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    Friday, November 30, 2007
PSPMSX 1.2.3 Released

- Major speed improvements while using GU render modes
- Small changes in settings menu and default settings options

PSPMSX Official Site
PSPMSX 1.2.3

    Thursday, November 29, 2007
SSF 0.09 alpha Released

Crude translation of changes:

VDP1 clipping disposal fixed.
VDP2 rotation of the plane of rendering process fixed.
SCSP sound production process fixed.
CD block CD playback processing fixed.

State saves data version changed.
The state saves Unable to load a version of the data may be.
The presence or absence of BIOS, the BIOS version difference, whether there is a different backup library hooks and reading.

When you start setting switch.
Setting.ini setting is described.
After startup 1 to 4 Press and Standard, High, Highest, Full configuration window.
In addition, each game set.
SSF use when you start the CD in the drive of the game set is loaded.
CD there is not state when the boot screen, and multi-player games入RE替ETA If the set.
Set loading priority is 1 to 4 press, every game, SSF.ini order.

When you save the file to create a folder

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.09 alpha

iDeaS - Audio plugin Released

• Fixed bug in Resampling Option.
• Fixed bug in filling buffer audio.

iDeaS Official Site
iDeaS - Audio plugin

GP2X-2600 1.0.4 Released

- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- New speed limiter function
- Add option to display fps rate
- Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed when L or R are pressed
- Add a simple intro splash screen
- Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate menus in german, french ...)
- Bug fix and code cleaning

GP2X-2600 Official Site
GP2X-2600 1.0.4

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Caprice32 PSP Released

• ZIP file support for disk and tape images
• Disk images can be saved, ejected and loaded without resetting the system (System tab)
• Save state autoloading - any save state slot can be designated as the autoload slot (Options tab, disabled by default). Saved games in the autoload slot are loaded any time a game is loaded from the Game tab
• CPC model is now correctly reset when modified via the System menu

Caprice32 PSP Official Site
Caprice32 PSP

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007
PSPAtari 1.1.0 Released

- Major speed improvements in smooth rendering !
- Compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim
- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- Add a simple intro splash screen
- New speed limiter function
- Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate pspatari menus in german, french ...)
- IR keyboard support (mainly for menu)
- Add option to display fps rate
- Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed when
L or R are pressed - Bug fix in help menu and in file requester

PSPAtari Official Site
PSPAtari 1.1.0

KiGB 2.04 Release update

The kigb.exe in the previous zip contains debug code. It won't load the save state files created by previous releases. Please re-download the new zip file. Sorry.

KiGB Official Site
KiGB 2.04

    Monday, November 26, 2007
iDeaS Released

• Added AR codes 0xC0,0xE and 0xF. (Thanks to Vash)
• Added Auto CPU Speed.
• Added Auto Sort for translucent polygons.
• Fixed a bug in ARM opcodes with LSL
• Fixed bug in OAMs render.
• Fixed bug in Tiles render.
• New bitmaps for toolbar. (Thanks to LordForZerock)

Audio Plugin
• Added Resampling Option for slow pc.

iDeaS Official Site

EasyMame 5.6.6 Released

- Added button 'Play' in Game Details window.
- Fixed small text and button allignments.
- Compiled with the latest CodeGear C++builder 2007. Many improvements in several area's and better Vista compatibility. Although I could not test this compiled version under Windows XP or lower everything should work.

EasyMame Official Site
EasyMame 5.6.6

clrmamepro 3.107a Released

• misc: systems and setinfo window got max/min boxes
• misc: memory usage for no recompress is limited to max 1GB (also in auto mode)
• misc: settings->unneeded masks can be added by drag'n drop
• misc: updated unrar.dll
• fixed: search folder for crc32 was partially broken
• fixed: about drag'n drop size information was wrong for files (not archives)

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.107a

PicoDrive for PSP v1.35b - Genesis/Sega CD Emulator for the PSP

Notaz has updated his excellent Sega CD/Genesis emulator for the PSP, heres whats new:

mp3 code should no longer fail on 1.5 firmware.
added gamma adjustment option.
added .cso ISO format support. Useful for non-FMV games.
it is now possile to force a region after the ROM is loaded.
fixed a sram bug in memhandlers (fixes Shining in the Darkness saves).
fixed another bug in memhanlers, which crashed the emu for some games (like NBA Jam and NHL 9x).
added suspend/resume handling for Sega CD games.
some other small tweaks I forgot about.

