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    Sunday, April 30, 2006
Dualis Release 20.2 Released

A new version of the Nintendo DS emulator Dualis has been released. Here are the changes for this version:

CPU: Fixed updates of some function pointers after changing the ITCM size
MMU: Added support for send FIFO flushing
MMU: Added support for send FIFO empty IRQs
MMU: Added support for IPCSYNC IRQs
MMU: Fixed a bug in the handling of FAT long filename entries
MMU: Fixed some bugs in the FAT emulation that would occur if a directory contained more than 256 directory entries
GUI: Modified CPU synchronization

Dualis Official Site
Dualis Release 20.2

MSXAdvance 0.2 Released

FluBBa released another version of his MSX emulator for GameBoy Advance. Here is the change log for this version:

*Added a virtual keyboard.
*Added better keymapping.
*Added SCC sound emulation.
*Added 32kB RAM instead of 16kB.
*Fixed Multiboot transfer.
*Fixed blending when used as plugin.
*Better update timing in PAL mode.
*Better game mapper detection.

MSXAdvance Official Site
MSXAdvance 0.2

    Saturday, April 29, 2006
Arculator 0.6 Released

• Improved FDI support - many more games work
• Improved video routines - new hardware scaling option, faster! Also more video modes implemented
• ArculFS - read files from the Windows file system (read-only at the moment)
• Can emulate ARM250

Arculator Official Site
Arculator 0.6

    Friday, April 28, 2006
Emu Loader 4.8.1 Released

Howdy MAME fans! I bring you another HUGE update. Dozens for fixes and changes to the core, and a new games filter with various systems to choose. There are even some "old school" filters that are a collection of different systems.
Some files and directory structures have changed so, I recommend you to do a clean install if you do not want to keep old files that will not be used by this build (clean install is NOT necessary but preferable).
I tried to kill all the bugs I could find (both functional and visual), and I took the opportunity to change the appearance of some screens. My goal is to make EL as intuitive and easy to use as possible. If you have an idea on how to improve a feature, let me know.
See changelog for full list of changes.

Emu Loader Official Site
Emu Loader 4.8.1

PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator v1.0.4

ZX-81 has released a new version of his Amstrad CPC Emulator for the PSP, heres the news from him:

Hi All,
Here is a new version of PSPCAP32 the CPC Emulator for PSP.
What's new in version 1.0.4 :
- New Speed optimization (frame display)
- Bug fix in PSP Clock Frequency option. Now it works and at 333Mhz the emulator
is going faster than ever !
- Add Load/Save/Del states menu
- Shortcut to run the "Cat" command
- Shortcut to RUN" after disk loading (when program to run has the same name as the archive file)
- Automatic keyboard file loading (when keyboard file has the same filename as disk or snapshot file)


Download at the release thread --> http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23412

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
MAME4ALL alpha pre-release

Chui has released a New MAME Emulator for the Dreamcast Console, heres the details from him:

First MAME4ALL alpha binaries is out for testing purposes.
At the moment, MAME4ALL is split 3 binaries:




Download and more info at MAME4ALL site.

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Dolphin Final 1.03.2 BETA Released

A new beta of Dolphin has been posted, apparently it's more compatible then before, but also slower. Check out the release thread for information.

Dolphin 1.03.2 BETA Release thread
Dolphin Official Site
Dolphin Final 1.03.2 BETA

    Monday, April 24, 2006
PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.0.2

ZX-81 posted this news:

Hi All,
Caprice32 is one of the best emulator of the Amstrad CPC home computer series running on Windows and Unix, written by Ulrich Doewich. This emulator faithfully imitates the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models (see caprice32 project)

I've sucessfully modified, fixed bugs and port the source code of the 4.2.0 version using PSPSDK environment. It's now working fine on PSP !

It has been developped on linux for Firmware 2.5 using the great GTA eloader (0.97) from http://www.fanjita.org/, but it should work properly on other firmwares. I've integrated a 1.5FW binary version (kxploit).

