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    Saturday, March 31, 2007
Ootake 0.99 Released

- Interrupt processing was modeled on a real machine more. In "Anesan", the problem that was advanced though the button of the joypad was not pushed occasionally (generated from v0.77) was solved.
- In "Adventure Island (Dragon's Curse)", the problem with a not correct processing of the piling putting together of the screen was corrected.
- In "Hani In The Sky", The problem with a rough scroll was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
- The next version is "1.00". However, there is no special meaning. It is a street point. Thank you for reading my English language not good always.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.99

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007
clrmamepro 3.99c Released

• added: set/chd + fix unneeded check will automatically move wrong placed chds
• added: batcher: created rompath naming is now independent from logfile/fastscan/etc naming
• misc: 'deeper check for fixable missing files' now supports chds, too (although fix-missing for chds isn't in yet)
• misc: checksum analysis steps are shown in the windows title + some better taskswitching
• misc: sets which only consists of biosroms and/or nodumps aren't shown as missing sets when nodump handling is set to hide and/or allow not separated biossets is disabled.
• fixed: date/time fix crashes on decompressed sets
• fixed: scan tree and nodump buttons don't get refreshed correctly after scanner advanced
• fixed: batcher: profile status isn't updated when batch run was stopped
• fixed: batcher: scan run is still performed even when batch rebuild run was stopped
• fixed: NSIS installer got some weird issues under MS Vista

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.99c

    Monday, March 26, 2007
PSPCAP32 1.1.6 Released

- Add option to change the ram size up to 576k and PSPCap32 can now run Symb-OS !

For those who want to run Symb-OS you have to :
- set the ram size to 576K
- load the symbos.dsk file
- enter the RUN"SYM command in the amstrad CPC emulator window (and NOT RUN"SYMBOS)

PSPCAP32 Official Site
PSPCAP32 1.1.6

    Sunday, March 25, 2007
SSF 0.08 alpha R8 Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, rough translation of the changes (by Google langauge tools):

Remainder operating checking, increases is raises.
The LFO processing of SCSP was corrected.
The dynamic recompiling processing of SCU-DSP was mounted.
The Sleep order of SH2 was corrected.
The dynamic recompiling processing of SH2 was corrected.

Because it could accelerate SCU-DSP, it deletes DSP thread option.
After all, because the one which processed with the main thread same period you take…
Version of the state saving data changed.
It tried to be able to record sound.
As for key allotment Sound Record = F9 key is.
It is low, because file output is done with the retention thread of priority,
When there is no room in machine power, perhaps it does not operate well.
When recording sound, please do not insert check in Scanline Base Timing and Always Running option.
Furthermore, while being close, because it is the schedule which modifies the resampling processing of PCM, Perhaps now the sound quality changes delicately.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R8

    Thursday, March 22, 2007
No$gba 2.4 Released

- xboo: retested all xboo functions, re-fixed gba-bios dump, faster nds-download
- nds/2d: fixed crash on empty/unallocated extended-obj-palette-slot (spiderman)
- nds/3d/help: added various important notes in polygon light parameters chapter
- nds/3d: recurses directional matrix (as on real nds, instead of gl_normalize)
- nds/3d: skinning support (by soft_mul_vector, instead opengl modelview matrix)
- nds/cart/help: added new info on first 2K of secure area (fixed bytes, crc16)
- nds/gba/xboo: includes cmd/length in checksums (rather than raw data-checksum)
- nds/xboo: get_info shows nds-backup type (chip-id and status-register bits)
- nds/2d: fixed unrotated 512x256/512x512 bitmap sizes (thanks Kevin Keeling)
- nds/dma: prevents dma from accessing tcm (for compatibility with downhill jam)
- nds/xboo: added download NDS-cart from NDS-slot (slow 2 megabytes per minute)
- nds/gba/xboo: splits downloads into small blocks (with block-retry on bad crc)
- nds/cartloader: also accepts already-decrypted-and-destroyed secure-area-id's
- gba/undoc/help: added newly discovered wram-disable bits (4000800h bits 0,5)
- nds/cart: emulates correct nds chip-id size-field in respect to rom-image size
- nds/cart/help: added note on nds-cart chip-id size field (nn+1 megabytes)
- nds/screenshot: supports dual 256x192pix screens (as simple 256x384 bitmap)
- nds/3d: supports keep-old-depth-setting for translucent-polygons (DepthMask)
- nds/3d/rear: supports rear-plane rgba/depth bitmap (killer slow when/if used)
- nds/3d/io: new 8bit write support, fixed 16bit write (accidently out_32_norm)

