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    Wednesday, February 27, 2019
VisualBoyAdvance-M v2.1.1 released!

VisualBoyAdvance-M(VBA-M) is a [Super] Game Boy [Color / Advance] emulator for Windows, Linux & Mac. Here you can get information about the latest development build of the Windows version and download it while you're at it.

VisualBoyAdvance-M v2.1.1 changelog:

b5741ee - release v2.1.1 (15 minutes ago)
286d7ee - builder: fix 32bit mac build (16 hours ago)
eaa9b6c - Map Viewer: Fix crash when running a gb/gbc game, (26 hours ago)
91ee8ca - installdeps: check gtk3-classic on arch/manjaro (2 days ago)
98cb298 - GB: fix 32/64 bit save/state incompatibility (2 days ago)
b9d6f35 - add build32/ to .gitignore (for 32bit builds) (3 days ago)
6e76fce - cmake: fix finding 32 bit wxWidgets on gentoo (3 days ago)
0674b41 - cmake: remove from nasm definition (4 days ago)
7dda580 - cmake: do not use -fPIC on 32 bit x86, breaks asm (4 days ago)
3c28a18 - installdeps: support -m32 builds on opensuse (4 days ago)
d7cf15e - implement factory reset option #368 (5 days ago)
12fa61a - cmake: refactor FindSSP.cmake (9 days ago)
5a77d8f - cmake: don't use ccache on msys2+ninja (11 days ago)
ed29b9c - Merge pull request #364 from laqieer/master (3 weeks ago)
7b350c0 - bugfix: crash when loading elf (3 weeks ago)
eb6dfb4 - fix libretro build broken in 16dd5d4 #339 (3 weeks ago)
16dd5d4 - make speedup/turbo configurable + misc #339 (3 weeks ago)
5379708 - I guess I'll try the gtk2 build of wxwidgets instead (3 weeks ago)
d70dd37 - Let's use the proper wxwidgets package (3 weeks ago)
ede6b37 - Fix snap deps (3 weeks ago)
44208c8 - Add basic snapcraft yaml for building a snap (3 weeks ago)
ba678f4 - GB: Make gbTimerOn an INT type instead of BOOL (4 weeks ago)
43647d3 - GB: Prevent gbSpritesTicks from going out-of-bounds (4 weeks ago)
f8c6953 - fix drawing panel alignment in frame #325 (4 weeks ago)
c6fa724 - cmake: use color gcc/clang output when possible (4 weeks ago)
e912c35 - GBA: Remove some magic numbers for main pointers and save types size (4 weeks ago)
0697922 - Update libretro.cpp (4 weeks ago)
4700a2c - libretro: Enable mirroring for classic/famicom games for GBA and update (4 weeks ago)
f2b3496 - GB: Add missing battery save for MMM01 cart (4 weeks ago)
a0cec10 - Update GBA save type detection and cleanup... (4 weeks ago)
2a796d4 - libretro: Add GB color palettes (4 weeks ago)
4f90031 - persist chosen audio device in config file #353 (5 weeks ago)
d94d6d5 - osx builder: add -stdlib=libc++ to CFLAGS/LDFLAGS (5 weeks ago)
3eb591c - Update wxwidgets to 3.1.2 (5 weeks ago)
3b87576 - GB: Fix rumble support (MBC5) - Fix missing call to rumble function on MBC5 - fix rumble flag gets disabled causing rumble not to work at all. (5 weeks ago)
089d7a4 - libretro: Add support for tilt, gyro sensors and rumble pak (WIP) - Uses analog stick to simulate tilt and gyro hw. By default, tilt uses the right analog stick while gyro uses the left. The analog stick can be swapped using a core option provided and with separate sensitivity level for both sensors. WIP and will be fine tuned later (Kirby was fun to play at least) - Minor retro_run() cleanup and some minor stuff i forgot. (5 weeks ago)
6330555 - Merge pull request #350 from retro-wertz/libretro (5 weeks ago)
a2b3dd7 - libretro: Update input descriptors for 4-player SGB and cleanup... - Updates descriptors for 4-player SGB - Remove alternate gamepad layouts for GBA - Prevent crash when SGB border option executes at startup when GB is not initialized yet - Update input turbo function for 4-player support - Minor cleanups (texts, style nits, etc)... (5 weeks ago)
