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    Saturday, March 31, 2012
3DOplay 1.8.2

3DOplay is a new russian 3DO emulator based on FreeDO code.

Changelog for 1.8.2 :

- Fixed bugs in games that worked in previous versions is slower than usual, and now everything is fine.
- Fixed font in a wicked 18.
- Games run faster.
- Fixed bugs and other flaws.

Visit official homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Jpcsp SVN r2500

Jpcsp is the most advanced PlayStation Portable emulator, allowing you to play your PSP games on a PC. Even though Jpcsp is written in Java, it can already reach 100% PSP speed on a lot of commercial games... and the emulator performance is constantly increasing.

Here's the changelog from 3 latest SVN builds:

SVN r2500
+More progress on adhoc networking: implemented sceNetAdhocMatchingSendData, sceNetAdhocMatchingGetHelloOpt, sceNetAdhocMatchingSetHelloOpt, sceNetAdhocctlConnect, sceNetAdhocctlGetPeerList.
+ Still only communicating between two Jpcsp, not a real PSP.

SVN r2499:
+Implemented a lot of missing CW cheat codes.

SVN r2498:
+ Fixed NullPointerException raised in ClassSpecializer when enabling the software rendering.
+ The java compiler used by ant for the build distribution is not producing the same code as the java compiler started from my eclipse workbench: eclipse was generating only TABLESWITCH instructions whereas ant is generating LOOKUPSWITCH instructions!

Visit official homepage for further information and grab the latest build from automated SVN repository.

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012
BeebEm v4.14

BeebEm is a BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator. It will run most BBC Micro software including Elite, Exile and Revs, and most BBC Micro ROM software (e.g. Wordwise) on any modern PC (both Windows, Unix/Linux systems), Mac, PocketPC, PSP, and GP2X .

Here's the changelog from 4.14 version:

* IDE hard drive interface.
- Limited IDE_Geometry command supported, allows 4 heads x 64 sectors
(disks up to 512M), and 16 heads x 64 sectors (disks larger than 512M).
- SCSI and IDE hard drives selectable/configurable.
- Disk images referenced by DiscsPath setting.
* Double-sided SSD disks supported (image file>&40000 bytes long).
* Debugger updates, bug fixes and addition of "script" command.
* XAudio2 sound support (thanks to "bredbored").
* Added a couple of TV resolutions to the DX video mode menu.
* Fixed bug where disk drive sound sticks on.
* Fixed keyboard issue for Dr Who game.

Check out project website for latest files and informations.

    Monday, March 26, 2012
PCSX2 SVN r5135

PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. Project attempts to allow PS2 code to be executed on your computer, thus meaning you can put a PS2 DVD or CD into your computers drive, and boot it up!

Here's the changelog from 5 latest SVN builds:

+ GSDx: Found the likely actual cause for the FFXII hack problems, probably introduced with index buffers. Also made the hack a little more crash proof and maybe fixed an off by one pixel error.
+ GSdx: Updating the CRC list with some Korean titles. Thanks for the list, 99skull.
+ GSdx: Quick and sloppy fix for a sloppy hack, fixing FF12 pal. Thanks, pseudonym.
+ pcsx2: gcc 4.7 compilation fix
+ debian: update control file to support multiarch in latest ubuntu

Visit official homepage for further information and grab the latest build from automated SVN repository.

RPCEmu 0.8.9

RPCEmu allows you to emulate classic Acorn systems, such as the Risc PC and A7000, on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Changes in v0.8.9 build - 1/1/2012:

+ Add support for emulation of 256 MB of RAM - the maximum possible in the Risc PC and A7000 architecture.
+ A new option to reduce CPU usage. By enabling this menu option, RPCEmu will attempt to reduce its CPU usage by utilising the 'Idle' feature of RISC OS. Once enabled, the CPU usage should reduce roughly 30 seconds after booting RISC OS provided that activity is low enough. No 'Portable' module is required to use this feature. This is partly based on code by Jeffrey Lee.
+ A two-button mouse mode, for use on laptops and similar: this menu option swaps the right and middle mouse buttons, allowing the more common RISC OS use of Select and Menu on two-button mouse systems such as laptops.
+ Several fixes to the "Follow host mouse" feature, which should make it more reliable: Correctly interprets OS_Byte 106 and handles pointer/cursor linking.
+ SWIs are now intercepted even when called using CallASWI, based on a patch by Alan Buckley. This further improves the reliability of the "Follow host mouse" feature.
+ The mouse type will be automatically configured based on the type of emulated machine. Previously it was necessary to use '*configure mousetype' when changing between Risc PC and A7000 emulation.
+ Resolved ARM bug where rotate could set C flag incorrectly.
+ A possible crash in the Dynamic Recompiler has been prevented by a fix from Tom Walker.
+ RISC OS 4.02 with no VRAM configured now boots in Risc PC emulation.
+ Accuracy improvements to emulation of IOMD.
+ Workaround ADC issue on 64bit recompiler which prevented RISC OS 5.17 from booting.
+ Refactoring of code, particularly relating to RAM and IOMD.
+ [Windows] The window size is now taller by one pixel. Previously it was too short, and the very bottom row of the display was missing.
+ [Windows] Some improvements to the GUI, including enabling Windows "Visual Styles" so that windows adopt the native look of the OS, and improving the layout of the "Configure" window.
+ [Windows] A potential freeze when choosing "File->Exit" has been fixed.
+ [Windows] An improved icon, which includes high-resolution variants for Windows Vista and later.
+ [Linux] Some improvements to the GUI, including improving the layout of the "Configure" window.