What's new in version 1.0.2 :

- Emulator options menu to change parameter such as sound, clock ...
- Zip archive (.zip) support for both disk files (.dsk) and snapshot files (.sna).
- User Keyboard mapping file to specify dedicated mapping between CPC and PSP keys
(usefull for games that use particular keys and/or don't support joystick).
Enjoy, :)

Download at the release thread --> http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23063

Snes Emulator for Sega Saturn WIP News

Rockin-B posted news about his WIP Snes Emulator for the Sega Saturn at Sega Saturn News:

The snes emulator for SEGA Saturn has been optimized a lot in the last weeks. It now uses a homebrew Saturn library (a replacement for the SGL), which takes less cpu time and less RAM space because both are crucial for the snes emu on SEGA Saturn. The fast assembler cpu core from DreamSNES has been ported to Saturn. It's compatibility is not yet as good as with the C core, but the speedup is very good. A lot of unused code could be removed, improving locality and making more high work RAM available. The memory usage has been optimized too, such that ROMs of up to 3.5 MB size can be loaded. Some compile flags did a good job, too. Rendering is now set to palette mode and the Saturn system clock has been increased by 10 percent.

All in all this results in speed being between 2 and 3 times as fast as before. Homebrew SNES Demos are quite fast and sort of playable, with frameskip. The asm core is compatible with more commercial ROMs than I thought and though these are slower in general, some games (like Desert Strike, Contra 3 and others) show the potential to become playable if the GFX rendering could be speed up.


clrmamepro 3.87a Released

• fixed: 'file sharing problem' handles files as missing
• fixed: browse for folder didn't work very on some XP systems (very rare issue)
• fixed: adv. rebuilder's remove-only creates some not-used folders
• misc: support for chds in a pure rompath is now only optionally available. It's not officially supported in MAME anymore, so you have to keep them in rompath subfolders now....or you enable the new scanner advanced option to allow them in a rompath root.
• misc: compiled with new zipclass lib
• misc: changed some optimization compiler settings
• misc: warningswindow shows an info about "fix-missing scans all files" (when used)

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.87a

bsnes 0.016 Released

• Added Direct3D renderer with options for disabling hardware filtering and scanlines
• Screenshots can now be captured in BMP, JPEG, or PNG format
• Added config file option to specify default ROM and SRAM paths
• Config file is always loaded from path to bsnes executable
• Added support for analog mode joypad input
• Up to 32 joypads can be used at once now
• Fixed bug regarding enabling interlace mid-frame
• Moved PPU rendering to V=240, from V=0
• Started on new debugger. So far only debug messages and memory editor added
• Added joypad axis resistance option for analog input mode
• Added config file option to set window style attributes
• Added color adjustment settings for brightness, contrast, gamma, and scanline intensity
• Added grayscale, sepia, and invert color settings
• Added NTSC filter by blargg, HQ2x filter by MaxSt, and Scale2x filter
• PPU now renders scanline 224
• Revampled about box
• Added Game Genie / PAR cheat code support + editor, saves codes to .cht files
• HDMA channels are no longer disabled when starting DMA, fixes Dracula X [DMV27]
• Fixes to OAM priority mode (not perfect), fixes Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest [DMV27]
• Fixed ENDX sound bug, fixes voices in Earthworm Jim 2 [DMV27]
• bsnes should now compile with MinGW [DMV27]
• Added DSP-2 support
• Added OBC-1 support
• Major rewrite of SNES address bus mirroring and MMIO handlers
• Many address mirroring corrections, fixes Dezaemon, etc
• Blocked invalid (H)DMA transfers, fixes Kirby's Super Funhouse
• Wrote Win32 API wrapper and ported all GUI code to use it, should help to create Linux GUI later on
• Revampled input system, should lead to customizable GUI shortcut keys later on
• Fixed numerous bugs with input registers. Fixes many games that previous had their intro cut off (Super Conflict, etc), and many that never accepted input (Super Double Dragon, etc)
• Moved auto joypad strobing from V=225 to V=227
• Killed OAM table caching and window range caching, as they were actually hindering speed
• Rewrote input configuration screen to show currently mapped keys
• Greatly enhanced configuration options for each video profile
• Modified fullscreen mode to exit to windowed mode when menu is activated, use F11 to toggle fullscreen mode
• Fixed bugs in txs, wai, brk, cop, and rti opcodes [DMV27]
• Fixed bug with emulation-mode IRQs [DMV27]
• Initializing DMA registers to $ff [DMV27]
• Memory writes now update CPU MDR register (open bus) [DMV27]
• Improved ROM header detection, fixes Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross [DMV27]
• Reading OAM no longer updates OAM latch
• Writing to OAM high table no longer updates OAM latch
• Writing CGRAM now updates CGRAM latch
• Improved pseudo-hires rendering [blargg]
• Much, much more

