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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006
YAPE 0.69 Released

• tape counter in the status bar
• joystick fire on PageUp key (for laptops)
• TED and SID mixed sound can now also be saved to AVI/WAV
• fixed full screen mode autodetection
• stupid new bug in 1551-IEC/filesystem mode fixed
• potential crash and clicks on recording to WAV
• zip support got accidentally disabled in 0.68

YAPE Official Site
YAPE 0.69

    Monday, October 30, 2006
ScummVM 0.9.1 Released

New Ports:
- Added Nintendo DS port.
- Added GP2X port.
- Added GP32 port.

- Fixed potential garbage and/or crash in debug console.
- Removed restriction on 27 games per game id when added via launcher.

- Improved support for international versions of HE games.
- Fixed rare actor drawing glitches.
- Fixed path finding during smart star challendge in Big Thinkers 1st Grade.
- Fixed graphical glitches in stomach location of Pajama Sam 3.
- Fixed graphical glitches in HE80 version of Putt-Putt Travels Through Time.
- Fixed FM-TOWNS version of Indy3 failing on Amiga port.
- Fixed crash in MM NES when clicking on top screen area
- Now it is possible to turn on or off subtitles during SMUSH movies

- Improved support for international versions of the Feeble Files.
- Fixed undefined behaviour when loading music.
- Fixed crash when displaying some subtitles in the Feeble Files.
- Fixed crackling sound in Mac version of Feeble Files

- Fixed character spacing in LINC terminals in floppy version v0.0303
- Fixed a regression which caused incorrect adlib music emulation

Broken Sword 1:
- Fixed speech-related crashes.

Broken Sword 2:
- More robust handling of the optional startup.inf file.

- Scrolling in the Kyrandia intro is less CPU intensive, at the cost of not being as smooth as before.
- Fixed a tiny graphics glitch in the Kyrandia intro.
- Improved screen update handling, speeds up drawing on small devices.
- Improved resource loading, faster startup.

PSP Port:
- Fixed crashes during scrolling scenes in certain SCUMM games.
- Added saving of thumbnail in SCUMM savegames.

PS2 Port:
- Overlay uses higher resolution now.
- Can boot from USB, HDD etc. as well.

ScummVM Official Site
ScummVM 0.9.1

    Sunday, October 29, 2006
SSF 0.08 alpha R1 Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, and as I don't know japanese I can't say what's new.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R1

    Saturday, October 28, 2006
MAME GP32 2.3 Released

* Split module m68000 into three. Now we have m68000.fxe, m68K6502.fxe and m68KZ80.fxe. Games just using 68000 & 6502 CPUs are in m68K6502. ie. Atari games (Gauntlet, Xybots, Vindicators) and some Data East games (Karnov, Chelnov). Games that use 68000 & Z80 CPUs are now in m68KZ80.fxe (new Midway games). Existing 68000 games plus the new Twin Cobra are in the standard m68000.fxe.

* Added Atari game Vindicators.

* Added Taito game Twin Cobra and clones. Fully working with sound and at a reasonable speed. Very playable. Patched to make high score loading and saving functional.

* Added Irem Tropical Angel. Water-skiing, girl-in-bikini, time-trial racing game. I'd never seen the game before and I really only wanted to add it so that I could add the phrase "girl in bikini" to my webpage. :)

* Added Taito/Toaplan games. Zero Wing, Hellfire, Truxton, Vimana.

* Added Midway games. Satan's Hollow, Tron, Kozmic Kroozr, Domino, Two Tigers, Wacko, Tapper, Spy Hunter, Rampage, Destruction Derby, Timber, Max RPM, Sarge, Crater Raider, Powerdrive, Discs of Tron. These are large resolution gammes and all require the Screen Fit set to Skip. Some require Old Core and some require New Core. Discs of Tron needs fire buttons 9 and 10 setup to aim the throwing location of the discs and Kozmik Kroozr the same to rotate the gun (like Heavy Barrel and Midnight Resistance).

