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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007
GameEx 7.50 Released

• Setup wizard now features a search for setting feature.
• Includes Ben Bakers LCD/LED Plugin
• Plugin system 1.3 with included .net 2.0 source code templates
• Speech plugin now speaks game descriptions
• New plugn - random arcade sound
• For registered users theres a PDF game manual viewer for MAME and emulators
• New setting to disable the game information page at the emulator level
• New setting to have gameex not hide the windows taskbar
• Picture and slideshows now show the GameEx toolbar when the mouse is active
• The progress dialog bar when playing videos and dvds now takes up less screen space
• GameEx should startup and run faster
• Fixes menu crash issue with certain themes
• Fixes games not launching when game information page is disabled in certain configurations
• Fixes display issues with certain fonts
• There's more but that's the main changes

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 7.50

    Monday, January 29, 2007
Little John NES module for PSP - Proof of Concept

Tinnus has released the first version of his amazing Multi System emulator for the PSP, this release only supports Nes Emulation but already the emulation is at full Speed:

- Full speed (@333Mhz and v-sync ON)
- Full screen
- Full sound at 44 KHz
- Full controls (D-Pad, X = A, O = B)
- Biggest mapper and overall compatibility ever (I'm yet to find a game that doesn't work)

Official Release Thread

Raine 0.50.2 Released

• Improve slightly yuv overlay rendering, and add support for the yv12 overlay, used by mpeg cards. It should allow raine to render directly to an mpeg card if the picture on screen isn't interlaced !!! It works with a pvr350 in linux, just be sure to run ivtvctl --set-yuv-mode=mode=1 before running raine to avoid interlacing in yuv overlays. You can now select your prefered yuv overlay format from the video options dialog : don't change this unless you have problems with the default YUY2 format (raine will automatically switch to YV12 if YUY2 is not hardware accelerated for you).
• Fix frame skip (automatic and fixed).
• The game selection dialog now starts with the selection on the currently loaded game.
• dkong and frogger are supported again, with or without emudx. Only restriction for now : no alpha blender functions for the flames in dkong, I need more time to experiment with this, but it's very playable without them anyway ! They both require new emudx sound files, which are about 1Mb shorter : dkongm.dx2 and froggerm.dx2.
• Finally added a game options dialog with "reset game hardware", "load/save game" with support for unlimited number of save states, "graphical layers", and "cpu frame skip". Also moved the cheats dialog here. And you now have complete control over the fps of the game. This is the kind of very usefull dialog if you want to control raine with only a joystick !
• Added a savegame converter, from the old allegro format to the new 0.50 format in the bonus folder (make converter to build it).

Raine Official Site
Raine 0.50.2

    Friday, January 26, 2007
Ootake 0.94 Released

- Processing related to drawing was sped up (lightened) in some measure.
- Processing of "Video Speed Up" mode was sped up (lightened).
- The problem that "Tenshi no Uta" did not operate (generated from v0.87) was corrected.
- At "Save State" with numbered, when there is already a saving file of the number, the screen shot of former saving file is displayed and the superscription is confirmed. * The screen shot is displayed at the file saved since v0.94.
. In Window mode & paused, the display of the window on the foremost side is released.
- In Window mode & when the mouse cursor is not moved, the cursor is automatically concealed.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.94

clrmamepro 3.99 Released

• added: added support for nodump chds
• added: pack option for wwwprofile xml creator
• misc: major cleanup for generic packer routines (e.g. scanner is able to scan 7z and rar now)
• misc: scanner nodump handling works now for roms/chds & unpacked sets
• misc: several other internal cleanups and fixes

