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    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gearboy is a Nintendo Game Boy / Game Boy Color emulator written in C++.
The emulator is focused on readability of source code, but nevertheless it has good compatibility.
A lot of effort has gone into this in order to follow OOP and keep it as simple as possible.

Here is list of latest changes:

+ fixes window glitches with many games
+ fixed a bug resetting DIV register
+ sound filters adjusted for maximum resemblance to dmg
+ increased ghosting effect
+ improved MBC3 overall performance

Check out official github repository for further information and latest files.

SainT v2.21

SainT is an ATARI-ST emulator running on Windows (9x,NT,2000,XP) based machines. SainT was one of the first "cycle accurate" ATARI emulator. Cycle accuracy is very suitable to emulate ATARI demos. For those who don't know anything about demos, just know that's program pushing the hardware to the max. (more colors, more screen resolution, more speed, etc.). Of course SainT can run ATARI games too !

Here're changelog for latest build:

* DirectX code rewrite to support fullscreen/Option page swap better on Win7
* Display option simplification (only hardware texture supported now)
* Blitter BusError on some LogicalOp fixed ( Ecstasy demo by Inner Circuit Explorers )
* STE DAC sound missed some write access ( HexTracker by Paulo Simoes )
* STE pixel scroll 8264 word access bug fix ( Ecstasy demo by Inner Circuit Explorers )
* 4MB STE really supported ( Appendix demo by DHS is now running )
* Dir2Msa now can generate 11 sectors MSA images ( To create floppy version of Appendix demo by DHS )
* Dir2Msa can directly proceed ZIP file (ZIP to MSA)
* Force PC VBL-Sync is disabled by default (avoid music tempo problem for new user)
* Fix writing palette bit 3 if STF mode ( Thanks to Paulo Simoes )
* right-ALT key for "fast" mode (for Mac-BootCamp keyboard without right-CTRL!!)
* SainT distrib is packed using 7-Zip
* minor changes, and better GameBase support

Visit official homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.

    Wednesday, November 07, 2012
ePSXe for android 1.7.11

ePSXe for Android is a Playstation emulator (PSX and PSOne). It is a port from the famous ePSXe for PC. ePSXe provides high compatibility and good speed. It is designed for smartphones and tablets, including a fun 2 players option for tablets using split screen mode. Games must be provided by user. Include virtual touchscreen pad support, and hardware buttons mapping (Xperia Play, Phones with keyboard, and external pads like WiiMote or Sixaxis).

Here`s list of changes for latest version:

* Added a touchscreen virtual pad1 editor. Now you can move/resize/hide the buttons. (hw renderer)
* Added Gameshark cheat codes suppport, check the docs to enable it in your games. (stephen, zakwan)
* Added a new pad skin. (hw renderer)
* Fixed some GPU bugs (Alundra 2, Legend of Dragoon US, Pro Pinball TimeShock). (julius)
* Fixed some MDEC bugs (Yarudora Series Vol.1 - DC, Heart of Darkness) (bxk07344)
* Fixed some SPU bugs (FF7-FFT-Xenogears effects) (Tikalat)

Visit developers homepage and Google Play app page for further informations.

Stella 3.7.4

Stella is a freely distributed multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator; originally developed for Linux by Bradford W. Mott, it is now maintained by Stephen Anthony. Stella allows you to enjoy all of your favorite 2600 games once again by emulating the 2600's hardware with software. Stella is written in C++, which allows it to be ported to other operating systems and architectures. Since its original release Stella has been ported to AcornOS, AmigaOS, DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS, OpenStep, OS/2, Unix, and Windows, as well as consoles such as Sega Dreamcast, GP2X, Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable (among others).

Here are changes presented in 3.7.3-4

+ Fixed screen blanking regression in 'Video Chess', and improved behaviour of ROMs that don't use VSYNC.
+ Improved handling of 'illegal' VSYNC signals, which sometimes created 'short' frames that caused massive flickering. Also improved related behaviour when VSYNC isn't used at all.
+ Improved sound generation with ROMs that have irregular scanline counts. This fixes many demo ROMs as well as Quadrun, where previously there would be 'gaps' in the sound output.
+ Improved emulation of RIOT chip, in particular the behaviour of reading from TIMINT. Also, D6 of the Interrupt Flag register is now properly set on active transition of the PA7 pin.
+ Fixed bug in DPC+ bankswitch scheme; the music in "Stay Frosty 2" wasn't playing correctly.
+ The ROM properties database now uses 'Auto' instead of 'Auto-select' everywhere. This makes for less typing when running from the commandline.
+ Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.
+ Note: because of TIA/RIOT changes, the state file format has changed again, and old state files will not work with this release.