Check out project website for latest files and informations.

    Sunday, March 25, 2012
WinAPE 2.0a18

WinAPE is Amstrad emulator for PCs running any 32-bit version of Windows. WinAPE is fast, highly accurate of all CPC models emulator, with built in debugger and assemble, and support for DSK/ESDK/ARC and DSC disc images.

Here's changelog for latest Changes for 2.0a18 version:

- Improved sound emulation,
- Debugger enhancements,
- and more.

Visit official homepage for latest files and further information.

    Friday, March 23, 2012
Download issues resolved

For those of you who have had problems downloading some of our larger files (for example the N64 Textures), this issue has now been resolved.

The problem happened when a visitor tried to download a large file and the download was cut off. The reason for this was that the cache send timeout was set to 60 seconds so after 60 seconds the download would stop and in case you hadn't completed the download the file would end up corrupt. This issue is now resolved as the send timeout has been increased so even if you're on a slow connection you will be able to download all our files without problems.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Supermodel WIP

Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to play a number of ground-breaking arcade classics (like: Daytona USA 2 Power Edition, Fighting Vipers 2, Scud Race Plus, Star Wars Trilogy - screen below) on your PC. It uses OpenGL and the SDL library, and can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Changes for latest WIP version:

+ fewer garbled textures capable of running multi-texture shader
+ improved rendering performance
+ fixed the grainy SCSP audio
+ specular lighting
+ wide-screen mode

Check out project website for files and latest informations.

    Thursday, March 15, 2012
bsnes v087

bsnes is a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy Color emulator, that began development on 2004. It focuses on accuracy and clean code above all else. It never uses speed or compatibilty hacks. As a result, the minimum system requirements are greater than with other emulators.

Changelog for v087 :

- emulated the 21.47MHz ST018 (ARMv3) coprocessor used by Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi 2
- fixed PPU TM/TS edge case; fixes bottom scanline of text boxes in Moryo Senki Madara 2
- fixed saving and loading of Super Game Boy save RAM
- NEC uPD7725,96050 ROMs now stored in little-endian format for consistency
- cartridge folder concept has been reworked to use fixed file names
- added emulation of serial USART interface (replaces asynchronous UART support previously)

Check out project website for latest files and informations.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012
4DO Beta

4DO is an open-source, low-level emulator based on the FreeDO source code.

Latest improvements:

+ Wing Commander 3 video rendering fixed. It took me quite a while to track down the problems, but the video rendering in Wing Commander 3 is now fixed! Additionally, Viktor has added some freeze fixes to resolve several of the freezes seen when playing videos! As a result, the game is now quite playable! Please be aware that I have still run into a couple freezes during the videos a couple times. If you happen to find a reproducible case, please leave a comment!
+ Timing / freeze fixes. Viktor has added timing behavior to work around occasional loading screen freezes in these games:
- Immercenary
- Scramble Cobra
- Twisted (EU version)
- Street Fighter II (There were no known freezes for this one, this is just a timing fix)
+ As a result of the rendering fixes, some of issues seen in other games are also fixed. Known examples (spotted by Viktor) are:
- The Horde
- Jurassic Park - in the car mission
- Wicked 18 - fonts fixed
+ Spanish translations correctly added. I neglected to release the translated files in! (Translations contributed by Antonio `Bloodbat` Ramirez!)
+ This version also includes some corrections to the French translations.

Visit official homepage and sourceforge repository for latest files and further information.

    Monday, March 12, 2012
FB Alpha

FB Alpha (formerly FinalBurn Alpha), based on the original FinalBurn source code, is a multi-arcade (Capcom CPS-1, Capcom CPS-2, Capcom CPS-3, Cave, Neo Geo, Sega System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board, Toaplan, Taito, etc) emulator. It includes support for cheating, as well as netplay using Kaillera.

