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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007
PSPColem 1.0.8 Released

- Save state files are now saved using gzip compression (with STZ as file extention). It's much faster to save or load states now. You can use gzip or 7-zip to convert old STA to STZ. STA file format is still supported for loading, so you convert your previous saved files inside the emulator.
- Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window (it's now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
- New graphical functions with new smoother render modes. It uses the PSP GPU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother.
- Add a new fullscreen option (render mode max)
- Bug fix in Rom file requester
- Multiple keyboard mapping feature (Thanks to Pou-chan) : You can now toggle between three differents keyboard mapping using

PSPColem Official Site
PSPColem 1.0.8

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Nestopia 1.36 Released

Shell Additions:
• Joystick calibrate button in the input dialog.

Shell Changes:
• Now possible to make save states (slots only) during netplay.
• Some error messages more descriptive.
• Log file now enabled by default.
• Lazy loading of some resources, notably the launcher file database.
• Various aesthetic GUI fixes and improvements.
• Refactoring.

Shell Fixes:
• Lightgun trigger no longer registered if screen is occluded by a window.
• Various things, subtle and not-so-subtle.

Core Additions:
• Power Glove peripheral support.
• Mapper 38, 108 and 173. Info from Ca4He3.
• UNIF boards: TF1201, KS7038 and GS-2004. Info from Ca4He3.
• Mapper 150 reset-triggered DIP switch toggling.
• Database entries.

Core Changes:
• Speed optimizations (NO accuracy trade-off).
• blargg's nes_ntsc updated to version 0.2.2.
• HSB/RGB calculation method.
• 8bit video mode rendering removed.
• 2xSaI filters removed. Use hqx or ScaleX instead.
• Even stricter ANSI/ISO compliance.
• More compiler options and detections through the preprocessor. Refer to "NstApiConfig.hpp" as starting point for porting work.
• Board names. Info from Pongbashi.
• Refactoring.

Core Fixes:
• Mapper 234.
• Mapper 242. Fixes "Dragon Quest VIII (Ch)".
• Database entries.
• Various things, subtle and not-so-subtle.

Nestopia Official Site
Nestopia 1.36

PSP7800 1.0.5 Released

- New graphical functions with new smoother render modes. It uses the PSP GPU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother.
- Add a new fullscreen option (render mode max)
- Rom selector support now .rom and .bin as valid file extention
- Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window (it's now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
- Multiple keyboard mapping feature (Thanks to Pou-chan) : You can now toggle between three differents keyboard mapping using LTrigger and RTrigger keys
- Bug fix in Rom file requester

PSP7800 Official Site
PSP7800 1.0.5

    Monday, February 26, 2007
SNEmulDS 0.4 beta Released

SNEmulDS 0.4 alpha contained a lot of stupid bugs that i fixed in this beta release. There are still bugs, but i think it worth a try for most users, because a lot of games were broken. I also added a manual background layers selector.

Here is the complete list of changes:
• Fixed the broken BREAK and COP instructions
• Fixed the ROM write protection by using the protection unit of the ARM9 (thanks to bubble2k for pointing me that)
• Fixed the Emulation flag at startup (problem with DKC3)
• Stupid again, SNES’s RAM was not in the cached memory, speed up games (10-20%)
• Reduced memory consumption, now ROM memory is static (no more malloced), should remove ROM overflow and RAM overwriten problems
• Added an experimental “line by line” engine (buggy, slow, unstable, uncomplete… maybe useful for a few games)
• Added a manual background priority selector (can be choosen in options or with START+LEFT+RIGHT+UP or START+LEFT+RIGHT+DOWN for automatic)
• Added another speed hack option : “Interrupt speed hacks” that should be better than “Full speed hacks” for some games. “Middle speed hacks” is now “Cycles speed hacks”

As usual you may have to patch it with DLDI drivers, for more information see here : http://chishm.drunkencoders.com/DLDI/

SNEmulDS Official Site
SNEmulDS 0.4 beta

PSPCAP32 1.1.5 Released

- Save state files are now saved using gzip compression (with SNZ as file extention). It's much faster to save or load states now. You can use gzip or 7-zip to convert old SNA to SNZ. SNA file format is still supported for loading, so you convert your previous saved files inside the emulator.
- A new graphical engine with new smoother render modes ! It uses now the PSP GU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother ! Old "soft" render modes are still available, because there are a bit faster.
- Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window (it's now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
- Sound is now played at 44Khz (instead of 48Khz)
- Bug fix (load default keyboard mapping on startup)
- Bug fix in Rom file requester
- Bug fix in keyboard handler