* Added Marine Boy. Not sure why, was playing River Patrol a bit which is really quite a nice game and saw that Orca also made this one and wanted to give it go. :-)

* Complete fix to Exerion (and clones). Added background graphics video handling from 0.37b2 and 0.57. Now works perfectly. Can use either 0.34 or latest romset (for this romset group only). The latest romset fixes some issues with sprite colors. One drawback with the new driver is that it's somewhat slower as two Z80s need to be emulated but it sure is pretty.

* Complete fix to Empire Strikes Back. No longer crashes 2 seconds into starting the game. This required fixes to the slapstic emulation.

* Fixes and optimizations to Xain d'Sleena, Double Dragon, Contra from GP2X version.

* Fixed Gorf to give priority to sound effects rather than samples. You can hear shots and other sound effects now (and the crappy speech!)

* Fixes and optimizations to Data East 16-bit Drivers from 0.37b2. Hippodrome and Fighting Fantasy now work perfectly.

* Fixes to Roadblaster. Not working on GP32. I'm sure this would work if it had just a little more RAM. Nice candidate for the GP2X.

* Optimizations to Hu6280 cpu core. Added some missing opcodes and corrected some bugs.

* Experimental Ghosts 'n Goblins using tilemap.c code. * Added Gamma Correction option. Settings are saved on a per game basis. Makes vector games like Asteroids more visible. Had to rearrange some of the options to make room: Old/New Core is merged with Triple buffer.

* Added Auto-fire option. Activate in the "Re-assign keys for this game" option. Toggle auto mode for controls Fire 1, 2 or 3 with right shoulder button.

* Added complete set of stretch modes for New and Old Core. This is so that the new Midway games work okay as these have resolutions of up to 512x480. Most of them run at good speed with sound.

* Added 44100hz sound mode. Works nicely for older games like Pacman and Mr Do, etc. Gives nice high quality sound.

* Added options for 66Mhz and 100Mhz underclock modes. Probably not super-useful. Canyon Bomber doesn't need much grunt. :-)

* Fixed the samples for Donkey Kong Jr and Space Invaders. New samples are required.

* Changed to DevKitARM R19. Thanks to DJWillis for the GP32 EABI SDK libraries!

MAME GP32 Official Site
MAME GP32 2.3

Ootake 0.77 Released

- Processing related to interrupt was modeled on a real machine more. (The disorder of the manufacturer logo display of "Spriggan Mark2" was corrected. The problem in which the disorder of one frame existed on the screen immediately after the start of "Chou Aniki" was corrected. I think the operation timing of other software has approached a real machine, too.)
- The tone quality and the volume of "PSG noise sound" were modeled on a real machine.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.77

    Wednesday, October 25, 2006
GameEx 7.02 Released

• Uses a mb or so less memory.
• Now scans for videos with the .divx extension
• GameExtender Publisher does not show windows screen when GameEx is not visible
• Updated Chankast config and wrapper thanks to Ben Baker

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.02

clrmamepro 3.94c Released

• fixed: rebuilder counts 7z/rar files twice
• fixed: rare exception in 7z reader
• fixed: html report puts root datfiles in the last sub folder. Removed the sorting for now since it causes too much trouble
• fixed: www profiler pressing cancel in "selected download folder" still downloads file
• fixed: profiler batchrun lists new profile as grey even when they were just scanned

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.94c

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Arculator 0.8 Released

• Improved timing. Each model now performs much closer to the original machines (this means slower than previous versions)
• Can now emulate MEMC page sizes other than 32k, so all memory configurations from 512k to 16 megs are now possible
• Preliminary FDI support in 82c711 FDC
• Better FDI support in WD1772 FDC
• Fast disc emulation in 82c711 FDC
• Bugfixes to video code. Man United Europe now looks better. Less flicker in Populous, Zarch etc
• Keyboard/mouse fix, now doesn't freeze in Lemmings 2 and some other games
• Fixed broken sound in Sensible Soccer and Xenon 2
• Sound now in stereo
• Some minor optimisations
• Seperate ROM + CMOS files for Arthur, RISC OS 2, RISC OS 3 (old FDC) and RISC OS 3 (new FDC)
• Tracked WD1772 hanging bug down to an incorrectly set CMOS bit! Now fixed

