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    Sunday, September 25, 2005
RuMSX 0.32 Released

A new version of RuMSX has been released for your MSX emulation pleasure.
Here's what's new:

# RUMSXEMU.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and must be downloaded.
# RUMSXLNG.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and need to be downloaded for localization-support.
# RUMSXLNX.ZIP (*updated*) contains partially localized versions of RuMSX (french+russian). In contrast to RUMSXLNG.ZIP the translation is not completed. So these resources are partially english. This file is NOT part of the InstallShield-version.
# RUMSXHLP.ZIP (*updated*) has been changed and must be downloaded (it contains RuMSX HTML-help files).
# RUMSXUNI.ZIP (*updated*) contains a trial-version of the RuMSX V0.32 unicode build (MSXW.EXE), which supports world-wide character sets in the single file. This file is NOT part of the InstallShield-version.
# Since V0.29 RuMSX supports a "My MSX" folder. This feature is disabled by default and has to be enabled by separate tools!
# Creation of new configurations created invalid paths to standard ROM images. This bug was new since V0.31.
# New introduced V9948 video processor was mistakenly assigned to MSX2+ and TurboR configurations.
# The VDP version number of the V9958 was incorrect (=1) since the beginning of RuMSX. This is now fixed (=2).
# VDP supports the native modes only (TMS9918A does no longer support SCREEN 4 and higher modes, V9938 does no longer support SCREEN 10 and higher modes). Prior versions reported only the correct VDP version number, but enabled all valid modes and command for every Video-Processor.
# When creating a new disk-image it's now possible to select between MSX-DOS1 and MSX-DOS2 boot-sectors.
# Using TrueColor RuMSX-logo from Marc Donkers in the AboutBox.
# Fixing repaint problems. If RuMSX was running or halted in background not all parts of the MSX display have been properly repainted.
# Extended advanced options to prevent entering of monitor power low/off modes (not recommended for laptops).
# Initial number of 5th/9th sprite is 0 (rather than 31 used until RuMSX V0.31), indicating that there are no hidden sprite lines.
# Minor fix of the Z80 RETI command (should not affect normal MSX programs)
# Pending VDP interrupts (signaled while interrupts disabled) were mistakenly discarded. This is now fixed and corrects
(a) the slowdown of games such as "Track & Field" and "Hyper Sports",
(b) flickering display in games using scanline interrupts such as "Zanac Ex" and "Aleste 2"
# Added support for Z80B CPU.
# Added CYRILLIC (russian) and ARABIC font to the "Locale" dialog.
# Updated MSX-locale and initial VDP-frequency of the CBIOS configurations according to the design- specifications. (RuMSX V0.31 did not contain the specified changes, even if listed).
# ROM cartridges with MSX-Basic programs were not detected properly.

RuMSX 0.32


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