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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Model 2 Emulator 0.5a Released

This is a small bugfix release:
Fixed (hopefully at last) the analog wraparound bug.
Fixed wrong colour table translation in vcop madium and expert levels.

Added a couple of useful features:
Launch game from commandline (just add the driver name. ex: Emulator.exe stcc)
Auto-switch to fullscreen after game loading (the option is in the Video menu)

Model 2 Emulator Official Site
Model 2 Emulator 0.5a

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Ootake 1.06 Released

- The screen display processing part was sped up. I think that processing lightened in some measure of a personal computer environment so not fast.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.06

    Monday, May 28, 2007
Hoxs64 Released

1) Fixed assertion failure whilst using the monitor with a disabled 1541 disk drive.

Hoxs64 Official Site

Dualis Release 20.4 Released

CPU: Fixed a bug in the division SWI
CPU: Improved IRQ handling a bit
CPU: Added emulation of GetCrc16, GetSineTable, GetPitchTable and GetVolumeTable
GPU: Fixed a bug in the backdrop color selection that would sometimes occur
GPU: Fixed a bug in the rendering of 256-color r/s BGs (mode 4)
GPU: Modfied palette offset calculation for 256-color textures
GUI: Fixed a bug where the emulator would occationally freeze for a couple of seconds
GUI: Fixed a bug where CFlash initialization would sometimes fail when loading a ROM through the File menu
GUI: CFlash emulation is now automatically disabled when a compressed ROM is loaded (.zip/.7z)
GUI: Added a dummy sound emulation mode that works on computers with no DirectSound (EmulateSound=2 in dualis.ini)
GUI: Fixed a bug related to loading a ROM by double-clicking it in explorer
GUI: Added a "Recent" menu
GUI: Fixed some bugs in the map viewer
MMU: Fixed an LZ77 decompression bug

Dualis Official Site
Dualis Release 20.4

    Sunday, May 27, 2007
MAME GP2X 3.9 Released

A lot of improvements done by Slaanesh:
- Updated threaded sound core. Restart with each game for better reliability. No more disappearing sound for games.
- Major bug fix in FM sound, no more disappearing sound in FM based games! ie. Bobble Bobble, Black Tiger, MANY others.
- Bug fix to YM3812 sound system. Fixes for sampled instruments handling.
- Sample sound code adjusted. Should play better. Specific fixes with samples in Galaga (explosion), Star Trek, Gorf and Berzerk.
Note: Star Trek requires new sample set.
- Bug fixes (memory leaks) in core MAME code: unzip, palette and other common functions.
- Bug fixes (memory leaks) in game drivers: 1943, Break Thru, Black Tiger, Commando, Sega System 8 games, Atari System 1 & 2
games (Gauntlet, Xybots, etc).
- Some debug code has been added to detect new memory leaks.
- Protection emulated in Solomon's Key.
- Updated driver for Return of the Jedi.
- Bobble Bobble sounds didn't sync correctly with video and audio clock at 100%. Fixed.
- Optimizations in the Sega System 8 video hardware. Games like Choplifter running significantly better now.
Thanks, Slaanesh for all your hard work!

- DrZ80 compatibility improvements. More games are now compatible: Windjammers, Tokio, Bobble Bobble, etc.
- Added Turtle Ship (turtship) (MAME 0.35b1). It has been also added to the ClrMAME DAT. 1139 romsets are now supported!.
- Tehkan World Cup can now be played with two players using USB joypads. Thx to Pepe_Faruk.
- Small bugfix in the MMUHack flush-cache calls. Thx to Notaz.

MAME GP2X Official Site

    Friday, May 25, 2007
Model 2 Emulator 0.5 Released

This release fixes several playability bugs in Daytona USA (analog controls wraparound and windows disappearing when going to fullscreen) and adds a new playable game: Motor Raid. It also contains a modified color lookup table processing that improves the colors in the original model 2 games (daytona, vcop and dtank). The emulator now includes a nice icon and background image, thanks to jordigahan and Peabo for them.

Model 2 Emulator Official Site
Model 2 Emulator 0.5

    Thursday, May 24, 2007
Hoxs64 Released

1) Minor adjustment to the VIC under-border background colour logic. The "1993" part of "Totally Stoned 2" by Booze Design is now pixel exact as seen on a real C64C.