No$gba Official Site
No$gba 2.4

    Monday, March 19, 2007
PSPMSX 1.1.0 Released

- No need anymore to restart PSPMSX to change the MSX model !
- Add option to toggle between PAL/NTSC
- Add option to change the RAM size
- Bug fix in the max render mode

PSPMSX Official Site
PSPMSX 1.1.0

    Sunday, March 18, 2007
WinUAE 1.4.1 Released

Major bug fixed:
- Start-up crash introduced in 1.4.0.

Bugs fixed:
- Yet another bsdsocket crash fix.
- ASPI detection ignored NeroASPI, also ASPI detection was improved.
- Some interlaced programs had color stripes or wrong colors in right border.
- Picasso96 RTG RAM mapping error in non-JIT mode

New features:
- New input targets added. (disk swapper, input configuration 1-4)
- Quickstart-mode automatically selects best available CD access mode.
- Master (Windows main volume) volume control added to input targets.
- map "POV Hat"-type joypad control to joystick horizontal and vertical.

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.4.1

    Wednesday, March 14, 2007
GameEx 7.73 Released

• Full video and DVD support in Vista
• Volume control working in Vista
• Windowed mode in Vista Aero is enhanced and no longer shuts down Aero
• Cosmetic enhancments to the user interface when showing game info header, it fades.
• Title toolbar auto scrolls out and hides with V1 themes when mouse not active, when set to always show
• Fixes list issues after selecting play random videos
• Fixes issue with not able to disable screensaver in some cases
• Create snap on thread feature has been removed
• New theme included "Media Center" and is the default
• When playing a video or DVD windows screensaver is disabled
• Full support for HTML apps in Vista
• More responsive when playing videos or dvd's
• The MAME list update is much more system friendly, and will allow you to do other things on your PC while its running, and no black screen when in full screen and alt tabbing out
• Fixes volume control with SlikStik and DirectInput
• Thanks to Headkaze - Theme Editor 1.76. It supports custom layouts for the different modules, but I still need to implement this in GameEx.
• Should fix text being truncated in V2 themes when game list is shown on the left of the screen
• Window Maximize button enabled when GameEx is displaying in a window <
• New settings to change resoluton and refresh rate based on frame rate of DVDs and Videos
• When GameEx is windowed it will now only draw to the screen when it has focus.
• New setting to make the menu text same size as the game text. To turn on in theme.ini use MenuTextSameSize=False. This is a very welcome feature for low resolutions on cabs.
• New theme.ini setting GradientTitleFont=True. And LowerCaseTitleFont. Look at the new Media Center theme for example
• New functionality to be able to stop and start Jukebox with gamepad, keyboard and arcade controls
• 3D transitions are slightly faster and improved
• Updated MCE Glossy theme for widescreen usage
• The GameEx display main loop may run a little faster

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.73

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007
YAPE 0.72 Released

• another new emulation level (VHA, very high accuracy)
• started implementing exact video shift register emulation in VHA mode
• improved PAL-NTSC switch artifacts
• oversampling now also for the SID card
• selectable sound replay frequency
• more fullscreen mode options
• added support for test mode
• bug in the FIR filter fixed
• TED border flipflop check was 1 cycle off

The new emulation level implements support for the emulation of the video shift register and also better support for demos that mess with the horizontal counter (about 3 of them exist at the moment). Since about 99.9% of the available programs don't require these to be emulated, it has never been a priority, as they do have a rather high performance hit (about 20 percent but your mileage may vary). The new mode is still experimental and therefore it may not work perfectly in all cases, so please report if you encounter problems. Most users won't have true benefits from this new mode, as it is mostly meant for demo coders or as means for watching the few available demos that require these to be emulated.

