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    Monday, December 31, 2007
MESS 0.122 Released

System Driver Changes:
- [ATOM] Added natural keyboard support. [Stefano Priore]
- [CPCPLUS] Added raw binary (.bin) cartridge image support. [Barry Rodewald]
- [FAMICOM] Fixed reads to $4031-2 when a disk is not mounted. [MAMEPlus Team]
- [GAMEBOY] Several fixes to the video timing. [Wilbert Pol]
- [GAMEBOY] Fixed a bug in the handling of 256 and 1024 cycle timers. [Wilbert Pol]
- [GAMEBOY] Fixed timer handling details and timer irq generation. [Wilbert Pol]
- [GAMEBOY] Improved handling of VRAM locking in certain STAT modes. [Wilbert Pol]
- [GAMEBOY] Improved handling of OAM locking in certain STAT modes. [Wilbert Pol]
- [GAMEBOY] Improved penalty cycle count for enabled sprites. [Wilbert Pol]
- [MEGADUCK] Fixed default aspect ratio. [Justin Kerk]
- [MEPHISTO] Fixed a keyboard mapping bug. [Dirk Verwiebe]
- [QL] Added sound. [Curt Coder]
- [SG1000] Fixed keyboard/joystick detection. (bug #1444) [Curt Coder]
- [SMS/GG] Disabled interrupt generation on bootup. (bug #1451) [Wilbert Pol]
- [SYM1] Fixed bug #1442. [Dirk Best]
- [SYM1] Better LED support, memory write protect support and added speaker emulation. System is now marked as working. [Dirk Best]
- [TI99] Refactorings and code cleanups. [Michael Zapf]
- [TZX] Added Amstrad CPC .cdt support, and fixed pause length. [Barry Rodewald]
- [TZX] Fixed TZX block type 0x13. [Barry Rodewald]
- [X68000] Improved video timing. [Barry Rodewald]

User Interface Changes:
- [Windows] Fixed occasional crash in menu bar when multithreading is on. [MAMEPlus Team]

Imgtool Changes:
- Modules can now specify IMGTOOLINFO_INT_CHARSET which alters the native character set for a particular Imgtool module. [Dirk Best]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.122. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Changed spacing between natural keyboard key names. [Nate Woods]
- Added a general 74145 BCD-to-decimal decoder emulation, currently used by the SYM-1 driver. [Dirk Best]
- Fixed M65C02 optimization. [Peter Trauner]
- Miscellaneous cleanups (staticization, constification, header file, deprecated use of the "Machine" variable, gfxdecode naming, Machine driver, memory management and removed some legacy code. [Atari Ace]

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.122

    Sunday, December 30, 2007
PSPAtari 1.1.1 Released

- All render modes use GU (smooth mode)
- Add fit height render mode (for zektor)
- Analog pad can now be used in the file requester
- Can now be compiled under linux for linux (usefull for dev/debug)
- Tried to put the new pokey functions, but it is too slow to be usable on a PSP

PSPAtari Official Site
PSPAtari 1.1.1

    Saturday, December 29, 2007
Ootake 1.32 Released

- The access processing of CD-ROM was brought close to the movement of a real machine. In "Cobra II Densetsu no Otoko", the problem that had been occasionally freezed was solved. And, "Jantei Monogatari 3" came to operate.
- In the music CD player with built-in System Card, trouble that the music becomes interrupted (generated from ver1.30) was corrected.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
- Thank you for this year. Ootake was able to be developed greatly thanks to everybody. Then, a good year!

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.32

PSPBEEB 1.1.0 Released

- Speed improvements (but still slow < 40 fps)
- IR keyboard support !
- Now compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim
- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- Add option to display fps rate
- Add a simple intro splash screen
- Analog pad can now be used in the file requester to move faster through the disk/state lists
- Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed when L or R are pressed
- All render modes use GU (smooth mode)
- Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate menus in german, french ...)
- Major bug fix in video emulation functions (psp freeze ...)
- Other bug fix and code cleaning

PSPBEEB Official Site

    Thursday, December 27, 2007
NeoRaine 1.0.0 Released

This is not new generation raine, it's just a build with neocd support ! For those who don't know what neocd is, it's some of the best neogeo games ever with cd quality music.
Actually I started all this lightly, just to port some old code I had writen 2 years ago for the psp to raine, and I had planned to spend only a few days on it. Finally it lasted more than 1 month, and thanks go to Stephh for his very good bug hunting sessions !