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007
MAME32FX 0.115 Released

Updated to MAME 0.115 - MAME32 0.115a
Some good fixes/hacks from various sources:
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Batrider0114Red.
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Battleg0113u4Red.
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Blktiger37b15Gre. (Robiza)
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Bonzeadv0107Red. (RAINE)
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Bonzeadv0108u3Yel. (RAINE)
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Hotchase060Gre.
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Kingofb47b6Gre. (Robiza)
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Legendoh0114Yel.
• Fixed MAME Testers bug M92c053Gre2. (Reip)
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Metamrph0112Red.
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Missile0115Yel. (Aaron Giles)
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Tapper0102Gre1.
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Timber099Gre.

NOTE: You have to delete INIMAME32FXPP.INI before start the emulator.

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.115

Hoxs64 Released

1) Adjustment to the VIC sprite Y expand register. The game Flying Shark now displays correctly.
2) Adjustment to the CIA serial shift register to raise the initial byte complete IRQ after 15 timer underflows instead of 16 timer underflows. The game Athena now displays correctly.
3) Adjustment to the VIC display enable bit. The game Elven Warrior now displays.
4) Adjustment to the SID ADSR. The HVSC sid tune /VARIOUS/M-R/Nata/Future_Impulse.sid missing instruments have been restored.

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Monday, May 21, 2007
Nestopia 1.37 Released

Shell Additions:
• Menu option for DIP switch window popup on file load.
• Movie recording now supported during netplay.

Shell Changes:
• Smaller netplay data packets.
• Minor GUI adjustments.
• Refactoring.

Shell Fixes:
• Scaling artifacts with NTSC filter on certain resolutions.
• Auto NTSC/PAL window resize bug.
• Sound stuttering on window clicks.
• Netplay bugs/quirks.
• Joystick auto-calibration bug.

Core Additions:
• Mapper 63.
• Mapper 121 and 134. Info from CaH4e3.
• Mapper 136 for Sachen board SA-002 3011. Info from Enri.
• Mapper 178 for "San Guo Zhong Lie Zhuan (Ch)". Info from temryu.
• UNIF boards: AX5705, T-230, CTC-65 and 190IN1. Info from CaH4e3.
• Adaptive sound streaming synchronization.
• More optimization hints for GCC.
• Database entries.

Core Changes:
• Movie file format rewritten. Older files will no longer work (sorry, had to be done sooner or later). New format is much more flexible and extendable.
• Lower memory consumption.
• APU speed optimizations.
• Most DIP switches are now configurable through dialogs instead being soft-reset-triggered.
• Board names. Info from Pongbashi and Bootgod.
• Refactoring.

Core Fixes:
• Mapper 41 and 43.
• Mapper 112. Fixes "Fighting Hero III". Info from temryu.
• Minor save state inaccuracy.
• FDS sound emulation inaccuracy. Fixes "Nazo no Magazine Disk - Nazoraa Land Dai 3 Gou".
• Small rewinder bug.
• Database entries.

Nestopia Official Site
Nestopia 1.37

    Saturday, May 19, 2007
Hoxs64 Released

1) The VIC emulation as been enhanced to include a 4 pixel delay before responding to changes to the sprite multicolor register. Stray pixels have been removed from the "Krestage 3" Demo by Crest 50 pixel sprite upper border.

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Friday, May 18, 2007
MEKA 0.72 Released

- First of all, the video system was converted to use hi-color modes (no more palettized/indexed mode, welcome to the 21th century!), effectively increasing compatibility and glitches with newer video hardware, overally simplifying development, and allowing proper emulation of advanced palette effects on the Game Gear. The blitter system was also improved in various ways, with simplified configuration and default setting more friendly to today's computers.
- Various minor emulation issues were fixed, including cases crashing the emulator, extended 224 lines video mode and Z80 and ColecoVision interruptions behaviours.
- As for the interface, the theming system configuration style was revamped and new shortcuts were added to aid quick manipulation in debugging sessions (CTRL-F4, CTRL-TAB).
- Development tools were given a huge boost in this version. Added line history. Added conditional breakpoints. Added display line event breakpoints/watchpoints. Added SET commands to modify registers. Added the possibility to spawn multiple memory editors. Added a CLOCK commands to assist timing code. Added edition of VDP registers. Added a brand new tilemap viewer, with various filters and information display, etc.
- And generally various tweaks and fixes as well as portability improvements.
(Read full list of changes)

MEKA Official Site
MEKA 0.72

Ootake 1.05 Released

- In "Windows Vista", when the dialog to open ROM-image is displayed, the bug that Ootake closed uncommonly (generated by v1.04) was corrected.
- In playing "Hu-CARD game", when "F1" key is pushed while pressing "Ctrl" key, not reset but "CD Play" was made to be able to be executed.
- The happiness of the game is the world human race commonness. It longs for peace.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.05