Official Release Thread

    Sunday, November 25, 2007
NESCafe 1.000 Released

- Authorisation check at start-up removed (originally required to report game usage and issues with beta)
- Sound, game graphics and UI graphics have all been improved

- Fixed issues with sound, and discontinued the mute versions of the emulator
- Fixed issues where loaded state files weren't starting the sound correctly
- Fixed bug where text would not be presented in the correct codepage on some machines
- Fixed bug where when a NES ROM did not load correctly an error message was not being displayed
- Fixed bug where when running using the Applet Viewer some of the tags weren't being interpreted correctly
- Fixed bug where settings files and ROMs were being cached, and the latest version may not be being read
- Fixed bug where lowercase keys in the settings file for the controls where not being interpreted correctly
- Fixed bug where the / key could not be assigned to a key control in the settings file or the User Interface
- Fixed bug where LOADSTATE tag was not being interpreted correctly unless the URL was specified in full
- Fixed bug where screen would flicker when ROM files were loading
- Fixed issues with error messages, they are now more meaningful and better explain the underlying issues

Functionality Removed:
- Removed Override Engine (this was not heavily used)
- Removed Activity Monitor (because Authorisation Check is removed, this would not work)
- Removed Debugger from Applet version (replaced by Code Profiler in Standard version)
- Removed Image Smoothing and replaced with improved image scaling routines
- Removed Sprite Tile view from Applet (this was not heavily used)

Functionality Added/Changed:
- Added F9 option to standard version to dump executable code (profiles the code as it runs)
- Changed settings filename to nescafe-settings.txt (to prevent issues with MIME types on web-servers)
- Changed how the CPU interprets undocumented operation codes, they now cause the CPU to halt
- NESCafe Applet screen now dynamically resizes if the Applet canvas changes size
- Cleaned up the Time Trial mode, pressing T causes the current screen and run-time data to be captured.

NESCafe Official Site
NESCafe 1.000

MESS 0.121 Released

MESS has been updated to 0.121.

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.121

    Saturday, November 24, 2007
MAME GP2X 5.0 Released

- Border TV-Out emulation. See the readme.txt for the information to activate it.
- The controls have been changed for coherence with other applications (B is the first button).
- The PUSH button in the F200 is emulated pressing Up+Down+Left+Right simultaneously.

MAME GP2X Official Site

    Friday, November 23, 2007
Caprice32 PSP Released

• Initial release

Caprice32 Official Site
Caprice32 PSP

Ootake 1.28 Released

- The resolution of "PSG-sound(wave memory sound)" improved. As a result, the tone has approached a real machine. Especially, I think that it can feel it remarkably at "Galaga'90(Galaga'88)" and "Atomic Robokid Special", etc.
- The capacity of default of the sound buffer was reduced. As a result, "Timing that the sound rings" has approached a real machine.
- Processing that plays CD sound source (CD-DA) has been improved. At the sound test of "Akumajou Dracula X", When the tune was selected, the problem that had stopped occasionally was solved.
- In "Order of the Griffon", "Ryuuko no Ken" and "Asuka120%", the image quality has been improved (The burr is cut). And, the processing part was sped up.
- In "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari", the problem that the start screen shook was solved.
- In "Lodoss Tou Senki II", at the scene of "House of Parn", etc. the problem that the screen has fallen into disorder was solved.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.28

