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    Monday, April 30, 2007
Snes9x 1.51 Released

- Added DSP1 and SuperFX savestate support. (nitsuja)
- Added screen state GFX to save states. (optional) (nitsuja)
- Fixed desync when loading inconsistent state in playback. (nitsuja)
- When playback reaches a movie's end, recording continues instead of the movie suddenly closing. (after recording) (nitsuja)
- can now record resets and mouse/superscope/justifier(s) (nitsuja)
- Added same-line-comment support for config files. (nitsuja)
- input display for all controllers (including peripherals) (nitsuja)
- Win32: Now uses .cfg file instead of Windows registry. (nitsuja)
- Win32: open ROM dialog bugfixes and speedup and facelift (nitsuja)
- Win32: option to use standard file open dialog for ROMs (nitsuja)
- Win32: maintain aspect ratio and bilinear filter stretch (nitsuja)
- Win32: optional removal of the dreaded "black bar" (nitsuja)
- Win32: Added EPX,EPX2,EPX3,HQ2X,HQ3X,TV3X,DM3X filters. (nitsuja)
- Win32: Added hires support for Interlace and TV Mode. (nitsuja)
- Win32: text removed from .avi output (optional) (nitsuja)
- Win32: better directory management, customizeable (nitsuja)
- Win32: Screenshot support is back. (nitsuja)
- Win32: Netplay is back (but still not very good). (nitsuja)
- Win32: Made OpenGL Bi-linear an advanced .cfg option. (nitsuja)
- Win32: cheat search improvements (address, watch, SuperFX) (nitsuja)
- Win32: Added non-modal ("active") cheat search option. (nitsuja)
- Win32: new hotkey-config dialog and configurable hotkeys (nitsuja)
- Win32: Fixed joystick config in input dialog. (nitsuja)
- Win32: Fixed hires and extended height .avi output. (nitsuja)
- Win32: various small GUI improvements (nitsuja)
- Win32: Netplay fixes. (nitsuja)
- "Fake Mute" desync workaround option for movies, until all ports have deterministic sound. (Bisqwit, nitsuja)
- Fix for save state blocks > 999999 bytes. (Bisqwit)
- C4 games now save C4 data in save states. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: Framework for high-speed seeking. Specify a frame number in a movie, and the emulator will run at maximum speed to that frame. Untested. (DeHackEd)
- X11: Support for window exposure. When a window is damaged due to overlay, being iconified, etc. it will be repainted correctly. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: parameter: -autodemo loads a movie for playback on startup. Only the x11 code handles this right now. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: parameter: -oldturbo, the turbo button renders all frames when fast-forwarding. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: parameter: -upanddown, override U+D and L+R protection. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: parameter: -mute, currently linux only, blocks out audio output from your speakers while still emulating sound. Not fully tested. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: parameter: -maxframes during movie playback, snes9x will exit when the target is hit. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: parameter: -keypress shows to stderr and on-screen the currently pressed buttons on joypad 1. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: Stream dumping (NOT COMPLETE). With -dumpstreams, raw video and raw audio are dumped to videostream%d.dat and audiostream%d.dat, where %d increments on each CPU reset, starting at zero. (DeHackEd)
- Unix: Non-blocking sound on Linux. It makes seeking nicer.(DeHackEd)
- Unix: Configurable sound device. (pierredavidbelanger)
- configure.in now requires a sufficiently new version of autoconf. (anomie)
- Fixed slow versions of branch opcodes. (anomie)
- Fixed the mosaic offset bug. (anomie)
- No sorting by priority in C4 command 00 00. MegaMan X2 can go behind the legs of the intro stage boss. (anomie)
- New RTO discovery, fixes Super Conflict: The Mideast title screen. (anomie, byuu)
- A 1->0 transition on $2100.7 causes OAM Address Reset. (anomie, byuu)
- The final HDMA Indirect Address load is only weird on the last channel of the scanline. Touge Densetsu Saisoku Battle problem solved. (anomie, byuu)
- Fixed BGnVOFS bug. Only HOFS needs ~&7 update. (byuu)
- Fixed superfluous VIRQ triggers. (zones)
- Fixed missing IRQ trigger just after the previous one. (zones)
- Fixed missing IRQ while writing to $4200. (zones)
- Fixed IRQ timing after WRAM refresh. (zones)
- Fixed NMA timing after DMA transfer. (zones)
- Fixed superfluous auto-joypad-reading. (zones)
- Fixed missing WRAM refresh during DMA transfer. (zones)
- Fixed DMA so that HDMA and any HC triggered events can run during DMA transfer. (zones)
- Roughly fixed the case that HDMA and DMA use the same channel at the same time. HDMA kills DMA. Thanks byuu. (zones)
- Changed initial DMA registers values. (zones)
- Slightly modified APU execute timings. (zones)
- Fixed APU I/O registers to get/set the proper value. (zones)
- Blocked invalid VRAM writings, though you can turn off this option due to Snes9x's inaccurate timings. (zones)
- Omitted SPCTOOL, no one uses it. (zones)
- Added Sufami Turbo support. (zones)
- Added Same Game add-on cart support. (zones)
- Fixed HiROM SRAM and DSP1-4 memory maps a little. (zones)
- Improved mirroring. (Nach, grinvader, byuu)
- CRC32 on BS dumps now follows uCONSRT standard. (Nach)
- BS dumps now always run in NTSC mode. (Nach)
- Unknown regions (generally betas) default to NTSC. (Nach)
- Now support NSRT headers for setting up controllers. (Nach, nitsuja)
- Unix: Fixed command line help output. (Nach)
- Unix: Sound now defaults to 32KHz, Stereo, Interpolation so Snes9x finally sounds like a real SNES by default. (Nach)
- Win32: Saner defaults for movie record. (Nach)
- Unix: Fixed crashing with mouse or super scope. (Nach)
- Removed some weird code which was crashing Korean League and its varients. (Nach)
- Win32: Can now compile with MinGW. (Jonas Quinn, Nach)
- Win32: Can now cross compile Snes9xw. (Nach)
- Unix: SSnes9x compiles again. (Nach)
- Win32: ZSNES C4 and SuperFX compiles once again. (Jonas Quinn)
- Unix: Netplay Fixes. (Nach)
- Unix: Netplay Improvements. (Fabianx)