    Thursday, May 17, 2007
iDeaS Released

• Added LDRD and STRD opcodes.
• Added HuffUnComp BIOS function.
• Added Square Root BIOS function.
• Added command line options.
• Added zipped rom support (the emulator slows down).
• Added basic frameskip.
• Added support for M3, Supercard CF and Supercard One files.
• Added Run to Cursor(F6) and Step Over(F8) in debugger.
• Added support for Shadow Polygons.
• Added support for .ds.gba and .sc.nds files.
• Added Rotation feature.
• Added Save/Load game capability.
• Fixed unaligned memory access on LDRH opcode.
• Fixed a bug in textures management.
• Fixed a bug in 3D matrices management.
• Fixed a bug in LIGHT_VECTOR register.
• Fixed a bug in NORMAL register.
• Fixed a bug in GXSTAT register.
• Fixed a bug in Extended Draw Mode management.
• Fixed a bug in microphone support.

iDeaS Official Site

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Hoxs64 Released
1) Fixed restore key freeze bug introduced in v1.0.4.12.
1) Added 25 pixel sprite feature used in the "Krestage 3" Demo by Crest. The demo will now run unpatched.
2) Bug fix to broken sprite timing introduced in v1.0.4.12 that was noticed in the "Royal Arte" Demo By Booze Design

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007
B-EM 1.4 Released

• 65c012 tube emulation (+ Master Turbo) - from 4mhz to 64mhz
• Fixed bug in ARM tube emulation
• Sideways ROMs supported in Master emulation
• Windows version now releases unneeded CPU time
• Sound should hopefully be better

B-EM Official Site
B-EM 1.4

Hoxs64 Released

1) Bug fix to Win9x file open/save dialogs introduced in v1.0.4.12.

Hoxs64 Official Site

    Monday, May 14, 2007
MAME GP2X 3.8 Released

- DIP-Switches support.
- Merge witch Chui's MAME4ALL Alpha v2.
- Sarge controls fixed.
- Fix in the samples support. Thx, Slaanesh.
- New icons by DaveC have been included.

MAME GP2X Official Site

WinUAE 1.4.2a Released

Bugs fixed:
- Path handling problems fixed. If you still have problems with paths, select Paths-panel "WinUAE default (old)" and click "Reset to defaults" and then manually adjust paths if needed.
- Windows 98SE (and ME?) incompatibility.

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.4.2a

Hoxs64 Released

1) Added disk image, T64 and SID file inspector to the Auto Load dialog box.
2) Added Quick Load to the Auto Load dialog box for fast loading PRG files from a CBM DOS disk image.
3) Minor adjustment to the SID noise waveform. The California Games title music drums now plays correctly.
4) Bug fix to the "Save As D64" option that guessed the wrong speed zone of a track which resulted in a corrupted saved D64. The default speed zones are now assumed during a "Save As D64".
5) ROMs are searched for in the following order. The folder of the executable. The current system path.

Hoxs64 Official Site

Gens32 Surreal 1.76 Girl Released

1) Some update on sound stuff.
2) Fixed a bug, which caused slient while dump audio.
3) Update render plugin Gens32 Antialiasings to Gens32 Antialiasings II
4) ^_^ I just forget update what... toooooo long since I finshed this stuff.

Warning: This version request a powerful PC.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.76 Girl

    Sunday, May 13, 2007
UberNES 3 revision 2 Released

• Added support for iNES mapper 5 (MMC5)

• Added time-trial support
  o When you play time-trial enabled games, UberNES will record your completion times
  o Upload your times to the UberNES database to compete with other UberNES users for the fastest times
  o Download the worldwide NES stats to see the fastest worldwide times
  o The currently-supported time trial games are:
    + Metroid
    + Super Mario Bros.
    + Super Mario Bros. 2
    + Mega Man 2
    + Castlevania 3

• Added "Download all movies" feature to online movie gallery

• In conjunction with this version, we are releasing a related project - our Nintendo Screen Saver
  o It's a stand-alone Windows screen saver that displays NES games
  o Games are played intelligently by using UberNES movie files as input sources
  o The screen saver can tap into the online UberNES movie gallery to quickly import a large amount of unique, quality gameplay footage.

