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    Monday, February 05, 2007
Mednafen 0.7.2 Released

NES: Added MMC1 registers to the NES debugger.

Various cleanups(removing dead code and header declarations).

Added settings "vblur.accum", enables motion blur accumulation mode, and "vblur.accum.amount".

Added setting "vblur", when enabled, will (motion) blur adjacent video frames 50/50.

Added WonderSwan emulation, based on Cygne, but greatly improved, and with a debugger.

Modified the time base adjustment code used when sound is disabled to fix fast-forwarding when sound is disabled.

"Fixed" a few instances of mostly harmless variable shadowing.

Mednafen is now compiled with -Wshadow.

Modified the save state preview rescaling code to properly(with interpolation instead of nearest-neighbor) rescale PCE games that use the 512pixel-width mode, or in other words... the rescaling code will now work where (fb_width / state_preview_width) <= 2 whereas previously it only worked properly where (fb_width / state_preview_width) < 2.

Errors saving save states are now propagated and reported.

NGP: Files with an extension of "npc" are now also treated as Neo Geo Pocket ROM images.

PC-FX: Added setting "pcfx.nospritelimit".

Removed the memory dump and graphics memory dump functionality from the main debugger. The new memory editor provides the same or higher level of functionality.

Added a new memory editor to the debugger interface, accessible by pressing ALT + 3 in the debugger.

PCE: Added support for reduced-bit-depth background mode.

If the ALSA driver code is unable to set stereo or mono sound, it will try mono or stereo sound instead, respectively.

PCE: PSG waveform RAM will now only be updated if the channel is turned off.

glFinish() will no longer be called every frame in the OpenGL code, which should improve performance(if it causes problems, like tearing where there wasn't any before or decreased performance, please file a bug report!).

If the "glvsync" setting is 1(the default), and the environment variable "__GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK" is not set at all(either 0 or any value), then it will be set to "1". This has the effect of forcing vblank synchronization when running under Linux with NVidia's drivers.

Fixed configure script option "--disable-jack".

Lynx: Screen rotation now works in non-OpenGL mode(SDL+framebuffer), sans scanlines support.

Lynx: Screen rotation now also rotates input sanely, as it did in 0.6.x and earlier versions.

Fixed a fatal compilation error in the ALSA driver with ALSA versions < 1.0.9.

Fixed a fatal compilation error on GCC < 3.4 in the PC-FX code.

Added code to detect the maximum OpenGL texture size, and reworked the OSD code to use tiled drawing if a particular OSD surface is too large to fit in a single texture. This is particularly relevant to users of old Voodoo cards. Note that tiled drawing isn't supported for the main game framebuffer, so video cards with severe texture size limitations will still have problems with PC Engine and PC-FX games that use higher resolution modes.

The help screen, debugger, and cheat search interface now use their own surfaces instead of the generic OSD surface.

Fixed(hopefully) OSD-clearing in SDL blit mode("-vdriver 1").

Removed the option "doublebuf". It is kind of an archaic leftover from when Mednafen did only one blit per frame(and had the OSD written to the game's virtual framebuffer). Double buffering must always be enabled, or else screen corruption may occur. Also, as a note, double buffering does not imply synchronizing to vblank, though this does occur in some situations.
***NOTE: Please check your scripts and frontends and remove any "-doublebuf" arguments! ***

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.7.2


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