Here`s list of changes for latest version:

- Added clone of Caveman Ninja to the Data East drivers [JacKc, Corrado Tomaselli]
- Added bootleg of Side Pocket to the Data East drivers [Barry, Corrado Tomaselli]
- Allowed Neo Geo drivers to disable the watchdog reset, and used it to fix Neo Pong v1.0 which is now added to release builds [Barry]
- Changed the game selection dialog back to the old size and updated the dialog to be resizable [Barry]
- Fixed issue with disappearing preview images in game selection dialog when switching back to the window [Barry]
- Applied latest libsnes patches [Themaister]
- Standardised revision info in game titles [Barry]
- Made inclusion of png.h in burner.h optional in makefile via INCLUDE_LIB_PNGH flag [Barry]
- Updated the helpfile with the game selection dialog changes [Barry]

and here, changelog for v

- Added support for 7z files for roms and samples [Barry]
- Added driver for Act Fancer [iq_132]
- Added driver for Gals Pinball [iq_132]
- Added driver for Momoko 120% [iq_132]
- Added clone of Final Fight to the CPS-1 driver JacKc, Bonky0013
- Added clone of Forgotton Worlds to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Bonky0013]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, Bonky0013]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Puzz Loop 2 to the CPS-2 driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Super Street Fighter 2 X to the CPS-2 driver, and added support for the graphic rom format it uses [Barry]
- Added clone of Vampire Hunter to the CPS-2 driver [Barry, JacKc]
- Added clone of Jojo's Venture to the CPS-3 driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to the CPS-3 driver [JacKc]
- Added bootleg of Eyes [iq_132]
- Added clone of X-Men to the Konami drivers [JacKc, Bonky0013]
- Added Super Bubble Pop to the Neo Geo driver (player 1 inputs don't work, hence debug only builds) [Barry, iq_132, JacKc]
- Added PCB version of Demon Front to the PGM driver (non-working, debug builds only) [JacKc]
- Added clone of Altered Beast to the Sega System 16B driver [Barry]
- Added bootleg of Silk Worm to the Tecmo driver [JacKc, Bonky0013]
- Changed CPS-1/2 palette handling to be more accurate, should fix some glitches [Barry]
- Changed CPS-2 video timing to use the values in MAME that have come from hardware measurements [Barry]
- Improved CPS-2 sprite list end detection [Barry]
- Moved the CpsGetObj() call, fixing sprite lag in Super Street Fighter II and clones [manliodp.]
- Fixed IRQ generation in the Irem M72 drivers, fixing video timing in Dragon Breed [Barry]
- Fixed sound in the Irem M72 drivers [Barry]
- Minor CPS-3 update with a small speedup [iq_132]
- Update the Mysterious Stones driver [iq_132]
- Removed duplicate set of Super Monaco Grand Prix [Barry]
- Added savestate support to the the OPL based sound cores (YM3812, YM3526 and Y8950) and interfaces [Barry]
- Removed previous attempt and added savestate support to the YM2413 core and interface [Barry]
- Added savestate support to the DEC-8 driver [Barry]
- Tidied and fixed Data East savestates where necessary [Barry]
- Fixed Sengoku 3 Unicode title (string wasn't terminated) [Barry]
- Moved the Pocket Gal Deluxe driver to the Data East filter [iq_132]
- Big-endian fixes for the new CPS-1/2 palette code, CPS-2 raster interrupts, Konami drivers and devices, PGM driver, some Misc drivers, Sega FD1089, Seta drivers, and Toaplan games that use the V25 CPU for sound [lantus]
- Fixed some invalid BRF_NODUMP definitions [Barry]
- Overhauled the cheat system [iq_132]
- Added overrides to allow drivers to exclude addresses from cheat searching, and used it to prevent a crash when searching for cheats in CPS Q-Sound games [Barry]
- Tidied the game selection dialog a bit, and changed the behaviour of "show available" to allow showing available and/or unavailable sets [Barry]
- Fixed TurboGrafx 16 games displaying as MVS cartridge hardware in the game selection dialog [iq_132]
- Added a Ctrl+W shortcut to close the current game [Barry]
- Made the cliprect for the OSD shortmsg wider, allowing more text to be displayed [Barry]
- Prevented the 68K debugger opening if the 68k interface is not in use [iq_132]
- Disabled menu item for 68k debugger if the 68k interface is not in use, and renamed the menu item to "Invoke 68k debugger" [Barry]
- Removed definition of LSB_FIRST in epx.cpp since it is now defined (or not) in the makefile [Barry]
- Fixed issue with definition of LSB_FIRST in makefile.mingw [Barry]
- Added libsnes target files [Themaister, twinaphex]
- Fixed some memory leaks and possible memory leaks [kev]
- Identified and fixed some out of bounds array issues [kev, iq_132]
- Updated the zlib library to v1.2.6 [Barry]
- Updated the libpng library to v1.5.8 [Barry]
- Matched all sets to MAME 0.145u3 [Barry]
- Matched the Megadrive sets to MESS 0.145u1 [Barry]
- Changed PC-Engine driver to be auto-generated from the MESS software list [Barry]
- Matched the PC-Engine sets to MESS 0.145u1 [Barry]