UberNES Official Site
UberNES 3 revision 2

Ootake 1.04 Released

- At "TG16 ROM-image Bit Convert" menu (added it by the last update), when the convert was completed, the bug to which "install" folder did not open by the automatic operation was corrected.
- The sound initialization part has been corrected and improved. In the personal computer environment that cannot be operated up to now, it might have come to be able to be operated. Moreover, when it is not possible to operate, a concrete error message is displayed as much as possible.
- In the environment to which the CD-ROM(DVD-ROM) drive cannot be recognized, the stability of "Hu-CARD game play" has been improved.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.04

PSPXTI 1.1.0 Released

- New user interface !
- Use Virtual keyboard !
- Use SDL library
- Render mode max (fullscreen)
- Add keyboard mapping menu
- New help window
- New background image
- Multiple keyboard mappings feature: You can now toggle between 3 different keyboard mapping using LTrigger and RTrigger keys
- Delete files option
- Bug fix in the file requester

PSPXTI Official Site
PSPXTI 1.1.0

blueMSX 2.7 Released

- Added support for MEGA-SCSI, WAVE-SCSI and MSX Club Gouda SCSI (NOVAXIS)
- Added support for SCSI CD Audio and CD-ROM
- Added support for keyboard input in the Philips Music Module (MSX-Audio)
- Added support for MIDI input and output in the Philips Music Module (MSX-Audio) and SFG-05 (Yamaha CX5M/CX7M)
- Added support for ESE-SCC, ESE-RAM and Mega Flash ROM SCC cartridges
- New trainer with improved search capabilities and a new .mcf file format
- Added remove all harddisks feature
- Added support for sprite mirroring (screen 2) in MSX1 machines
- Added pixel accuracy in screen 0
- Added Home hotkey in debugger to go to current command
- Added new values in the cpu register window of the debugger
- Added ability to use registers in the 'Go to' feature and the memory viewer of the debugger
- When CPU is stopped by a breakpoint, the sound buffer is cleared
- Fixed z80 timing bugs
- Fixed z80 instruction bugs
- Fixed bug in Cas and Disk leds
- Vram pointer updated correctly in MSX1 machines
- 5th Sprite status bits updated correctly
- Fixed bug with collision detection for transparent sprites
- Screen 0 masking handled correctly
- Fixed digitize enable bit (ignoring it) in screen 0-4
- Fixed scroll bug in screen 4
- TC8566AF format bug fixed : filler byte was not used.
- Fixed a bug in the Panasonic FDC that caused some MSX2+ machines to fail
- Fixed aliasing in SCC filter
- Improved Moonsound emulation
- Fixed bug in mirrored mapper
- Re-added support for old command line rom types

BlueMSX Official Site
blueMSX 2.7

    Saturday, May 12, 2007
WinUAE 1.4.2 Released

New features:
- "Windowed fullscreen" for users with multiple monitors, fullscreen Amiga on secondary monitor, Windows on primary monitor, no more lost fullscreen when focus changes to Windows program.
- A600/A1200 and A4000 IDE harddrive (HDF) hardware emulation, includes also "4-Way IDE" / "IDE splitter" emulation.
- Directory, HDF, IDE and Picasso96 statefile support. WARNING: data loss possible if data in HDF has changed between saving and restoring! Picasso96 statefile support not 100% compatible yet.
- 68030 and 68060 (with FPU. 68060.library required) emulation. (no MMU)
- 68881/68882 FPU type selectable.
- Global brightness, contrast and gamma adjustment.
- "PAL" TV-like filter, with brightness, contrast, gamma, scanline level, blur and noise adjustment.
- GUI debugger, debugger improvements. (xx switches debugger modes)
- New GUI font if running under Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
- Interpolation and filters supported in 4/6 channel sound modes.
- Log and debugger console position stored in registry.

Bugs fixed:
- Improved CDTV emulation compatibility.
- 1.4.0 FPU clamping fix.
- Missing channels in 4 channel sound mode. (Emu10K based cards)
- 10x+ performance increase during "decrunching" color effects when no filters enabled and only background color was visible.
- Crash when loading config and specific chipset extra model was selected.
- Direct HD support improved, SyQuest removable drives detected properly.
- Minor custom chipset emulation updates.
- Rare emulator crash when running Amiga program crashed badly.
- Filter centering improved.

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.4.2

SSF 0.08 alpha R10 Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, here's a crude translation of the news:

Unjust order except operation of 68000 was mounted.
The EG processing of SCSP was corrected.
It tried to write the data to the sound data stack of SCSP.
Renewal processing of the sampling position of SCSP was corrected.
The processing of SCU-DSP was corrected.
The drawing weight processing of VDP1 was corrected.
BIOS emulating processing was corrected.