PSPCAP32 Official Site
PSPCAP32 1.1.5

    Sunday, February 25, 2007
iDeaS Released

• Fixed a bug in EEPROM management.
• Fixed in layer 3d.
• Fixed a bug in Firmware management.
• Fixed a bug in LDR opcode.
• Fixed a bug in BLX opcode.
• Fixed a bug in ROR opcode.

iDeaS Official Site

PSPMSX 1.0.7 Released

- A new graphical engine with new smoother render modes ! It uses now the PSP GU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother ! Old "soft" render modes are still available, because there are a bit faster.
- Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window (it's now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
- Add help menu
- Bug fix (load default keyboard mapping on startup)
- Bug fix in Rom file requester
- Bug fix in keyboard handler

PSPMSX Official Site
PSPMSX 1.0.7

SNESGT 0.215 Released

A new version of this SNES emulator has been released, though I can't seem to find any list of changes.

SNESGT Official Site
SNESGT 0.215

PSP2600 1.0.4 Released

- A new graphical engine with new smoother render modes ! It uses now the PSP GU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother ! Old "soft" render modes are still available, because there are a bit faster.
- Multiple keyboard mapping feature (Thanks to Pou-chan) : You can now toggle between 3 different keyboard mapping using LTrigger and RTrigger keys

PSP2600 Official Site
PSP2600 1.0.4

GameEx 7.66 Released

• Videos now work in Vista
• GameEx can now play protected windows media videos
• Includes latest version of Ben Baker's LCD/LED Plugin

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.66

    Saturday, February 24, 2007
pSX 1.11 Released

• Ported to Linux
• Log window keyboard controls
• Added Arabic, Croation, Norwegian, Persian and Russian translations
• Fixed bug in CD not usable error message dialog
• DEP no longer needs to be disabled in Windows for pSX to work
• Added aspect ratio correction
• Centred framebuffer when it doesn't cover the entire screen
• Fixed controller config dialog bug (pressing button fills all controls)

pSX Official Site
pSX 1.11

Ootake 0.97 Released

- The number of maximum preservation of "State saving with the number" has been increased to "20 pieces".
- "1552 Tenka Tairan" came to operate by last update (v0.96).
- When you use "Software of the television watching etc." and "Ootake" at the same time, the problem that the noise regularly occasionally entered the sound was solved.
- "Window Activated Non-automatically" (setting of whether the window is automatically activated) was added to "Setting->Screen menu".

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.97

No$gba 2.3d Released

- nds/video/help: added note on unknown tvoutcnt register (nds9 port 4000070h)
- nds/sio/help: added chapter on (absent) link port (with new bits like ckup)
- nds/aux/help: added full gba and gba-sp cpu/lcd/chipset pinouts (from no$gmb)
- nds/aux/help: added SG and SW pins (gba-sp/nds headphone socket) (from no$gmb)
- nds/3d/help: added projection/rotation/scaling/translation matrix examples
- nds/3d/help: added edge marking notes, alpha_test_ref notes, and fog notes
- nds/3d/help: added new shadow polygon chapter, and added toon table notes
- nds/3d: skips vtx's of (still unsupported) shadow polygons (avoid eragon dirt)
- nds/3d: speedup: re-creates textures only if teximage_param/pltt_base changed
- nds/3d: speedup: mtx_mul_4x3/3x3/trans/scale skips fixed values (ie. 0 and 1)
- nds/sound: init [sb_pos_in_buf_in_clk_cycles]=0 (avoids fatal 'e-2' on reset)
- nds/3d: supports packed-texture-mode3 (mul3+mul5=div8) (eragon/mariokart demo)
- nds/microphone: emulates mircophone gain level (powerman reg3 = x1 x2 x4 x8)
- nds/microphone: wave_in-dma activated only if/as long as enabled in powerman
- nds/microphone: forwards PC mic-in/line-in to nds-microphone (player 1 only)
- nds/microphone: emulates muted mic-level (for mic-powerman off=000h, on=800h)
- dos/nds: supports nds-video (256x192) (dual-screen) (forced 640x480 onepix)
- dos: dpmi redirects dos32_int10 to dpmi_interrupt_10h (fixes win98 xgra-crash)
- dos: uses int2fh/1680h under dpmi (not actually supported by cwsdpmi/win98)
- dos: prevents hlt-opcode under dpmi (hlt crashed cwsdpmi, ignored by win98)
- initialize: corrected @@zero_fill_vals length (caused crash in dos version)