Anyway it was fun and interesting to do, and since there was no decent neocd emulator for linux, it was something to be done. Go to the download section, and follow the link for neoraine (and read the doc page at least once !).

NeoRaine Official Site
NeoRaine 1.0.0

Raine 0.50.6 Released

• Fixed puzznic crashing when trying to change the dipswitches (extremely old bug reported by Stephh)
• starscream is upgraded to 0.26d, while still keeping the changes for raine...
• it was impossible to revert to windowed mode by using the fullscreen command of the gui in windows
• When a game had a few regions available + some cheats, the cheats were loaded again at the end of the currently loaded ones every time the region was changed !!! With this behaviour it was very easy to crash !

Raine Official Site
Raine 0.50.6

clrmamepro 3.108b Released

• misc: removing parent/clone relationships for sets which got nodump roms in one and valid dumps (for the same roms) in a clone/parent set. Prevents from overwriting each other when merging.
• fixed: showing wrong (clone) color for removed parent/clone relationship sets in setinformation tree
• fixed: memory leak when leaving with "The program is already running!" message
• fixed: rare crash in system->auto detect sysdef paths

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.108b

    Wednesday, December 26, 2007
YAPE 0.78 Released

• new fancy Vista ready icons (courtesy of Chronos)
• preliminary MPS802 printer emulation
• improved file association dialog
• optional 1:1 sound sampling (111150 Hz, PAL only for now)
• bugfixes

YAPE Official Site
YAPE 0.78

    Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Ootake 1.31 Released

- The DMA reading processing part of CD-ROM was brought close to the movement of a real machine. "Cobra II Densetsu no Otoko", "Lodoss Tou Senki", and "Kagami no Kuni no Legend" came to operate.
- "Use System Memory" was added to "Setting->Screen" menu. Use the favor a sharp image (the burr stands out a little).
- The fade out processing of CDDA (CD sound source) was brought close to a real machine. In "Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku", the problem of the voice was solved.
- With "Option" button of the start window, the window mode start or the full-screen mode start can be set, too.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.31

    Monday, December 24, 2007
PSPSim 1.1.1 Released

- Speed improvement for all render mode (all render modes use now the GU)
- Automatic start when a new disk is loaded
- Bug fix in the keyboard settings menu (d-pad can be used to move up or down in the key menu, even if the virtual keyboard is displayed)
- Analog pad can be used to scroll faster in the file menu requester

PSPSim Official Site
PSPSim 1.1.1

    Sunday, December 23, 2007
Mednafen 0.8.6 Released

This release fixes a single bug that was in 0.8.5: broken PC Engine multiplayer support.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.8.6

GameEx 9.06 Released

• A bug in Jukebox file tag mode was introduced in 9.03. This fixes it

• Improved display initialisation and reinitialisation routines
• Should fix issue with setting wrong resolution when returning from game
• Over half a second faster return from screensaver and MAME

• Updated MAME support files
• Fixes wrong italian lanuguage in install
• Added Nplayers info to screensaver bezel

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 9.06

    Saturday, December 22, 2007
bsnes 0.027 Released

This version replaces libui with miu -- a new GUI wrapper library, and cleans up large portions of the source code.

Unfortunately, the GUI rewrite took far, far longer than I ever imagined. As a result, no work has gone into the core emulation for this version. But with the GUI rewrite out of the way, that should change in the near future. And thanks to the new UI library, I can now begin work on adding a cross-platform debugger to bsnes, at long last.

• Major source code cleanup (lib/, ui/miu/, ui/vai/)
• Cheat code editor was broken in v0.026, this is now fixed
• Cheat code file format simplified for human readability
• Makefile install target improvements [belegdol]
• libui replaced with miu GUI library
• Custom video / audio / input drivers replaced with vai HW library
• ppc and ppc64 libco targets added [Vas Crabb]
• x86 and x86-64 libco targets now work on OS X [Lucas Newman]