There is no BIOS with it tried to be able to reset.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R10

Ootake 1.03 Released

- "Option" button was added to the screen of the start. The hardware use setting of the sound can be selected. Additionally, a similar selection item was added also to "Setting->Audio" menu. If it makes an error, it doesn't operate, and the noise is recorded, try changing this.
- "Tool -> TG16 ROM-image Bit Convert" menu was added to "Setting" menu. "TurboGrafx16's Rom-image" with the sucking out machine for Japan (Data has taken the shape at this stage) is output correcting it. The corrected file is preserved in "install" folder, and move properly.
  * The preserved image-file becomes a breach of the Copyright Act when distributing it to the other. Therefore, please treat carefully.
- The processing speed & timing were elaborately modeled on a real machine. In "Forgotten Worlds", "Shin Onryou Senki", "Spriggan", "Spriggan markII", etc., the problem that the screen shook occasionally was solved.
- In "Quiz Tonosama no Yabou", overlapping the screen of the opening demonstration became correct.
- In "Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna", the part where the opening demonstration had fallen into disorder became correct.
- In "Volfied", the problem that the screen has fallen into disorder (It is generated by v1.02) was corrected.
- In "Shin Onryou Senki", the problem that ADPCM voice is not correctly played (It is generated by v1.02) was corrected.
- "All Default" menu was added to "Setting" menu.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.03

Hatari 0.95 Released

Hatari version 0.95 has been released. This release brings you basic Atari TT and Falcon emulation! Please note that both new emulation modes are still highly experiemental,some few games and demos work, but most still have more or less big problems. Basic emulation of Falcon video shifter (Videl), NVRAM and DMA sound is in place. The biggest drawback: There is no working Falcon DSP emulation yet.

Other things that have been added / fixed:
- Screen/Shifter emulation timings have slightly been changed. Some things now work better, some others work worse...
- Some patches for compiling on RiscOS and AmigaOS have been included.
- Compiling Hatari for Windows now works better.
- Added Hatari icon (hatari-icon.bmp).
- Fixed "movec" bug in 68020 CPU mode.
- Keyboard shortcuts for loading & saving memory snapshots (AltGr+k & AltGr+l).
- The built-in debugger has been slightly improved to be more user-friendly.
- Added "hmsa" tool - a little program for converting .MSA files to .ST and vice versa.

Hatari Official Site
Hatari 0.95

DeSmuME 0.7.0 Released

- Added support for *.duc files [cyberwarriorx]

- Added support for sprite rotation/scaling [shash]
- Added support for the 3D core (openGL and null plugins) [shash]

windows port:
- A bunch of fixes [Dmitry Krutskih]
- Fixed a bug in sound that was causing it to still not work for some people [cyberwarriorx]

- Added 3D emulation
- Added command line options.
- Added option to use OpenGL to render window (allows resizing).

- Added 3D emulation

DeSmuME Official Site
DeSmuME 0.7.0

    Friday, May 11, 2007
GP2X-TI92 1.0.1 Released

XTiger is an unix emulator (under X Window) of a TI-92 calculator (Texas instruments). It was originally written by Jonas Minnberg and was closed source. Jonas Minnberg has not worked on XTiger for quite a while and he gave Misha Nasledov the code and permission to GPL it.

Here is a port on GP2X of the version 0.8 using GP2X-SDK environment.

GP2X-TI92 Official Site
GP2X-TI92 1.0.1

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007
MEKA WIP 2007-05-08 Released

Great news: I finally took the time and fixed all leftover blitters problems that were introduced when switching to hi-color mode. Meaning that I should now be able to release an official 0.72 version! - It's not lacking features compared to 0.71. This WIP version should be the last, consider this as a Release Candidate for MEKA 0.72. Please report any problem you may find with it.
The new video settings are located in the .cfg file, they don't have an interface as of yet but things should work pretty well without tweaking them.

- Preliminary MacOSX port. [Proppy]
Compile and run under a x86-based MacOSX system. Missing sound (due to Seal) and debugger (unknown problem to resolve). Looking for someone who wish to improve and maintain this port.