No$gba Official Site
No$gba 2.3d

    Thursday, February 22, 2007
Raine 0.50.3 Released

• Added support for a frogger hack which adds hiscore table, see http://www.jrok.com/sohs/frogger/frogger.html The rom should be renamed as froggs.zip. The permanent ram is saved on disk, no hiscore.dat update required. Emudx support works also for this one (it doesn't change anything in the game).
• A little fix for the hiscores : They were loaded too late to be shown on the first screen of dkong (it starts by the hiscore table). So they are now loaded at the begining of the emulation and you see correctly the hiscore table in dkong now.
• The cheats.cfg file now supports a new syntax for clones with the same cheats, it makes the file 1/3 smaller (why didn't we do that earlier ???)
• Added donkey kong foundry (dkongex): http://www.jeffsromhack.com/products/donkeykong.htm
• Linux: Fixed fbcon support when using a driver which allows to change the video mode like matroxfb or nvidiafb : these drivers require a special handling in sdl to avoid a crash. Advice : use 16bpp at least for fbcon if you want to use raine with that, or expect a strange looking gui...
• Added galaxian, super galaxian, and galaxian part X, with emudx support. The original sound is not emulated for now, so you'd better use emudx samples if you want sound !
• Editable cheats, usually to select the game stage, are supported again.

Raine Official Site
Raine 0.50.3

Daedalus for PSP R9 Released

[+] Added support for RGBA 4444 and 5551 textures
[!] Tidied up all the texture conversion code, fixing a few bugs in the process
[!] Fixed the width/height of FillRect calls in 1 and 2 cycle mode
[!] Fixed a blending bug
[^] Use 16-bit textures on the PSP to represent 16-bit N64 textures.
[+] Added mirrored texture support
[!] Fixed a LoadTile bug, allowing a couple of hacks to be removed
[+] Added some new blend modes for various roms
[!] Fixed the Tri2 command for F3DLX microcodes
[!] Fixed a bug in busy-wait detection
[!] Fixed a few dynarec stability issues (relating to exceptions occuring mid-trace)
[+] Added audio support
[+] Added the ability to dump textures (developer builds only at the moment)
[!] Fixed screenshots. Again.
[+] Implemented cmp.s, cvt.s, cvt.w, mtc1, mfc1, bc1f, bc1t, j, cfc1, ctc1, daddu, trunc.w.s, bc1t, bc1f, bc1tl, bcifl, bnel, beql, blezl, bgtzl, bltzl, blezl in dynarec
[^] Avoid setting the branch delay flag and current PC in generated dynarec code unless necessary
[^] Much better memory access handling in dynamically recompiled code
[^] Use a second code buffer for generated dynarec code, to avoid polluting the instruction cache
[+] Further improve the memory access handling in generated dynarec code
[!] Fix register usage analysis for lwc1/swc1/mfc1/mtc1 which was preventing base registers used in these instructions from being cached
[^] Have compensation blocks restore nobbled registers, so on-trace code does't need to reload
[+] New automatic blender
[+] New front-end
[+] New pause menu, with option to reset to main menu

Please note - as audio support is very much 'beta' at the moment, it's disabled by default. You can enable the setting either in the front-end, or from the pause menu.

Please also note: To keep the distribution size down, I've not included any 'preview' pictures for the rom selector alongside the emulator. You can download and extract the 'Extras' file above for a few sample previews. It should be easy enough for people to create their own preview pictures - see the readme.txt for more details.

Daedalus of PSP Official Site
Daedalus for PSP R9

PSPAtari 1.0.6 Released

- Multiple keyboard mapping feature (Thanks to Pou-chan): You can now toggle between 3 different keyboard mapping using LTrigger and RTrigger keys
- Add help menu
- New background image
- Bug fix in Rom file requester
- Bug fix in screenshots
- Bug fix in keyboard handler

PSPAtari Official Site
PSPAtari 1.0.6

iDeaS Released

• Fixed a bug in DISPSTAT irq.
• Fixed a bug in RTC functions.
• Added EEPROM management.
• Added Power Managment functions.

iDeaS Official Site

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007
SNEmulDS 0.4 alpha Released