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.027

    Friday, December 21, 2007
lxdream 0.8.2 Released

• x86-64 architecture support
• Preliminary Mac OS X support
• Pbuffer support (to support OpenGL drivers without EXT_framebuffer_object)
• Support for more recent CDI and NRG image file versions
• Minor bugfixes

lxdream Official Site
lxdream 0.8.2

WinUAE 1.4.5 Released

New features:
- Sana2 compatible net device (uaenet.device) emulation. WinPCap required.
- Full doublescan mode emulation (DBLPAL, DBLNTSC, MultiScan etc..), sprite doublescan support.
- Full SuperHires emulation, bitplanes and sprites, including ECS Denise "scrambled palette" superhires mode. Also does not downscale hires sprites to lores anymore when bitplane resolution is lores.
- SuperHires resolution added to display panel, replaces old GUI lores setting with lores, hires and superhires select box.
- .dsq (DiskSqueeze) and .wrp (Warp) disk decompression support.
- "Automount" and "Do not boot" harddrive options added.
- Axis movements can be mapped to buttons in input panel (left/right and up/down)
- Picasso96 resolutions 320x200, 320x240, 640x400 and 640x480 added to resolution list, even if no native Windows support.
- optional ini-file registry replacement. (winuae.ini or -ini <file>)
- Autocomplete added to most path text boxes.
- Added information text to hardfile panel (shows type, size,.. of HDF)
- Nordic Power 3.0 freezer cartridge support.

Bugs fixed:
- lzx decompression stability and compatibility improved.
- Debugger C-command word and long word support fixed.
- Heavy CD32 Akiko C2P usage caused huge performance loss.
- AGA statefile restore crash fix.
- Analog joystick mouse emulation fix.
- A500 cycle-exact mode freeze in some cases.
- Picasso96 display preferences resolution list corruption.
- A590/A2091 SCSI emulation buffer overflow crash fix.
- Some types of HDF didn't mount properly.
- Some automount issues fixed.
- CDTV and CDTV SCSI emulation compatibility improved.
- Some ECS Denise-only features fixed.
- Miscellaneous fixes here and there.
- Blank screen in windowed mode fixed (RGB overlay incompatibility)

WinUAE Official Site
WinUAE 1.4.5

GameEx 9.03 Released

• A fairly nice update featuring some new features
• MAME Bezels are no longer a registered version feature
• New feature to display game information and rating bezels for the screensaver. This looks really nice, and you can thank Headkaze for this.
• Updated model 2 support to work with latest version. GameEx will also detect whether to use the multi cpu version automatically
• IMPORTANT: Older versions of the model 2 emulator prioir to commnad line support are NO longer supported. GameEx will detect an old version at startup, and exit with an error to that affect if it finds one.
• Basic control panel support for emulators has been implemented. You can specify an image folder for control panels now. If GameEx finds an image based on name, you will get a view controls option on the game info page, and same as for MAME GameEx will show the image for 9 seconds when launching a game. I don't forrsee expanding on this much, and if you want better control panel support I recommend using Headkaze's CPWizard.
• When playing radio stations GameEx now shows the track/title information when available
• Should fix array bounds error on startup when using GameLauncher mode
• Fixes theme editor menu/info positioning issue
• I'd like again to thank the GameEx community for al there hard work and support, and wish you all Happy Holidays

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 9.03

clrmamepro 3.108a Released

• misc: nodump handling is now locked to 'hide missing', disabled 'create missing' and enabled 'mark no dumps as unneeded'.

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.108a

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007
No$gba 2.6 Released

Important news about downloading the latest version:

No$gba Newest-Gaming-Version Downloads
Donate $2.50 (via paypal) and Download newest no$gba version (support the no$gba project)

Why that donation stuff...?
I've had some money saved up when starting to make no$gba in summer 2001, during last some years the money became less and less, so, without some new money, I won't be able to continue to work on no$gba much longer. Now, if less than one of a hundred people would click the donations button - that would probably solve no$gba's monetary problems.