Arculator Official Site
Arculator 0.8

    Monday, October 23, 2006
NESCafe 0.705 Released

- Maintenance release, incorporating improvements to remote debugging and updates to documentation
- Now forces Applet installations to have a nescafe.settings file at start-up

NESCafe Official Site
NESCafe 0.705

    Sunday, October 22, 2006
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta6 Released

• Fixed held keys not being detected on startup
• Fixed SCSD driver
• Fixed broken icon

ScummVM DS Official Site
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta6

MAME GP2X 3.2 Released

- Some improvements in the auto-frameskip. Some more fps.
- Default video sync option is now named "Video Sync Normal". New option "Video Sync Off" to make games run as fast as possible without any synchronization delay. Some more fps. This is mainly useful to play CPS-1 games (Street Fighter 2 runs very well now). Older games will run too fast.
- Some old optimizations in the CPS-1 renderer done by Chui (they were deactivated due to some incompatibilities, only useful in the default view: not scaled and not rotated video mode).
- GP2X Clock selector is now selectable from 66 to 300 MHz. Lower frequencies can be used to play oldest games saving batteries. Thx, Reiboul, for the suggestion.
- The menu now runs at 66 MHz, to save batteries.
- In pause mode, the clock frequency is lowered to 66 MHz, to save batteries.
- A new option to do not switch to TATE mode controls automatically when in TATE mode. See the readme.txt for the information to activate this function. Thx, colt chillin', for the suggestion.

MAME GP2X Official Site

    Friday, October 20, 2006
gpSPDC - Gameboy Advance Emulator for Dreamcast

News from GPF:

-- Credits to Exophase for releasing such a fine emulator that I have merely ported it to run on the dreamcast using the included C core, does not use dynarec like the psp version.

please check the other readmes.

included is a scrambled binary, game_config.txt. requires a gba bios named gba_bios.bin(you can dump it yourself, see http://wiki.pocketheaven.com/GBA_BIOS)
place your gba roms on the root of the cd and burn everything to cdr, in what ever method you need to make a bootable cd.

Download from my site http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/gpSPDC.shtml


PS: thanks to Ron of dciberia for his alpha testing and arranging it with others for testing.

Ootake 0.74 Released *updated to 0.76*

- Processing related to interrupt has been improved with the correction. (It approached a real machine. And the problem in which the disorder of one frame existed on the screen of clearing "Chou Aniki" was corrected.)

- When "Chou Aniki" was played, the bug that the screen falls into disorder (It is generated by v0.74) was corrected.

- The processing of the wave memory sound was corrected and improved. The tone quality was modeled on the atmosphere of a real machine.
- The reading processing of the joypad has been improved(speed-up and perhaps stability improvement).
- It dealt with the problem that the joypad might not be able to be set in some personal computer environments.
- When "TV Sports Basketball" was played, the problem that freezed before the player was selected (It is generated by v0.72) was corrected.
- "Open bram Folder" menu was added to "File" menu.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.76

    Thursday, October 19, 2006
clrmamepro 3.94 Released *updated to 3.94b*

• fixed: 3.94a broke the zip rebuilder...doh..not my day today

• fixed: rebuilding not archived files is broken

• added: 7z and RAR support (preliminary)
Currently only for rebuilder source files (no remove-rebuilt-source). Standard and solid LZMA 7z archives are supported but not split archives. Standard and solid RAR archives are supported but not split archives.

Before you ask:
No, currently I don't plan to add any compress-related support.

Be warned:
Rebuilding (solid) RAR and 7z archives with lots of included files is currently very slow. Since the Rebuilder is a file based operator, files are accessed randomly and such a random access takes long (because to work on the file, possible previously stored files in the archive have to be taken into account, too).

Guess you now see the advantages of the ZIP format. I may think about a way of optimizing this, but don't count on it.