Visit official homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.

    Sunday, March 11, 2012
Ootake v2.65

Ootake [pronounced oh - ta - ke] is great PC Engine/TurboGrafx16 emulator, with high compatibility, nice GUI and a lot of settings.

- "Windows Auto V-Sync (Time-Lag exists)" was added to "Setting->Screen"
menu. Use this with a PC environment to which V-Sync(flicker cancellation) doesn't function well.
* A little display delay happens when this setting is used. With a PC environment without the problem, please select "V-Sync (59-61Hz)".
* Only Direct3D-mode(default) is effective.
- "V-Sync Timing Adjust (for Old PC)" was added to "Setting->Screen" menu. With old PC etc., if the upper side of the screen flickers, try this menu.
- A detailed volume balance of the Wave-Memory-Sound has been adjusted. I think that I was able to improve tone quality.
- The processing part of the Wave-Memory-Sound has been improved. In "F1 Triple Battle", "Fire Pro Wrestling Series(1-3)" and "Formation Soccer'90" etc., the tone has approached a real machine.
- The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine. In "Flash Hiders", at the victory or defeat settlement, the problem that one frame of the screen darkens (generated by a recent version) was solved.
- When "Screen->FullScreen Customize->FullScreen Resolution Auto Change" menu is used, when the screen is switched by the automatic operation, the bug that had slowed (generated by v2.64) was corrected. And, it was sped up a little.
- When "Load State" is done, the bug that the size of the window did not uncommonly fit (generated by v2.64) was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Check out official website [yeah, it's jap. :] for further information and latest files.

Mupen64Plus 1.99.5 tagged and released

Richard42 has tagged and released Mupen64Plus 1.99.5:

I have tagged and released Mupen64Plus version 1.99.5. It's been over a year since the last tag, and we're long overdue for a new version. There's nothing too earth shattering here, but a lot of minor fixes and improvements have acculumated since 1.99.4. One of the most important changes in this release is that I have finalized the API version handling between each of the different modules. This means that in the future, we can make small or big changes to the API, and all of the compatibility issues will be handled gracefully. I have also added version information to the configuration sections for most of the modules. This will help backwards compatibility as well, because newer versions of plugins will be able to automatically update their configuration information when there are changes.

Some of the highlights of the 1.99.5 release are:

Core: emulate N64 internal real-time clock
Core: use X-Scale's new cracked PIF-CIC algorithm
Core: New config parameter for path to save SRAM/EEPROM/MPK files, so they can be separated from emulator snapshots
Core: bugfix: #290 - OnScreenDisplay text is sometimes captured in screenshots
Core: bugfix: for Interpreter cores, use proper math functions instead of x87 rounding modes (fixes some games)
Input: Improved input setup behavior (auto-config) to make some use cases more friendly
Input: Add new parameter for mouse sensitivity, handle mouse movement differently so mouse is easier to use as controller
Input: New auto-configurations for 7 controllers
Input: bugfix: #392 - fail to switch between rumble pak and memory pak is some cases
Input: bugfix: #424 - problem with USB devices supporting multiple controllers per device
RSP: Handle JPEG decompression, used in Ogre Battle 64 and Pokemon Stadium
UI-Console: New option to disable internal core speed limiter (for benchmarking)
Rice-Video: Hires texture loading: support for 8-bit PNG images
Rice-Video: New config option for forcing vertical sync
Rice-Video: Bugfixes: GUI front-end integration, hi-res textures, crashes
Lots of makefiles fixes and improvements from Lazhur

Read more in this thread at EmuTalk.

Download it from the website or directly here.

    Saturday, March 10, 2012
DEmul 0.57 WIP

DEmul is SEGA multi-system emulator, originally developed with Sega Dreamcast in mind. Currently, in the develop process emulator supports also: Sega Model 3, Sega Hikaru, Sega Saturn, and arcades based on the DC: Naomi, Naomi2, and Atomiswave.