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.99

    Thursday, January 25, 2007
ZSNES 1.51 Released

All Ports:
- Rejoice for finally having 224 lines and them being shown properly in all cases. [pagefault]
- IRQ and timing fixes (fixes Chrono Trigger issues, Super Mario World, and others). [pagefault]
- Fixed bug with certain commandline parameters permanently overwriting config file settings. [Nach]
- Fixed bug with loading new ZMVs of a different version. [Nach]
- Loading ZMV with ROM mismatch prints a message. [Nach]
- Movie menu now has tabs and only shows proper options when available. [Deathlike, Nach, grinvader]
- Slight improvement to the Custom Res functionality. [Deathlike, Nach]
- Keep4_3Ratio option now only shows when necessary. [Deathlike]
- PNG files now use extended height in extended height mode. [Nach]
- Pausing, rewinding, and fast fowarding are disabled during movie dumping. [Nach, SamB]
- You can now force a movie dump length shorter or longer than the actual ZMV length. [Nach, Deathlike]
- Fixes for MEncoder check; added LAME check. [Nach]
- Custom dumping with multiple passes implemented. [Nach]
- Fixed some bad memory reads in command-line parser. Thanks grinvader. [Nach]
- Now there's an option to switch to replay mode while recording movies when loading a state and vice versa. [Nach, Deathlike]
- Fixed a bunch of bugs with certain save selection techniques not working right. [Deathlike]
- Fixed gui font overwrite problem after fixing a cheat. The dots should be gone now. [Jonas Quinn]
- You can now select the level of HQ filtering where applicable. [Deathlike]
- Many tweaks made to reduce GUI mem usage on all ports. [Deathlike]
- ZSNES now properly adheres to the command-line when Auto State Save/Load is used. [Deathlike]
- Quick exit key now adheres to Auto State Save/Load. [Deathlike]
- Inc/Dec Gamma toggles actually DO something. Gamma level is now definable in the config file. [Deathlike]
- Fixed bugs with playing back ZMVs of 2+ players at once. [Nach]
- Fix crash if you rewind farther than the game start in Kirby Super Star, Secret of Mana and some other games. [Jonas Quinn]
- Fix crashing if using rewind in a movie before rewind slot is filled. Thanks BoltR. [Nach]
- Readded the smoke effect. [Jonas Quinn]
- Fixed the Winter Gold crash (but not the freeze). [Jonas Quinn]
- Fixed crash in Super Demo World and possibly certain other large games. [Jonas Quinn]
- Fixed loading many old ZSTs. [Jonas Quinn]
- Fixed some bugs with movies which load from power on with SRAM. [Nach]
- Fixed some issues with DSP-4 movies. [Nach]
- Added ability to have game-specific input. Main input is now stored in zinput.cfg. [Nach, Deathlike]
- Added option in Config->Options for Screenshot format. [Deathlike]
- Fix crash on creation of ZMV if save path does not exist. Thanks Maximus. [Nach]
- Logo support for AVI dumping. Set the logo file in zmovie.cfg; it can be gzip'd if you want. [Nach]
- Pick state menu (default - F3) now has wraparound. Praise Pac-Man! [Deathlike]
- Config file cleanup for more understandability. [Deathlike]
- New Don't Save SRAM option. [Deathlike]
- More GUI cleanup and tweaking, also reorganization. [Deathlike]
- Removed the horrible-sounding Mono Surround Sound code. [Deathlike]
- Source cleanup. [Deathlike, Phil^, Nach, grinvader]
- Parsegen now allows one to define inside a PSR file to have it reject arrays from older config files. [Nach]
- Our assembly syntax shortener now is case-insensitive with new case-insensitive string class. [Nach]
- Archopt has updated flags, added GCC 4.2's -march=native support. [Nach]
- Parsegen now has atoui() which should fix reading very large values. [Nach]
- Ported more assembly to C. [Jonas Quinn]
- Misc. bug fixes. [Deathlike, Jonas Quinn, SamB, Nach, grinvader]

DOS Port:
- Fixed snapshots key from attempting to take a PNG when it cannot. [Deathlike]
- Removed old DOS debugger at last. [SamB]
- Clock box option now does something in 8-bit modes. [Deathlike]

Win Port:
- Updated and improved NTSC filter. [Blargg, pagefault, Deathlike]
- Added 1600x1200 S Full to Windows port for consistency. Fixed details of 1600x1200 S Win. [Deathlike]
- Fixed crash with HQ4x in windowed mode with Hi-Res Mode 7 on. [Deathlike]