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.016

    Sunday, April 23, 2006
SSF 0.07 beta R4 Released

A new version of SSF has been released, site's in japanese so I'll leave it to someone skilled in the language to come up with a translation on what's changed.

SSF Official Site
SSF 0.07 beta R4

    Saturday, April 22, 2006
Dualis Release 20.1 Released

GPU: Fixed some texture transparency problems
GPU: Fixed some bugs when rendering 16-color rotoscale OBJs
GPU: Fixed some bugs when rendering extended palette rotoscale BGs
MMU: Added experimental SPI touchscreen handling
MMU: Fixed some bugs in the handling of long filenames in the FAT
GUI: Improved timer event handling a bit
GUI: Fixed .zip loading
GUI: Added support for .7z loading

The SPI touchscreen handling is not perfect yet and only works somewhat, so the old faked method is still used as a fallback for homebrew ROMs using libnds.

Dualis Official Site
Dualis Release 20.1

    Friday, April 21, 2006
EasyMame 5.3.1 Released

- Improved : Now also shows the roms path when scanning for roms.
- Improved : Optimised the realtime searching code.
- Changed : Mame option 'Priority' is now by default 0.
- Fixed : Small issue in the cycle screenshot mode.
- Fixed : When resetting the counters two times in a row EasyMame crashed.
- Fixed : Memoryleak in the realtime search code.

EasyMame Official Site
EasyMame 5.3.1

    Thursday, April 20, 2006
MAME GP32 2.1 Released

* Minor optimizations to 1943, Ghost and Goblins, Black Tiger, Gunsmoke (and clones). Skip over non-drawn characters and sprites.

* Minor optimizations to Xain'd Sleena / Solar Warrior. Also activated hi-score save/load. Use old GFX core for this game.

* Change in control to Defender. Activate "cheat" mode which means you get to use joystick control to reverse and thrust. (If any one doesn't like this, I'll create a new driver).

* Fixed bug in Millipede. X-Axis trackball control was not correct.

* Bug fix to existing sound core. Duplication of some code! Slightly faster.

* New Data East 16-bit games implemented (MAME 0.35b5). New fully working games:
- Baddudes vs Dragonninja US (baddudes), Dragonninja Japan (drgnninja), Slyspy revision 2 (slyspy2) and Slyspy revision 3 (slyspy), Robocop bootleg (robocopp), Heavy Barrel US (hbarrel), Heavy Barrel Japan (hbarrelj), Hippodrome (hippodrm), Fighting Fantasy Japan (ffantasy), Midnight Resistance US (midres), Midnight Resistance Japan (midresj). All are fully playable with all sounds. All these run really well with no sound at FS=1, ie 100% speed and 30FPS. They all run at a playable speed with sound=accurate, FS<=2, 100% speed and 12-15FPS.

Quick note on Heavy Barrel and Midnight Resistance: These games originally featured an analog controller to rotate the players gun. MAME's default method of simulating this control is the mouse. On the GP32, this is hardcoded to use the joystick. Since the joystick is generally used to move the player, I have disabled this analog control for these games and mapped it to buttons 9 and 10 instead. Trivia: These two games are approaching the largest (in terms of memory used) ROMs that will fit in the GP32's 8MB of RAM.