• added: profiler 'reset profile' which resets the profile to 'new/not loaded' state
• misc: replaced some batchrun checkboxes with radiobuttons
• fixed: single-dat batchrun sometimes still used a previous multi-select
• fixed: dir2dat cancel button reacts sluggish
• fixed: rebuilder's additional check md5/sha1 failed on zip subfolders
• fixed: rebuilder's logfile used internal subfolder syntax instead of ""

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.94

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006
SSF 0.08 alpha'' Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released. I don't know japanese though so I can't say what's new.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha''

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006
SNEmulDS 0.3 beta Released

It seems indeed that save feature was broken for most users in alpha release. This beta version of 0.3 includes a simpler save system that should work for all devices that support saving. Another little change : larger items in all file selections and a back button in the Select ROM selection.

SNEmulDS Official Site
SNEmulDS 0.3 beta

SSF 0.08 alpha' Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released. I don't know japanese though so I can't say what's new.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha'

ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta5 Released

• M3 Driver can now be enabled/disabled
• NinjaDS driver now works properly (tested)
• Fixed delay on startup
• Fixed long delay on starting Kyrandia

ScummVM DS Official Site
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta5

    Monday, October 16, 2006
Ootake 0.73 Released

- The tone quality of the wave memory sound was improved (the ease of the sound was valued), and modeled it on the atmosphere of a real machine.
- "CD Change" menu was added to the "File" menu. The CD-ROM game can be replaced after "Ootake" started.
- When starting, the bug in which last "PowerSaving setting" was not reflected was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.73

    Sunday, October 15, 2006
SSF 0.08 alpha Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, taking it from the 0.07 beta stage too 0.08 alpha. I don't know japanese though so I can't say what's new.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha

GameEx 7.00 Released

• If you downloaded 6.97 or 6.98 you should get this version due to exception checking being left turned off
• Fixes Bezel feature
• Setup Wizard 1.5 by Ben Baker:
  • Added HTML Applications/External Apps/Radio Stations & News Feeds
  • Added the rest of the Daphne setup for each game
  • Added a new feature at the end of the Wizard called 'Verify Setup'

• Better display at 1280 X 800 Resolution

• Fixes Create MAME Videos
• Now automatically detects MAME version and uses correct Bezel
• Many thanks to Mr Do. for the new MAME version Bezel
• Automatically detects change in MAME version and prompts to update list
• 7-Zip/Goodmerge support is now a registered feature
• Thanks to Ben Baker (AKA Headkaze) for the following:
  • New Theme Editor ICON
  • Updates to the Setup Wizard. Custom Setup, and all emulator settings now available
  • Fixes to Model 2 support

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.00

    Saturday, October 14, 2006
bsnes 0.018 Released

I began working on bsnes on October 14th, 2004. I am releasing bsnes v0.018 today to celebrate bsnes' two year anniversary. Please note that this release incurs a ~15% speed reduction since v0.017, due to IRQ and S-SMP timing improvements.

• Fixed many critical errors in IRQ timing, should be *very* close to real hardware now
• Corrected major CPU timing bug involving CPU I/O condition 4
• Corrected bug with generic HiROM / LoROM memory maps
• Corrected bug involving HDMA indirect channel termination [anomie]
• OAM address reset now occurs when screen display is enabled, per recent research
• Readded full DMA, HDMA and HDMA init bus sync timing
• Added preliminary emulation of S-SMP $00f0 TEST register (6 of 8 bits are supported)
• Readded emulation of known timing differences between CPU revisions 1 and 2
• Config file can now control scanline-based PPU render position. This will only be needed until a proper dot-based PPU renderer is added
• Removed core debugging hooks so that debugging console can remain in public releases, it now functions as a tracer and memory editor
• Config file paths once again work correctly even if missing trailing backslash
• Video configuration simplified, sorry in advance to those who enjoyed the profile mode used before
• Added new configuration screen to control some emulation settings
• Replaced bsnes program icon with a much nicer one [FitzRoy]
• Optimized memory speed detection algorithm
• Preliminary UPS soft-patching support (do not use this yet!)
• Decreased memory usage and optimized generic libraries used by bsnes (/src/lib)
• Now caching OAM by one line, somewhat similar to a real SNES. Fixes Winter Gold, but causes line rendering error in Mega lo Mania
• Lots more, as usual