YAPE Official Site
YAPE 0.72

    Monday, March 12, 2007
SNEmulDS 0.4 Released

• Fixed ROM paging, this should improve stability of large ROMs (especillay DKC2)
• Some CPU instructions were bugged because of the way SNEmulDS write in I/O ports, this should also improve stability (ie Crash before first boss in Zelda)
• Fixed a bug that made Chrono Trigger freeze during battles
• Changed the way emulator detect blank screen (Street Fighter Turbo, RTYPE3, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest now works)
• Fixed some bugs with SRAM memory, which unlock most ROM protections (Uniracer, Bust-a-move, … now boot)
• Now sound core doesn’t randomly crash when using line by line engine
• Better reset of sound core, some games now run correctly when they are launched after another game (ie Super Bomberman >2)
• Save states also save options
• Added background layer selector. You can again enable/disable backgrounds.
• Added hinge support. If you close you DS, emulation is stopped and SRAM is saved.
• SRAM is now automatically saved before loading another ROM

SNEmulDS Official Site
SNEmulDS 0.4

    Sunday, March 11, 2007
PSPTHOM 1.0.4 Released

- Disk image (in .sap format) are now supported !
- Add option to choose the Basic rom version
- New feature to toggle automatically between Basic rom version (depending if a tape or a disk image is loaded)
- Add new commands to run tape/disk games
- Add a file (run.txt) to specify association between the disk/tape name and the name of the command to run (for example file yyy.sap -> LOADM"xxx",,R)
- New icons from Gelon
- New background image

PSPTHOM Official Site

    Saturday, March 10, 2007
SSF 0.08 alpha R7 Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, as always you can check the official site for the list of changes in japanese.

Rough translation (thanks to Google langauge tools):

The drawing processing of VDP1 was improved.
The drawing processing of VDP2 was improved.
The DSP processing of SCU was improved.
Most software which use DSP become fast, but
Perhaps any which have modified the program frequently it becomes conversely slow.
Hook processing of backup library was corrected.

The latest correction acceleration is the center.
DSP the game which use now comes considerably becomes fast.
Becoming high speed, it increases the movie of especially [gurandeia].

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R7

VICE 1.21 Released

- Added sound recording support.
- Added aiff, iff, mp3 and wav sound dump drivers.

C128 changes:
- Added digimax support.
- Fixed some minor VDC graphics bugs.

C64 changes:
- Added MMC64 support.
- Added digimax support.
- Added Action Replay III support.
- Improved compatibility of TFE emulation.

PET changes:
- Added SID cartridge support.
- Extended the PET REU emulation to include 512/1024/2048KB.

PLUS4 changes:
- Added SID cartridge support.
- Fixed some minor TED graphics bug.

VIC20 changes:
- Added SID cartridge support.

Drive changes:
- Added support for Dolphin DOS 2 & 3 and Professional DOS 1571. The GUI is partially missing, command line switches have to be used.

Unix changes:
- New Hungarian translations.
- Fixed some bug in the XAW file selector.
- New fullscreen mode based on XRandR - although restriced to XVideo HW scaling. See also BUGS.
- Raster synchronization based on openGL extension `GLX_SGI_video_sync'. See openGL-sync.txt for details.
- Fixed colormap handling on certain Gnome systems (sporadic black menus, e.g. reported by some FC users).
- New fullscreen mode based on XRandR - although restriced to XVideo HW scaling. See also BUGS.
- Raster synchronization based on openGL extension `GLX_SGI_video_sync'. See openGL-sync.txt for details.
- Fixed colormap handling on certain Gnome systems (sporadic black menus, e.g. reported by some FC users).
- ffmpeg support should work again.

MS-Windows changes:
- Added Hungarian translations.
- Added giflib/libungif dll support.

OS/2 changes:
- Fixed a video resource bug that prevented VICE from running.

Mac OSX X11 changes:
- Added Gtk+ Port
- Introduced single "smart" Application Bundle VICE.app
- Added command line launcher for Terminal.app and xterm
- Added build scripts for all external libraries and universal builds of VICE

AmigaOS changes:
- Fixed some UI dialog bugs.
- Added Hungarian translations.
- Added more (previously missing) UI elements.
- Added native MorphOS icons.
- Fixed for native AmigaOS4 compile.
- Added VBCC build scripts.
- New experimental ppc-warpos port.
- New experimental ppc-powerup port.

BeOS changes:
- Fixed to also run on ZETA.
- New ppc-beos port.
- Added (previously missing) UI elements.

Miscellaneous changes:
- Fixed the setting of illegal filenames.