What this means is that you should redefine these controls to (for example) START and SELECT to rotate your weapon.

Some of the keys may change function in the next release: the shoulder buttons may be better suited for this secondary control and move the screen rotation button to something else.

I also patched Heavy Barrel to version MAME 0.36b5 so that sprite and gun positions are correct (i8751 controller).

* New Data East 8-bit games implmented (MAME 0.35b3): - Breywood (breywood), Captain Silver (csilver), Gondomania (gondo), Last Mission (Rev 5) (lastmss2), Last Mission (Rev 6) (lastmiss), Mekyo Sensi (mekyosen), Shackled (shackled), Super Real Darwin (srdarwin). Improvements to existing Data East 8-bit games.

* Improved Gradius driver now also includes: - Lifeforce US (lifefrce), Lifeforce Japan (lifefrcj) and Salamander (salamand). Total ROMs now 753.

* New YM3812 sound core as per GP2X MAME: Snow Bros, Hellfire, Gemini Wing, Bubble Bobble, etc.

* New CPU - Hu6280 core. This is used by the Data East 16-bit games. The GP2X version of MAME should be able to benefit from this too. ie. full sound for the above games and others (inc. Dark Seal). Trivia: This is the CPU used by the PC-Engine, a modified 6502.

* Removed splash screen for additional memory. May add this back in a later release to load dynamically.

MAME GP32 Official Site

Gens32 Surreal 1.66 Released

1)Improved Cheat system;
2)Improved Rom Explorer;
3)Improved 32bpp graphics system;
4)Improved Controller Config system;
5)Some change on menu(Surreal Menu)
6)Add a funciton to disable short cut(Surreal Menu);
7)Default BIOS supported.Not let you run game without config BIOS,but let you rename your BIOS to default name,and put them into bios folder.Then,no need to config them anymore.

1) Can not update to this veriosn by Power Up.
2) You must reconfig your controllers if you first use this verson.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.66

GameEx 5.92 Released

• First of all I'd like to give a huge thanks to Headkaze, for all his help on this release and for all his work on the theme editor. We worked together a lot the passed couple of weeks and he contributed massively.
• There's been too many fixes too mention, including minor cosmetic fixes, and attract mode runs smoother. I won't list them all here and I'll just focus on the enhancements and new features.
• GameEx has been optimized a fair bit again, and this version runs significantly faster.
• I've also shaved a bit of the EXE image size.
• The biggest new feature in this release is support for vertical rotated displays. There's a few restrictions on the resolutions you can use with this, but turning on this one setting will also automatically configure MAME for vertical games only, and also automatically configure ArcadeVGA for vertical resolutions when running MAME. There is a screenshot here
• The other big thing is that this release includes HeadKaze's Theme Editor version 1.51 which now allows the image display to be positioned separately from the menus in GameEx, and includes various other fixes and updates. There is still some functionality to implement in GameEx for the editor, but there should not be any outstanding issues, and it is now possible to change the font colour.
• There's a new setting to Show Buttons, allowing complete removal of both the Home and Exit buttons.
• A new setting to not display the title text.
• There's a new GameEx logo. Again thanks Headkaze.
• A new feature for the Attract Mode/Screensaver. There's the ability to play a sound file when exiting attract mode after its been running for over 6 minutes. The idea is to make it fun when the cabs been running a while, and someone walks up to use it.
• Much like how GameEx can dynamically use Zinc to launch MAME games based on PSX hardware it can now do the same and has support for Model 2 hardware and the Model 2 emulator. Most of the work for this is done in the background, and there's only two settings to set to get this up and running. Note after setting it up you'll need to update the list again.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.92

    Monday, April 17, 2006
Monkey 64 WIP News (Nintendo 64 Emu for PSP)

PSmonkeys Site has posted some screenshots in the forums of his site, ones that stood out were of Doom64 and Quest64, heres the screens:

Progress is coming along nicely for this from the ground up coded emulator for the PSP.