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007
No$gba 2.5c Released

- nds/3d: vram viewer: stable handling of old-tree messages (after new reload)
- nds/bios: 80x86 bios clone supports thumb-mode irq handler (nds9/arm v5 only)
- webpage: added two nds 3d viewer screenshots, and a nds-wlan-iomap screenshot
- wifi/debug/cleanup: rearranged/fixed/renamed wlan registers in i/o map window
- menubar: added pdroms.de (and donate.htm) hyperlinks in help topic of menubar
- nds/3d: vram viewer: hides the laser pointer for non-vtx/non-postest commands
- nds/cheats: fixed last some bytes of action replay code 0Eh (thanks hiei)
- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser outlines for polygon(s) of selected begin_vtxs
- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser pointer shows cube-outlines for boxtest command
- nds/3d: vram viewer: ignores vtx_end cmd (reduces amount of tree root entries)
- cpu/detail: emulates ignored writeback on ldrh rd,[rd],imm (thanks kenobi)
- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser pointer for pos_test command (as for vtx commands)
- nds/3d: emulates internal vtx coordinates being overwritten by pos_test cmd
- nds/3d/help: added caution on pos_test (overwrites internal vtx coordinates)
- nds/3d: vram viewer: shows viewport rectangle (by red lines drawn on screen)
- nds/3d: vram viewer: allows to resize tree-view vertically (y2 bottom-aligned)
- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser arrow: shows corresponding numeric screen x,y,depth
- nds/3d: supports 3d vs 2d alpha blending (if supported by local opengl driver)
- nds/3d: temporarily halts arm9-cpu upon gxfifo-overkill (fixes main_siz error)
- nds/cartloader: accepts faulty homebrew logo crc (warning if other than CF56h)
- nds/debug: vram viewer fixed crash in guess-tile-usage for 2D tile screens
- nds/video: aligned empty_vram (crashed unallocated text scroll) (thanks m m)
- nds/3d/debug/speedup: setredraw=0 when reloading 3d viewer tree (thanks peter)
- gba/nds/video/speedup: precalculates eva/evb/evy parameters per scanline

No$gba Official Site
No$gba 2.5c

Mednafen 0.8.5 Released

Fixed a crashing bug when loading an uncompressed file and using the automatic IPS-patching feature when mmap() is available.

PCE, PC-FX: All SCSI CDROM commands are now logged in the debugger's log viewer(when logging is enabled, of course).

Added group support to the debugger's log viewer.

PC-FX: Renamed the type of BIOS ROM font calls in the debugger's log viewer from "BIOS" to "ROMFONT".

PC-FX: BIOS filesystem syscall(for backup memory access) calls are now logged in the debugger's log viewer.

PC-FX: Added internal backup memory and external backup memory address spaces to the debugger's memory editor.

PC-FX: In the 263-line mode, line 262 is now reported as being during blanking time(as on a real PC-FX). Fixes the annoying transparency layer flickering and other weird graphical glitches in Der Langrisser FX.

Added setting "filesys.disablesavegz", to disable gzip compression when saving save states and backup memory. (In the case of backup memory, disabling gzip compression isn't supported for GB yet)

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.8.5

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007
SMS Plus for Sega Saturn Beta

VBT has today released a new beta of his Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for the Sega Saturn, heres the release details:

This new release uses the famous and incredible Faze by Fox68k. Some games like Sonic run 30% faster than before.

So, have a look at it but be aware that the Faze port to the Saturn may not be completely finished. Well, the compatibility is quite high.

Release Thread

MAME 0.121 Releases *updated - added MAME Plus! release*


View the full list of changes here.

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.121

MAMEUIFX (previously known as MAME32FX):

• Updated to MAME 0.121 - MAMEUI 0.120u4

MAMEUIFX Official Site

MAMEUI (previously known as MAME32):

MAMEUI Official Site

MAME Plus!:

• updated Japanese mameinfo (0.120u4 11/19) [mame e2j]
• update Simplified Chinese text [emuman]
• updated Traditional Chinese text [YuiFAN]
• updated mame statistics [BUT]
• fixed to compile with NO_DLL version [BUT]
• fixed to compile with TINY target [BUT]
• removed HazeMD support [emuman]
• completely removed osd_so.h [BUT]
• updated Japanese list (jplist0120u4_1118.zip) [mamelist jp]
• integrated MESS core into MAMEPlus [emuman, BUT]
• updated catver [s_bastian]

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.121

KiGB 2.04 Released

This is just a bug fix release. Affecting games are Gameboy Camera (hung up when loading saved data extracted from a real cartridge) and Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (crashed when meeting the last boss).