SDL Port:
- Fixed broken option on Mac OS X; load menu shouldn't crash anymore. Thanks phf. [Nach]
- Made WIP launch message berate users for not using --enable-release if it was an official release. [Nach]
- Added option to define configuration directory. [Aerdan]
- Mac OS X config directory now defaults to Library/Application Support/ZSNES. [Nach]
- Symlink support for matching ROM name to files. [Nach]
- Updated and improved NTSC filter. [Blargg, pagefault, Deathlike]
- More accurate NTSC ratio. [pagefault]
- You can now use libao for sound, compile with --enable-libao, also see zsnes --help for a list of drivers to use. [Nach, Bisqwit, grinvader]
- Unit testing done; off by one errors in audio sample output fixed. Thanks hakonrk and grinvader. [Nach]
- Now supports ~ (home directory) in various places, most notably ROM loading. [Nach]
- Fixed some filtering and video refreshing issues. [Deathlike]
- Fixed Bilinear Filtering on startup. [Deathlike]

ZSNES Official Site
ZSNES 1.51

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007
PSP2600 1.0.2 Released *updated to 1.0.3*

- Bug fix in the render mode Max and x1.25
- New default mapping for the keyboard in order to use the analog/digital swap feature.

- Merge the code from Stella v2.2 (replacing Stella v2.0 b1)
- Add several Anti-Flicker modes such as :
 Phosphor (from Stella v2.2), nice but CPU consuming
 Simple, very fast and suitable for black background games
 Average, it computes average colors between two frames
- Add paddle support, using Left / Right keys or analog Pad
- Fix the sound speed/accuracy (For a better quality, set the PSP clock to 333Mhz in the settings menu)
- Bug fix in Rom file requester, PSP hangs when the rom list was big and already sorted
- Remove Gelon's name from graphics stuff (as he wants to)
- Add Aenea as the author of the first PSP port (i'm sorry for this mistake !)

PSP2600 Official Site
PSP2600 1.0.3

    Saturday, January 20, 2007
PSP2600 1.0.1 Released

- Intial release

PSP2600 Official Site
PSP2600 1.0.1

PSP7800 1.0.4 Released

The two following features were presents in the original ProSystem emulator but had been disabled during the PSP port :
- Add bios file support (you need the 7800.rom file)
- Add games database system (prosystem.dat file)
- Load default.kbd file on startup (if file is present in kbd folder)

PSP7800 Official Site
PSP7800 1.0.4

    Friday, January 19, 2007
Ootake 0.93 Released

- The CPU(HuC6280) processing part was sped up (lightened) in some measure.
  * Compared with me
- When the window of Ootake is not active, the emulator keeps working. In window mode, when the messenger software and the TV recording software, etc. start, the game is not interrupted.
- "Minimize & Pause" menu was added to "Screen" menu. It is possible to execute it also with "F9" key. When you want to restart, click the Ootake's icon on the taskbar.
- When setting to "Start FullScreen mode", the bug that "400x300" and "800x600" are not displayed in "Screen" menu was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.93

    Thursday, January 18, 2007
Raine 0.50.1 Released

* double buffer: forced yuv overlay colors when in fullscreen double buffered (red & blue could be inverted)
* double buffer : fixed the crash when using scale2x/3x
* fix the dlls in windows so that SDL_image and raine use the same dll for png.
* Add some info in the video info dialog about the blit method selected (yuv overlay, scale2x, 3x or simple blits).
* fix very slow gui updates when in fullscreen with a hardware surface
* Added the mutlipac 1.5 rom (see : http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~msilvius/sillyarcade.htm ). Sorry the rom is rare, and that's one of the reasons why I added it. The other is because it's an impressive hack : 24 games in only 1 z80 rom, I never saw this before ! ;-) When you have selected a game in the menu, press P1 start or p1 b1 to play it. The hiscores and history are reseted with the game you select. To return to the menu, reset raine (F1 is the default control for that). So it adds virtualy 24 new games in only 1 rom ;-) !
* Now raine changes its resolution if you ask it in video options even if it uses yuv overlays. It can be usefull to force the yuv overlay to exactly 2x the size of the original screen for example (to get a clearer picture). And it will try to avoid windows biger than the screen in windowed modes.
* double buffering is now optional, you can disable it in "Video options". The default is to use it when available, and normally all the bugs related to double buffering are fixed, but anyway, maybe it can be usefull to disable it sometimes...
* Fix the fps counter when the framecount is not limited
* The return of the sound options dialog, with the addition of the ensoniq voice filters option (leave it to yes if you have a fast computer, the sound is better with this option turned on).