Snes9x Official Site
Snes9x 1.51

GameEx 8.09 Released

• New database driven favorites and statistics. This will improve stability, reliability, validation and integrity of your game data
• The data will be automatically be upgraded, but you will loose any stored video aspects
• This is going to be much better going forward
• There's new viewable statistics in GameEx for registered users and these are also available from GameExtender
• Much faster and enhanced 7-ZIP support, GameEx will only extract the entire archive when launching, in the menu the files in the archive are just listed

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 8.09

GP2X-Atari 1.0.1 Released

Atari800 is an emulator for the 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 models of the Atari personal computer. It can be used on console, FrameBuffer or X11. See http://atari800.sourceforge.net/ for further informations.

PSPATARI is a port on PSP of the version 2.0.2 (April 08 2006) of Atari800 from Petr Stehlik. GP2X-Atari is a port on GP2X of the PSP version 1.0.7.

This is the first version but should be the last version (only if major bugs are found).

GP2X-Atari Official Site
GP2X-Atari 1.0.1

    Saturday, April 28, 2007
Ootake 1.00 Released *updated to 1.01*


- When switching from the full-screen display to the window display, the bug that the system menu of the window (closing button etc.) had disappeared was corrected.
- At the numbered "Save State" and "Load State" menu, the "*" mark is displayed by the saving file existed.
- At installation in "Install(CD speed-up)" menu, the game of which the CD read error went out in the final sector can have been installed.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.


- The access processing of CD-ROM was considerably sped up. I think that it came to be able to perform CDDA (CD sound source) and ADPCM voice well even in a personal computer environment so not fast. As a result, the size of the buffer of CDDA is made 512 fixation , and the tone quality of CDDA has been improved.
- "Install(CD speed-up)" menu was added to "CD-ROM" menu. The CD-ROM access is sped up by installing the "data track" part of CD-ROM.
- The ["Replay"Previous Hu-CARD Game] button was added to the start screen. ("R" key of the keyboard is also the same.)
- "Recent" menu was added. It is possible to play quickly by selecting it from among the Hu-CARD game that played recently. (It is possible to execute it also with "R" key of the keyboard.)
- "CD Change(NoReset)" menu was added to "CD-ROM" menu. Use it in "CD Battle Hikari no Yuushatachi" and "Music CD player built into System Card", etc.
- Interrupt processing was modeled on a real machine more. "Cosmic Fantasy 4 Totsunyuu hen" and "Gotzendiener" came to operate. In "Janshin Densetsu", the status screen came to be displayed correctly. I think that it approached a real machine by the operation timing as for other some software.
- The memory access processing was modeled on a real machine. In "Double Dragon II", The animated cartoon display became correct, and sound shifted was solved.
- In "Double Dragon II", ADPCM voice immediately after the start was accurately sounded.
- The forwarding of ADPCM data was modeled on a real machine. In "Popful Mail", vocal timing has improved.
- At the setting "Turbo Cycle (CPU of PC Engine is sped up)" the load has been decreased.
-* Some(about 100) the game name recognized with CD-ROM were changed. If you cannot load "saving file of the old version", each one must change "file name of the saving file". *The new file name can be confirmed by saving once.
- Additionally, a lot of detailed parts have been improved and corrected.

Ootake Official Site
Ootake 1.01

iDeaS - Audio plugin beta Released

I have decided to release the beta of the plugin audio, version There are various bugs but it works well. It is slow, but the future version of iDeaS will have the skip frames and it will be faster.
Here's the changelog:

• Added ADPCM support.
• Fixed a bug in Sound Channel X Control Register.
• Fixed a bug in Sound Channel X Length Register.
• Fixed a bug in Enable/Disable functions.
• Fixed a bug in pcm8 decoder.
• Fixed a bug in pcm16 decoder.

iDeaS Official Site
iDeaS - Audio plugin beta

    Friday, April 27, 2007
PCSX2 0.9.4 WIP!

Just posted news over on PCSX2.net showing current development towards PCSX2 0.9.4 (A PlayStation 2 Emulator for Windows and Linux):

I have also provided a YouTube video for those who don't want to download the High Quality Video: here

Busy is certainly one way to describe PCSX2 development currently!

Progress on PCSX2 0.9.4 is coming along nicely with several members of the team making some significant additions to the project!

Zerofrog has fixed the SPS (Spikey Polygon Syndrome) that plagued Kingdom Hearts 2, making the game much more viewable and almost playable!

To demonstrate this, below are 10 High Quality shots from various areas of the game, but take special note when viewing the images...why?

ZeroGS development has also continued during this hectic time, and those of you with great GPU's can enjoy 8x and 16x render target (referred to as AA within the plugin).

Also head on over to our videos section to get a video of Kingdom Hearts 2 being played! Video is provided as a torrent so please seed!

Saqib has recently been working hard on memory card issues, testing is still under way however thanks to his work games like Phantasy Star Universe are now getting ingame and the ever popular Resident Evil 4 can now load saves, and if all goes to plan - save to!

Refraction is also busy and after his success with Path 3 work has turned his attention to other issues, thanks to his work Tekken 5 is now getting ingame! Currently Tekken 5 can't be classed as playable as characters are totally lacking in the Y dimension!

Plenty more where all this came from...watch this space!

