches. [Kevin Jonas]

Updates to the I386 core: [Ville Linde]
* Added i486, Pentium and Cyrix MediaGX CPUs
* Replaced the opcode tables with a dynamically built one
* Rewrote the cycle counting to support different CPUs
* Added page translation
* Tons of bugfixes
Also updated the SPI driver to work with these changes.

Cleaned up the taito_f2 driver: [Brian Troha]
* Converted what I could to port_include and port_modify
* Fixed a few rom names and standardized names add a PCB layout.
* Changed the sound CPU to 240000/6 and the YM2610 to 240000/3 as there
is no 16MHz OSC on the PCB. Only a 26.686 & 24.000 MHz chips.

Fixed inputs in vliner: [Mamesick]

Added some basic zooming support to the gstriker/twcup94 driver.
[David Haywood]

Improved accuracy of joystick types reported in -listxml. [Buddabing]

Added "Uptime" to the bookkeeping info displayed in the UI. [Aaron Giles]

Added new driver flag: GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE, to indicate drivers which have
save state support that is supposed to work. Attempting to save state on
a game without this flag will give a warning. Save state-related bugs may be
filed against drivers with this flag set. [Aaron Giles]

Removed the GAMEX and GAMEBX macros. The flags parameter has been moved into
the GAME and GAMEB macros and these are used for all games. [Aaron Giles]

Converted a few more drivers over to using the new memory_configure_bank
calls. [Aaron Giles]

Added save state support to the Cinematronics vector sound hardware and to
the Z80 CTC system. Also fixed QB3 banking when used with save states.
Marked all the games in cinemat.c with GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE.
[Aaron Giles]

Added save state support to the TMS5220 chip. Added missing registers to
the 6800 core's save state. Cleaned up 6821 PIA initialization and save
state registration. Marked all the games in mcr.c with GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed ui_popup to display longer by default for longer messages.
[Aaron Giles]

Added new option -autosave which automatically loads a game at startup and
saves it at exit time for any game which is explicitly marked with
GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE. For other games, this option has no effect. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Magic's 10 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Alpine Racer 2 (Ver. 97/01/10 17:10:59) [R. Belmont]
Dark Edge [Anonymous]
Metal Saver [David Haywood, Corrado Tomaselli]

New clones added
Bonanza Bros (Japan, Floppy) [David Haywood, Team Japump]
Scramble Spirits (Japan, Floppy) [David Haywood, Team Japump]
Ninja Kids (US) [Brian Troha]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Magic's 10 2 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Thanks to retroK from aep for the news.

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.100u4

NeoPSX 0.4 Source Released

zenogais has released the source code to his work in progress PlayStation emulator called NeoPSX, this is what he had to say:

It's been quite a while since there was any news on NeoPSX so I figure that I might as well talk about what's going on. Basically as of right now NeoPSX is not being worked on, now this does not mean its dead, more like pending. I've been busy with too many other things to even consider working on NeoPSX any time soon. I'm hoping once things settle down and the dust clears I'll be able to go back to work on.

So for now I've decided only to release the source code. Basically this is the most recent build of NeoPSX, here's the changelog:

- New code base - completely rewritten...again
- New GUI using WTL (Windows Template Library)
- Partial support for PSEmuPro plugins specs
- New plugins dialog unique to NeoPSX
- Partial support for Playstation hardware emulation

Really the Playstation root counters (programmable timers) have me stumped, and any help in this area would be tremendously appreciated. This is of course why I'm releasing the sources, because it someone would like to modify it, as long as they obey the license that's cool with me. The license is this:

"This source code is free software, do with it as you please, It comes with no warranty or any of that business, and as long as you give credit to the author (Eric Scrivner aka zenogais) you may modify or use portions of it as much as you want"


Thanks to NGEmu for the news.

NeoPSX Official Site
NeoPSX 0.4

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005
History.dat 1.04 Released

A new version of MAME History.dat has been released.

MAME History.dat Official Site
History.dat 1.04

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Mednafen 0.3.6 Released

A new version of this multiple system emulator has been released.

NES: Fixed a bug with the VRC6 sound emulation which was causing heap corruption and one sound channel to not work. The bug apparently came up between Nintencer 0.1.1 and Mednafen 0.2.0. Why didn't anyone tell me... -_-

PCE: Made significant optimizations to CPU emulation. The code's a bit messier now, but I'll clean it up if/when 0.4.0 is released.

NES: Removed the high-level frameskipping code, since frameskipping is automatically used now, and it could easily break some games.

Removed the "-frameskip" command-line option, as it should not be needed anymore.

Unified a lot of the driver-side frame-skipping code.

Fixed a startup bug(MainThreadID was being used before it was set) that was causing the "Starting Mednafen x.x.x" line to be lost.

Slightly restructured the "features" and "command line" sections of the documentation.

PCE: Pressing the "Power" key now resets the internal RAM.

All: Altered the shared music player interface, decreasing the brightness of the text, and adding pseudo-shadows.

PCE: Added simple HES playback code.

PCE: Altered noise emulation slightly, Ninja Ryukenden(and probably other games)'s music sounds more accurate now.

Fixed alignment of the save state preview and selection box when emulating the PC Engine.

The status line text and the save state selection message are now drawn with black shadows, to make reading easier.

Changed the text status line background darkening shape to a rectangle on the NES, and fixed it to display correctly with PC Engine emulation.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.3.6

    Sunday, October 02, 2005
WinUAE 1.1 Released

WinUAE, an amiga emulator for Windows, has been updated.