Raine Official Site
Raine 0.50.1

    Tuesday, January 16, 2007
SNEmulDS 0.3 Released

I just finished building SNEmulDS v0.3 with DLDI support. This system made by chishm should make SNEmulDS compatible with much more devices:

* DSLink (microSD Card)
* Ewin2 (SD Card)
* EZ Flash 4 (SD Card)
* EZ Flash 5 (SD Card)
* G6 Flash (version 0.15)
* M3 Adapter (Compact Flash)
* M3 Adapter (SD card)
* Max Media Dock (Compact Flash)
* GBA Movie Player (Compact Flash)
* GBA Movie Player (SD Card)
* NEO Flash MK2 & MK3 (SD Card)
* NEO2 (SD Card)
* Ninja DS (SD Card)
* R4(DS)- Revolution for DS, M3 Simply compatible
* SuperCard (Compact Flash)
* SuperCard DS (Slot-1)
* SuperCard (SD Card)

More informations here :

You can patch SNEmulDS.nds to support others devices as long as those device have been made compatible with the DLDI system. So you should visit this site regularly for update, if your device is not supported by SNEmulDS yet!

SNEmulDS Official Site
SNEmulDS 0.3

PSP7800 1.0.3 Released

- Major Bug fix : All roms (such as BallBlazer) that used the Pokey audio chip made the emulator to crash !
- New icons from Gelon

PSP7800 Official Site
PSP7800 1.0.3

    Monday, January 15, 2007
atari++ 1.51 Released

- Added a force-stereo output for all audio output modules for Linux to work around a bug in alsa that fails to generate suitable mono output if a midi sound font is loaded.

- Reformatted the monitor output of some modules and make them more consistently.