It has been a long time with no real updates of SNEmulDS.. This first release break this silence, and i hope it will please everyone. First of all, the main change is the integration of the CPU engine of SnezziDS. In fact, I wanted to make my own CPU engine in ASM, but i rapidly saw that i couldn’t do better than bubble2k did. I recognize his work as a masterpiece in DS homebrews. I personnally added some new features from the original C CPU of SNEmulDS: speed hacks, memory protection, and ROM paging/dynamic reloading (giving Large ROMs support for Slot-1 cards). All combined CPU engine and speed hacks give a great boost in speed.
There are also various changes:

• Implemented MODE 7
• Partial line by line engine for MODE 7 games
• Implemented MODE 3,4 (256 colors)
• Now SNEmulDS uses devkitpro 20 and libfat library from chishm with DLDI support, for better compatibility
• Improved ROM paging, reducing bugs for Large ROMs (> 3 Mo)
• Fixed memory leaks (And consequently, fixed famous “Unsupported Large LoRom” bug)
• Three level of speed hacks : no speed hacks, medium speed hacks, full speed hacks. Each level give various compatibility and speed enhancements.
• Fixed various bugs
• Now SNEmulDS sources are under GNU license, to be compatible with snezzids

(don’t forget to patch it with your DLDI driver, SNES games are loaded from SNES directory)

SNEmulDS Official Site
SNEmulDS 0.4 alpha

GameEx 7.64 Released

• Snap preview alternates to another artwork image
• Added folder snap for pictures and videos
• Clock animation when time changes
• Please wait zoom animation
• Fixes not been able to use all game devices to navigate
• Fixes retuning to wrong position in list after exiting screensaver

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.64

PSPInt 1.0.9 Released

- Bug fix in Rom file requester (PSP hangs when the rom list was big and already sorted)
- Add help menu
- Screenshots are now saved in PNG format

PSPInt Official Site
PSPInt 1.0.9

Gekko update - Teasing time!

After keeping a ton of secrets over Gekko's development, we finally decided to show a little part of one.

Here's a screenshot of the emulator running using it's own video plugin in action, you might not see a lot, but that's the goal!

There's still a lot of new stuff the emulator can do that you never saw before on other emulators, but it's up to you to wonder what they are.

Gekko Official Website
Gekko Official Forums

    Monday, February 19, 2007
Nebula 2.25b Released

• Added Knights of Valour Super Heroes. Thanks to KOFBOBO and the rest of peole in BOBO KOV WORLD (http://kofbobo.chinae3.com/) for the donation of a PGM motherboard and game Cart for kovsh to extract the protection program.
• Added Martial Masters
• Added The Killing Blade (only Rev 109 works)
• Added internal protection program for Photoy2k, removed simulation..

• Fixed kof2002 and Matrimelee driversin speksnk.net boards

• Fixed CPSQ & CPS_Extra dat files.

• Added some cheats, transparency tables and tracklists.

Nebula Official Site
Nebula 2.25b

    Saturday, February 17, 2007
SSF 0.08 alpha R5 Released *updated to 0.08 alpha R5'*

A new version of this excellent Sega Saturn emulator has been released. If you can read Japanese you can visit the SSF Official Site for more information.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R5'

Ootake 0.96 Released

A new version of the PC-Engine/Turbografx-16 emulator Ootake has been released. Here are the changes since the previous version:

- Interrupt processing was modeled on a real machine more. In the ending of
"Formation Soccer '90", the problem of freezing was solved.
- In "Mugen Senshi Valis", the problem that the time display had been hidden
was solved. Moreover, in other some games such as "Fantasy Zone", I think
that the vertical display beginning position became it as well as a real
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.96

    Friday, February 16, 2007
Emulation64.com server back to normal

As I'm sure you've noticed (if you're a regular visitor anyway :P) the Emulation64.com server has suffered some downtime the last few days, meaning both Emu64 and EmuTalk among other hosted sites has been unavailable.

Before people start speculating, the server is completely fine and has not been hacked, it was simply unplugged by the server company and it took many phone calls, faxes and support tickets before it finally went online only a few minutes ago.

I appreciate your support, and I hope you understand that I have done everything I can the last few days (and haven't had much sleep, mind you) to get it online as quickly as possible. Thanks to zilmar for news post at www.pj64.net while it was down. :)

    Monday, February 12, 2007
Model 2 Emulator 0.3 MultiCPU experimental Released

This is an experimental Model 2 emulator build using multithreaded code for parallel CPU, GPU and Sound emulation. It's designed to have a huge performance boost in Multi-Core CPUs (Dual Core and Core Duo) as it will allow the emulator to use both cores in parallel. As a bonus, this emulator contains an experimental recompiler SCSP DSP emulation.