KiGB Official Site
KiGB 2.04

PicoDrive for PSP v1.35a - Genesis/Sega CD Emulator for the PSP

Notaz has posted a small update to his excellent Genesis/Sega CD emulator for the PSP

Heres whats new:

Well that test-a-bios-and-you-are-screwed bug was quite a serious one, so I've done an update:

fixed a bug which prevented to load any ROMs after testing the BIOS.
fixed incorrect CZ80 memory map setup, which caused Z80 crashes and graphics corruption in EU Mega CD model1 BIOS menus.
added additional "set to 4:3 scaled" display option for convenience.
added an option to disable frame limitter (works only with non-auto frameskip).

Official Release Thread

    Monday, November 19, 2007
Hoxs64 Released
1) Fixed SounDemon's sid emulation compatibility that was broken in the previous release.

2) Adjusted memory-reset pattern. An optional memory pattern file called c64.ram has been added. The file was sampled and extrapolated from the memory-reset pattern of a C64C. If the c64.ram file is missing then a default pattern is generated.
1) Fixed disk head movement while motor is off bug that was introduced in v1.0.5.0. The LogosLand 2 demo works again.

2) The disk ROM is updated from 1541C to 1541-II. The game Kangarudy II works.

3) Adjusted SID oscillator register $D41B to read a one cycle delay as per an 8580 SID.

4) Adjusted memory reset pattern. The game Snow Queen and the demo Typical / Beyond The Force

5) Fixed assertion failure while performing a reset in debug mode.

6) Fixed long standing internal "first chance exception" whilst querying the application version.

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Sunday, November 18, 2007
bsnes 0.026 Released

Since the last public release, I've completely rewritten the memory mapping and cartridge loading systems. With this, I've added preliminary support for the Broadcast Satellaview (BS-X), however very few BS-X games will run at this time. I've also switched compilers from Visual C++/8 to MinGW/GCC4, which grants a ~5-10% speedup over the previous release.

• Major source code cleanup
• Completely rewrote memory mapper to support runtime MMCs
• Updated S-DD1 MMC to use new memory mapping interface
• Improved S-DD1 emulation, thanks to information from orwannon
• Added support for SameGame -- load via "Load Special -> Load BS-X Slotted Cart" menu option
• Completely rewrote cartridge loader to support BS-X, BS-X slotted carts and ST carts
• Created custom dialog windows for multicart loading
• Improved generic memory mapper, which eliminates the need for cart.db [Nach]
• Added BS-X slotted cart detection to generic memory mapper [Nach]
• Linux port will now ignore keypresses when window is inactive
• Linux port will use much less CPU power when idle
• Added detailed compilation instructions to Makefile for Linux port
• Added "make install" target and PNG program icon for Linux port
• Switched Windows compiler to MinGW/GCC4
• Windows executable is now packed with UPX to decrease filesize
• Removed .ufo, .gd7 and .078 ROM extensions; added .bs extension
• Added preliminary support for the BS-X base unit, BS-X base cartridge + MMC, and BS-X flash I/O

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.026

gpSPhone version 0.0.7 - GBA emulator for the Apple iPhone/iTouch

ZodTTD has released and uupdated a great new Full Speed GBA emulator for the Apple iPhone/iTouch. The latest release stands at version 0.0.7 and is a bugfix release.

Lots more details on each release via the homepage

Official Site

PicoDrive for PSP released - Genesis/Sega CD Emulator for PSP

Notaz has today released the Worlds first Sega CD emulator with some games running at Full Speed for the PSP, heres the release info:

There seemed to be some demand for Sega CD/Mega CD emulator for PSP, so after doing the Gizmondo port I decided to port PicoDrive, my Genesis/MegaDrive/Sega CD/Mega CD emulator, to PSP.

Well I don't really like how it performs (it still needs a bit more work), but I've decided to move to another project, so I thought I better release it as is, then keep it around untouched for months.

There is nothing fancy about this emulator (no dynarecs/asm cores), but it's still able to run many Genesis games fullspeed with no frameskip (including some CD ones), and others with some skipping. However there are some CD games which won't run too well (although situation can be improved by tweaking some options). This emulator uses hardware MP3 decoding via audiocodec library in PSP.