Keep your eyes peeled to PSmonkeys Site here --> http://nemo.dcemu.co.uk for the full info.

    Friday, April 14, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.64 Imp Released

Fixed some bugs in Gens32 Surreal v1.64 Se,and some 'classical' bugs in earlier version.About v1.64's update,please read history.txt for more details.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.64 Imp

Dualis Release 20 Released

CPU: Fixed some problems with mode changes after SUBS
CPU: Fixed some problems with SWI 6
CPU: Fixed some problems with address writeback for LDM instructions
CPU: Modified interrupt return address handling a bit
CPU: Added a few missing LDM/STM instructions
CPU: Added the Thumb BLX instructions
GPU: Fixed alpha blending for extended palette BGs
GPU: Added the possibility to turn off 3D emulation
APU: Added support for ADPCM audio
MMU: Fixed some destination address control bugs in DMA transfers
MMU: Fixed some problems with the IPC FIFO
MMU: Added support for IPC FIFO interrupts
MMU: Added support for virtual ITCM resizing (up to 32 MB)
MMU: Added support for 64bit/64bit->64bit operations to the hardware divider
GUI: Fixed some problems with the keyboard shortcuts when using the debugging windows

When running the demos from E3 2005 you should generally use the GDI renderer and disable 3D emulation in the video settings. It should also be noted that touchscreen input does not work in those demos at this point.

Dualis Official Site
Dualis Release 20

    Thursday, April 13, 2006
NESCafe 0.615 Released

- Introduced JavaScript API to allow websites to load games mid-flight
- Fixed bug with BattleToads crashing
- NESCafe Applet Expiration date pushed back to December 2006
- Support for Custom 404 Error Pages on Web Servers
- Added MOVIEMAXSIZE tag to limit size of Animated GIF files
- Screenshot format supports both GIF and PNG formats
- Added IMAGEFORMAT tag to support GIF and PNG image capture
- Pressing F8 will first bring up Movie Option screen
- Added support to the nescafeshowthumb.php script for PNG and GIF

NESCafe Official Site
NESCafe 0.615

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006
New X360 review added!

I just added my latest Xbox 360 review!

Tomb Raider Legend


Gens32 Surreal 1.64 SE Released

Gens32 Surreal v1.64 has been released. Added a rom explorer, redesigned Antialiasing render plugin, redesigned sound playback system, more compatible with No-Intro games. And for a friend of mine, Built a new Mouse Driver for General Chaos.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.64 SE

    Monday, April 10, 2006
PSPXTI: A TI-92 Calculator emulator v1.0.6

ZX-81 has released a new version of his Texas Instruments Calculator Emulator for the PSP, heres whats new etc:

Hi All,

I've just released the version 1.0.6 of the PSP TI-92 calculator.

What's new in this version ?

- Using LTRIGGER + X key, you can now have the LCD of the TI-92 in full screen, much more convenient to play TI-92 games . - A simple but usefull TI-92 application called "auto close braquets" has been added in the package (found on ticalc.org web site). I remember you that PSPXTI version prior to 1.0.4 are buggy and computation errors may occurs, so please update to earlier releases.

Many TI92 stuff can be found on the following urls :

http://www.ticalc.org, and on the texas instruments web site http://education.ti.com

You need the rom of your TI-92 or TI-92 plus, but it is NOT part of the PSPXTI package because it is the property of Texas Instruments !

This version works with 2.xFW. and 1.5FW. It's distributed under GNU licence and sources are included.


Download at the release thread here --> http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22296

    Friday, April 07, 2006
clrmamepro 3.87 Released

• fixed: major bug in fixcase when working on zipfiles

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.87

MAME GP2X 2.1 Released

- Faster (optimizations in graphic and sound libraries).
- Sound improvements in some classic games, e.g. Galaxian.
- Improvements in Namco sound library. It makes games like Gaplus to sound ok. Thx, Slaanesh.
- New clrmame.dat created by [MaD] updated up to MAME GP2X 2.1.

