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    Tuesday, November 13, 2012
SainT v2.21

SainT is an ATARI-ST emulator running on Windows (9x,NT,2000,XP) based machines. SainT was one of the first "cycle accurate" ATARI emulator. Cycle accuracy is very suitable to emulate ATARI demos. For those who don't know anything about demos, just know that's program pushing the hardware to the max. (more colors, more screen resolution, more speed, etc.). Of course SainT can run ATARI games too !

Here're changelog for latest build:

* DirectX code rewrite to support fullscreen/Option page swap better on Win7
* Display option simplification (only hardware texture supported now)
* Blitter BusError on some LogicalOp fixed ( Ecstasy demo by Inner Circuit Explorers )
* STE DAC sound missed some write access ( HexTracker by Paulo Simoes )
* STE pixel scroll 8264 word access bug fix ( Ecstasy demo by Inner Circuit Explorers )
* 4MB STE really supported ( Appendix demo by DHS is now running )
* Dir2Msa now can generate 11 sectors MSA images ( To create floppy version of Appendix demo by DHS )
* Dir2Msa can directly proceed ZIP file (ZIP to MSA)
* Force PC VBL-Sync is disabled by default (avoid music tempo problem for new user)
* Fix writing palette bit 3 if STF mode ( Thanks to Paulo Simoes )
* right-ALT key for "fast" mode (for Mac-BootCamp keyboard without right-CTRL!!)
* SainT distrib is packed using 7-Zip
* minor changes, and better GameBase support

Visit official homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.


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