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    Saturday, October 28, 2006
MAME GP32 2.3 Released

* Split module m68000 into three. Now we have m68000.fxe, m68K6502.fxe and m68KZ80.fxe. Games just using 68000 & 6502 CPUs are in m68K6502. ie. Atari games (Gauntlet, Xybots, Vindicators) and some Data East games (Karnov, Chelnov). Games that use 68000 & Z80 CPUs are now in m68KZ80.fxe (new Midway games). Existing 68000 games plus the new Twin Cobra are in the standard m68000.fxe.

* Added Atari game Vindicators.

* Added Taito game Twin Cobra and clones. Fully working with sound and at a reasonable speed. Very playable. Patched to make high score loading and saving functional.

* Added Irem Tropical Angel. Water-skiing, girl-in-bikini, time-trial racing game. I'd never seen the game before and I really only wanted to add it so that I could add the phrase "girl in bikini" to my webpage. :)

* Added Taito/Toaplan games. Zero Wing, Hellfire, Truxton, Vimana.

* Added Midway games. Satan's Hollow, Tron, Kozmic Kroozr, Domino, Two Tigers, Wacko, Tapper, Spy Hunter, Rampage, Destruction Derby, Timber, Max RPM, Sarge, Crater Raider, Powerdrive, Discs of Tron. These are large resolution gammes and all require the Screen Fit set to Skip. Some require Old Core and some require New Core. Discs of Tron needs fire buttons 9 and 10 setup to aim the throwing location of the discs and Kozmik Kroozr the same to rotate the gun (like Heavy Barrel and Midnight Resistance).

* Added Marine Boy. Not sure why, was playing River Patrol a bit which is really quite a nice game and saw that Orca also made this one and wanted to give it go. :-)

* Complete fix to Exerion (and clones). Added background graphics video handling from 0.37b2 and 0.57. Now works perfectly. Can use either 0.34 or latest romset (for this romset group only). The latest romset fixes some issues with sprite colors. One drawback with the new driver is that it's somewhat slower as two Z80s need to be emulated but it sure is pretty.

* Complete fix to Empire Strikes Back. No longer crashes 2 seconds into starting the game. This required fixes to the slapstic emulation.

* Fixes and optimizations to Xain d'Sleena, Double Dragon, Contra from GP2X version.

* Fixed Gorf to give priority to sound effects rather than samples. You can hear shots and other sound effects now (and the crappy speech!)

* Fixes and optimizations to Data East 16-bit Drivers from 0.37b2. Hippodrome and Fighting Fantasy now work perfectly.

* Fixes to Roadblaster. Not working on GP32. I'm sure this would work if it had just a little more RAM. Nice candidate for the GP2X.

* Optimizations to Hu6280 cpu core. Added some missing opcodes and corrected some bugs.

* Experimental Ghosts 'n Goblins using tilemap.c code. * Added Gamma Correction option. Settings are saved on a per game basis. Makes vector games like Asteroids more visible. Had to rearrange some of the options to make room: Old/New Core is merged with Triple buffer.

* Added Auto-fire option. Activate in the "Re-assign keys for this game" option. Toggle auto mode for controls Fire 1, 2 or 3 with right shoulder button.

* Added complete set of stretch modes for New and Old Core. This is so that the new Midway games work okay as these have resolutions of up to 512x480. Most of them run at good speed with sound.

* Added 44100hz sound mode. Works nicely for older games like Pacman and Mr Do, etc. Gives nice high quality sound.

* Added options for 66Mhz and 100Mhz underclock modes. Probably not super-useful. Canyon Bomber doesn't need much grunt. :-)

* Fixed the samples for Donkey Kong Jr and Space Invaders. New samples are required.

* Changed to DevKitARM R19. Thanks to DJWillis for the GP32 EABI SDK libraries!

MAME GP32 Official Site
MAME GP32 2.3


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