Note that this emu may need some option tweaking to get certain games working. Be sure to check the readme for details.

Finally, I feel I need to give credits several people whose code I used for this release:

* Chui for FAME/C (which is based on C68K by Stéphane Dallongeville, Gens fame)
* NJ for CZ80 (which was also based on Stef's code).
* MAME team for YM2612/SN76489 cores.
* fDave for the original PicoDrive, and Stef again for releasing Gens source, something to base my work on.
* ps2dev.org people for all sample code (cooleyes for libaudiocodec one).

Official Release Thread

    Saturday, November 17, 2007
iDeaS beta Released

• Fixed a bug in TEXIMAGE_PARAM register.
• Fixed a bug in PLTT_BASE register.
• Fixed a bug in VTX_* registers.
• Fixed a bug in VRAM Control registers.
• Fixed a bug in Affine Extended Draw Mode.
• Fixed a bug when select Extended Palettes.
• Fixed a bug in VCOUNT register.
• Fixed a bug in frames skip.
• Fixed a bug in microphone support.
• Added support for 7z files. (Thanks to Igor - The emu slow down)
• Added Zoom 1.5x.
• Added Auto Save Backup Memory.
• Added some AR opcodes.

and other small fixup.

iDeaS Official Site
iDeaS beta

    Thursday, November 15, 2007
PCSX2 0.9.4 fixes

Just a quick one, now i'm not suffering so badly from post traumatic release disorder, I thought I better just make a note saying to you guys the release builds were updated yesterday (if you didnt realise there was edit's) due to a bug making the TLB release extremely slow. This has now been fixed.

I have just updated the packs again to include Linuz ISO plugin version 0.7.0, seem's we accidently packed 0.6.0 with the earlier builds! sorry about that!

If you already have the slowness bug fixes (or you only use VM), you can download the Linuz ISO plugin update from our plugin downloads section, else feel free to redownload the packs, preferably from the mirror, as some of you may have noticed due to the volume of downloads we had, the site was grinding to a halt!

Thanks and enjoy 0.9.4

PCSX2 Official Site
PCSX2 0.9.4

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007
clrmamepro 3.107 Released

• misc: changed WindowToFront method which doesn't falsely stick the window as topmost sometimes
• misc: showing warning about crc32= 1/-1
• misc: removed a typo in dir2dat tooltip
• misc: added a n64 header xml description (thanks Cue)
• misc: www profiler xml creator allows optional subfolder scanning
• misc: Linux WINE/Mac Crossover users: adding a cmpro.ini setting "Adv_HideWindow = off" helps you when you got issues with the showing/hiding of the 6 button bar

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.107

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007
PSPSim 1.1.0 Released

- IR keyboard support !
- Speed improvement
- New speed limiter function
- Add option to display fps rate
- Now compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim
- Add a simple intro splash screen
- Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed when L or R are pressed
- New help menu
- Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate menus in german, french ...)
- Bug fix and code cleaning

PSPSim Official Site
PSPSim 1.1.0

PSP7800 1.1.1 Released

The sound was too crappy in this version, so back to previous sound engine with version 1.1.1.

PSP7800 Official Site
PSP7800 1.1.1

    Monday, November 12, 2007
Mednafen 0.8.4 Released

This is only the changes since 0.8.4-rc3, for the complete list of changes since the last stable release (0.81) click here.

PC-FX: Some RAINBOW registers weren't being reset on emulated system reset. Fixed.

PC-FX: Added dummy support for the external bus reset register.

PC-FX: Altered the way garbage data is handled by RAINBOW to fix a graphics bug in the Tengai Makyu options screen.

PC-FX: Reworked a large part of the KING SCSI emulation code, and parts of the CDROM device emulation code. Previously non-working-at-all games "Battle Heat" and "Tengai Makyu" work now. The non-anime game mode in "Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar" works now. "Der Langrisser FX" no longer locks up if you skip the intro movie. "Yuna FX" no longer locks up in one of the intro movies. These changes will cause some save state incompatibilities with previous versions of Mednafen. (Some of the SCSI changes also affect the PCE CDROM emulation, which may also result in save-state incompatibility issues, particularly if the save state occurred during a CDROM data transfer operation.)