The following games have been fixed since v0.017 by the above bugfixes:
• Battle Blaze (J, U)
• Circuit USA (J)
• F1 Grand Prix (J)
• Funaki Masakatsu no Hybrid Wrestler - Tougi Denshou (J)
• Jumbo Ozaki no Hole in One (J)
• Mahjongg Taikai II (J)
• RPG Tsukuru - Super Dante (J)
• Robocop Versus The Terminator (U, E)
• Sink or Swim (U, E)
• Street Racer (J)
• Touge Densetsu Saisoku Battle (J)
• Winter Olympics (U, E)

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.018

    Friday, October 13, 2006
MAME GP2X 3.1 Released

- A better approach for upper memory allocation/deallocation, as explained in wiki.gp2x.org.
  Most big Neo·Geo games now run ok (Metal Slug 2, Blazing Star, etc).
  I recommend to play those games with high overclocking, video clock at 100% and audio clock at 100%.
- Elevator Action runs ok again. Thx, TelcoLou, for the error report.
- Solved the problem about the PAUSE message not hidden when unpausing some specific games. Thx, maRRRc!, for the report.

MAME GP2X Official Site

ZSNES WIP October 12th Released

• ALL: Cleaned up GZip reader. GZip reader now also support transparent reading, namely a regular file with a .gz extension for no apparent reason. [Nach]
• ALL: Commenting out Battlemaniacs fix because it breaks way too much. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed IPS hint not being shown under a particular circumstance. [Deathlike]
• ALL: Fixed prevpicture display for DSP-1 games. Cleaned up some stuff in DSP-1 and DSP-2 loading. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed silly mistake with size adjustment of IPS patches. [Nach]
• ALL: Make sure passing string_merge() a buffer pointer to null doesn't crash. [Nach]
• ALL: Standardized names on arrays containing paths. Note to reset your SRAM path after this commit. [Nach]
• ALL: Slot level is now updated properly while increment/decrement savestates are in use. [Deathlike]
• DOS: DOS exit no longer takes shortcuts and skips atexit() on DOS. [Nach]
• DOS: Fixed a bug with trailing passed to access() under good ol' DOS. [Nach]
• DOS: Fixed anything related to port 209 in the DOS port. Lots of clean up. [Deathlike]
• DOS: Reverted to a workaround previously implemented in r1436 to rid of the snow in DOS. Only affects Gaussian at the moment. [Deathlike]
• DOS: This should fix joystick problems in DOS. For some reason, the internal settings were not aligned correctly. [Deathlike]
• DOS: This should fix the 8 button controller option and Parallel LPT2 P2 option. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Fixed the shadow in the F3 menu. [Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: GUI state selection now also allows number quick keys. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Hopefully fixed GUI savestate selection via numpad keys. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Revamped the Video window [ipher] [Deathlike]
• GUI: The blink rate change on the GUIInputBoxNach is now once every 30 frames. [Nach]
• GUI: This should correctly fix the GUI state selection while using the mouse. [Deathlike]
• GUI: Deathlike has been added to the About box [Nach]
• SDL: Even better privledge dropping. Now if getlogin() returns, ZSNES running as root will launch browser as the user that logged in. [Nach]
• SDL: Fixed display of Keep4_3Ratio option for SDL and redid some code for consistency. [Deathlike]
• SDL: SDL port gets the Custom Res good loving too.. and now Keep4_3Ratio is available as a GUI option. [Deathlike]
• SDL: Changing the size of the window while in the Filters tab will now update the HQx and hires options. [Deathlike]
• W_D: Debug mode in DOS/Windows writes to stdout.txt and stderr.txt. [Nach]
• W_D: Fix some issues on MS OSs. [Nach]
• W_S: Can now edit custom resolution from the GUI. [Nach]
• WIN: Now GUITextBoxInputNach can accept ctrl+v to paste clipboard contents in Windows. [Nach]
• SRC: Source cleanup and maintainance, fixed lots of warnings. [Nach] [Deathlike] [Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Updated install instructions to match latest SVN closer. [Nach]

ipher's ZSNES WIP Site
ZSNES WIP October 12th

Hoxs64 Released

1) The CIA Time Of Day clock has been corrected to have the same quirky BCD count up behaviour as the real thing.