- Fixed HQ2X stretched blitter when target output was not 16-bits. [Omar]
- Fixed TV Mode blitters broken since since switching to hi-color. Implementation is slower than previously, but it works well. [Omar]
- Removed obsolete "scanlines" blitter, in favor of "tvmode". [Omar]
- Stretching works on all blitters. [Omar]
- Video depth, Vsync, Triple Buffering and Page flipping are now global video settings, removed from each specific blitter. Greatly simplify configuration and tweaking. [Omar]
- Triple buffering doesn't interfere with the refresh is not supported by the current settings (eg: windowed mode), making it safe and more simple to always leave it enabled. [Omar]

- Z80: Fixed RETI behavior (same as RETN, copying IFF2 to IFF1). Fixes pausing in SMS Robocop 3 during legal screens/introduction, probably other infrequent cases. [FluBBa, Omar]
- Z80: Accepting NMI doesn't copy IFF1 over IFF2, as suggested by Sean Young's "The Undocumented Z80 Documented". [Omar]

- Fixed emulation of pending NMI, pending flag is cleared when reading VDP status. Fixes "Rock 'N Bolt" among other. Thanks to the anonymous poster on SMS Power! forums. [Omar]
- Note that the compatibility list for ColecoVision titles is severly outdated. At some point, James Carter worked on a new, more accurate list, but I lost all contact with him.

- Fixed video rendering, broken when switching to hi-color modes. [Omar]
- Added PRAM support in Memory Editor. [Omar]
- Added 8 palette switching in Tile Viewer. [Omar]
- Note: NES emulation is humor legacy code and won't be supported.

- Sorted default themes, removed non Sega 8-bit related themes.
- Now embedding background pictures in regular binary distribution.

MEKA Official SIte
MEKA WIP 2007-05-08

SMSAdvance 2.1 Released *updated*

UPDATE: If you downloaded the files prior to this notice you may want to download them again as fluBBa made the following update:

Update: fixed a huge bug making a lot of games crash at start, sorry about that.

* Optimised tile rendering for mode 0 & 2.
* Fixed a bug where GG games set the "lock-toprow" bit (Sonic Drift demo).
* Added support for the SG1000 games Mahjong and Home Mahjong.
* Added support RAM on some SG1000 games (The Castle, Othello...).
* Fixed clearing of SMS VRAM when no bios used.

SMSAdvance Official Site
SMSAdvance 2.1

clrmamepro 3.101 Released

• fixed: some wrong fixing messages when sets are shared
• misc: fix datfiles, set export etc include chds and samples

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.101

    Monday, May 07, 2007
YAPE 0.74 Released

• dialog window for custom joystick controls
• customizable RAM startup patterns
• adjustable interlaced line shade in double sized VDU emulation mode
• command line parameter for initial breakpoint (/BREAK:address)
• added CPU level emulation support in fast (line based) mode
• no need to reattach D64 files when switching from IEC to CPU level drive emulation
• deadlock on SCRATCH-ing unclosed files fixed (IEC/D64)
• slightly improved SID filters
• improved mixing of audio channels
• regression TED bug fix in fast emulation level
• a couple of minor fixes

YAPE Official Site
YAPE 0.74

SNEmulDS 0.5 beta Released

This version aims to improve in sound and graphics. As the emulation becomes more and more complex, it is more and more difficult to add new features without breaking the emulation overall, so some new feature will not be enabled by default for all games. The configuration file select which features are enabled or not, and becomes very important (so don’t forget to put it in the root directory!).

I tried very hard to improve sound, and i succeeded to get much better musics in some games, but there may still some “pops” or “cracks” sometimes, and the sound can slowdown or goes mad in some rare circumtances (the ARM7 seems not powerful enough).

A new menu has been added : the GFX config menu, this menu offer a simple way to change the GFX behaviour in real time. The emulation is not stopped like in the options menu, you can enable/disable several features and see which ones are better for the game. (See README for more informations)

Here is the list of changes
• Changed the Sound timers, now the timers should be a bit more accurate and removed the timers hacks
• Moved back the Sound RAM in the fast ARM7 RAM, removed unused code from ARM7 codes
• Now support sprite address change during frame (limited to two addresses by frame), this makes Ogre Battle much more playable
• Left handed people can now enjoy the SNES mouse option (right buttons can be used like left joypad).
• Options can now be saved in configuration file
• New SNES config menu
• Fixed some bugs

Optionnal feature (enabled by configuration file):
• Added sound synchronisation fixes, this is a set of flags that make ARM9 slowdown or make ARM9 wait for the ARM7. Those options make Square games (and other games) sound much better, but also break sound in other games. So this option is available through the configuration file. I only changed for the configuraiton file for Chrono Trigger, SOM1 and FFVI. You will have to modify the configuration and test the options for other games.
• Added priority per tile for BG3, by detecting if there are more low or high priority per tile at each line (see README)
• Added priority per tile for BG1 and BG2, by using the fourth DS layer. Low priority tiles go to fourth layer, and high priority per tiles (this idea was taken from SNESAdvance).
• Sprites priorities can now be changed. See configuraiton file for more informations. The default is 1123 but 1223 makes some games look better (like Castlevania IV first level for instance)