9d058ab - libretro: don't include getopt.h in configmanager (6 weeks ago)
d5642fa - libretro: Android buildfix (#348) (6 weeks ago)
093818a - GBA: Resolve shifting negative value issue in some thumb/arm opcodes (6 weeks ago)
59f76d0 - libretro: Use gbWram[] for $C000 in CGB mode (6 weeks ago)
f9efb79 - libretro: Fix GB games that uses serial (WIP) (6 weeks ago)
af3fe01 - libretro: Update GB's memory map, expose all usuable ram (6 weeks ago)
470d86f - libretro: Cleanup (6 weeks ago)
ad432a6 - libretro: Silence warning (6 weeks ago)
bff08ea - libretro: Update Makefile, fix ASAN (6 weeks ago)
8628db1 - Revert faudio inclusion, causing builder to fail because I didn't properly hook up the build instructions, will try and fix later (7 weeks ago)
c2b3163 - GBA: Only use eepromReset/flashReset during reset event (CPUReset) (7 weeks ago)
0d73da0 - GBA: Get rid of blip_time() (7 weeks ago)
83b3ebd - fix audio api radio buttons (7 weeks ago)
327611b - installdeps: add gcc-libgfortran to msys2 deps (7 weeks ago)
f6ad9a8 - remove bad hardcoded keybinds #298 #334 (7 weeks ago)
6462ce5 - pull transifex updates (8 weeks ago)
ab3d923 - add vim undo files to .gitignore (8 weeks ago)
a7773bc - Bump FAudio to 19.01 (8 weeks ago)
de0e8d6 - cmake: support libasan/-fsanitize (8 weeks ago)
ff2d31b - faudio: minor change (8 weeks ago)
964f086 - fix audioapi opt enum, reorder xrc (8 weeks ago)
8cb3f5a - fix sound api config on linux/mac (8 weeks ago)
55a60e3 - only block key event propagation for game keys #88 (8 weeks ago)
f8b5627 - fix support for old SDL versions (9 weeks ago)
e57beed - ignore depressed gamepad triggers #88 (9 weeks ago)
979ef8e - cmake: fix building without FAudio (9 weeks ago)
a91f066 - disable travis mingw jobs for now (9 weeks ago)
edf2c0c - fix xaudio2 when openal is disabled (9 weeks ago)
3ed08e8 - finish connecting new faudio driver (9 weeks ago)
296e8e1 - fix valid sound driver config values + faudio fix (9 weeks ago)
1f4487b - faudio: add gui code for selecting driver (9 weeks ago)
3962276 - add some missing faudio initialization code (9 weeks ago)
0c2906d - fix SDL sound defaulting code (9 weeks ago)
580a11e - Let's not force FAudio just yet (9 weeks ago)
969046e - Add faudio to the build script (9 weeks ago)
d6f3fd2 - Finish hooking up FAudio to the rest of the frontend (9 weeks ago)
539027c - remove problematic default joy binds #88 (9 weeks ago)
5da4876 - fixed a typo and added faudio, but there's still persisting issues (9 weeks ago)
514f355 - Merge pull request #337 from visualboyadvance-m/light-weight (9 weeks ago)
429b8ce - I'm pretty sure some of this is very hacky and needs correcting, but it compiles at least. (9 weeks ago)
53e16e0 - Need to hook up the effects chain parameters (9 weeks ago)
8939455 - Next on the list is adding a few more arguments for certain functions (9 weeks ago)
a8c4436 - Next on the list is correcting the incomplete types (9 weeks ago)
4b664c6 - Still not quite ready for d3d, but this one header mingw has anyways. (9 weeks ago)
1481513 - we need to release with the proper function in faudio (9 weeks ago)
0bfbcfa - Needed the FAudio Processor in FAudioCreate (9 weeks ago)
af98f53 - Inbound FAudio fixes (9 weeks ago)
5f38c0d - cmake: static: check for link file when editing (9 weeks ago)
ebd2e74 - installdeps: fix for a01deb2: use msys2 ccache (9 weeks ago)
a01deb2 - installdeps: also install ccache (9 weeks ago)
ba563c7 - Add FAudio to the xrc (9 weeks ago)