2) The CIA Time Of Day count-up frequency has been corrected and now responds to the 50Hz / 60Hz TOD input selector.

Hoxs64 Official Site

clrmamepro 3.93a Released

• fixed: export sets to file falsely converts rn to rrn
• fixed: single-click add for path Change doesn't work
• fixed: rebuilder falsely runs the quick size check when ignore-size is enabled
• fixed: rebuilder fix from 3.93 isn't working correctly in all cases

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.93a

    Thursday, October 12, 2006
psx4all News: Build 4 of psx4zaurus. Cacko now supported! And psx4dc being worked on!

ZodTTD posted this news:

Zaurus users, enjoy a new release of psx4zaurus.
New in build 4:
- Improved performance for games such as Tekken.
- psx4zaurus now includes both a CACKO build and a PDAXROM build!

Dreamcast users, psx4dc is getting worked on and bugs are being sorted out. Although slow, it is very compatible. There is some specific optimizations in mind for greatly speeding up psx4dc easily.

GP2X and Gizmondo users, a new build is being worked on. Patience...

For those unaware of what psx4all is...well...it's a psx emulator for a wide variety of handhelds.

Download at PSX4All Site

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta4 Released

• New M3 driver
• Fix to CD audio when using Zip files
• Added option to disable turning the DS off (as it causes problems on some cards)

ScummVM DS Official Site
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta4

Ootake 0.72 Released

- The volume and the tone quality of the PSG noise sound were adjusted, and it was made to listen easily in any PC (speaker) environment.
- The processing of the VRAM access was modeled on the movement of a real machine. (When "21emon Mezase Hoteru Ou" was played, the problem of the character representation was solved.)
- When "Mugen Senshi Valis" was played, the problem that the voice was not corresponding to animation was solved.
- When "BURAI Hachigyoku no Yuushi Densetsu" was played, the problem that drawing around the window has fallen into disorder was solved.
- The drawing processing when the scanning line was used was sped up a little.
- The speed was elaborately adjusted, and it modeled it on a real machine.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.72

www.Gekko-Emu.com Goes Live!

Feel free to come on in and grab a cup of coffee :)


There's some new shots as well, plus stay tuned for other frequent news updates. Special thanks to Martin64 and this network for hosting the website, and also thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far allong in our project. (Especially Doug and Chrono, without them our website would be nonexistent!) Also, feel free to drop by #Gekko on Efnet for any questions, or stop in the Gekko forum at NGemu.


    Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Hoxs64 Released

1) Fixed CIA Time Of Day freeze on write function. A freeze bug in the game "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" has been fixed.

Hoxs64 Official Site

clrmamepro 3.93 Released

• added: html report generator for currently selected profiles
• added: fixdat save option to save fixdat for currently selected set
• fixed: rebuilder didn't delete subfolders in cmpro's temp folder
• fixed: setinfo.xml falsely converted "" to "`"
• fixed: some profiler menus were accessable when they should be disabled
• fixed: folder html report falsely exports the last used folder in mode
• fixed: misplaced remove button in settings
• misc: reorganized profiler's html reports menus
• misc: reorganized scanner's fix dat menus
• misc: minor order changes in scanner's view menu
• misc: setformat.xml can use variables %U/%u for selected urls.ini URL/URLExtension values also added information about all possible vars to setformat.xml
• misc: selected treeitem in set information moves to top when necessary
• misc: improved xml parser's comment handling
• misc: increased the size of set information button ;)
• misc: check for update is not only done on startup but while running, too

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.93

    Monday, October 09, 2006
gpSP 0.8 - Gameboy Advance Emulator for PSP

Exophase has released a new version of his awesome Gameboy Advance emulator for the PSP, for the few who dont know this is an emulator that plays a heck of alot of games at full speed.

Full details at the Official Release Thread

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

Refraction has been 'abit' busy! He's been 'in the zone' for the past few nights fixing VIF Unpacks, which decompress then send texture and vector data to the VUs.