- nds/3d: soft-renderer: uses fast linear color/texture interpolation when w1=w2
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: supports perspective-correct texture (eg. eragon/demo)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: supports perspective-correct rgb color interpolation
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: picks correct vertex/color/attributes on 1dot polygons
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: prevents polys at existing/possible x1=256 (off-screen)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: allows bigger than possible rear-depth (clubhouse dart)
- nds/3d/debug: vram viewer correctly shows swap buffers as 1st command in tree
- nds/3d/help: added note on situations where lower/right edges are excluded
- nds/3d/help: anti-aliasing doesn't work with (opaque) lines and wire-frames
- nds/3d/help: anti-aliasing isn't used on edge-marked polys/lines/wire-frames
- nds/3d/help: swap_buffers parameters are applied on the FOLLOWING gxcommands
- nds/3d/help: swap_buffers does NOT copy re-ports (disp3dcnt/toon_table/etc)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: supports w-buffering (games with reversed z working)
- nds/3d/help: confirmed guessed texture slot locations for rear-plane bitmaps
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: allows dots on lower/right clip-boundary (off-viewport)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: prevents polys at y1=192 or y1=negative (off-screen)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: handles faulty viewports (exceeding 192 scanlines)
- nds/3d: re-renders old frame on master changes (disp3dcnt or port 330h..3BFh)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: discards correct vertex of invalid twisted |X| quads
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: emulates edge-marking (edge_color, opaque, polygon_id)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: emulates correct size of line-segments and wire-frames
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: emulates correct size of edge-marked polygons
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: emulates correct size of translucent and opaque polys
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: enulates inwards/outwards/left/right/front/back edges
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: emulates steep, flat, vertical, horizontal edges
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: emulates correct rounding of screen coordinates
- nds/3d: supports direct capture from 3d engine (instead from engine a only)
- nds/2d/bugfixes: inits engine b on reset, fixed engine b base in vram viewer
- nds/3d: opengl: internally breaks all polygon strips to separate polygons
- nds/3d: buffers translucent polys, and renders them later (after opaque polys)
- nds/3d/help: corrected polygon_attr.bit11 (affects pixels, not whole polygons)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: stores alpha in framebuf (unlike evil generic opengl)
- nds/3d/help: added description on clamped textures (clips to minmax 0,siz-1)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: supports texture clamp, repeat, and flip-repeat modes
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: clips texcoord (only if needed; point1 or point2>max)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: supports toon table (and skips green/blue calculations)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: does texture blending (modulation,decal,toon,highlight)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: explodes texture bitmap and renders texture by texcoord
- nds/3d: emulates polygon_attr having no effect until next begin_vtxs command
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: renderer uses linear (quick'n'dirty) color/texcoord
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: interpolates color and texcoord (if any) on rendering
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: interpolates color and texcoord (if any) on clipping
- nds/3d: allocates/stores color/texcoord/screencoord in each buffered vtx-entry
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: re-ensures range after clipping (for rounding errors)
- nds/3d: vram viewer: fixed 4x4 texel texture mode1 crash (missing pusha/popa)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: optional depth_update for translucent polys (less only)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: optional depth_less or depth_equal rendering condition
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: interpolates depth (z) horizontally and vertically
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: initializes rear-plane rgba,depth,etc (blank or bitmap)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: front/back/linesegment check (on first three vertices)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: hides far-plane-intersecting (if enabled in poly_attr)
- nds/3d: soft-renderer: clips polygons to all six sides of the view-volume
- web/paypal: added an evil "donate 2.50 and download newest version" button
- dos: due to the soft-renderer, dos version is now fully supporting 3d video
- a22i: added LO (usingned lower) as alias for CC (carry clear) (thanks niels)

No$gba Official Site

MAME 0.122 Releases

Full list of changes available here.

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.122


• Updated to MAME 0.122 - MAMEUI 0.122

MAMEUIFX Official Site


MAMEUI Official Site

    Monday, December 17, 2007
Yabause 0.9.2 Released

cd block:
- Fixed a bug in periodic timing. Most movies should play correctly now.
- Other bug fixes

- Fixed a bug that was causing reversed panning.
- Fixed a bug in SCSP slot debug stats.

- Fixed a bug that caused Yabause to crash when fetching instructions from some areas.

- Fixed undocumented plane size setting when debugging vdp2
- Special Color Calculation mode added to vdp2 debugging

opengl video core:
- Added the eight missing sprite types in Vdp1ReadPriority.

software video core:
- Fixed a bug where Polygons that used non-RGB values had the wrong priority.
- Fixed a bug that was causing some scrolling issues.

gtk port:
- CD, sound, and video cores can now be changed without restarting the emulator.
- Added basic support for save states.

windows port:
- Fixed compilation with MSYS.
- Changed SCSP debug dialog so it allows for individual slot saving.
- Fixed a bug when using goto address in memory editor.
- Fixed a bug where Yabause crashed when joystick was unplugged.
- Added memory search support.
- Fixed cheat dialog. Codes should show up after re-opening it.

- Fixed some bugs where vdp1/vdp2 layers wouldn't be drawn after switching video cores.
- Fixed a bug when switching between opengl and software video cores.
- Added memory search function.