5d7dfa4 - Merge pull request #335 from retro-wertz/fix_crash (9 weeks ago)
0c579b2 - Revert to a default audio api (SDL) when config is invalid (9 weeks ago)
4361c45 - Fixed a few things, still have lots to fix though before it's a usable state. (2 months ago)
99795b2 - cmake hookup is done, there are some issues that I'll be trying to fix within faudio.cpp before it's ready for mainstream (2 months ago)
eab039c - This should allow faudio to be supported in vba-m, next is to further modify cmake to find faudio (2 months ago)
e00aca1 - Initial work on switching to faudio, WIP (2 months ago)
0a40ca7 - initial inclusion of stb_image to begin migration from libpng to stb, let's trim some fat (2 months ago)
0d1b23c - Merge pull request #331 from retro-wertz/gba_timings (3 months ago)
85891fc - Reduce input delay by 1 frame and audio timing fix (3 months ago)
3cb3842 - builder: add patch for glibc 2.28 compat to m4 (3 months ago)
61b3084 - builder: set host cc for libgpg-error to gcc (3 months ago)
00b0469 - add travis hook for gitter (3 months ago)
b60a634 - Merge pull request #326 from knightsc/tasks/add-lldb-support (3 months ago)
27a874e - Merge branch 'master' into tasks/add-lldb-support (3 months ago)
a52eddb - Handle debugger disconnect and reconnect properly (3 months ago)
6ba3b77 - Set correct register number in gdb stop reply (3 months ago)
f385fb2 - Update gdb remote query support (3 months ago)
3b185e2 - builder: libvorbis fix (3 months ago)
c68f372 - fix wrong copy-pasta in 36e412d (3 months ago)
16ccad0 - Merge pull request #330 from retro-wertz/libretro_updates (3 months ago)
36e412d - builder: mingw: fix libffi for i686 + improvemnts (3 months ago)
5b0f2e8 - builder: msys2: fix links to host binaries (3 months ago)
7276064 - Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md (3 months ago)
ca56ccf - libretro: Simplify cheats, add multiline support for GB/GBC (3 months ago)
a2d5c26 - libretro: Add turbo buttons (3 months ago)
3484ecc - Add support for LLDB qHostInfo packet (3 months ago)
dd2a1d9 - Fix stack overflow in remoteMemoryRead (3 months ago)
4f28e84 - Fix stack overflow in remotePutPacket (3 months ago)
db8aaec - builder: mingw: build zlib-target after cmake (3 months ago)
beaf934 - builder: bump libxslt 1.1.33-rc1 -> 1.1.33-rc2 (3 months ago)
afbe647 - builder: catgets fix for msys2 + minor changes (3 months ago)
a6034dd - builder: disable building openssl tests (3 months ago)
9ebc3fc - builder: build mingw dlfcn after cmake (3 months ago)
115fce6 - builder: do not defer env eval for msys2 host hook (3 months ago)
b9911a5 - builder: fix regressions from 3786944..a3ec309 (3 months ago)
a3ec309 - builder: more minor mingw cross fixes (4 months ago)
d725978 - builder: fix openssl parallel make patch (4 months ago)
cf3ed8f - builder: fix quoting issues introduced in 3786944 (4 months ago)
3786944 - builder: msys2 fixes + misc improvements (4 months ago)
975a186 - cmake: support linuxbrew mingw toolchain (4 months ago)
453fa0d - add visual studio .vs/ directory to .gitignore (4 months ago)
eee4add - Add localizations to installer, next will be adding portable mode so users can install to a custom location without the shortcuts being installed (4 months ago)
2e5235a - Initial rework of the installer framework, this is very incomplete, but it'll hopefully allow individual selection of translations as well as offer a portable mode installer (4 months ago)
6f1df2d - rename mingw include dir mingw-include in deps (4 months ago)
5e58e4c - when it comes to cross compiling, Most unices like linux are case sensitive (4 months ago)