MAME GP2X Official Site

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006
MAME 0.105 Releases

A new version of MAME has been released, and some of the derivates has been updated as well. Full changelog available here.

MAME Official Site
MAME 0.105

MAME32 Official Site
MAME32 0.105

MAME Plus! Changes:

• fixed broken 'Auto volumn adjust'
• fixed tilemap drawing crash when DEP is enabled (windows/asmtile.asm)
• better M68K compiling core for parallel make (cpu/cpu.mak)
• experimental GCC 4.2 build, optimized for AMD Athlon64

MAME Plus! Official Site
MAME Plus! 0.105

MAME32FX Changes:

• Updated to MAME 0.105 - MAME32 0.105

This is my last MAME32FX release. I have serious problems in my "real" life so I have to quit. It's time that I take care of my family. I will be still online but I don't think I will have again time to follow MAME development. I have to thank a lot of people but this is not the time and the place.

MAME32FX Official Site
MAME32FX 0.105

clrmamepro 3.86 Released

• misc: scanner speed increase
• misc: tree gets toggled again on "expand all items"
• misc: minimize button gets removed in 1x6 view, so you can move the window
• misc: www profiler download asks you for a folder
• misc: changed 'wrong merged set' msg for fake clones
• added: scanner view popup menu set...(showsystem) (default = enabled)
• added: number of (missing) biosroms to the statistics window
• fixed: backupfolder keeps some unzipped backups
• fixed: profiler doesn't remember lastused profile when updating a dat

clrmamepro Official Site
clrmamepro 3.86

fmsxDS_006M3SD With Savestates

Pookie has released an update to the Unofficial version of the MSX emulator released on the Nintendo DS by mvissers, heres what he says about this version:


I've added the new FAT driver from Rain v14 to your version.
And now the savestate also works on the M3 SD.

Download at Release Thread

Beats Of Rage PSP v1.1

SamuraiX has once again updated the port of Beats of Rage to the PSP, heres the release info

Mostly Bug fixes in this release, code optimizations and 1 small new feature. Lastly opening up the source for anyone who would like to add onto BOR/OpenBOR. While I am still working on the Wifi 2 Player, Feel free to implement GPU support as I am very new at video manipulation. Lastly, The update to the Game Save will currupt the old game saves. Delete them or finish your game then upgrade. Well this was a much needed break enjoy this small update.

-----> Images will now save as PNG instead of PCX.
-----> Update to Game Save. It will now save score as well.
-----> Music now Pauses in Pause Menu.
-----> Code Optimization removed alot of unnecessary code that the PSP would not use.
-----> Use the new filemenu.png since I removed Huge font code I was using to generate psp symbols.

-Sleep Mode is not supported Yet.

Future Releases:
-Wireless 2 Player support
-Video GPU Support

- Images and Saves directories are necessary for BOR. Place them in the same directory as eboot.
- Recommended all mods go in 'Paks' dir but shoudn't matter...

Download Here

    Monday, April 03, 2006
PCSX2 0.9 released

As promised by lead developer Saqib, PCSX2 has been released 0.9 this weekend.

Due some site troubles we had some delay, but now the moment has finally come:

PCSX2 0.9 - Posted by CKemu @ 5:22 03-04-06

Yes folks PCSX2 0.9 is here, by no means gracefully, but it is here!

You can now enjoy PCSX2 0.9 a faster and more compatible PS2 emulator, it's been a year since 0.8.1 was released so you will see many dramatic changes!

Many games are now going ingame, and some are even playable (check out games like Disgaea, or Silent Hill 4!)

On behalf of all the team I would like to say a big HELLO to linuzappz, and a large thankyou for everything he's done for us prior to him leaving the team!

Given the site troubles over the past 24 hours, I can assure you that myself and several devs right now are totally bald from ripping our hair out!