atari++ Official Site
atari++ 1.51

    Sunday, January 14, 2007
Raine 0.50.0 Released

* Fixed crash in Video info dialog
* Added "Fullscreen" option, in the video options dialog
* Fixed double buffering when fullscreen is enabled (windows)
* Added a messagebox to be able to read the error messages when trying to load a game
* Fixed a few more bugs in the game drivers (like crashing when loading a specific game after another)
* Completely removed the references to yasm in the makefile for the linux version.
* Added a gui options dialog (font, auto-repeat, transparency)
* Added controls dialogs (emulator & game controls, default & custom)
* Fixed joystick handliing (only the gamepads could work previously !)
* Fixed the scrollbars behaviour
* Added automatic repeat for joystick in the gui (same parameters as the keyboard, you can tune them with the gui options dialog).
* enhanced menu browsing with joystick (left = page up, right = page down, and up/down cycles around the list)
* windows specific : stdout & stderr are used again instead of stdout.txt and stderr.txt. This should allow rom utilities to work again with raine. Notice that if you want to do that while building your own version of raine, then you need to build your own version of sdl with a specific parameter to the configure script.
* New cheats dialog - only allow to enable/disable cheats, not to edit them for now. It shows the infos at the bottom of the screen if the cheat has some info though (it wasn't done in the allegro version).
* The return of EmuDX : for now only pacman and Ms Pacman. And all the pengo driver has come back with this. Notice : the emudx rendering is compatible with the yuv overlays, so you can freely resize the window without any problem and choose your prefered size.
* A very nice new logo for the about dialog from NoLogic (new palette cycling code for it !).
* Finally took the time to fix the "make install" target of the makefile. It allows to build a clean debian package again.
* Fixed all the png mess (colors are now correct for the bezels even if you run a game from the command line, and you can now save a screenshot again in png - Ctrl S by default now).
* When resizing a window to keep the aspect ratio, always resize within the size chosen by the user (to avoid to have a window bigger than the screen!)
* Acrobat Mission, black heart, and macross2 are loadable again
* Fixed the 8bpp games
* Added quite a few options to the game selection dialog
* Fixed the crash in thunder fox (since 0.42 or 0.43 - the automatic calling of make_solid_region).
* Fixed allocation of m6585 sound chip which crashed gcpinbal when reseting the game (very, very old bug).
* Fixed other things (changelog incomplete !)
* The major new thing in 0.50 is I got finally rid of allegro and its endless bugs. Now SDL is used for everything, and there is a whole new gui. New savegame format, also. The changes below are only the changes related to the game drivers, the changes related to sdl and the gui are not listed (it would be way too long, and uninteresting !!!).
* fix the glitches in strider (since 0.42)
* Fix path /usr/usr in "make install" for linux !!!
* fix champwr freezing at start of game... this one is from 0.38 !!! (I think I didn't want to fix this bug at a time... well it was a long time ago !)
* Restored task force harrier title screen, it was wiped out when some other games in this driver were fixed. Still not playable.
* Fixed colors in some seta games (like zombie raid)
* Some games were loading their roms twice before
* TODO : check bankswitch for these games :

Raine Official Site
Raine 0.50.0

EasyMame 5.5 Released

- Added new mame font folder.
- Adapted to the new snapshot format. (romname/0000.png, ...) The old format is still supported (detection is automatic - unlike other frontends)
- Faster rom initializing.
- Rewrote the favorites handling. Fixing a lot of small issues. It is now again possible to manually add romnames to the easymame.ini file.
- Optimized the database code. Again about 20% faster now. I Don't think it's possible to make it any faster now. :-)

You have to delete the entire INI folder before running the new version for the first time.

A word about favorites:
Why including the favorites in the main easymame.ini and not in a separate favorites.ini is clear to me: I do not like a vast amount of .ini files! Keeping everything small, tight and fast is the main key here. Some other frontends creates a whole bunch of .ini files that doesn't make it any easier at all.

EasyMame Official Site
EasyMame 5.5

PSP7800 1.0.2 Released

- Add Sound support !
- Add new render modes (Normal, x1.25, x1.5)
- Add Frame skip option
- Add new speed limiter option
- Fix colors palette (merge the code from ProSystem v1.1)
- Code cleaning

PSP7800 Official Site
PSP7800 1.0.2

    Saturday, January 13, 2007
Emu Loader 4.9.7 Released

.fixed: Hints were not showing... anywhere (buttons, edit boxes, checkboxes, etc)

.fixed: Rename / delete images not working due to changes in the core

.fixed: Entry "ctrlr" in "mame.ini" was being deleted if using empty value

.fixed: Audio and video recording not working if destination folder does not exists. The folders are automatically created now

.fixed: String "File Not Found" was not being added in the "Notes" column when auditing CHD files

.fixed: Some bugs and missing cases on the audit ROMs feature

.changed: Moved favorites to the top of the games filters list (ini_filesmame_filters.ini) for easier access when switching between filters

.changed: Moved the following settings from preferences screen to "Games List" main menu:
- "Incremental Search"
- "Fill All Clone Entries"
- "Multiple Games Selection", and renamed it to "Enable Multiple Selection"

.changed: Moved "Filter Games by Main CPU" settings from "View" to "Games List" main menu

.changed: New "About..." screen, with new background image

.optimized: Detailed messages for .zip handling errors

.optimized: Added warning/information messages on a bunch of features, to make your life easier :)

.added: New arcade filter: "Konami System 576"

.added: In MAME settings screen:
- Filename with full path of the file being edited, just below the top bar
- Emulator version info label at the bottom of the MAME settings screen