Direct link to Kingdom Hearts 2 video torrent: here

Kingdom Hearts 2

Resident Evil 4

Tekken 5

Official PCSX2 Site
Official PCSX2 Forums
Direct Link to Video Torrent (Please seed!)
Youtube version of Official Video

MEKA WIP 2007-04-26 Released

- Z80: Fixed cases were address arithmetic would not wrap in the 16-bit address space, effectively crashing the emulator (those cases were mostly happening on corrupted data, but it also legit Z80 code, and in any case we don't want the emulator to crash). [Omar]

Tilemap viewer:
- Fixed leftover of white rectangle when mouse hover last line. [Omar]

- Added "B nopnop" shortcut to break on two successives NOP instructions. This is basically equivalent to "B x =0,0". [Omar]

- Increased max length of directory/filenames. [Musuruan]
- Added "Automatically crop and align screen captures" option. This option aligns screen captures on the nearest visible tile, helping to simplify the process of creating game maps by pasting captures next to each other. [Omar] Note: May not work properly on game using scanline based effects.
- Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists. [Omar]

MEKA Official Site
MEKA WIP 2007-04-26

    Thursday, April 26, 2007
GP2X-MSX 1.0.2 Released

- Improve speed
- Improve emulation accuracy
- New render mode
- New default keyboard mapping
- Add MMU hack stuff
- Add option to display frame rate
- New speed limiter function
- Improve volume handler
- Bug fix in file requester
- Add .mx1 and .mx2 file extention
- Linked with my patched version of SDL

GP2X-MSX Official Site
GP2X-MSX 1.0.2

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007
fMSX-PSP 3.1.2 Released

• Added support for cartridge type selection in the System menu. This adds support for games like Zanac Ex, which are not detected correctly
• Preliminary ZIP file support. Emulator will load ROM or DSK files from a ZIP file, provided there's only a single compressed file per ZIP. System ROM's must still be uncompressed (or GZip compressed)
• GZip file support - emulator will load cartridges and disk images from .gz compressed files. Save states are also much smaller in size
• GUI changes, wording changes

fMSX-PSP Official Site
fMSX-PSP 3.1.2

iDeaS Released

• Added test if cuboid sits inside view volume.
• Added flip textures coordinates.
• Added test for position coordinates.
• Added microphone support.
• Fixed a bug in EEPROM management.
• Fixed a bug in Display Capture Control Register.
• Fixed a bug in texture coordinates trasformation.
• Fixed a bug in sprites management.
• Fixed a bug in GXFIFO register.

iDeaS Official Site

SSF 0.08 alpha R9' Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, I can't find any list pointing out the changes from R9 to R9' though.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R9'

    Monday, April 23, 2007
PSP7800 1.0.6 Released *updated to 1.0.7*


UPDATE Version 1.0.6 was buggy here is the new one


- Merge diff from ProSystem v1.2
- Add option to display frame rate
- New sound handler
- Improve speed
- New speed limiter function
- New background image
- Bug fix in file requester

PSP7800 Official Site
PSP7800 1.0.7

GP2X-7800 1.0.2 Released *updated*

UPDATE: If you downloaded the files previously redownload them again.

Previous version that i've uploaded yesterday was buggy, here is the new one

- Merge diff from ProSystem v1.2
- Improve speed
- Improve emulation accuracy
- Add MMU hack stuff
- Add option to display frame rate
- New speed limiter function
- Improve volume handler
- Linked with my patched version of SDL
- New background image
- Bug fix in file requester

GP2X-7800 Official Site
GP2X-7800 1.0.2

GP2X-Colem 1.0.2 Released

- Improve speed !
- Improve emulation accuracy
- Add MMU hack stuff
- Add option to display frame rate
- New speed limiter function
- Improve volume handler
- Linked with my patched version of SDL
- Bug fix in file requester

GP2X-Colem Official Site
GP2X-Colem 1.0.2

    Saturday, April 21, 2007
SSF 0.08 alpha R9 Released

A new version of this Sega Saturn emulator has been released, here's a somewhat dodgy translation by Google Langauge Tools:

The drawing weight processing of VDP1 was corrected.
The EG processing of SCSP was corrected.
The FM wiring processing of SCSP was corrected.
It tried to interpolate linear at the time of the PCM resampling of SCSP.
Because it is a little heavy processing, option is provided.
Linear interpolation is the processing which has done even with the apparatus.
That and, resampling processing from the single precision floating point was modified in the double precision floating point.
Becoming heavier than before somewhat even with the same processing, it increases.

At the time of Enforce Aspect Ratio option use it tried to consider the picture aspect ratio of PC side.
Version of the state saving data changed.

With the latest modification tune of the built-in sound source compared to becomes close in the apparatus the expectation… which
After but if the fact that sound of FM wiring becomes noise mixture could be corrected, it is,…

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.08 alpha R9

GP2X-2600 1.0.2 Released

- Add MMU hack stuff
- Add option to display frame rate
- New speed limiter function (better accuracy)
- Improve volume handler
- Improve speed (now up to 70 fps at 200 Mhz)
- Linked with my patched version of SDL
- Bug fix in .zip feature

GP2X-2600 Official Site
GP2X-2600 1.0.2

    Thursday, April 19, 2007
Kawaks 1.58 Released

• New drivers:
   o Choko (Japan 010820)
   o Jyangokushi: Haoh no Saihai (Japan 990527)
   o Various CPS-2 clone sets
   o Garou: Mark of the Wolfes (bootleg)
• Removed XOR's from all CPS-2 games. (Special thanks to Andreas Naive and Nicola Salmoria)
• Added new V3 ROM crc to rbff2 and clones.
• Added new V4 ROM crc to Last Blade and clones.
• CLRpro and ROMcenter DAT generation should be correct.
• Renamed some ROMs in SVC (MVS Cart version).
• SVC bootlegs now use the same 'C' and 'V' ROMs.
• Changed the size of the Samsho5 M ROM.
• Changed C ROM crc in pnyaa.

Kawaks Official Site
Kawaks 1.58

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007
MAME32FX 0.114 Released

Updated to MAME 0.114 - MAME32 0.114

Small hacky update to Neogeo.c driver:
• Fixed MAME Testers bug Blazstar0103u4Gre.
• Fixed raster effects and gfx glitches in a bunch of games.