SNEmulDS Official Site
SNEmulDS 0.5 beta

GP2X-THOM 1.0.3 Released

- Improve speed
- Improve emulation accuracy
- Improve volume handler
- Add MMU hack stuff
- Add option to display frame rate
- New speed limiter function
- Bug fix in file requester

GP2X-THOM Official Site
GP2X-THOM 1.0.3

MESS 0.115 Released

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
- Mac 128k, Mac 512k, Mac Classic (not working) [R. Belmont]
- Telmac 2000 (not working) [Curt Coder]
- X68000 [Barry Rodewald]
- Pokemon mini (not working) [Wilbert Pol]
- 3DO (not working) [Wilbert Pol]

System Driver Changes:
- [AMSTRAD] Fixed sprite order. [Barry Rodewald]
- [MAC512/MACPLUS] Fixed video timing, booting from SCSI harddisk works once again. [R. Belmont]
- [SATURN] Preliminary CDROM, backup, & input support. Fixed sound. Still marked NOT_WORKING as only a few games do anything. [R. Belmont]
- [STUDIO2/VIP] System is now working and playable. (bug #1098) [Curt Coder]
- [VTECH1] Fixed snapshot loading on big-endian systems and added correct interrupt emulation. [Dirk Best]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.115. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Added support for noting default RAM options in -listxml. (bug #1147) [Nate Woods]
- [Windows] Factored out handling of standard file dialogs, to centralize handling of UTF-8 conversions and compatibility with old versions of Windows. [Nate Woods]
- Fixed border colors for systems that use the MC6847 video chip and a custom palette. [Dirk Best]

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.115

MAME 0.115 Releases

A new version of MAME has been released, you can find the full list of changes here or here (mirror).

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.115

MAME32 Official Site

Daedalus for PSP R11 Released

  Large overhaul of rom settings and preferences. All settings should now be persistant.
[+] Native support for palettised textures for faster rendering and less memory usage.
[+] Provided a fixed size pool for all texture memory, to limit memory usage.
[+] Expansion Pak enabled by default.
[!] Updated rom info database to include save mechanism for many roms.
[!] Fix memory leak in texture cache.
[!] Fixed conversion of RGBA/32bpp textures with odd alignments.
[!] Fix crash which occurred when recolouring textures in low memory situations.
[^] Large rewrite of texture cache to reduce memory usage and improve performance.
[^] Various optimisations to the way textures are looked up in the cache and installed.
[^] Optimise offsetting/scaling of texture coordinates.
[^] Improve performance of dynarec fragment cache and reduce memory fragmentation.

Daedalus for PSP Official Site
Daedalus for PSP R11

    Sunday, May 06, 2007
Potemkin Released

Potemkin (codenamed DaSH) is an experimental open source HLE PSP Emulator. It is created and released by ector under the GPL license.

Here are some features of the emulator:

Features: (end-user point of view :)
- Plays Puzzle Bobble Pocket JAP
- Starts AI Go
- Runs numerous demos from the PSP SDK

Technical Features:
- Badly simulated PSP kernel
- Mounts ISOs and CSOs (no DAX!)
- Mounts Windows directories (no good UI yet for this)

Screenshots of some games running:

Since ector does not have the necessary time to work on Potemkin anymore he decided to release the source code (under the GPL license) in case someone else wants to continue working on it.

Potemkin Win32 Binary and Source Code

fMSX-PSP 3.1.3 Released

• Support for multi-volume disk images - multiple disk images per ZIP file and in-game volume switching
• Improved virtual keyboard navigation, rendering speed increase
• System ROM's can be stored in a single ZIP file in the application's directory
• Integrated zipped ROM and DSK file support (fast loading from ZIP files)
• PSG/SCC sound emulation engine by Mitsutaka Okazaki
• Approximately 18% gain in rendering speed
• Frames-per-second counter
• PAL frequency (50Hz) timing
• Various small improvements and bugfixes

fMSX-PSP Official Site
fMSX-PSP 3.1.3

    Saturday, May 05, 2007
SNESGT 0.218 Released

A new version of this SNES emulator has been posted, no list of changes is available in english though. Here's a crude translation by google langauge tools:

- envx of sound DSP, correcting the behavior of the outx register
-- 0.217 So [enbagu] correction of those which are done
- Correcting mounting the sprite priority rotation
-- Correction of the bug which damage indication of FF mystic QUEST turns to rear
- Correcting the address mirroring of the SPC port

It is there is no excessive big renewal point but, bug entered to the relation of sound with 0.217, because sound has become strange with wide-ranging title, made to release new version.