PC-FX: Added setting "pcfx.cdspeed". If you want to change this, read the documentation first!

Cleaned up the video deinitialization code slightly, and fixed a few bugs in the OpenGL deinitialization code.

PC-FX: Reads from the dummy KING register 0x07 will now return 0xFF, per the devkit docs.

PC-FX: Reads from KING register 0x0B will now return the "DMA end" bit in D0 set correctly(at least, according to the developer docs).

Fixed a compilation error after running configure with --disable-nes.

PC-FX: Reads from I/O port 0xFC0 will *now* return the current timer counter value. The switch statement mask value was wrong...

Removed the warning in the documentation about error correction of raw data track rips, as Mednafen will now perform simple correction using the EDC and L-EC data(since 0.8.4-rc3). This could conceivably cause problems with naive hacks/translations/patches that neglect to update the EDC and L-EC data, so it can be disabled by setting the setting "cdrom.lec_eval" to 0. L-EC correction is based off code from dvdisaster(http://dvdisaster.net/).

PCE, PC-FX: Removed some debug printf()'s that were left in 0.8.4-rc3 by mistake.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.8.4

PSP7800 1.1.0 Released

- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- IR keyboard support (mainly for menu)
- Add option to display fps rate
- Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed whenL or R are pressed
- New psp clock option (it can now run at 133 Mhz)
- New speed limiter function
- New sound engine (always crappy but faster)
- Import code from ProSystem version 1.2

PSP7800 Official Site
PSP7800 1.1.0

    Sunday, November 11, 2007
PCSX2 0.9.4 Released

Well ladys and gents, here it is, the brand spanking new PCSX2 0.9.4. We have lots of new stuff for you people to try out, some of the major features included in this release are:

- ZeroSPU2 - new SPU2 plugin from zerofrog. It is the most stable SPU2 plugin. Also has a time-scaling feature which slows down sound when the frame rate is too low (instead of hearing popping sounds). The time-scaling feature works best under Windows, but is also implemented in Linux. This new plugin also fixes the voices on the Japanese release of Final Fantasy X

- VU recompilers - games like Kingdom Hearts II, Metal Gear Solid III, and Katamari Damacy are now playable.

- ZeroGS 0.97 - ZeroGS DirectX has gone open source! You can download it from sourceforge. A lot of bug fixes in this release and the added support of AA modes up to x16! One new feature is the ability to tweak ZeroGS options, which were internal up to these release. Read more about this feature in the help guide for how to patch up games.

- Path3 GS fixes - Fixes corrupting textures on many games.

- Memory Card Fixes - Now you can save your games in games like Resident Evil 4 and others which refused to see memorycards!

- Dual Layer DVD reading support for games like Xenosaga.

- Network Play! Enjoy playing your favourite online game with PS2 Players. (WinPCap Required), You can read up on how to do it by following this link: http://forums.ngemu.com/pcsx2-official-forum/95670-how-play-online-guide.html

- Windows x64 and Linux x86-64 support - The recompilers are not optimized yet, so don't expect major speed improvements. However, pcsx2 can now natively run on these platforms as well as the x86 platforms.

- Real Time Clock - Silly as it may seem, this actually makes Metal Gear Solid 3 and Katamari Damacy work, plus your ps2 says the actual time!

If you get a d3dx9_36.dll not found error, you need to update your directx from here.

PCSX2 Official Site
PCSX2 0.9.4

PSPZX81 1.1.0 Released

- IR keyboard support !
- Now compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim
- New graphics
- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- New render mode (fit height and fit) using GPU
- New psp clock option (it can now run at 133 Mhz)
- New speed limiter function
- Add option to display fps rate
- Add a simple intro splash screen
- Emulator menus reorganisation (new menu for settings)
- Add help menu
- Add keyboard change skin option (you can add your own virtual keyboard images in the graphics directory).
- Multiple keyboard mapping feature (Thanks to Pou-chan) You can now toggle between three differents keyboard mapping using L/R Trigger keys
- Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed when L or R are pressed
- Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate menus in german, french ...)
- Bug fix in program file requester