Check out official website for further information and latest version of emulator.

    Tuesday, November 06, 2012
FB Alpha

FB Alpha (formerly FinalBurn Alpha), based on the original FinalBurn source code, is a multi-arcade (Capcom CPS-1, Capcom CPS-2, Capcom CPS-3, Cave, Neo Geo, Sega System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board, Toaplan, Taito, etc) emulator. It includes support for cheating, as well as netplay using Kaillera.

Here`s list of changes for latest version:

+ Tidied sound chip interfaces, adding support for volume and left/right selection for individual routes. Updated all drivers to support. Many drivers sound much better with these updates [Barry]
+ Fixed an issue with multiple YM2203 chips that resulted in static noise in the sound output [Barry]
+ Added pan support to Taito drivers that use panning with the YM2610 sound chip [Barry]
+ Added pan support to the Darius driver [Barry]
+ Added support for an RC filter, and added support to the Galaxian Konami sound based drivers [Barry]
+ Fixed various drivers that rendered the MSM5205 sound too fast when the sample rate was greater than 22050Hz [Barry]
+ Applied a YM2413 fix from MAME [Barry]
+ Added support for a selectable number of voices in the Namco sound module (fixes sound in the Baraduke, Pac Land and Sky Kid drivers [Barry]
+ Added multiple chip support to the Sega PCM module, updated Super Monaco Grand Prix to support the extra sound board [Barry]
+ Added support for the MSM6585 chip to the MSM5205 core [iq_132]
+ Added multiple chip support to the Y8950 interface, and hooked up in the Cybertank driver [Barry]
+ Small speedup in the DAC core [iq_132]
+ Standardised some CPU interfaces [iq_132]
+ Improved Atari slapstic emulation, and updated the Gauntlet driver to support it [iq_132]
+ Added driver for Atari Tetris [iq_132]
+ Added driver for Cybertank [iq_132]
+ Hooked up analog inputs in the Cybertank driver [Barry]
+ Added driver for games on Donkey Kong hardware [iq_132]
+ Tidied Donkey Kong driver to build with current FB Alpha, and fixed some bugs and crashes [Barry]
+ Added driver for Konami Test Board (GX800) [iq_132]
+ Added Bang 2 Busters to the Neo Geo driver [lantus]
+ Added Treasures of the Carribean to the Neo Geo driver [lantus]
+ Added Last Survivor to the Sega X-Board driver [Barry, JacKc, ShouTime, Charles MacDonald, Aaron Giles, 9ofzeven, TrevEB, Dr. Spankenstein, ghoolster, Surgeville, Tormod, Tjaberg, Waremonger]
+ Added Racing Beats to the Taito Z driver [Barry]
+ Added bootleg of 1943 to the driver [Barry, JacKc, bonky0013]
+ Added clone of Arkanoid to the driver [Barry]
+ Added bootleg of Pang! 3 to the CPS-1 driver [JacKc, porchy]
+ Added some bootlegs of Street Fighter II to the CPS-1 driver [Barry, JacKc, smitdogg]
+ Added clone of Super Street Fighter II to the CPS-2 driver [JacKc]
+ Added two clones of Thunder Zone to the Data East drivers [ShouTime, JacKc]
+ Added two clones of Dynamite Duke to the driver [JacKc, Arzeno Fabrice]
+ Added clone of War of the Bugs or Monsterous Manouvers in a Mushroom Maze to the Galaxian driver [Barry]
+ Added clone of Jumping Pop to the driver [Barry, The Dumping Union]
+ Added clone of Parodius to the Konami driver [Barry, Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union]
+ Added King of Gladiators Plus to the Neo Geo driver [JacKc]
+ Added homebrew WW2 Demo to the Neo Geo driver [Barry]
+ Added homebrew Spiderman Intro demo, and added alt sets of TMNT and Dark Wing Duck intro sets to the Neo Geo driver [Barry]
+ Added clone of Ketsui Arrange to the PGM driver [JacKc]
+ Added clone of Raiden to the driver [Barry, JacKc]
+ Added two clones of Fantasy Zone II (System 16C version) to the Sega System 16B driver [Barry]
+ Added clone of Turbo Outrun to the Sega Outrun driver [JacKc]
+ Added clone of AB Cop to the Sega X-Board driver [JacKc]
+ Added clone of GP Rider to the Sega X-Board driver [Barry]
+ Added clone of Deer Hunter to the Seta 2 driver [JacKc]
+ Added clone of Drift Out to the Taito F2 driver [JacKc, Hammy]
+ Added clone of Rygar to the Tecmo driver [JacKc, smitdogg]
+ Added clone of Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee!! to the Toaplan 2 driver [Barry, Antonio Gonzalez Jr.]
+ Added bootleg of Toki to the driver [Barry, skiltz]
+ Added clone of Trojan to the driver [JacKc]
+ Fixed bugs in 4 Fun in 1 and Ghostmuncher Galaxian in the Galaxian driver, promoting them to working [Barry]
+ Changed Fantastic to use the proper PROM dump in the Galaxian driver, fixing the game colours [Barry]
+ Changed Super Bond to use the proper PROM dump in the Galaxian driver, fixing the game colours [Barry]
+ Various PGM improvements [iq_132, JacKc]
+ Fixed a graphics glitch in the Super Monaco Grand Prix title screen [Barry]
+ Fixed issue with Top Speed crashing on driver init [Barry]
+ Big-endian fixes for the Cybertank driver [lantus]
+ Big-endian fixes for the Sega System 16A and Tecmo drivers [lantus]
+ Big-endian fix for Street Fighter II: Magic Delta Turbo sprite x position [lantus]
+ Applied various libretro patches [Twinaphex]
+ Updated the zlib library to v1.2.7 [Barry]
+ Updated the libpng library to v1.5.12 [Barry]
+ Matched the Megadrive sets to MESS 0.146u5 [Barry]
+ Synced sets with MAME 0.146u5 [Barry]