Such fixes have a wide impact on games, some initial results below:
Clocktower 3 - SPS (Spikey Polygon Syndrome) fixed!
Grandia III - Random crash fixed!
Sega Rally 2006 - SPS fixed!
Super Monkey Ball - Graphics looking 'significantly' improved!
X-Men Legends - Graphics completely fixed!

Oh and for racing fans, there is one other game showing significant progress...

PCSX2 Official Site (visit to get the video)

    Saturday, October 07, 2006
MAME GP2X 3.0 Released *updated files*

- RAM Tweaks implemented. See the readme.txt for the information to activate them (the emulator runs aproximately 8% faster). Thanks to god_at_hell for the CPU/LCD/RAM-Tweaker utility and also to Craigix for the suggestion.
- Added the ability to play in two players mode with only one USB Joypad (Player 1 = Builtin Joypad, Player 2 = USB Joypad #1). See the readme.txt for the information to activate this function. Thanks to GnoStiC.
- Some code fixes to get more stability.

If you downloaded these files earlier you want to get them again, to quote the author: "download them again because an stupid bug has been corrected."

MAME GP2X Official Site

ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta3 Released

• New high quality audio mode
• Max Media Dock now works (tested)
• NinjaSD support added (untested)
• M3 driver updated (untested)

ScummVM DS Official Site
ScummVM DS 0.9.1 beta3

Ootake 0.71 Released

- Speed & Timing(Timer interrupt etc.) was modeled on a real machine as much as possible. As a result, the tone quality of PSG sound has improved, too.
- "Horizontal Scanlined" can be chosen by the setting menu of the screen. ("Setting"->"Screen"->"Horizontal Scanlined")
- Processing related to the raster interrupt was modeled on a real machine. (The reduced screen of "Ryuuko no Ken" can be displayed just like a real machine.)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.71

    Friday, October 06, 2006
clrmamepro 3.92 Released *updated to 3.92a*

• fixed: sorted html report rarely created a bad html

• misc: xml parser speed up
• misc: several gui changes ('export' moved to 'sets', thread prio moved to zipsettings)
• misc: missing samples/diskimages toggle red profile status only when scanned for
• misc: updated xml definitions for forte agent reader
• misc: also loading setformat01.xml to setformat10.xml for further custom definitions
• misc: html reported is now sorted
• added: profiler->list popup 'Load Profile(s) in BatchMode' also allows a single dat
• added: profiler->tree popup 'show ' Folder' (show all profiles at once)

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.92

Hoxs64 Released

1) The Flexible Disk Image support has been upgraded to include the new FDI v2.1 format with CRC-32 error detection.
2) T64 read-only file support has been added. A T64 directory browser has been added to the Tape menu.
3) The SID resonance has been boosted.
4) The SID ADSR timings have been corrected to be cycle exact.
5) Fixed long standing incorrect implementation of the SID "Hard-Sync".
6) The SID "combined waveforms" now uses an 8bit wave table. The samples were taken from a Commodore C64C with serial number "HB5 527013 E" via the SID register $D41B.
7) Minor adjustment of SID sample holding behaviour for waveform $00.
8) An intermittent performance slow down issue with the SID filters has been fixed. The performance loss was a result excessive underflow with ultra small numbers known as de-normal floating point numbers.

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Thursday, October 05, 2006
MAME GP2X 2.9 Released

- No more sound glitches. Sound should be ok now for all games.
- Added FPS Counter (Show/Hide it with Y+L+R).
- More stability.
- VSync should work again and with correct timing.

MAME GP2X Official Site

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006
PSX4all Public Beta 4 released for GP2X and Zaurus -(Playstation Emulator)

The PSX4all team have released a new version of their Playstation emulator for the GP2X and Zaurus:

The psx4all team has released a new public beta of it's PSX emu for the GP2X and Sharp Zaurus.

Public Beta 4 brings more performance, better compatibility, and sound.

See this posts comments for downloads.