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.114

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007
GP2X-THOM 1.0.2 Released

- New speed limiter
- New sound volume handler
- New virtual keyboard position
- Help file can have up to 4096 lines (useful to write your own documentation/cheat file)
- Bug fix in sound mute
- Bug fix in joystick handler (Diagonals weren't properly handled)
- Bug fix in key mapping (reverse Ltrigger and Rtrigger keys)
- New default keyboard mapping : (press Trigger + Joystick to emulate cursor keys)
- Bug fix in menus
- Bug fix in file requester (crash when moving up)
- Bug fix in exit handler (should not freeze anymore)

GP2X-THOM Official Site
GP2X-THOM 1.0.2

    Monday, April 16, 2007
GP2X-Yape 1.0.1 Released

Yape is the best emulator of Commodore microcomputer family running on Windows and Unix. The emulator faithfully imitates the C-264 (alias Commodore Plus/4) model. It has been written by Attila Grósz, see http://yape.plus4.net for details.

GP2X-Yape is a port of the version v0.32.4.

GP2X-Yape Official Site
GP2X-Yape 1.0.1

GP2X-SIM 1.0.1 Released

SimCoupe emulates a SAM Coupe - an 8-bit, Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology. For more information on the machine itself, including history and technical specification you can go on the SimCoupe web site.

Originally developed for UNIX and DOS systems by Allan Skillman, it has been then improved and ported to SDL by Simon Owen, Dave Laundon.

GP2X-SIm is a port of the CVS version 0.90 beta 4 of SamCoupe.

GP2X-SIM Official Site
GP2X-SIM 1.0.1

    Sunday, April 15, 2007
Mednafen 0.8.1 Released

PC-FX: Added more registers/SetRegister() support to the debugger.

Trying to edit a register in a debugger register groups with a NULL SetRegister method will no longer crash Mednafen.

NES: Fixed a misnamed save state variable in the FME-7 code.

Mednafen will now be compiled with "-fno-strict-overflow" if the C compiler supports that option, for the upcoming gcc 4.2 release, as I'm not sure this optimization is safe with Mednafen's code(it may be, but better safe than somewhat sorry!).

PCE CD, PC-FX: Added partial support for cdrdao "TOC" files, including support for rips with subchannel data, but it must be in the "RW_RAW" format. Ripped CD+G CDs can be played back this way in the PCE CD and PC-FX BIOS CD players.


PC-FX: Improved VDC chain/256-color mode emulation.

PC-FX: Altered FXVCE->VDC vsync emulation.

PC-FX: Revamped RAINBOW code, adding support for JPEG-like encoded content, thanks to David Michel's help.

WonderSwan: Fixed a bug in the debugger(HAH) regarding the display of HBTimerPeriod and VBTimerPeriod(they were erroneously listed as 1-byte variables, when they should've been listed as 2-byte variables, which caused the values to wrap around to the other side of the screen if they were >= 0x100).

GBA: Structurized free-floating various variables...there shouldn't be any regressions, aside from save state incompatibility, unless typos were made(if so, please tell me!).

PC-FX: Added support for scrolling/rotation in 64K color mode.

PC-FX: The KING data structure(including KRAM) is now dynamically allocated.

GB, GBA: The memory for the color map/filter is now dynamically allocated.

PC-FX: Changed the size of the emulated X tile coordinate register when drawing KING BG, affecting in-range calculation when in non-endless scroll mode. Fixes missing eyes and mouths and other craziness in cutscenes in Chip Chan Kick.

PC-FX: Fixed playback of the last 4 samples of an ADPCM playback sequence, fixes crazy volume problems in "Team Innocent".

PCE: VDC chip data structures(including emulated VRAM) are now dynamically allocated.

NES: FDS and several mappers' larger data structures are now dynamically allocated.

NES: NSF write handler info structure is now dynamically allocated, which should reduce memory usage by 1 or 2 MiB(depending on the platform) on other games/files.

PCE: CDROM-related memory is now dynamically allocated, which should reduce Mednafen's memory usage for non PCE-CD games by at least 2.25MiB.

PCE: Added untested support for the Tsushin Booster's expansion RAM

Replaced the hard-coded file extension tests when loading from a ZIP archive in MDFN_fopen() with code that tests extensions passed as a double-NULL-terminated(each entry is single-NULL-terminated) string to MDFN_fopen().

Added QuickLZ to the codebase, and added the setting "srwcompressor" to specify which compressor to use for staterewinding, "minilzo" or "quicklz", with "minilzo" as the default. QuickLZ can be considerably faster at compression than MiniLZO, though QuickLZ is written with x86 and x86_64 CPUs in mind, and performance will likely suffer on other platforms, and its compression ratio isn't as good as MiniLZO(which itself isn't that great!).

PCE: Added the settings "pce.adpcmvolume", "pce.cddavolume", and "pce.cdpsgvolume", for people who like music more than sound effects, or vice-versa for some weirdos! ;)

PCE: Burst mode will now be tested for when the VDC would enter the active display area.

PCE: Altered the relative volume of CDDA vs PSG vs ADPCM with CDROM games, based on tests done on a real system.

PCE: ADPCM no longer uses saturated addition for the current output value, instead just wrapping(like apparently occurs on a real system).

PCE: Scrapped the old SCSI CDROM code, it now uses code that was previously PC-FX only(and was abstracted to be used for both). The Game Express CDROM card image now works, including Game Express CD games(at least Hi-Leg Fantasy ;)). John Madden Duo CD Football works. Steam Hearts plays stage music now. 3x3 Eyes doesn't seem to have desynchronized audio anymore during cutscenes...

Updated libmpcdec to 1.2.5(I think it was 1.2.2 previously...).

PC-FX: Added VRAM and FXVCE palette RAM to the debugger's memory editor.

PCE,PC-FX: Fixed CUE+BIN pregap handling, it was totally borked before.

PC-FX: Improved byte writes to KING I/O ports, fixes graphics problems in First Kiss Monogatari and Pia Carrot He Youkoso

PC-FX: Changed how reads/writes from/to KING registers 0x09 and 0x0A are handled.

PC-FX: All writes to 0x80000000-0x80000FFF are now translated to I/O port writes.