Visit official homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.

NeoRaine 1.3.5

NeoRaine is a NeoGeo CD emulator based on the source of the arcade emulator Raine. Emulator is fast, has great compatibility, many NeoCD specific features, and support for extras like savegames.

Here`s changelog for latest version:

Main change is the new 7z support for the roms, and while I was at it I added it also to neoraine which means that you can now extract an iso to a 7z file and it will be accepted by neoraine. A word of caution though : it works rather well for the roms having not too many files, but the neocd isos can have really many files sometimes and in this case loading from a 7z file is really noticeably slower, so you'd better not convert everything to 7z in neocd!

Also this new version fixes an unnoticed bug in the intro of "view point".

Visit official homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.

PCSX2 SVN r5321

PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. Project attempts to allow PS2 code to be executed on your computer, thus meaning you can put a PS2 DVD or CD into your computers drive, and boot it up!

Here's the changelog from 5 latest SVN builds:

+ Hide the "Disable GS output" option since it's currently broken.
All this commit does is hiding the option in the GUI.
+ VIF: Fixed a bug which caused PATH3 masking to fail if there was an IRQ on the FlushA command while it needed to wait. Fixes Futurama Issue 1343
+ gsdx ogl:
* retry compilation when driver failed to compile with a static 'index' constraint. Replace previous AMD hack.
* clean context default attribute value
zzogl 4: clean context default attribute value too.
zzogl 3: backport texture size fix
+ GSdx: only enable AMD hack for AMD GPU. Remove the older geometry shader hack fixed since 6 monthes
ZZogl: support xdg for the replayer
+ zzogl: fixed crash at startup for Intel (and probably nvidia too). Opengl3 and 2 don't support the same set of attributes

Visit official homepage for further information and grab the latest build from automated SVN repository.

    Friday, November 02, 2012
Project64k 0.41 released

Project64k 0.41 has been released. It is based on Project64 1.6 source code but with added netplay support through Kaillera.

I updated the RDB and RDX files for the SM64 Multiplayer rom hack. Both CRC number versions of the rom are fixed as well.

Download Project64k here:

Project64k 0.41

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