PSPZX81 Official Site
PSPZX81 1.1.0

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007
nullDC 1.0.0 BETA 1.6 Released

A quick update of the Dreamcast emulator nullDC has been released. Here's the change log since the previous BETA:

Changes Since 1.0.0 BETA 1.5:

-Old chanka aica code restored
-Elsemi code moved to ElsemiAICA,replaced all chanka code with nullAICA parts & fixed the timing bugs.
-nullPVR requires sm2.0 or fallbacks Fixed Function
-Relaxed the debug check on invalid loops (fixes nullAICA crashes on DOA2LE, possibly elsewere too)
-PowerVR AA mode now works properly (omikron half screen problems, possibly others)
-Version changed to 1.0.0 beta 1.6
-nullExtDev no longer requires winpcap when not emulating anything :)

nullDC 1.0.0 BETA 1.6 Release Thread
nullDC 1.0.0 BETA 1.6

    Tuesday, November 06, 2007
fMSX PSP 3.4.5 Released

• MSXMUSIC and MSXAUDIO emulation can now be toggled on and off at any time
• FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) activity indicator - displays an icon whenever the virtual floppy drive is busy
• Optional (and discouraged) hi-resolution renderer for screen modes 6, 7 and text-80

fMSX PSP Official Site
fMSX PSP 3.4.5

GlideHQ update 4 Released

- Fixed many problems with texture/palette CRC calculation. Almost all hires textures are loaded now. Note: GlideHQ does not support textures in jpeg format. If your hires pack has textures in jpeg, you must convert them all to png.
- Fixed texrects alignment issue. Note: There is an issue with texrects size in Mario Kart, which causes black lines in many menu textures. Thus, I use old texrects size calculation method for this game, which causes fewer artifacts.

GlideHQ Release Thread
GlideHQ update 4

    Monday, November 05, 2007
Yabause 0.9.1 Released

- Fixed slot pitch LFO. Amplitude LFO is probably more accurate now too.

emulated bios:
- Added Backup RAM manager functions.

opengl video core:
- Fixed a bug with VDP2 2x2 plane size rotation screens.
- Optimized tile mode rotation screens
- Added support for VDP1 polyline.

software video core:
- FPS display now working.
- Added support for VDP2 rotation without coefficient tables.
- Fixed a bug in VDP2 24 BPP bitmap mode.
- Fixed several clipping bugs in Normal and Scaled Sprites.
- Fixed a bug with VDP2 2x2 plane size rotation screens.
- Optimized tile mode rotation screens.

linux port:
- Cursor now disappears after 2 seconds of inactivity in the gtk port.

macos port:
- New high resolution icon.
- Add some missing OS X application property list keys.

windows port:
- Fixed window position bug.
- Other bug fixes.

- Tweaked frame timing code so it's more accurate.
- Re-implemented save states.
- Some internal changes do so that sound, video, and cd cores can be changed

Yabause Official Site
Yabause 0.9.1

Daedalus for PSP R13 Released

[+] Savestate support.
[^] Improved dynarec load/store code generation to remove a branch and a couple of instructions.
[^] Dynarec now generates much better code for fragments which branch to themselves.
[^] Dynarec load/stores through the stack pointer are now much more efficient.
[^] Avoid invalidating the instruction cache where possible.
[^] Simplified CPU event handling, making it slightly more efficient.

Daedalus for PSP Official Site
Daedalus for PSP R13

    Sunday, November 04, 2007
nullDC 1.0.0 BETA 1.5 Released

drkIIRaziel "saw the light" and decided that if we don't make a release now we may never do, so here it is:

Be aware that this is more like an ALPHA than a BETA (thus the version number) so some things might be broken.

Read the included documentation and follow the instructions there if you encounter any problems.