Update: Updated the download to the latest release that should help with some problems. Also be sure to grab the lates P.E.Op.S Sound plugin from here which fixes a problem when running the bios. (Keith)

PCSX2 Official Site
PCSX2 0.9

Dedicated Sega Saturn Emulation & Homebrew Site Opens

The Sega Saturn is a console that lost the battle to the PSone in the 1990s but it was a great console in its own right. It also has a thriving Homebrew and Emulation Scene and many excellent Sega Saturn Emulators that play Commercial Games. Today ive opened a new dedicated Sega Saturn site to help as a base for files and discussion and also the latest news for the console.

Check out Sega Saturn News Here --> http://sega-saturn.dcemu.co.uk/

    Sunday, April 02, 2006
MAME GP32 2.0 Released

• Compiled with latest DevKitARM R17 - this means it uses gcc 4.02. Should mean the code is generally faster.
• Latest version of DrZ80. Increased compatability for Z80 based games.
• Uses ASM memset and memcpy.
• Improved sound driver. Based on MAME GP2X version. Now attempts to play all sounds regardless of volume and frequency.
• "FPS Display" option added to menu. Displays the number of frames displayed per second (duh). Useful for finding out optimal settings for a game. This is currently not saved in the config file but may do so.
• Screen rotation code for "New Core" needed a re-write - was incompatible with gcc 4.02. Should be as fast as the previous "New Core".
• Added "Screen Fit" mode thanks to Pepe_Faruk. He originally called it "Stretch" mode, but I think it's more of a "Screen Fit" mode. It allows you to scale the screen where games don't fit into the GP32's 320x240 resolution. There are two modes: SKIP and MIX. SKIP basically skips lines to make it fit, MIX alternates the SKIPPED line. This can cause some flicker but looks great if the FPS is high (30+). Think Flubba's GBA PocketNES "flicker" mode. This can be useful for vertical orientated games like 1943 and Galaga if you don't want to rotate the screen. It's also nice for horizontal games such as Sidearms, Gauntlet and Xybots where the horizontal screen res > 320 pixels.
• Improved game drivers for 1943 and Galaga. I can play Galaga at Frameskip 1 (ie. 30 frame refreshes per second) at 150Mhz with sound set to ACCURATE. This equates to full speed.
• Improved game drivers in early Konami games (Time Pilot, Pooyan, Tutankham, Gyruss). Implemented RC sound filters.
• Improved game driver for Juno First. Shooting sound implemented.
• Improved sound drivers for Namco games. Fixes problems with incorrect sounds for Gaplus.
• New game drivers: Prehistoric Isle in 1930, Gaplus and Cabal. Consider these prevew versions - but they generally work okay.
• New game drivers: Data East 16-bit games! After a bit of investigation, it looks like it's possible to get the Data East 16-bit games going on the GP32!

Games include: Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja (US), Dragonninja (Japan), Sly Spy (Revision 2), Hippodrome, Midnight Resistance, Midnight Resistance (Japan) Heavy Barrel, Heavy Barrel (Japan) and Robocop (Bootleg).

BadDudes vs Dragonninja (US), Dragonninja (Japan) and Sly Spy (Revision 2) should be fully playable (minus sound). Robocop (Bootleg) starts but crashes. Heavy Barrel and Midnight Resistance need some further optimizations (next release). The frontend options menu takes up a fair but of space thanks to the splash screen and background screen, so this may need to be re-written to be loaded dynamically.

• Other minor game optimizations as per the GP2X version of MAME. ie. Xybots, Bubble Bobble, etc.
• MAME GP32 DrZ80 renamed to MAME GP32 Fast.
• Compiled and developed using Mac OS X Tiger. Some source code files may be set to UNIX file format. Sorry Windows users!

MAME GP32 Official Site
MAME GP32 2.0

Gens32 Surreal 1.62 Released

1) Add a filter called MM2X;
2) Add new sound sample rate support: 30000HZ;
3) New Rom hack technology supported(e.g: Street of Rage 2 blaze multi-clothing edition,you find suching things in our forum.These hacked roms can not worked on real hardware.)
4) Fix the bug when pausing;
5) Add new video system,called 'emulate TV size',which can make the display area martch the PAL,NTSC etc... If it can not worked correctly,just press Alt+ Enter twice to fix this problem.
6) You can rewind the game with your pad.