PC-FX: Reads from "unmapped" areas in the V810's memory address space will now return 0xFF(or 0xFFFF, or 0xFFFFFFFF). This fixes a lockup that could occur in Power Dolls FX...the game seems to be trying to use 4MiB of RAM when there's only 2MiB of RAM in a PC-FX! Also, while this is probably the correct value to return for unmapped areas < 16MiB, it's not correct for at least some higher addresses... more tests are called for, but we can't just dump the entire 4GiB address space...can we?

PC-FX: D4 of reads from KING register 0x05 will now be set if a SCSI CD interrupt is pending.

PC-FX: Fixed READ TOC SCSI command emulation. The starting track field is no longer treated as BCD. Silly me... Fixes "Power Dolls FX" ADPCM sounds, and probably other games that have data tracks numbered 10 or above...

PC-FX: D0 of reads from the KING DMA status registers is now the only bit returned.

PC-FX: D0 of writes to the KING SCSI DMA length register is now ignored.

PC-FX: Started work on initial support for for KING's 1M KRAM chip mode...I need to run tests!

PC-FX: Reads from KING register/port 0x05 will now return the ATN and ACK SCSI status bits.

PC-FX: Reads from KING register/port 0x04 will now return the SCSI status bits.

PC-FX: Changed reads to KING registers/ports 0x01, 0x02, and 0x03 to return the last values written to those registers, rather than setting the bits returned corresponding to the current SCSI status bits.

PC-FX: Improved keyport emulation, fixes Can Can Bunny Extra DX title-screen "lockup".

PC-FX: Added support for negative KRAM increment values on read/write(king register 0xE).

PC-FX: Fixed the SCSI bits returned on port $600 reads: D17 now returns SEL status, and D23 now returns RST status(instead of ATN).

PCE: Block memory transfer instructions are now emulated at 6 cycles per byte transfered (+extra if VDC is accessed) instead of 5, to match tests done by malducci. This does break Wonder Momo, unfortunately...

Moved the Q-subchannel simulation code to the general CD-ROM reading interfaces, and made PC Engine CD and PC-FX CD emulation both use it. Also, the code will now set the index data field to index 0 for pregap areas, but...this is only possible when using disc images, due to libcdio (or CD-ROM in general) limitations. :( Ideally, on a physical disc, we would read the Q subchannel data directly, but...I'm not sure that all drives can read and return this data, and using libcdio's direct MMC functions results in much much more latency(probably because it bypasses the OS's caching of CDROM data), which would require an extra CDROM reader thread, which does its own caching and prefetch, in Mednafen. Maybe later!

PC-FX: Fixed cmpf.s emulation, fixes lockups in "Pachio Kun FX".

PC-FX: Added a tidy structure to contain SCSI command numbers, CDB lengths, and function pointers.

PC-FX: Added support for SCSI command 0x08(READ6), which "Mahjong Gokuu Tenjiku" uses.

PC-FX: Removed most of the 32-bit I/O and memory read/write functions, which are now handled by calling the 16-bit functions twice.

PC-FX: Modified the KING background rendering code to only draw to one buffer, instead of multiple buffers that are later mixed, to improve speed slightly.

PC-FX: The raster counter returned on reads from FX-VCE now returns correct(I hope...at least according to a simple test I did on a real PC-FX!) values in vblank.

PC-FX: SCDI CD interrupts on end of CD-DA track playback are now emulated.

PC-FX: SCSI CD "Test unit ready" command now expects to receive 6 data bytes total(1+5) instead of 1. I'm not sure if this is correct with the PC-FX, but it matches the SCSI specs, so I'll keep it this way until shown otherwise.

PC-FX: A17 of the effective KING BG CG and BAT addresses are now fixed to the CG and BAT offset settings, respectively, during rendering.

PC-FX: Added support for non-endless-scroll in BG0 rotation mode. Fixes the title screen flipping effect for Last Imperial Prince.

PC-FX: When a VDC layer has the same VCE priority as a KING BG layer, the VDC layer will now be shown on top. I don't know if this is correct... but it does fix a problem with disappearing sprites when leaving the airship in Miraculum.

PC-FX: Added KING BG0 scaling/rotation support, but only for 8bpp backgrounds(direct or indirect) in endless scroll mode for now... Fixes graphics in Miraculum(yay!) and Konpeki no Kantai.

PC-FX: Fixed direct CG mode width mask, corrects graphics bugs in "Boundary Gate" and others.

PC-FX: Added partial microprogram emulation, fixes junk graphics in Megami Paradise II.

PC-FX: Combined the different KING background non-endless/endless and direct/indirect rendering codepaths. This will make it a bit slower, but much more maintainable and...changeable!

SexyAL: Added support for sound cards that don't support interleaved stereo samples...probably.

Changed the font glyph cache to use an array of pointers instead of 2-dimensional array. This reduces resident memory usage considerably, even on systems with 64-bit pointers.

Readded the old 6x13 and 12x13 fonts for future usage in the debugger.

Fixed the documentation to list the controls for configuring virtual devices as ALT+SHIFT+1, ALT+SHIFT+2, etc. instead of ALT+1. Oops.

PC-FX: Made fairly invasive minor optimizations/refactoring to the cellophane code... I *have* tested it, and hopefully it won't break anything that worked before!

PC-FX: Fixed a clipping bug in KING BG non-endless scrolling mode in regards to X scroll wrapping. Fixes the disappearing boss problem in Stage 2 of Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar!

PCE: The soft reset function(F10 key by default) no longer soft-resets the PCE, as such a button doesn't exist on a real unit, and could cause problems with some games, so it causes a hard reset(the same as the F11 key) now.

PCE: Added PSG registers to the debugger.

Enclosed many strings in _() or gettext_noop() for translation purposes.

Altered po/Makefile.in.in to pass "-N" to msgmerge, to disable fuzzy string matching. Fuzzy strings are braindead I say!

Reworked MDFN_malloc(), it now takes a purpose, and on error, will print out the number of bytes attempted to be allocated, the purpose of the allocation, and the file and line number in which the allocation was attempted(through macro magic!).

