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    Sunday, April 02, 2006
MAME GP32 2.0 Released

• Compiled with latest DevKitARM R17 - this means it uses gcc 4.02. Should mean the code is generally faster.
• Latest version of DrZ80. Increased compatability for Z80 based games.
• Uses ASM memset and memcpy.
• Improved sound driver. Based on MAME GP2X version. Now attempts to play all sounds regardless of volume and frequency.
• "FPS Display" option added to menu. Displays the number of frames displayed per second (duh). Useful for finding out optimal settings for a game. This is currently not saved in the config file but may do so.
• Screen rotation code for "New Core" needed a re-write - was incompatible with gcc 4.02. Should be as fast as the previous "New Core".
• Added "Screen Fit" mode thanks to Pepe_Faruk. He originally called it "Stretch" mode, but I think it's more of a "Screen Fit" mode. It allows you to scale the screen where games don't fit into the GP32's 320x240 resolution. There are two modes: SKIP and MIX. SKIP basically skips lines to make it fit, MIX alternates the SKIPPED line. This can cause some flicker but looks great if the FPS is high (30+). Think Flubba's GBA PocketNES "flicker" mode. This can be useful for vertical orientated games like 1943 and Galaga if you don't want to rotate the screen. It's also nice for horizontal games such as Sidearms, Gauntlet and Xybots where the horizontal screen res > 320 pixels.
• Improved game drivers for 1943 and Galaga. I can play Galaga at Frameskip 1 (ie. 30 frame refreshes per second) at 150Mhz with sound set to ACCURATE. This equates to full speed.
• Improved game drivers in early Konami games (Time Pilot, Pooyan, Tutankham, Gyruss). Implemented RC sound filters.
• Improved game driver for Juno First. Shooting sound implemented.
• Improved sound drivers for Namco games. Fixes problems with incorrect sounds for Gaplus.
• New game drivers: Prehistoric Isle in 1930, Gaplus and Cabal. Consider these prevew versions - but they generally work okay.
• New game drivers: Data East 16-bit games! After a bit of investigation, it looks like it's possible to get the Data East 16-bit games going on the GP32!

Games include: Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja (US), Dragonninja (Japan), Sly Spy (Revision 2), Hippodrome, Midnight Resistance, Midnight Resistance (Japan) Heavy Barrel, Heavy Barrel (Japan) and Robocop (Bootleg).

BadDudes vs Dragonninja (US), Dragonninja (Japan) and Sly Spy (Revision 2) should be fully playable (minus sound). Robocop (Bootleg) starts but crashes. Heavy Barrel and Midnight Resistance need some further optimizations (next release). The frontend options menu takes up a fair but of space thanks to the splash screen and background screen, so this may need to be re-written to be loaded dynamically.

• Other minor game optimizations as per the GP2X version of MAME. ie. Xybots, Bubble Bobble, etc.
• MAME GP32 DrZ80 renamed to MAME GP32 Fast.
• Compiled and developed using Mac OS X Tiger. Some source code files may be set to UNIX file format. Sorry Windows users!

MAME GP32 Official Site
MAME GP32 2.0


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