.added: Three new settings for multiple format in images filenames. Now all formats can be used
simultaneously. Settings can be found in main menu "Images":

- EL Format (fullgamename0000.png) ... enabled by default
enable this so EL can display images like "snapsgalaga0004.png" (full game name + 4 digits)

- New Format (gamename000.png) ... enabled by default
enable this so EL can display images like "snapsgalaga004.png"

- Old Format (shortname0000.png) ... disabled by default enable this so EL can display images in old MAME style "snapsgala0004.png" (short name + 4 digits)

Note: This new feature applies to all systems, not just MAME

.added: Convert new MAME images format (/gamename/0000.png) to Emu Loader's own format (fullgamename0000.png), located in "Images" main menu
Only unzipped images are supported on this feature

.added: Updates for latest MAME build (MAME settings screen)

.added: New feature: "All Selected Games Files" (games popup menu, "Delete" sub-menu)
If multi-selection is enabled, you can delete more than one game.zip file at once

After selecting this option, a window will open, with the list of all games to be deleted. You can edit that list the way you see fit. For merged clones, the game filename with full path appears in red color.
WARNING: Recycle bin is not supported

.added: New feature: "All Game Files For This Favorites Profile" (games popup menu, "Delete" sub-menu)
Same as delete multiple selected games, but with three differences:

1. You must be in favorites mode
2. Only games that are visible on the list will be added, meaning, the list will be affected by the current games filters settings
3. No need to select multiple games, as they will all be added to the list automatically

Note: Option only available when in favorites mode

.added: New main menu option: "Games List", this menu will hold settings for the games list itself

.removed: Setting "New Image Name Format"... not needed anymore

.removed: Feature "Display Total Images"
This was responsable to display the "01 of ??" label in the images tool bar, to know the amount of images you have for that image type / game
Removed because now EL can display three image formats at the same time... also, I can't think of any reason anyone would use this just to know now many more images you can view for a specific game when you can simply click on the "Next Image" button

Emu Loader Official Site
Emu Loader 4.9.7

    Friday, January 12, 2007
Ootake 0.92 Released

- By "Speed" menu, the progress speed (Video Speed) of the game can be adjusted. Use it when you want to play RPG that walking is slow, and the action game with high difficulty, or more. * The music of a built-in sound source might become fast according to the game, too. If CPU power of your personal computer is insufficient, it slows oppositely. (It lightens comparatively when setting to "FullScreen"&"TV Mode".)
- In the final stage beginning part of "Akumajou Dracula X", the problem that the screen had regularly done the flash (generated from v0.88) was corrected. I think the operation timing of other game has approached a real machine, too.
- In "Madou King Granzort", the trouble to which the screen was not correctly displayed (generated by v0.91) was corrected.
- The sound processing part was sped up a little.
- When "TV Mode" of "Setting"->"Screen" menu was set, the bug in which the setting had not been reflected when being start next time was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.92

    Monday, January 08, 2007
clrmamepro 3.97b Released *updated to 3.98*

• fixed: rare crash when folder browser opens
• misc: added some 7z return codes
• misc: progress window remembers position
• misc: readded profile info in the window title for now

• fixed: one typo and another issue with the chd relationships

• misc: setinfo select tree doesn't expand it automatically anymore
• misc: adjusted the www profiler version algorithm a little bit
• misc: moved window title information about loaded profile, set count to tooltips (when hovering over the title bar)
• misc: full archive is also removed by rebuilder-remove-rebuilt-source when it only contains folder entries
• misc: installer uses lzma and remembers an old install dir correctly
• misc: several text changes (mainly diskimage to CHD, zip to compress(or))
• misc: compiled with MS VS 2005 SP1
• fixed: "clone got chds while parent doesn't" "Set-ZipFile AND Set-Folder exist" issue
• fixed: cancel button doesn't work when being hit while refreshing www profiler