Yabause Official Site
Yabause 0.9.2

    Saturday, December 15, 2007
blueMSX 2.71 Released

- Added support for Forte II Games arcade boards
- Added support for Halnote mapper
- Added support for Arkanoid pad
- Added the Ciel Expert 3 IDE machine
- Added 165 new game cheats
- Reduced SCC volume to conform with an average MSX machine
- Fixed screen 6 sprite collision timing bug
- Fixed properties bug when canceling the Properties dialog
- Fixed bug in Konami mapper that made non standard size roms not run properly
- Rom name in machine config dialog can now be edited in the text field
- Fixed minor SCC timing issue
- Fixed PSG volume initialization in ColecoVision
- Fixed Joystick initialization in ColecoVision
- Minor bugfixes in Yamaha SFG05 emulation

blueMSX Official Site
blueMSX 2.71

Ootake 1.30 Released

- The processing part of "CPU(HuC6280)" and "BG drawing" were sped up. I think that processing lightened in some measure of a personal computer environment so not fast.
- Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. At "Mugen Senshi Valis" of the game over scene, the problem that the screen had occasionally freezed was solved. At "Power Sports (World Sports Competition)" of the news scene, The disorder of one frame was solved. I think the operation timing have approached a real machine in other software, too.
- "Mute PSG Channel 1"-"Mute PSG Channel 6" was added to "Volume" menu. When "Output WAV file", use it when you want to mute a specific sound (shot sound and jump sound, etc.).
- In "File->Setting of Output WAV->Start at the Next Tune" menu function, at the tune to which the sampling sound is multiused, The problem that it was not occasionally recognized to have moved to the following tune was corrected.
- The CD-ROM access processing part has been improved. When resetting it with "SELECT+RUN" button while accessing CD-ROM, the problem that had been occasionally freezed was solved.
- Processing that decided drawing beginning line was brought close to a real machine. In "Mizubaku Daibouken (Liquid Kids)" , when the thunder item was taken, the width of the shake of the screen was brought close to a real machine. At "Dragon Ball Z" of the opening demo, the problem that the screen has fallen into disorder was solved.
- In "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari", when playing with a fast CD-ROM drive environment, the problem that ADPCM voice of the elder sister in the bookstore became interrupted occasionally was solved.
- In "Nekketsu Koukou Soccer Hen", the problem that the character display had occasionally received in the status display part was solved.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.30

clrmamepro 3.108 Released

• added: split rar support ("remove rebuilt source files" removes only first part though")

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.108

    Monday, December 10, 2007
GP2X-CAP32 1.3.1 Released

- Display in green (monochrome)
- Check CPM disk automatically (and run |CPM instead of RUN")
- Bug fix in the disk explorer menu (when the number of files on disk was too high)

GP2X-CAP32 Official Site
GP2X-CAP32 1.3.1

GP2X-TI99 1.0.1 Released

TI99Sim is a very good emulator of Texas Instruments TI99 home computer running on Windows and Unix. The emulator faithfully imitates the TI99/4 model (see http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/).

GP2X-TI99 is a port on GP2X of the version 0.1.0 of TI99Sim.

GP2X-TI99 Official Site
GP2X-TI99 1.0.1

    Sunday, December 09, 2007
SSF 0.09 alpha R1 Released

Crude machine translation of changes:

CD block seek treatment fixed.
SCU timers processing fixed.
VDP1 clipping disposal fixed.

AI problems fixed.
Multi-controller triggers LR,
A key set of slider controller is not bad直っI should ...

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.09 alpha R1

PSPCAP32 1.3.2 Released

- Option to display in green (monochrome)
- Option to scroll up or down the screen (when the screen is not properly centered)
- Analog pad can now be used in the file requester to move faster through the disk/snapshot lists
- Check CPM disk automatically (and run |CPM instead of RUN")
- Bug fix in the disk explorer menu (when the number of files on disk was too high)
- IR keyboard works now also in the keyboard settings menu.
- Bug fix in the render function, sometimes the screen became dark (it should not happen anymore).