New tools released:
Mouse driver: T2 the Arcade Game (Include source file and compiler).
Virtual Flash Rom: With this,you can make your own 'Super N in 1'.But these virtual flash rom can not worked with real hardware.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.62

GameEx 5.88 Released

• Fixes Radio only playing for a few seconds after exiting MAME game
• Fixes chosen playlist not playing with music set to play on startup
• 3D Alpha blended transition is revered when navigating back
• Hopefully fixes memory leak in screensaver, if any.

GameEx Official Site
GameEx 5.88

pSX emulator 1.4 Released

• Added final icon and controller dialog graphcs from TheCloudOfSmoke
• Fixed bug where joystick device selection was not kept after restarting
• Implemented PPF patch support (command line only for now)
• Added option to disable bilinear filtering
• Added L3 and R3 buttons for dualshock controller
• Added reverse axis option for controller analog axes
• Option to disable controller rumble now works
• Second controller now works
• Fixed keys that did not work in controller config dialog (eg. cursors)
• Integrated CDZ converter into main program
• Added gamma, brightness and contrast controls (fullscreen only)
• Added quicksave/load functionality
• Fast forward now temporarily turns off vsync
• ASPI DLL is no longer required if using IOControl
• Fixed state save dialog (now uses save type instead of open)
• Fixed window painting when paused (or in modal dialogs)
• Removed log menu option in release version
• Editing code in debugger memory window works even when using recompiler
• Fixed some other debugger problems
• Implemented breakpoint editing
• Fixed save state loading bug

pSX emulator Official Site
pSX emulator 1.4

ChaosCodes CDVD Plugin Public Release 1.0 Released

ChaosCode sent me a message letting us know he has released his CDVD plugin for PCSX2. The special thing about his plugin is that it will play games being streamed over the internet, i.e. a server will stream demos that you play in PCSX2.

You can read more in the release thread and on the D.M.E.S. (Direct Media Emulation Streaming) forums.

D.M.E.S. forums
ChaosCodes CDVD Plugin release thread
ChaosCodes CDVD Plugin Public Release 1.0

    Saturday, April 01, 2006
DSPSP for PSP V4.1

Shilo has "released" the worlds first Nintendo DS Emulator for the PSP, it runs at a fair speed with sound although the screen is stretched and so looks weird, heres a screen:

Release Thread

Monkey64 WIP News (N64 Emu for PSP)

PSMonkey has posted news of an update of his work on the Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP:

I NOW FINALY (took long enough) have 3d somewhat working on the emulator. Automobile lambergini is now showing 3d elements. This lovely flag is all done in 3d (the two squares behind it are 2d logo & press start text). Yes textures are off and the flag looks funny but that is due to bugs in the 3d (need to add more to the rdp to clear the psp's z-buffer). Once I can clean up more code and fix a few things, I will post some more screenshots. Hopefuly with a good push over the weekend I will have a brand new build up early next week. So lets all enjoy and wait for more screenshots to flow in over the weekend till we all get to play this next week.

Sounds excellent, check out the full info here --> http://nemo.dcemu.co.uk

PSPXTI: A TI-92 Calculator emulator v1.0.5

ZX-81 has released a new version of his TI-92 Calculator Emulator for the PSP, heres the details:

Hi All,
I've just released the version 1.0.5 of the PSP TI-92 calculator. Computation errors have been found in previous versions of the emulator, and for example ln(x) function gave false results for x < 1.0. After a long period of bug tracking, errors have been found in 12 instructions of the 68000 processor emulator. Those bugs were present in the original source code of Xtiger and they are all fixed now.
This version works with 2.xFW. and 1.5FW. It's distributed under GNU licence and sources are included.

More info at the release thread here -> http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21593

MSXAdvance 0.1 Released

V0.1 - 2006-03-30 (FluBBa)
Initial release.

MSXAdvance Official Site
MSXAdvance 0.1

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