Model 2 Emulator Official Site
Model 2 Emulator 0.3 MultiCPU experimental

    Sunday, February 11, 2007
Gens32 Surreal 1.76 Released

1) Update YM2612 core,PSG core etc...to 24bit.176400 Sample rate was recommended

2) Playback with 64bit AHDA.

3) Restore classic menu.Move to Option->Mic,disselect Surreal Menu to active it.

4) New force feedback drivers comes with this version, one is for MK3/MK3 hack, one is for virtual fighter 2. Because new tech was bright into these stuff,so more force feedback drivers should be released in our forum later,

5) A mp3 player called ACOMPAL media player comes with this version,Which playback with 64bit AHDA too.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.76

    Saturday, February 10, 2007
YAPE 0.71 Released

• advanced settings dialog window
  • forced UpdateOverlay call introduced in 0.70 now optional
  • optionally allow only one instance of the emulator to run
  • two older tweaks (load vector patch and 1541 loader hack) are incorporated
• command line options (at long last...)
  • '/DISK#:image' for attaching an image to drive {8,9,10,11} at startup
  • '/TAPE:image' for attaching a TAP/WAV image on startup
  • '/TYPE:text' for typing 'text' on startup
  • '/NOSTART' will suppress autostart
• a couple of TED bugfixes

YAPE Official Site
YAPE 0.71

    Thursday, February 08, 2007
NESCafe 0.706 Released

- Fixed bug where Save States were not working for indirect URLs in Applet Tags
- General maintenance improvements and updates to documentation

NESCafe Official Site
NESCafe 0.706

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007
MESS 0.112 Released

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
- Amiga 500 NTSC (former "amiga" driver) [Ernesto Corvi]
- Amiga 500 PAL [Ernesto Corvi]
- Amiga 1000 NTSC [Ernesto Corvi]
- Apple IIj+ [Nick Westgate]

System Driver Changes:
- [AMIGA] Fixed regressions; now boots properly. Also added keyboard support, 512KB "slow-ram" support, preliminary support for Datel Action Replay 1 and many floppy controller fixes. Added Chip RAM mirroring and Extended ADF 1 disk format. [Ernesto Corvi]
- [APPLE2] Fixed crash when ramsize was set to 4k. (bug #1048) [Nate Woods]
- [ATARI] Fixed hang on reset bug. (bug #982) [Nate Woods]
- [AVIGO] Removed redundant artwork in avigo.zip. (bug #1043) [Nate Woods]
- [C16] Fixed crash when ramsize was set to less than 64k. (bug #1049) [Nate Woods]
- [COCO] Fixed crash when ramsize was set to less than 32k. (bug #993) [Nate Woods]
- [COCO] Fixed hi-res interface regression introduced in 0.105. Also cleaned up how input devices work. (bug #1025) [Nate Woods]
- [COCO] Fixed regression in one-bit sound. (bug #1041) [Nate Woods]
- [DGNBETA] More fully implemented certain graphics modes. [Phill Harvey-Smith]
- [GAMEBOY] Updated aspect ratios for gameboy, gbpocket, and gbcolor to 10:9, supergb to 4:3. [Belegdol]
- [IP204415] Fixed driver. (bug #986) [Nate Woods]
- [MK2] Updated to use the new artwork system. [Justin Kerk]
- [MSX2] Fixed MSX2 PAL framerates. (bug #963) [MJSTY]
- [N64] Added the .bin file extension. (bug #1016) [Nate Woods]
- [SATURN] Saturn driver back up to date so it starts up and shows the boot screens properly. [R. Belmont]
- [THOMSON] Fixed device name that clashed with "cc" option on main MESS. (bug #994) [Antoine Mine]
- [THOMSON] Improved video and mouse emulation, and all machines now use the Model 2 Game Extension. [Antoine Mine]
- [TRS80] Fixed TRS-80 drivers. [Robbert, R. Belmont]
- [VTECH1] Fixed memory leak. (bug #1021) [Nate Woods]
- [VTECH1] Rewrote memory and input handling, added support for the 4MB extension. Also changed BASICV2.1 loading and corrected Laser 310 clock frequency. [Dirk Best]