PC-FX: Changed the 7.16MHz dot-clock emulation mode to use an internal layer 1024-pixels wide(the least-common multiple of the 2 different screen resolutions that are mixed by the video chip), rather than having 2 different layers that are merged by the video code(which causes problems on edges). This new method is much slower, unfortunately... The overlay code that supported this in the driver code and the interfaces have also been removed, as it is not used, and will not be used. ADDITIONALLY, a setting "pcfx.high_dotclock_width" has been added. The default is, of course, 1024, but other accepted values are 341 and 256, though I REALLY don't recommend using 256, as it will cause dropped pixels, whereas 341 will only cause somewhat distorted pixels horizontally. The advantage of using 341 over the default of 1024 is SPEED, and bilinear interpolation(if enabled) will work much better as well.

PC-FX: Fixed major problems when using more than one breakpoint of a type(read, write, etc.); it also occurred with the PCE debugger, but only with Aux breakpoints.

PC-FX: Fixed the VDC state restore code to properly recache all the tiles, instead of half of them!

GB, GBA: Fixed a few duplicate and misnamed variables in the save state structures.

PCE, PC-FX: Fixed a misnamed variable in the VDC save state structures.

Lynx: Removed a duplicate variable in the CPU save state structure.

PC-FX: Save states are now named so that they can be shared among CDs in recognized multi-disc sets(previously only .sav games were). This is intended to emulate "hot-swapping" as far as the game is concerned(though you will need to exit the emulator and load the second disc, so it isn't truly hot-swap ;)). When a game requests you to change the disc, the procedure is:
Eject virtual disc(F8 key).
Save state.
Exit emulator.
Load emulator with second CD.
Load state.
Wait for the game to load it. :b

PC-FX: Implemented virtual CD insert/eject, via the F8 key.

PC-FX: Added dummy handling of SCSI command 0x01(rezero unit), Doukyusei II no longer aborts the emulator.

PC-FX: Fixed bitstring instructions to fetch from the proper source address, fixes major graphics corruption bugs in "Anime Freak FX Vol. 4" and probably some other games as well.

PC-FX: Fixed RAINBOW decoding to not begin block decoding until a 0xFF is discovered in the bytestream. Fixes some graphical problems in "Ojousama Sousama".

PC-FX: Fixed the CD-DA playback speed calculation to match with tests I performed on my own PC-FX with a pure sine wave(interestingly, there was some really weird frequency aliasing at +10% playback speed on a real PC-FX...).

WonderSwan: Refactored the SRAM and external EEPROM code, and added support for larger SRAM sizes(Dicing Knight works now!).

PCE: Extended the Sherlock Holmes 1 hack to Sherlock Holmes 2 as well.

The address displayed in the "Cursor position" field in the memory viewer/debugger is now masked properly.

PC-FX: Fixed the ADPCM lowpass filter rolloff frequency calculation(forgot to divide by 2!).

PC-FX: Changed priority handling of KING background for priorities 5-7, though I don't know if the new way is correct... fixes a graphical bug in "Power Dolls FX".

PC-FX: The ADPCM volume control registers are now emulated as logarithmic, instead of linear.

PC-FX: Modified 256-color VDC sprite and bg palette index calculation, to fix color problems in the 3/4 view of Ojousama Sousamou.

PC-FX: Altered ADPCM address emulation so that the "active" play address is 17 bits instead of 18 bits, fixes problems in several games(Anime Freak FX Vol. 1, Tenchi Muyo! FX), hopefully it doesn't cause any new ones. ;)

PC-FX: Added support for KING bitstring writes and reads, and changed maximum BGn screen dimension setting from 0x9 to 0xA. "Boundary Gate" works much much better now due to these changes.

NULL-terminated the debugger's list of MMC1 registers, which was apparently forgotten earlier. Oops.

Added MMC3 registers to the debugger.

Added the current scanline(read-only) to the debugger's list of registers.

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.8.1

GP2X-Colem 1.0.1 Released

ColEm is one of the best emulator of the ColecoVision videogame system written by Marat Fayzullin. It's running on FreeBSD, HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, Linux, and other Unix systems.
GP2X-Colem is a port to GP2X of Colem Unix version 1.0.

GP2X-Colem Official Site
GP2X-Colem 1.0.1

    Saturday, April 14, 2007
GP2X-2600 1.0.1 Released

Stella is one of the best emulator of Atari 2600 game console, running on many different systems, such as Linux, Solaris, Windows, MacOS/X, WinCE, OS/2, GP2X. It has been written initially by Bradford Mott, see Stella site for details.

GP2X-2600 is a port on GP2X of my previous port to PSP. My PSP version is based on the work of Aenea who was the first to port Stella to PSP, and David Voswinkel who's now in charge of the PSP port in Stella team.

GP2X-Official Site
GP2X-2600 1.0.1

PCSX2 - "Path 3" Work in Progress

The official PCSX2 (a PlayStation 2 emulator) site is demonstrating WIP going towards version 0.9.4

Whilst the Linux users out there get to enjoy PlayStation 2 emulation for the first time in awhile with PCSX2 0.9.3, I'm sure both Windows and Linux users wonder what lies in store with PCSX2 0.9.4.

First off, before I get to the seductive eye candy, a small but important note for our Brazilian users:

The VM (PCSX2 Virtual Memory Build) issues under Windows XP you have experienced with PCSX2 0.9.2 have been fixed in 0.9.4 thanks to some work by Refraction.

I dare say the term "Path 3" doesn't mean a great deal to most of the people visiting this site, however "Path 3" is part of GS/GIF (the interface for GS) and is often used in the handling of textures and enviroment effects.

Refraction has been doing a great deal of research / coding with regards to path 3. Many games now are no longer suffering from garbage textures, texture flicker and other miscellaneous issues.

Whilst these fixes have far reaching effects, from games no longer displaying "split-repeating IPU" (multiple copies of the same frame on screen), to subtle fixes like Final Fantasy 12 having fixed menu backgrounds, below is a selection of shots from games that have seen dramatic improvement! Click on Image to See Larger Version!