Have fun.

nullDC 1.0.0 BETA 1.5
Release Thread at NGEmu

No$gba 2.5b Released

- nds/3d/debug: vram viewer auto-updates 3d tree view (if any) during emulation
- nds/3d/debug: defaults to disable old/slow 3d debugmsg's (instead vram viewer)
- nds/3d/mtx: removed v2.5 z-rounding trick, allows to change projection per vtx
- nds/3d/mtx: gl_projection set to identity (but max depth +1.0 instead +0.99)
- nds/3d/mtx: all matrix math done by software without using any opengl matrices
- nds/spi: allows to deselect/disable spi bus without clearing the hold-bit
- nds/3d/debug: vram viewer displays texture bitmap for currently selected vtx
- nds/3d/debug: vram viewer draws laser arrow from screen-center to selected vtx
- nds/3d/debug: vram viewer indicates unused lights and color tables by red line
- nds/3d/debug: vram viewer shows color/material/shininess/etc for selected vtx
- nds/wifi/help: added port 24Ch/24Eh/250h, 264h/270h, 2A4h/2C4h, 2C8h/2CCh info
- nds/3d/speedup/frameskip: renders 3d only when needed (capture and video out)
- nds/3d/speedup: position vectors multiply only 3x4 matrix (and add 1x4 * w=1)
- nds/3d/speedup: directional vectors use 3x3 matrix maths (instead slow 4x4)
- nds/key1/help: renamed crypt_up/down (actually encrypt/decrypt) (thanks simon)
- nds/3d/stage2/buf: all 3d rendering/lighting/vtxmaths performed from buffer
- nds/3d/multi: uses a single opengl context shared (and working) for multiplay
- nds/3d/internal: internally translates gx commands 0..255 to ID codes 0..38
- nds/wifi/help: added W_TX_HDR_CNT port 194h bit0,1,2 info (thanks Tim Seidel)
- nds/3d/debug: added new 3d page to vram viewer, treeview for buffered commands
- nds/3d/buf: stores initial frame settings, reallocs larger buffer when needed
- nds/3d/buf: stores commands with original params, and results on each mtx cmd
- nds/3d/buf: buffers all gx commands (for future frameskip and for vram viewer)
- nds/3d/deguglog: appends current matrix_mode as comment to all matrix commands
- nds/3d/softlight: fixed shininess_table index (7bit index = 8bit data div 2)
- nds/wifi: emulates 0000h-to-094h-to-098h, and reset-098h.bit15-via-0B4h.Bit6
- nds/wifi/help: added 1D0h..1DFh info, added notes on body[2] instead txhdr[2]
- nds/wifi/help: confirmed 0B4h.Bit6, added 030h.Bit7, added info on 094h/098h
- nds/wifi/help: removed incorrect/unconfirmed rxbuf_begin/end-latching-info
- nds/wifi/help: added txhdr[2], port[0C0h], port[0C4h], renamed EXTRA to CMD
- nds/wifi/help: renamed W_RXUNITS to W_RXTX_ADDR and moved it to status chapter
- nds/wifi/help: added notes on registers affected by powerforce (and by irq13)
- nds/wifi: reflects powerforce to rf_status (unreported pictochat-lite problem)
- cpu/debug: replaced invalid tmb high-opcode error message by optional warning
- cpu/debug: disassembler shows invalid high-opcodes as such (thanks vladimir)
- cpu: emulates invalid add/mov/cmp thumb high-opcodes-without-high-registers
- joysticks: fixed unstable vint_inputs code (occassionallly skipped joysticks)
- nds/wifi/dslite: debug-iomap recognizes channel-number for type3 RF registers
- nds/wifi/dslite: emulates type3 RF registers (reading, writing, and initial)
- nds/wifi: emulates reading from RF chip, emulates initial power-on RF values
- nds/wifi/help: added RF2958 (aka RF9008) datasheet info (thanks Tim Seidel)

No$gba Official Site
No$gba 2.5b

MAME GP2X 4.9 Released

- The GP2X F200 compatibility has been fixed. It seems to be a bug in the new firmware 4.0. The 15360 and 33075 Hz sound frequencies don't run (16000 and 32000 Hz frequencies are now used instead). Thanks to Eclipse for his help testing in the F200.
- The Z80 C core has been replaced by the MAME 0.53 one. It is more accurate and not slower. Thanks to TTYman.

MAME GP2X Official Site

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