User Interface Changes:
- Changed -biospath command line option to be -rompath. -biospath still works but it is secondary and configuration files created by MESS will use -rompath. Also removed -softwarepath, paths passed on the command line will now be absolute. The concept of software paths will continue within the MESS GUI. [Nate Woods]
- [Windows] Fixed bug that could cause the loss of mouse capture when toggling the menu bar. (bug #977) [Nate Woods]
- [Windows] Fixed regression when saving and loading save states. (bug #1035) [Nate Woods]
- [Windows] Fixed device create bugs that could cause file extensions to not be specified by default or crashes. (bug #1040) [Nate Woods]

Imgtool Changes:
- Fixed a bug that could cause crashes when opening ZIP files. [Nate Woods]
- Updated help text. [Nate Woods]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.112. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Fixed certain crashes that occured on hard reset. (bug #988) [Nate Woods]
- Fixed bug that caused a crash when a device was passed an empty string at the command line. (bug #991) [Nate Woods]
- Fixed error reporting when startup images are not properly loaded up. (bug #928, #990, #992) [Nate Woods]
- Fixed crash when unmounting images in the old UI file manager. (bug #998) [Nate Woods]
- Fixed various memory leaks in debug builds when the debugger is not enabled. (bug #1018) [Nate Woods]
- Fixed hash file processing. [MJSTY]
- Fixed problem creating printer output. (bug #1039) [Nate Woods]
- Removed redundant checks for tilemap allocation failute. [Dirk Best]
- [Messtest] Now displays emulation error output. [Nate Woods]
- [Windows] Fixed several memory leaks in the Windows code. [Nate woods]
- [Windows] COnsolidated some MESS specific OSD code into the MAME OSD core code and removed redundant directory functions. [Nate Woods]

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.112

FrodoDS - Test Build Released 06/02/07 - Commodore 64 Emulator for DS

GPF has released a new version of his Commodore64 emulator for the Nintendo DS, heres what he says:

well been working on getting the existing code moved to latest toolchain and libnds release.

Eventually it will have the ability to switch disk, right now I am kind of need some ideas on how best to do it, from a user standpoint. If I have some ideas I can start looking into the coding part

Well here is my latest version thats using the dldi patching code now, so hopefully will be able to work on most hardware now.

attached is an nds file that just needs to be dldi patched and copy that and the /rd directory to your media and put your d64 files and you can also place a snapshot created from the pc version and call it jjr.fss and that is loaded from the left trigger. right trigger still does a load"*",8,1 and then run

Please give me feedback compared to previous releases.


Download and Give Feedback at the Release Thread

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Arculator 0.9 Released

• Fixed ARM bugs - Bug Hunter now works, Phaethon no longer crashes on level 3
• Fixed bug in 82c711 - Nebulus now works on new FDC
• Fixed timing in modes 48/49
• Various optimisations
• Can now emulate ARM3 at 33mhz
• Now emulates two hard discs
• Removed software scaling options - improvements to hardware scaling mean these are not necessary anymore
• Improved FDI support in new FDC - more games supported (eg Wolf 3d, SF3000 etc) with hard disc install
• Mouse & keyboard shouldn't lock up in some stuff anymore
• Some other fixes

Arculator Official Site
Arculator 0.9

    Monday, February 05, 2007
PicoDriveDS 0.1.7 Released

• Updated for DKA r20 and latest libnds.
• Switched to libfat with DLDI support.
• Fixed bug where select key must be released quickly in order to go back to file selection menu.
• Appended ROM check now only happens if FAT is unable to init.
• Added untested Opera RAM expansion support, and RAM support for SCCF.

PicoDriveDS Official Site
PicoDriveDS 0.1.7

Mednafen 0.7.2 Released

NES: Added MMC1 registers to the NES debugger.

Various cleanups(removing dead code and header declarations).

Added settings "vblur.accum", enables motion blur accumulation mode, and "vblur.accum.amount".

Added setting "vblur", when enabled, will (motion) blur adjacent video frames 50/50.

Added WonderSwan emulation, based on Cygne, but greatly improved, and with a debugger.

Modified the time base adjustment code used when sound is disabled to fix fast-forwarding when sound is disabled.

"Fixed" a few instances of mostly harmless variable shadowing.

Mednafen is now compiled with -Wshadow.