     And1 Streetball
     Bloody Roar 4
     Bomberman Hardball
     Burnout 2 - Point of Impact
     Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
     Metal Slug 3D
     Need for Speed Carbon
     Need for Speed Most Wanted
     Street Racing Syndicate
     Swords of Destiny
     The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift
     The Punisher
     Torino 2006

For the rest of the images, visit PCSX2.net

:: Visit the official PCSX2 site Here
:: Visit the official PCSX2 forums Here

    Friday, April 13, 2007
GP2X-7800 1.0.1 Released

ProSystem is the best emulator of Atari 7800 game console, running on Windows system. It has been written by Greg Stanton, see http://home.comcast.net/~gscottstanton for details.

Here is a port on GP2X of the version 1.0 that i had previously ported to PSP.

GP2X-7800 Official Site
GP2X-7800 1.0.1

    Thursday, April 12, 2007
GP2X-ZX81 1.0.1 Released

XZ81 is an emulator of the Sinclair ZX81 computer running on Unix systems. It has been written by Russell Marks in 1995. See http://rus.members.beeb.net/ for further informations.

Here is a port on GP2X of the version 2.1 that i had previously ported to PSP.

GP2X-ZX81 Official Site
GP2X-ZX81 1.0.1

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007
GP2X-Int 1.0.1, GP2X-MSX 1.0.1, and GP2X-CAP32 1.0.1 Released

Caprice32 is one of the best emulator of the Amstrad CPC home computer series running on Windows and Unix, written by Ulrich Doewich. This emulator faithfully imitates the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models (see caprice32 project)

Here is a port on GP2X of the version 4.2.0 that i had previously ported to PSP.

GP2X-Int 1.0.1
GP2X-Int Official Site

fMSX is a famous emulator of the MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ 8bit home computers. It runs MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ software on many different platforms including Windows and Unix. See http://fms.komkon.org/fMSX/ for further informations.

It has been first written by Marat Fayzullin, and later Vincent van Dam ported it on SDL.

Here is a port on GP2X of the version of fMSX-SDL from Vincent van Dam that i had previously ported to PSP.

GP2X-MSX 1.0.1
GP2X-MSX Official Site

Jzintv is an emulator of the Intellivision videogame system written by Joe Zbiciak running on many systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS. See official jzintv site for further informations.

Here is a port on GP2X of the version 20051204 that i had previously ported to PSP.

GP2X-CAP32 1.0.1
GP2X-CAP32 Official Site

atari++ 1.52 Released

- Reworked the CPU emulation, especially the 65C02 emulation got fixed at several ends. Thanks goes to Waldemar Pawlaszek for detecting several bugs in the 65C02 emulation.
- Reworked the monitor disassembly to be better suited for extended CPU models. The CPU now defines addressing modes and instructions for the disassembler, thus requiring only one single CPU instruction database instead of two.

atari++ Official Site
atari++ 1.52

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007
YAPE 0.73 Released

• changed the drive timing hack a little for turbo loaders that fail to work properly ("almost" a solution; only in VHA mode)
• drive settings are not lost anymore when switching between emulation levels
• crash bug on saving tapes fixed
• some minor TED fixes in VHA mode
• other fixes

YAPE Official Site
YAPE 0.73

GP2X-THOM 1.0.1 Released

Here is a port on GP2X of the version 1.1.5, that i had previously ported to PSP.

- Intial release

GP2X-THOM Official Site
GP2X-THOM 1.0.1

    Saturday, April 07, 2007
GameEx 8.00 Released

• Fixes Karaoke
• Fixes track navigation not working in slideshow
• Fixes two launching emulator stability issues, that address a windows error and gameex closing (not showing gameex log)
• Fixes and improved m4a audio support
• Updated model 2 loader script by Ben Baker for latest version of the emu
• New "Emulator Groups" feature. This allows several emulators to be in one list
• Fixes show info page setting for emulators
• New emulator setting to not have an emulator launched from random game, and not display in most played. Useful if you've set up an emulator to launch a comic viewer or picture viewer etc
• Emulator also launch setting now allows passing of GameEx variables such as [ROMDIR] and [ROMFILE]
• For registerd users: CD/DVD support. GameEx can check for CDs and prompt for insertion. Allowing protected retail games to be integrated into the front end, and allowing access to offline content.
• Fix to autoupdate. Will no longer reset language back to English
• Happy easter and thank you for all your continued encouragment and support. Enjoy!

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 8.00

PSPSim 1.0.5 Released

- Bug fix: frame skip option is now saved with game settings (Thanks to Nick666, who had reported me this bug)

- From Mr Nick666 :
+ New beautiful background images designed by Mr Nick666 !
+ Settings files for most of all famous games !

PSPSim Official Site
PSPSim 1.0.5

clrmamepro 3.100 Released

• added: datfile header entry 'header', specifying the dat needs a special header xml to work correctly. For example "header nes.xml".
• misc: sets which only consists of biosroms AND nodumps aren't shown as missing sets when nodump handling is set to hide AND allow not separated biossets is disabled.
• misc: sets with sharing errors appear grey
• fixed: file sharing errors aren't listed anymore
• fixed: bios sets falsely appear as missing when 'show all missing sets' is disabled
• fixed: nodump handling options gets falsely disabled if datfile only holds nodump chds

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.100

    Friday, April 06, 2007
GCSX Source Code Released - Playstation Emulator for Nintendo Wii/Gamecube

Yoshihiro over at DCEmu has released the source code to his port of the Playstation Emulator PCSX for the Nintendo Wii, the project needs extra work but a lot of the groundwork has already been done.

GCSX Release Thread

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007
NEO4ALL & AES4ALL released !

News from Chui:

A new releases of NeoGeo emulator (CD and Cartridge) for Dreamcast console.

- New GUI and control-edit menu.
- Yamaha/Sound code changes.
- Memcard fixed.
- Safe Reset.
- Stand-alone versions.
- Lastest FAME Motorola 68000 core.
- Use new FAZE Zilog Z80 core.
- Second MMU cache level using SRAM (+2MB)
- Low level cdrom access for speed up swap.
- Short ROMS load time (its necessary rebuild .AES files).