VICE Official Site
VICE 1.21

iDeaS Released

• Added LZ77UnComp function.
• Fixed a bug in EEPROM management.
• Fixed a bug in CpuSet function.
• Fixed a bug in Texture management.
• Fixed a bug in Extend Palette.
• Fixed a bug in BGxCNT register.
• Fixed a bug in 3D stacks.
• Fixed a bug in MMU functions.
• Fixed a bug in load roms.
• Fixed a bug in IRQ routines.

iDeaS Official Site

clrmamepro 3.99b Released

• added: setinfo option to enable sets by setnames in an external file
• fixed: merger was broken when working on compressed files

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.99b

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007
ProSX 0.2a test Released

StreaK e-mailed and informed that he has released a new front-end for Playstation emulators called ProSX, here's how he described it:

A little handy frontend for epsxe / pSX emu or other psx emulator optimized for speed and functionality. The main goal for me as developer was 'to speed up running any image based game on psx emu' and i must tu say it was succeded on 100%. If you using a ProSX, you'll only need to click any IMAGE *.BIN or *.IMG / CDZ / MDF file in windows explorer to start a game. Nothing more needed except, small config for first time. BTW. This ver is only for TEST purposes, so if you fing bugs or somethin, please infom me about it by email

ProSX Official Site
ProSX 0.2a test

clrmamepro 3.99a Released

• fixed: unneeded chds won't be displayed twice (by CHD and ROM check)
• fixed: gray/green/red profiles isn't updated in all cases
• fixed: wwwprofiler version old/new detector failed on 0.111u6 0.112 change
• fixed: set check for chd-only sets failed when chd rompath-root storing method was used
• fixed: loading of forcezipping dat header information doesn't work
• fixed: nodump chds can get falsely marked as wrong named
• misc: setinfo lists nodumps with "-" now instead of 0
• misc: several internal changes....resulting in some smaller memory usage
• added: 'logical not' checkbox for set selection to invert selection permanently

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.99a

    Monday, March 05, 2007
MAME 0.113 Releases

Quoted from MAMEDev:

If you haven’t been following the news until recently, be aware that this release contains a number of updates to both the input and sound code. The sound code in particular bears mentioning because its new behavior has tripped up a few people. Sound output is now exclusively controlled by the emulation, not by the OS layer. This means that it is very important to have accurate timing and throttling. Because of this, the throttling code has been rewritten to be more forgiving of “hiccups” and other anomalies.

One non-obvious side effect is that if you are running your games with -triplebuffer or -waitvsync on a system with a 60Hz video mode (like most LCDs have), and you are running a game with a framerate greater than 60fps (any of the common older Namco titles will do fine), then you will experience sound hiccups unless you enable a little bit of frameskipping, either automatic or a frameskip of 1. This is because you are hard-limiting the game to run at 60Hz due to your monitor’s refresh, but it needs to produce more than 60 frames per second, so you are always running behind the emulation.

On the input front, Derrick Renaud has done a lot of work to try and normalize the behavior of analog inputs across the project. He has fixed and tweaked quite a number of analog controls in the system. Because of this, you may find that you need to throw away your existing calibrations and re-calibrate with the new settings. The advantage of the new system is that it fixes a number of inaccuracies in the behavior of the controls and allows games to have more flexible options when it comes to mapping controls on your PC to the controls the game used.

In addition to these changes there are quite a lot of new unplayable Bemani games that have come out of the woodwork over the past week or so, as well as an implementation of the long-desired (by pinball guys anyway) BSMT2000 ADPCM code. For this release I’ve also enclosed some regression testing tools I’ve been using for the past few months to help catch problems introduced between versions of MAME. You can see an example of the progress between 0.112 and 0.112u4 by looking here. Note that there are still a few glitches in the system, but I felt it was worth providing the code.

Full list of changes can be found here or here (MAMEDev mirror).

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.113

0.113 fix:
- Updated to MAME 0.113 - MAME32 0.112u4
- Fixed Official MAME audit core bug that caused program to crash.

- Added "View Informations At MAWS" menu voice to the GUI. (As requested)
- Added some extra .png effects to the GUI.
- Fixed MAME Testers bug Airattck0112u1Yel.

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.113 fix

MAME32 Official Site

SNESGT 0.216 Released

- CX4 coordinate conversion command is implemented.
- SRAM data is automatically saved at some fixed interval.
- Shortcut key is disabled in background mode.
- Fixed a bug of pseud hires mode.

The language files for Ver 0.215 are totally compatible with Ver 0.216.

SNESGT Official Site
SNESGT 0.216

Thanks to EMu-LoRd and Robbbert for pointing out where the changelist was.