Major bugs introduced in 1.0 fixed:

- Picasso96 graphics corruption after ALT-TAB
- Zipped Amiga Forever Kickstart ROM image decryption problem
- JIT FPU ACOS bug (incorrect result if argument was negative)

Older bugs fixed:

- More stable on the fly configuration loading
- In windowed mode Amiga window height was sometimes slightly larger than requested size
- "the desktop is too small for the specified window size"-check was not completely correct
- AHI recording mode memory leak
- Some Amiga monitor drivers work now properly (for example Euro36)
- Incorrect paths if WinUAE was run from networked drive
- Some custom chipset emulation bugs (Obliterator intro, Elfmania scoreboard, Warp and others)
- Directory filesystem directory modification date bug if comment or protection flags were modified
- Improved directory filesystem compatibility
- Rare disk emulation bug introduced in 0.9.90
- Action Replay statefile restore bug introduced in 0.9.90
- OCS/ECS color translation to native colors fixed. (this was bug since the beginning of UAE..) Colors are now slightly brighter. No effect on AGA-mode colors.

New features:

- Configurable Catweasel joystick support, MK4 mouse support added (NOTE: Right and middle mouse button may not work with all mice, requires Catweasel driver/firmware update)
- MMKeyboard support added
- Transparent "drive led status bar"
- SPTI (Windows 2K/XP) SCSI emulation includes non-CDROM SCSI devices
- Improved uaescsi.device SCSI interface selection
- Custom emulation updates (Death Trap, Loons Docs, Spanish Rose by Creed, Filled Perspective by Zero Defects, Himalaya by Avalanche..)
- Improved default path setting, Amiga Forever 2005 paths supported
- More missing keycodes added to input-panel
- Copper debugger: tracing, single step and breakpoint
- Disk swapper: right button doubleclick in "Disk image"-column: removes disk in disk swapper panel. right button singleclick in "Drive"-column: remove disk in drive
- New-style ROM config entries
- Compressed hardfiles supported (limitations: max 100MB, all written data will be lost after reset or exit, hardfile file name extension must be either hdz, zip, rar or 7z)
- Hardfile drag&drop to harddisk-panel

and more..

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.1

GameEx 5.12 Released

The arcade front-end GameEx has been updated.

- Map files working again (broken in 5.10)
- Updated support files

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.12

bsnes 0.012 Released

A new version of this SNES emulator has been released.

- Added S-DSP emulation
- Added sound output support via DirectSound -- no sound buffering though, so sound is muted by default
- Added option to record raw sound output to WAV files
- Added multiple color adjustment filters to the video output
- Added mode3/4 direct color support
- Added mode7 direct color and mosaic support
- Greatly improved mode7 rendering algorithm thanks to anomie
- Fixed mode7 screen repitition and EXTBG effects
- Greatly increased accuracy of NMI and IRQ timing, and emulated many newly discovered hardware quirks involving the two
- A few speed improvements courtesy of Nach for profiling the code for me

Also the author is looking for help with sound buffering so if you think you can help him you should visit his site.

I'm now looking for assistance with sound buffering. Specifically, I need help modifying the DirectSound code to allow the emulator to be ran between 50%-400% normal speed, while keeping the sound output relatively good. If you have experience with this and can help, please get in touch with me (setsunakun0 at hotmail dot com).

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.012

    Saturday, October 01, 2005
VisualBoy Advance 1.8.0 beta 3 Released

A new beta of this Game Boy Advance emulator has been released. No list of changes has been provided as far as I can see. Keep in mind that this is a beta and therefor some things might be broken.

VisualBoyAdvance Official Site
VisualBoy Advance 1.8.0 beta 3

Mednafen 0.3.5 Released

Mednafen, a multiple system emulator has been updated.

Added code to allow for writing to SDL framebuffers directly, without using OpenGL, controlled with the command-line option "-vdriver".
-vdriver 0 = OpenGL
-vdriver 1 = SDL framebuffer(bilinear interpolation and Lynx screen rotation are not available).

Lynx: Disabled the crude(as in, non-working) stereo sound support, and added a low-pass filter to make the sound sound much closer to what comes out of a real Lynx.
PCE: Adjusted the visible horizontal display area, and overscan, in the 7 and 10MHz dot clock modes.
PCE: Expanded the visible vertical display area by 8 pixels(4 on top, 4 on bottom).
PCE: Altered VDC timing agaaaain.
PCE: Block memory transfers now take 5 cycles(read, write, alter source, alter dest, decrement length?) per byte transferred instead of 6. Fixes "Wonder Momo".
PCE: Altered HuC6280 instruction timing slightly(removed the tests for indirect indexed and indexed indirect addressing modes to use extra CPU cycles).
PCE: Corrected a timer emulation bug, fixes "Dragon Egg"'s tempo.
PCE: Increased the number of cpu cycles per scanline from 454 to 455, based on tests I performed.
GB/GBC: A sound enable register is now initialized properly on reset, fixing at least one unlicensed game.
Lynx: Disabled the superclipping code, as it's buggy(causes bad sprite clipping and invisible mountains(OHNOS) in Steel Talons) and doesn't appear to be necessary.

The mouse cursor is now hidden.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.3.5

MAME Plus! 0.100u3 Released

Another MAME derivate has been updated to the lastest diff.

- updated to MAME 0.100u3
- added 3 wof hacks to CPS1 [HappyASR, Creamymami @ EGCG]:三國英雄傳(Sanguo Yingxiong Zhuan), 三劍聖(San Jian Sheng), 三聖劍(San Sheng Jian)
* when hack rom sets are added, we'll try to ensure they were dumped from real arcade games (or at least the form of)
- some new icons and logo for GUI
- fixed GUI background selection
- fixed Strory tab
- fixed osd settings saving bug
- fixed v60 bug caused by GCC4

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.100u3

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