SNESGT Official Site
SNESGT 0.218

GameEx 8.10 Released

• Thanks to Ben Baker:
  o Updated fixed model 2 support
  o Much friendlier defaults in setup wizard for new installs
  o Moving and sorting emulators in the setup wizard retains your favorites
• Model 2 emulator 0.4 games now supported in GameEx
• Fixes issue with loading screen not displaying
• Fixes issue with file names that contain apostrophes
• Improved loading speed when launched from Media Center
• Fixes issue with adding GameEx to Vista X64 Media Center start page
• Much better display quality of themes when shown at different resolutions

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 8.10

    Friday, May 04, 2007
Ootake 1.02 Released

- The sound processing was considerably sped up. In sound chip so not fast or personal computer environment so not fast, a clear sound might have come to be played. And, tone quality has improved, too.
- Graphic processing was sped up a little.
- In "Langrisser", ADPCM-voice is correctly played.
- The forwarding of V-RAM was modeled on a real machine. In "Langrisser", the status display when scrolling became correct.
- The processing timing when CD-ROM was accessed was modeled on a real machine. "Ys IV", "Popful Mail", and "Mugen Senshi Valis", etc. have improved. ("Ys IV" and "Popful Mail" can be played with stability by installing data by "Install" of "CD-ROM" menu.)
- In "Card Angels", It came to be able to do men's tip (when winning, it keeps pushing I and II buttons). And, three button pad is automatically connected.
- The processing speed was modeled on real machine more. In "Chou Aniki", the problem that the screen uncommonly falls into disorder was solved.
- In "Super Darius II", a little disorder of the high score list display was solved. And in the scene of shop of "Forgotten Worlds", the same problem was solved.
- If the game that has executed "Install(CD speed-up) menu" is started, the display of the message of the CD-ROM recognition changes from the display of "CD:" into "In:".
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.02

    Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Raine 0.50.4 Released

* bezel improvements :
  - fixed the locale problem (linux only ?), now bezels aren't affected anymore by the locale
  - when using yuv overlays and bezels, the bezel size is taken into account when choosing the size of the game screen (the bezel was cut previously).
  - Now redraw correctly the bezel on the game window when it needs to be redrawn (previously you needed to return to the raine menu and back to the game to force the bezel to be redrawn).
  - Fixed the 24bpp bitmaps (instead of 32) for the bezels, and the 8bpp bitmaps used for some masks (it allows pacman style bezels to work correctly now)
  - Fixed the mmx causing problems when trying to load a bezel with an emudx game using alpha blending.
  - Fixed horizontal bezels (they never worked, but since I could find only the one for superman which is horizontal, it probably went unnoticed !).
* Prevent a crash when a game loading function aborts (like when trying to load msh).
* Fixed bad loading of warrior blade (this one uses a bezel to fix the extreme aspect ratio of this double screen game).
* The autofire is coming back in an improved form : once you have enabled autofire for an input, the "Autofire controls" will be available in the menu, which allows you to choose a different key for autofire (which can be usefull for games which have a charge mode - I got the idea from the ps2 version of gunbird !).
* Add joysticks'hat support in windows : this should allow the gamepads which didn't work in windows to be recognized now (the hats are what we usually call the cross on a gamepad - it's mapped as a new virtual stick on the joystick now). Notice that it's windows specific, linux already maps the hats to virtual sticks at the driver level, which means that no hat support is required in linux.
* Fix mouse handling in bshark, opwolf, spacegun and syvalion
* Fixed changing mouse buttons assignement in the gui (Inputs), it was cycling and assigning the wrong button...
* Analog controls support : now you can select which device you want to use as an analog device from the gui, in the inputs section, and even calibrate it (usefull for some devices like the pedals of the gran turismo steering wheel !). This device is automaticaly used if configured in chasehq, night striker, continental circus and space gun (no more fake dipswitches for chasehq).

Raine Official Site
Raine 0.50.4

GP2X-MSX 1.0.3 Released

- This version fix game compatibility issue (all games that required painter.rom cartridge)

GP2X-MSX Official Site
GP2X-MSX 1.0.3

    Tuesday, May 01, 2007
SNESGT 0.217 Released

A new version of this SNES emulator has been released, so far the changes seems to be posted in japanese only (here). This post will be updated once the english translation is available.

SNESGT Official Site
SNESGT 0.217

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