PSPCAP32 Official Site
PSPCAP32 1.3.2

PSPTI99 1.0.2 Released

- Add save state feature !
- Display and save thumbnail images for each save state
- Disable speech system (make the emulator to freeze)
- Bug fix in the render function (dark screen)

PSPTI99 Official Site
PSPTI99 1.0.2

    Friday, December 07, 2007
Ootake 1.29 Released

- "Output WAV File" menu was added to "File" menu. The recording starts when this menu is executed. Afterwards, when paused ("Esc" key or mouse click), the recording ends. And "setting and function to record beautifully" was put, too.
- If the "hes file (PCE sound file)" is opened, when the tune is selected with I-button or II-button, the no sound time of 0.5 seconds is inserted. (possible to release it by "File->Setting of Output WAV" menu)
- "3Quarters" (volume of 3/4) was added to "Volume" menu.
- In "Lodoss Tou Senki II", at the scene of "After the last boss", the problem that the upper part of the screen had flickered was solved.
- When "Youkai Douchuuki" was started, the multi-tap was removed automatically.
- At the opening title of "Chou Aniki", the problem that the logo shook occasionally was solved.
- A detailed part of RAM access of CPU (zero page access) was brought close to a real machine. (Information from PC2E author Mr.Ki)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.29

clrmamepro 3.107b Released

• fixed: biosset assignment routine assigned some wrong biossets (CVS) in MAME .121u3.

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.107b

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007
PSPTI99 1.0.1 Released

TI99Sim is a very good emulator of Thomson TI99 home computer running on Windows and Unix. The emulator faithfully imitates the TI99/4 model (see http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/).

PSPTI99 is a port on PSP of the version 0.1.0 of TI99Sim.

PSPTI99 Official Site
PSPTI99 1.0.1

    Monday, December 03, 2007
MSXAdvance 0.3 Released

Some people have been bugging me about a MSXAdvance with 64kB RAM for christmas, so here it is. As I've been working on the Z80 and SMS emulators for some time now there are some more fixes in it as well.

• Added 64kB of RAM instead of 32kB (Batman).
• Fixed initialization of horizontal position of keyboard.
• Fixed initializing of all CPU regs on reset.
• Fixed pushing and poping of AF register (BC Quest for Tires II).
• Optimised some of the SBC instructions.
• Optimised DAA opcode.
• Optimised one of the SRA opcodes.
• Optimised tile rendering.

MSXAdvance Official Site
MSXAdvance 0.3

iDeaS DInput Plugin Released

Updating for this plugin, a lot of the fix thanks also to RockmanForte and Poki#3

iDeaS Official Site
iDeaS DInput Plugin

    Sunday, December 02, 2007
PCSX2 public betas

I hope everybody out there is enjoying 0.9.4 and trying our new online functionality, but for those of you who just managed to get some clean underwear on after the excitement, we have some more news for you, so underwear draw on standby.

From today we will be doing occasional public beta releases! Meaning whatever is on the SVN, you will not have to wait for a year for us to release it. But i will make one note *prepares bold, large text for the few idiots who manage to miss it*


I hope everybody can read that, we will not tollerate it, any threads relating to it will be closed and unanswered.

That aside i hope you enjoy your new builds, but be sure to check back occasionally as i won't be informing you of any updates Wink

Head over to the new "Public Beta" section of the downloads page to grab it.


PCSX2 Official Site

GP2X-CAP32 1.3.0 Released

- Games on disk are now automatically loaded on startup !
- Menu to explore the disk content and possibly load files with Basic RUN" command
- Add several news options such as one to display (or not) the border
- Code cleaning

GP2X-CAP32 Official Site
GP2X-CAP32 1.3.0

    Saturday, December 01, 2007
MAME GP2X 5.1 Released

- Added Knuckle Joe (kncljoe) (from MAME 0.37b12).
- Updated Warp Warp. Now playable with full sound.
- Bug fix to Sega Ninja (and clones) in Sega System 8 driver. Background was not correct.
- Added improved MSM5205 ADPCM sound system. This is currently separated to the old MSM5205 core. Only Knuckle Joe uses this but there is potential to update many other games to the improved MSM5205 (e.g. Rygar).
- Added FRAC definitions (useful for adding MAME 0.36+ drivers).

MAME GP2X Official Site

PSPCAP32 1.3.1 Released

- Major Speed improvements, it's really fullspeed even using GU rendering ! 45 fps at 222Mhz using the fast mode, >50 fps for any mode at 266Mhz.
- Games on disk are now automatically loaded on startup !
- Menu to explore the disk content and possibly load files with Basic RUN" command
- Sound improvements
- Add several news options such as one to display (or not) the border, or to select disk startup mode etc ...
- Bug fix in the keyboard settings menu (when the virual keyboard is displayed, then you can still use the d-pad to select menu items)
- Other bug fix and code cleaning

PSPCAP32 Official Site
PSPCAP32 1.3.1

File Releases

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