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.98

Ootake 0.91 Released

- "TV Mode" was added to the image quality mode of the screen. It is possible to play by atmosphere like the video output of TV. A temporary switch can be done by "Screen" menu (or "F11" key). At "Setting"->"Screen" menu, it can be set to start.
- "Configure TurboButton" was added to "Input" menu. The button only for the auto fire function can be set. * When you set this button and you do a usual auto fire setting ("TurboButton I", "TurboButton II" menu), it is possible to use it oppositely as "Non-TurboButton".
- "TurboSpeed Off" was added to the speed setting of the auto fire. When you set the button only for the auto fire ("Configure TurboButton" menu), the auto fire button can be off (it doesn't function as I&II button).
- Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. At high score display of "Darius Plus" and Half-time of "Formation Soccer'90", etc., the problem that the screen fell into disorder by one frame occasionally was corrected.
- The scanline image quality when the screen is "x4" has been improved.
- At full-screen, the switch processing of the screen mode (stretch and scanline) was sped up.
- The reproducibility of the "SUPER GRAFX" has been improved. In ending of "Daimakaimura(Ghouls'n Ghosts)", partial fade-out processing of the screen smoothed. (I think that it can do the same reproduction as a real machine if the memory 16 years of me ago is correct.(^^;)
- "Super Grafx Mode" was added to "CPU" menu. It is possible to switch to the "SUPER GRAFX" mode by hand power. I think that the demonstration and the game etc. of making for the "SUPER GRAFX" by oneself operate, too. Moreover, if you use it in "Darius Plus" with "Perform SpriteLimit" menu, it comes skilled a strong sprite ability like "Hardly flickered with the SUPER GRAFX real machine".
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
- After that, it is a supplementation with the last upgrade release. If you used "Set Resume" menu added with v0.90, in the game where a high score is not preserved, a high score permanently remains. I think that it heats the game play.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.91

    Sunday, January 07, 2007
SSF 0.08 alpha R4 Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, though I don't know japanese so I can't provide any info on the changes.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R4

    Friday, January 05, 2007
Raine 0.50.0 - pre release 2 Released

This version mainly fixes all the bugs I could find in 0.50-pre1, and there were quite a few ! It also puts back the default controls for the win32 version (3 for coin1 and 1 for P1 Start), and it adds some options for the game selection dialog.
Sorry no dialog to change the controls yet, you'll have to wait for the next update (that's why it's still a pre-release : some big features are still missing !). It might be the most stable raine version ever though since it fixes very old bugs that I never wanted to fix until now...

Raine Official Site
Raine pre release info
Raine 0.50.0 - pre release 2

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007
FreeDO 1.9 WIP Released

1) new ARM core
2) new VDLP
  a) fixed PAL (Hordes)
  b) now only 640x480
  c) new interpolation
3) Transparent fix
4) DOOM fix
5) bin/cue support
6) ASPI no needed now
7) some disappear poligons fixed
8) MADAM Cycles counter used (may some compatibility affect)

FreeDO Official Site
FreeDO 1.9 WIP

RockNES 5.00 beta 3 Released

- Timer tweaked a bit, it's better.
- Fixed display messages and flickering.
- Some internal changes and minor fixes.

RockNES Official Site
RockNES 5.00 beta 3

iDeaS Released

- Fixed a bug in texture management.
- Added a debug dialog.

iDeaS Official Site

    Tuesday, January 02, 2007
RockNES 5.00 beta 2 Released

- Fixed opcodes: $01[ORA1](7/6), $04[NOP3](4/3).
- Fixed an obscure addressing mode timing bug.
- Fixed support for trained games.
- Fixed the sound flag in the config file.
- Disabled debug messages, my bad.
- Fixed warning/status messages.
- Mapped F1 key to toggle FPS display.
- Fixed PRG page masking.
- Added ROM loading error messages.
- Other things I don't remember...

RockNES Official Site
RockNES 5.00 beta 2

PSPColem 1.0.7 Released

- Add help menu
- Bug fix in PNG screenshots (bad colors)
- Bug fix in the file selector (state files loading)
- Bug fix in the keyboard menu

PSPColem Official Site
PSPColem 1.0.7

bsnes 0.19 (experimental) Released

I'm releasing bsnes v0.019 today. This version contains Bandai Sufami Turbo support, new IRQ emulation code, and some various bugfixes.