Modified the save state preview rescaling code to properly(with interpolation instead of nearest-neighbor) rescale PCE games that use the 512pixel-width mode, or in other words... the rescaling code will now work where (fb_width / state_preview_width) <= 2 whereas previously it only worked properly where (fb_width / state_preview_width) < 2.

Errors saving save states are now propagated and reported.

NGP: Files with an extension of "npc" are now also treated as Neo Geo Pocket ROM images.

PC-FX: Added setting "pcfx.nospritelimit".

Removed the memory dump and graphics memory dump functionality from the main debugger. The new memory editor provides the same or higher level of functionality.

Added a new memory editor to the debugger interface, accessible by pressing ALT + 3 in the debugger.

PCE: Added support for reduced-bit-depth background mode.

If the ALSA driver code is unable to set stereo or mono sound, it will try mono or stereo sound instead, respectively.

PCE: PSG waveform RAM will now only be updated if the channel is turned off.

glFinish() will no longer be called every frame in the OpenGL code, which should improve performance(if it causes problems, like tearing where there wasn't any before or decreased performance, please file a bug report!).

If the "glvsync" setting is 1(the default), and the environment variable "__GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK" is not set at all(either 0 or any value), then it will be set to "1". This has the effect of forcing vblank synchronization when running under Linux with NVidia's drivers.

Fixed configure script option "--disable-jack".

Lynx: Screen rotation now works in non-OpenGL mode(SDL+framebuffer), sans scanlines support.

Lynx: Screen rotation now also rotates input sanely, as it did in 0.6.x and earlier versions.

Fixed a fatal compilation error in the ALSA driver with ALSA versions < 1.0.9.

Fixed a fatal compilation error on GCC < 3.4 in the PC-FX code.

Added code to detect the maximum OpenGL texture size, and reworked the OSD code to use tiled drawing if a particular OSD surface is too large to fit in a single texture. This is particularly relevant to users of old Voodoo cards. Note that tiled drawing isn't supported for the main game framebuffer, so video cards with severe texture size limitations will still have problems with PC Engine and PC-FX games that use higher resolution modes.

The help screen, debugger, and cheat search interface now use their own surfaces instead of the generic OSD surface.

Fixed(hopefully) OSD-clearing in SDL blit mode("-vdriver 1").

Removed the option "doublebuf". It is kind of an archaic leftover from when Mednafen did only one blit per frame(and had the OSD written to the game's virtual framebuffer). Double buffering must always be enabled, or else screen corruption may occur. Also, as a note, double buffering does not imply synchronizing to vblank, though this does occur in some situations.
***NOTE: Please check your scripts and frontends and remove any "-doublebuf" arguments! ***

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.7.2

MAME 0.112 Releases

Small snippet from the MAMEDev site:

Believe it or not, today marks the official 10th anniversary of the first release of MAME! To celebrate, we’ve got a whole bunch of new and cool stuff to share.

First off, we have the official release of MAME 0.112, with a typically huge number of great features. This is the first release with full CPS2 encryption emulation, meaning no more XORs and a number of new regions have been enabled. We also have full speech and sound emulation in Berzerk, a full rewrite of the old Midway black & white driver, a new SN76477 emulator, new crosshairs for lightgun games, the first working Cidelsa game from Spain, and the usual collection of cleanups/reorganizations to the code.

One of the newly supported games in 0.112 deserves special mention. Teeter Torture is a prototype game from Exidy that is very rare. With permission of the current rights holder for the game, I’m happy to announce that we have been able to dump the ROMs and make them publically available for non-commercial use. I encourage you to try the game out — it really is unique and happens to be one of the better prototype games that never officially made it to the arcade.

Read the full list of changes here or here (mirror).

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.112

MAME32 Official Site

Updated to MAME 0.112 - MAME32 0.112

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.112

DeSmuME 0.6.0 Released

• added support for window, transparency and brightness
• fixed sprites and background rendering bugs
• added possibility to resize and rotate emulation windows
A new interface based on glade is now available and support for gzipped and zipped roms has been added.