    Sunday, March 04, 2007
PSPAtari 1.0.7 Released

- A new graphical engine with new smoother render modes. It uses now the PSP GU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother.
- Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window (it's now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
- Bug fix (load default keyboard mapping on startup)

PSPAtari Official Site
PSPAtari 1.0.7

PSPMSX 1.0.9 Released

- Bug fix for the Snatcher game ...

PSPMSX Official Site
PSPMSX 1.0.9

    Saturday, March 03, 2007
WinUAE 1.4.0 Released

New features:
- CDTV emulation, including CD controller, internal SRAM and 64KB SRAM expansion memory card support.
- More compatible SPTI CD32/CDTV CD support.
- Advanced Chipset configuration. Miscellaneous model specific hardware configuration entries like real time clock chip type, CIA-A TOD clock source, RAMSEY, FAT GARY register emulation..
- Rewritten harddisk configuration system. No more lost hardfile or virtual directory configuration entries if path was missing..
- A3000/A4000 motherboard RAM bank support.
- Added Arcadia bios rom type selection.
- New Windows Vista -style application icon added :)
- Small CIA and custom chip emulation updates.

Bugs fixed:
- FPU emulation floating point to integer conversion fixed (proper clamping instead of truncating)
- uaeserial.device compatibility improved
- New serial port detection didn't detect all types of serial ports
- Random sound errors after adjusting sound GUI setting on the fly
- Directory filesystem memory leaks fixed and compatibility improved
- It was not possible to disable keyboard layout C after enabling it.
- Sound panel settings were not always enabled correctly.
- -datapath command line parameter didn't work.
- Disk image drag and drop didn't work.
- Quickstart panel disk swapping is properly delayed again.
- Some Picasso96 display modes were not available.
- bsdsocket freeze fix (Aminetradio)
- Windows driver Catweasel support works again.
- "Faster RTG"-mode lockups fixed.
- External drive sound selection GUI didn't work if fdrawcmd.sys was not installed.

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.4.0

SSF 0.08 alpha R6 Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, those who understand japanese can visit the official site for information on what's new.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R6

Ootake 0.98 Released

- In start demo of "Dragon Slayer Eiyuu Densetsu", the part where the scroll was rough (generated from v0.96) was corrected.
- When "Martial Champion" is started, not six-button pad but three-button pad is connected by the automatic operation.
- When the window of Ootake is minimized, the window was not automatically activated. When the "hes file (PCE Music File)" is playing BGM and your other work is being done, it became easy to select music with the joypad.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.98

Remudvance 0.3 Released

• Fixed flag calculation on ADC/SBC.
• Optimised background rendering a bit.

Remudvance Official Site
Remudvance 0.3

PSPTHOM 1.0.3 Released

- New graphical functions with new smoother render modes. It uses the PSP GPU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother.
- Bug fix in Rom file requester
- Bug fix in keyboard handler

PSPTHOM Official Site

PSPMSX 1.0.8 Released

- Add option to enable the sound and musix chips (FM-AM and Music modules) required by several games. It's slow down the emulator, so use it with care.
- Add a new render mode (max) to fit the entire MSX screen
- Add missing MSX keys (thanks to Creepy)
- Fix 3.10-OE black screen bug in smooth mode (thanks to Creepy for his feedback)

PSPMSX Official Site
PSPMSX 1.0.8

PSPBEEB 1.0.8 Released

- Add two new commands to run games (*EXEC and *RUN).
- New file format for run.txt, see README for details. Be aware, this format is not compatible with previous version.
- Add help menu
- New graphical functions with new smoother render modes. It uses the PSP GPU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother.
- Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window (it's now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
- Bug fix in Rom file requester

PSPBEEB Official Site

    Thursday, March 01, 2007
PSPSim 1.0.4 Released

- New graphical functions with new smoother render modes. It uses the PSP GPU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother.
- Multiple keyboard mapping feature (Thanks to Pou-chan) : You can now toggle between three differents keyboard mapping using
- Bug fix in Rom file requester
- Add help menu

PSPSim Official Site
PSPSim 1.0.4

PSPYape 1.0.3 Released

- New graphical functions with new smoother render modes. It uses the PSP GPU for rendering, it does not run faster, but it's a lot smoother.
- No need to reset anymore the C-264 before loading a new program (the game will load and start automatically)
- Bugs fix & Code cleaning

PSPYape Official Site
PSPYape 1.0.3

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