Release Thread

No$gba 2.4a Released

- nds/help: added nds-lite case/joypad ascii arts, and nds-lite supply pinout
- spam: nocash-lite was posted online - new addresses in email.htm or about-box
- nds/3d: forces instant new gxfifo irq (if any) on attempt to acknowlege it
- nds/sound: fixed output to sample.wav script file (for diagnostics purposes)
- nds/adpcm: emulates nds-rounding-error, uses fast-pre-multiplied adpcm tables
- nds/adpcm: fixed clipping-bug in no$gba, and emulates real nds-clipping-error
- nds/sound/help: added more ima-adpcm notes (rounding-error and clipping-error)
- stat: performance indicator counts frames on nds9 only (=60Hz) (instead 120Hz)
- nds/tsc/debug: displays all tsc channel values in io-map (touchscr, mic, etc.)
- nds/tsc: prevents penirq if disabled, penirq more in sync with tsc-adc values
- nds/3d: drains gxfifo before gxfifo dma (fixes mariokart/downhill slowdowns)
- nds/3d: forces DepthMask=1 on ClearDepth (if it was 0 from translucent/attr)
- nds/firmware: applies different mac addr to each machine with wifi-crc adjust
- nds/firmware: forces def.fmw/wifi header (if firmware.bin missing) (downhill)
- nds/firmware: forces user settings [65h]=FCh=good (if firmware.bin missing)
- nds/firmware: fixed touchscreen/calib screen coords origin 1,1 (instead 0,0)
- nds/dos/3d: translates by w, recurses current viewport x1/y1 and width/height

No$gba Official Site
No$gba 2.4a

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007
iDeaS Released

A new version of iDeaS, a Nintendo DS emulator for Windows has been released.
Here's the changelog for this version:

# Fixed a bug in EEPROM management.
# Fixed a bug in RTC functions.
# Fixed a bug in Extended Draw Mode management.
# Fixed a bug in Bitmap Sprites management.
# Fixed transparent color backgrounds.
# Fixed a bug in EXTKEYIN register.
# Fixed a bug in DIVREM_RESULT register.
# Fixed a bug in 3d stacks.
# Fixed a bug in 3d coordinates trasformation.
# Fixed a bug in texture management.
# Fixed a bug in GXFIFO register.
# Fixed a bug in load rom.
# Fixed a bug in Display Capture Control Register.
# Fixed a bug in plugins management.
# Fixed a bug in SWI5 functions.
# Added Background Mode 6.
# Added 4x4-Texel Compressed Texture management.
# Added Textures Coordinates Transformation Mode.
# Added Alpha channel for 3d layer.
# Added keys configuration dialog.
# Added Increase CPU Speed options.
# Added RLUnComp function.

iDeaS Official Site

    Monday, April 02, 2007
MAME 0.114 Releases

Quoted from MAMEDev:

The biggest change since 0.113u4 is the addition of a now-working driver for Virtua Racing, thanks to the efforts of Ernesto and El Semi. In addition to this news, Derrick also managed to get full discrete sound emulation working for Double Play/Extra Inning, and partial sound emulation in Bowling Alley and Space Encounters. And as usual a few of the major issues and regressions from the 0.114 development cycle have been addressed.

Full list of changes can be found here or here (mirror).

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.114

MAME32 Official Site

Daedalus for PSP R10 Released

[+] Added frameskip option.
[+] Added framerate limiting option.
[+] Added adjustable stick deadzone.
[+] Allow pause menu to be activated even when rom emulation has hung.
[!] Fix crash when no roms found, added explanatory message.
[!] Fix flickering when small number of roms found.
[^] Fix texture hash frequency check.
[^] Finally got code compiling with -O3 optimisation flag in GCC.
[^] Use VFPU for InvSqrt (thanks hlide!)
[^] Improved VFPU code for clipping and tnl (thanks Raphael!)
[^] Improved inlining of AddTri.
[^] Reduced time spent searching for overridden blend modes.
[~] Remove debug console in public release builds (smaller footprint and slight speedup.)

Daedalus for PSP Official Site
Daedalus for PSP R10

    Sunday, April 01, 2007
PCSX2 0.9.3 Released *updated*

Well linux users, we promised we'd have you back and here is the living breathing proof!

Along with this release you have a couple of new plugins exclusively!
• ZeroPAD - New pad plugin based off Twinpad, PADWinkeyb and SSSPSX Pad.
• ZeroGS OGL - An OpenGL conversion of ZeroGS. No more GSSoft for you Wink

You also have available a 32bit and 64bit build for your pleasure, we do spoil you sometimes! Take note the 64bit version is far from finished!
The next release will be much quicker than the current implimentation... head over to the download section to grab it.

WINDOWS USERS:- I have some bad news for you, there will be no 0.9.3 for windows, BUT Before you go crying to mummy that weve been picking on you, you will see 0.9.4 very soon, we have some 64bit bugs in windows to sort out, along with some excellent fixes for games such as Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas so it will be worth the wait.


It took only a couple of hours to convince us that it is impossible to make a Linux release without also releasing the source. For those people that had problems with the binaries, they can now go to the sourceforge site and compile their own executables! Hopefully this will resolve all the random crashes and exceptions. Note that the Cg Toolkit is required for successful compilation. To compile everything type

> sh build.sh all

at the root SVN directory. Look at the INSTALL file in the root directory for more options.

Please keep in mind that the graphics in linux are a little lacking due to an incomplete ZeroGS OpenGL plugin. Anti-aliasing and hardcore graphics have not been tested thoroughly; however, the linux builds are still very good. From the tests we've done, performance and features are pretty much the same when compared to the Windows version... which is a tremendous leap for pcsx2. A lot of time was put in to make this release possible.

PCSX2 Official Site
PCSX2 0.9.3

nullDC 1.0.0 Public Beta 1 Released

The Dreamcast emulator nullDC has had it's first release, 1.0.0 Public Beta 1 is now available.

nullDC 1.0.0 Public Beta 1 release thread
nullDC 1.0.0 Public Beta 1

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