DeSmuME Official Site
DeSmuME 0.6.0

    Sunday, February 04, 2007
No$gba 2.3c Released

A new version of this amazing Nintendo DS/Gameboy Advance emulator has been released. Here are the changes for this version:

- nds/2d: adjusted window width (nds=256, instead gba=240) (famicom wars demo)
- nds/memory: allows to execute code in vram (used by mariokart demo on nds7)
- iomap: replaced various "vals" by "io10seg" (matching to nds9/nds7 pages)
- nds/wifi/xcept: allows nintendo to write 00h/55h/AAh/FFh to read-only BB-ports
- nds/3d/irq: emulates gxfifo irq (used by lara/brainage demos)
- nds/3d/help: added notes on how/when to acknowledge gxfifo irq (see gxstat)
- nds/3d/dma: emulates gxfifo dma (used by submarine demo and possibly others)
- nds/dma: renamed/renumbered $profiler_id_dma (supporting the eight ds-modes)
- nds/3d/help: added GXFIFO DMA Overkill on Packed Commands Without Parameters
- setup: added gba-solar-sensor setting (now also in freeware version setup)
- setup: removed experimental rear-alpha option (tested / always enabled now)
- nds/backup: bugfix: forces no nds-backup in gba-mode (fixes fatalunexpected)
- nds/xboo: added upload-wait/timeout (for remote secure_area_extra_decryption)
- nds/dma: prevents gba-style dma3-capture on nds (fixes submarine demo freeze)
- nds/dma: simplified different dma mode bits by dma_kick_mask at mount_system
- nds/3d/help: added 3d-lockup note (on swapbuffers with incomplete vertex list)
- a22i: supports "NOT" operator (more or less, crashes on faulty priority order)
- a22i/bugfix: long/negative multiply in numeric expression (swapped lsw2/msw2)
- nds/3d: handles 8bit ldrb reads from 3d ports (4000320h and up)
- gba/nds-cartloader: fixed crash on loading GBA-carts from inside NDS7-mode
- thanks: RockmanRotties and Diablow for bugreports on demos and fatalunexpected

No$gba Official Site
No$gba 2.3c

GameEx 7.55 Released

• Fixes catver.ini
• Fixes multiple MAME rom paths
• There is also an offline install for the game manual viewer on the download page

• Fixes and compatibility updates for Windows Vista and 64 bit versions of Windows
• Should now run out the box on Vista
• The Setup and applications have been digitally signed.
• Ben Baker's Setup Wizard 1.74
• Fixes picture and slideshow transitions with latest ATI video drivers and on Vista.
• Asta La Vista.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.55

    Friday, February 02, 2007
Ootake 0.95 Released

- It corresponded to operation by "Windows Vista". It operates almost normally in the "FullScreen" mode. However, there are still the following three problems.
  * The smoothing of the image quality is not effective. (It becomes a little hard image quality. The processing is a little heavier than WindowsXP.)
  * In the window mode, "V-Sync" doesn't work. (The image flickers a little when scrolling.)
  * In the window mode, operation slows when the sidebar and the gadget, etc. are displayed.
  If the driver of nVidia for Vista perfection goes up, the above issue might be solved. (It is unconfirmed in the video cards other than made of nVidia now.) Therefore, the current state recommends the use set to "Setting->Screen-> Start FullScreen mode" by the menu. I think that the Ootake side can correspond to complete operation (include for Aero) in the Vista window mode in the future.
- Processing related to drawing and playing sounds was sped up (lightened) in some measure. * Compared with me
- The system requirements was done for "DirectX8.1 or more". I think that tone quality improved according to the environment. If you use the low version of DirectX, please download a new version. http://www.microsoft.com/japan/windows/directx/
- In the "Video Speed Up" mode, the tone quality was improved.
- In the "Video Speed Up" mode, the processing was sped up (lightened).
- In the "BigAudioBuffe" mode, the size of the buffer was made the half of the former version. (In a lot of tunes, it sounds better by the buffer of a moderate size.)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.95

GameEx 7.52 Released

• LCD/LED Plugin 1.5 Beta
• Ability to have custom MAME lists in MAME32 ini format
• Ability to import MAME32 Favorites.ini
• Fixes .net framework error at startup
• Should fix install exception if your GameEx install is old
• Updated MAME support files
• Fixes issues when using latest versions of catver.ini

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.52

Neo4all RC2

fox68k has released a new version of the NeoGeo emulator for the Dreamcast:

This new version features the lastest FAME core and the new FAZE (Z80 emulator for DC). Basically, the emulation speed in some games have been improved, specially in Metal Slug 2 (i recommend to overclock the m68k and underclock the z80 for this game), Art of Fighting 2 and Pulstar among others.

Release Thread

    Thursday, February 01, 2007
FCEUXD SP 1.07 Released

- New: Added RAM Filter

FCEUXD SP Official Site

File Releases

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