Unfortunately, this release is not entirely cause for celebration. Due to fatal errors in Microsoft's "enterprise class" c++ compiler package, I am no longer able to compile bsnes with profile guided optimizations. I have tested v0.018 with and without these optimizations, and the difference is a 40% speedup when PGO is used, even more significant than I had previously believed. However, bsnes has now become too complex for Visual C++ to handle. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about this, except wait for Microsoft to fix their compiler.

(Warning: this paragraph contains personal opinions, skip it if you can't handle that) As if this wasn't enough, I'm now doing my best to wean my dependence from Microsoft's line of operating systems, as I'm particularly concerned about the black box nature of Vista and its' DRM control mechanisms. This isn't a road I wish to begin traveling down, and thusly have no interest in upgrading to future versions of Windows. Therefore, as of late, I've been writing a UI wrapper that will allow me to code applications that are truly platform independent. The biggest goal for this library is to design a GUI for bsnes that runs virtually identically on both Windows and Linux/BSD. This is mostly complete, however there were many tricks I used in bsnes using the win32 API that I simply cannot do with GTK+ on Linux/BSD, such as the memory editor window subclassing. I will be porting bsnes to use this new UI wrapper, and in turn this will lessen the attractiveness / functionality of the bsnes UI to a certain degree.

Perhaps the most devastating news is that I am still contemplating the idea of designing a dot-based PPU renderer for bsnes. As if the loss of PGO wasn't bad enough, this will likely eat away an unimaginable level of performance as well. I can only estimate the speed loss being between 100-500%. Yes, it will be that bad. And despite weeks of planning, I cannot think of a way to allow a scanline-based and dot-based renderer to coexist as selectable options, given their massive differences in implementation.

And let's not even joke about SA-1 or SuperFX support ... those processors are each four to eight times more powerful than the SNES' main CPU.

All of these speed losses will basically make bsnes mostly irrelevant as an alternative to ZSNES, SNES9x et al. Although I believe I really came close to a viable alternative with v0.018, I know that I cannot both create a mainstream emulator, as well as keep with my original goal to emulate the SNES as accurately as possible.

The past few months have been very tough for me; trying to decide which of the above two goals to pursue. I've still not absolutely made up my mind. But for now, I've been sitting on a mostly untouched version of bsnes for the last few months, and have decided to release it to the public, profile guided optimizations be damned.

I'm once again asking for help, if anyone can figure out why bsnes won't compile with PGO support, please let me know. I'd very much like to get one last PGO build of bsnes released before starting on a dot-based PPU renderer. But given the usual response I get from these requests for help, I'd suggest no one getting their hopes up that bsnes will ever be as fast as it once was again.

The new version can be downloaded at the usual place. I'm leaving v0.018 up, as it may very well be the last stable, fast version of bsnes ever released.

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.19 (experimental)

    Monday, January 01, 2007
Ootake 0.90 Released

- The image quality ("Coloring" & "Quality of the special scanline of default") has been improved to become beautiful and easy to play.
- "Set Resume" menu was added to "File" menu. The game that puts the check in this menu starts from the last continuation when starting next. (Every time, when ending, it saves the state by the automatic.) Moreover, states of the "TurboButton" setting and the "CPU Speed" setting , etc. return. (The best setting at each game can be preserved.)
- Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. In "Bravoman", the problem that the character font takes the shape (generated from v0.88) was corrected.
- The behavior (screen display) when the "Hu-CARD game" started was modeled on a real machine.
- "MoreLate RasterTiming" menu was added to "CPU" menu.
- The resolution of "400x300" and "800x600" can be selected at full-screen.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 0.90

SSF 0.08 alpha R3 Released

A new alpha of this Sega Saturn emulator has been posted, as I don't know japanese I can't provide any details on what's new.
SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R3

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