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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Yabause 0.5.0 Released

Our buddies over at the Yabause development team have released a new version of their open source Saturn emulator Yabause. Here is a rundown on the changes for version 0.5.0.

cd block:
 bug fixes
 improved timing
 added Action Replay emulation
 added 8/32 Mbit dram emulation
 added 4/8/32 Mbit backup ram emulation
 added 16 Mbit rom emulation
 added very early Netlink emulation
 added Stephane Dallongeville's SCSP's core. Thanks again Stef!
 fixed a couple of bugs that were causing movies to lock up.
 added Stephane Dallongeville's 68k's core. Thanks again Stef!
 fixed a few endian related bugs
 added debugger(still need disassembler though)
 added dsp emulation
 added dsp debugger
 added indirect dma emulation
 added timer0 emulation
 bug fixes
 added very basic SH2 direct peripheral mode
 added clock change commands
 added slave sh2 off/on commands
 fixed intback command timing
 bug fixes
 added FRT, WDT, and partial UBC emulation
 fixed a couple of opcode bugs
 re-added debugger
 added some early dynarec code
 added sprite priorities
 added color offset
 bug fixes
 added basic rbg0 emulation(no rotation, etc.)
 added backscreen emulation
 added caching
 added color offset
 added video mode changing
 added screen scrolling
 fix caching bug
 other bug fixes
 added early software video rendering. It's still pretty much unuseable at this point
 added binary execution
 rewrote entire code in C for portability and speed
 fixed a number of configure bugs, added a few more command-line options
 fixed code so it's 64-bit friendly
 added iso and bin/cue files support
 changed several parts of yabause to allow for multiple implementations of video, sound, and peripheral code.
 added save states(currently broken unfortunately)

Head on over to the official site for more information. Nice release guys keep up the great work. :)

Yabause Official Site
Yabause 0.5.0


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