Note: The Sharp Zaurus build has only been tested to work on pdaXrom. Cacko, OpenZaurus, and 2.6 Kernel distro builds are being worked on.

psx4all team

Download at PSX4All Site

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Ootake 0.70 Released

- The processing command of the CD-ROM access was changed to it with high interchangeability for the personal computer that doesn't work.
- The processing of the timer interrupt was modeled on a real machine. (The sampling voice of "KLAX" was modeled on a real machine. The tempo of the tune of "Dragon EGG" was modeled on a real machine.)
- The display processing of sprite was modeled on real machine more. (When "YuuYuu Jinsei" was played, at the game end, the problem that the garbage of sprite had been displayed was solved.)
- When "Bloody Wolf" was played, the character display when the boss appears has been improved.
- Speed & Timing was modeled on a real machine more.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.70

    Monday, October 02, 2006
atari++ 1.50 Released

- This release is mainly a bug-fix release that addresses a couple of issues especially on 64 bit systems:
- Fixed various erraneous varargs usages, mainly active during error handling, that caused crashes on AMD64 systems.
- Fixed reference to the linux joystick device. Newer kernels place this device at /dev/input/jsx instead of /dev/jsx, fixed.
- The H: device handler wildcard matcher now also finds files whose extender consists of blanks.
- The joystick handler contains now a workaround against some faulty implementations of the emu10k1 (SoundBlaster) gameport interface and got basically self-calibrating by using the second unused joystick axis.
- The DMA timing got reworked heavily. Thanks for that goes to Bennet ([email protected]) for providing me with more detailed information.
- The way how horizontal timing is organized changed heavily, and the timing constants for ANTIC and GTIA changed. Thus, new items in the menu will adjust the timing, and old ones got removed.
- The player/missile generator changed a bit and is now aware of some internal GTIA reaction times. Thanks for providing examples for this goes to Sebastian Pachuta (thanks again!)
- Some heavy bugs got fixed in the X11 interface that could have caused conflicts with at least some window managers because it re-opened windows to fast. These problems are now avoided by using a more careful logic.
- An out-of-bounds memory write in the mathpack emulation got fixed.
- Error handling in the complete menu and error requesters itself got improved.
- Errors from the X11 subsystem are now captured and reported in a more user-friendly way.
- The complete user menu creates now string-gadgets for numeric values whose numeric range is too large to be fine-tunable by a slider alone.
- Improved the speed of the X11 true-color output by enlarging the output/color buffer.

atari++ Official Site
atari++ 1.50

GameEx 6.90 Released

• Introducing the GameEx Setup Wizard!
  o A new innovation in gaming frontends - The GameEx setup wizard allows wizard style configuration, download, setup of GameEx, MAME, emulators and all your media needs.
  o This makes the setup of GameEx even easier than it ever it was.
  o Now the gaming frontend with the most complex backend and amount of features, is probably now the easiest to setup and use.
  o The GameEx setup wizard is entirely the work of Ben Baker (AKA Headkaze).
  o You should get this version of GameEx as soon as you can.
  o Please give feedback and ask questions about this new addition to GameEx on the GameEx forums.
• My thanks, gratitude and admiration go out to Ben.

• The rom filter setting now works with emulators setup with GoodMerge 7-zip. You don't need to set the rom filter as *.7z, if you do it will list all unzipped contents, same as *.* So you can set it to what to filter on the unzipped contents such as *.bin.
• Fixes CD-Player and CD-Ripper due to a missing file in the install
• Most recently played emu games shown at the top of the list now show database info at the top of the screen if available
• Create emulator snaps now works when emulators are setup as goodmerge 7-zips
• Fixes to auto updater which will take affect for future versions
• I recommend doing a manual download and install from the GameEx web site for this version if updating

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 6.90

    Sunday, October 01, 2006
blueMSX 2.6.1 Released

- Fixed AVI rendering that caused emulator crash on some PC's
- Fixed fullspeed support that was source of crash on some PC's
- Improved the video capture algorithm (runned out of space in 2.6)
- Fixed bug related to the blending of consecutive frames (didn't take effect on startup in 2.6)
- Changed default width of the memory window in the debugger to 16 bytes

blueMSX Official Site
blueMSX 2.6.1

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