Here's changelog for latest version:

* AICA: fixed sound
* CORE: added 7zip support for roms
* CORE: added mmu support for dynarec
* CORE: fixed maple timers
* CORE: fixed memcards in WinCE
* CORE: fixed save states
* CORE: new sh4/ppc cores, improvements, bugfixes
* CORE: removed redundant gpu/spu multi threading
* GDR: added support for filenames with spaces to GDI
* GDR: fixed gdrImage plugin
* GDR: fixed thread mode
* GDR: removed redundant gdrDemul plugin
* GPU: fixed DX3 z-buffer bug
* GPU: new DX11 plugin featured order-independency transparency, object list multi-layered render simulation, translucent modifiers, aspect ratio support with hotkeys, two-pass postfilters, texture conversion on the GPU
* GUI: new VMS manager merged with maple devices, menu rearranging
* MODEL3: added little improvements, still no sound, not a priority since supermodel is here ;)
* NAOMI: added M1/M2/M3/M4 decompression implementation, now all protections are emulated (thanks to Adnreas Naive, Deunan Knute, MAME and DU teams)
* NAOMI: added jvs standart touchscreen emulation (Touch De Uno! 2)
* NET: new proprietary network plugin added
* VMS: added default vms file to all ports

Visit official homepage for further information, latest files and compatibility list.

puNES v0.51

puNES (ex Fnes) is an emulator under development that works on Linux32/64 and Windows32. It needs of SDL library to run.

Here's changelog for latest version:

- Added initial support for FM2 files (tas movies).
- Added a system to display messages on screen.
- Bug fixes.

Check out official thread at nesdev for further information and latest version of emulator.


    Friday, March 09, 2012
Gekko - New website, forums and releases

My buddy ShizZy has announced that the GameCube emulator Gekko has been moved to a new site hosted by 6bit.net with new forums for discussions. There are beta releases of the emulator available at the forums as well.

So we’ve got the gang back together again I’ve been working on the project on and off, and finally got around to making things public. We’ve got a few forums, and the Google Code page as been revamped.

The latest official public release is still v0.30 (same as before), however you can get the latest unofficial build below by visiting this thread.

Please join us on #gekko on EFnet for project discussions. If you’re interested in joining the Google Code project, fill out the contact form, ask me on IRC, or PM me on the forums. We would love some help.

A few screenshots has been posted as well:

Gekko website
Gekko forums

    Wednesday, March 07, 2012
4DO Beta

4DO is an open-source, low-level emulator based on the FreeDO source code.

Latest improvements:

+ Game fixes. Provided by Viktor! This involves changes that resolves the remaining freezing issues seen in Phoenix 3. These fixes also make the following games fully playable:
- Twisted
- Space Hulk
- Games published by `American Laser Games` (Drug Wars, Mad Dog McCree, Crime Patrol, Space Pirates, etc.)
+ Spanish translations added. Contributed by Antonio `Bloodbat` Ramirez!
+ Ability to specify game file/drive via command . Similarly, users may also request fullscreen on startup. See details below.
+ Graphical transparency fix. Resolves certain overly-transparent features in Immercenary. Possibly other games, but I could not find others exhibiting the issue.
+ This version also includes some corrections and improvements to the French and Chinese (simplified) translations.

Visit official homepage and sourceforge repository for latest files and further information.

3DOplay 1.8.1

3DOplay is a new russian 3DO emulator based on FreeDO code.

Changelog for 1.8.1 :

- Setting up to 8 controllers
- Added sound-> change channels
- Frame skipping is passed now three times more, to reduce CPU load
- Fixed bugs and other flaws.

Visit official homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.

    Saturday, March 03, 2012
bsnes v086

bsnes is a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy Color emulator, that began development on 2004-10-14. It focuses on accuracy and clean code above all else. It never uses speed or compatibilty hacks. As a result, the minimum system requirements are greater than with other emulators.

Changelog for v086 :

- created ui-debugger target (Laevateinn)
- fixed multitap ports 2-4 [quequotion]
- fixed ui-libsnes target compilation
- fixed a crashing issue with NSS XML markup
- improved cartridge-folder loading support
- NES can now load .fc (headerless NES) or .prg+.chr (split NES) images
- fixed cursor being visible in fullscreen mode when using Linux/Metacity window manager [ncbncb]
- show normal cursor when using Linux/SDL video driver [ncbncb]
- added menu accelerators
- fixed a bug in performance profile SMP incw/decw instructions
- SNES core can now optionally be built without Game Boy emulation core
- added 2012-02-04 cheats.xml database [mightymo]

Check out project website for latest files and informations.

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