26b15b2 - add mingw dependencies/include to include path (4 months ago)
9cb9ce8 - fix Windows XP Compatibility #315 (4 months ago)
1bf51ec - builder: 32 bit mingw fixes (4 months ago)
ed8c928 - builder: support gentoo crossdev + misc fixes (5 months ago)
b60cd33 - Update openal to use github url (5 months ago)
aebda1b - debian: update dependency (5 months ago)
58083d9 - Gonna use universaldxsdk for xaudio (5 months ago)
721c1b7 - Revert "hopefully fix bin2c for msvc" (5 months ago)
01a75e8 - hopefully fix bin2c for msvc (5 months ago)
b9d0f81 - builder: fix ccache on msys2 (5 months ago)
be0d49a - builder: msys2 fixes (6 months ago)
3aa00bf - builder: fix libuuid_mingw for mingw cross (6 months ago)
5b5e319 - builder: don't install cpanm with local::lib (6 months ago)
88f66ef - builder: fix building ccache for win targets (6 months ago)
d1c82ca - fix typo in builder core (6 months ago)
dcd7d5e - support 32/64 bit mac builds, build improvements (6 months ago)
b4dd06a - Merge pull request #302 from retro-wertz/libretro (6 months ago)
916c091 - Libretro: Add GB/GBC cheat support... (6 months ago)
14086d0 - Libretro: Fix crash on some linux systems (6 months ago)
0e33861 - update translations, add new langs from transifex (7 months ago)
e67b513 - rename mac-localizations to mac-translations.cmake (7 months ago)
bf4606f - install translations into mac .app (7 months ago)
0092dc1 - msys2: don't try to link msys librt and libpthread (7 months ago)
65e1ab0 - disable gcc stack protector, segfault on 8.2.0 (7 months ago)
6cbad61 - fix cmake regression introduced in bfe21ae (7 months ago)
bfe21ae - remove -fpermissive compiler flag (7 months ago)
571ecbe - support mac-hosted mingw builds, misc. fixes (7 months ago)
e32e7c5 - installdeps: Add zip to openSuse dependency (7 months ago)
f45935a - Add vbam_libretro.info (7 months ago)
be508eb - simplify check for renamed wx-config, fix gentoo (7 months ago)
3b44a29 - cmake: fix wrong unset syntax #295 from f78d45c (7 months ago)
5644339 - installdeps gentoo: don't eselect wxwidgets (7 months ago)
7a054b4 - installdeps: support gentoo (7 months ago)
f78d45c - cmake: fix regression in finding wx from 2efcb62 (7 months ago)
594ecc3 - msys2 builder: redo fontconfig patch, bumb wx (7 months ago)
2cece6a - Updated Translations, finally added transifex support to pull in new translations (7 months ago)
6bc3010 - update msys2 builder (7 months ago)
14d1315 - Merge pull request #292 from retro-wertz/updates (7 months ago)
ddea50d - GB: Cleanup sound registers (7 months ago)
faf01db - GB: Backport STAT register behavior (7 months ago)
d9e0d0f - GB: Remove references to gbReadOpcode (7 months ago)
eb20bb4 - We don't have a forum anymore (7 months ago)
fca7e17 - Libretro: Prevent crash when loading an incompatible state file (7 months ago)
1289e08 - Libretro: Enable battery save ram support for MBC2 and MBC7 (7 months ago)
a9ab09f - Libretro: Fix realtime clock not updating in GB/GBC... (7 months ago)
6cda6c0 - Libretro: Show basic details in log window during rom loading (7 months ago)
de25e9d - include zip for arch based systems (7 months ago)
5016fd6 - Merge pull request #286 from retro-wertz/libretro_gb (7 months ago)
6ef938f - Libretro: Add memory descriptors for GB/GBC (7 months ago)
bb64e8d - Libretro: Use retro_get_memory_data/size for battery-enabled roms (7 months ago)
119e1f5 - Libretro: Add core options for GB border and hardware overrides (7 months ago)
76ad84f - Opps, accidentally broke borders in standalone (7 months ago)
bf447bf - Libretro: Add GB/GBC core (7 months ago)
f05a05e - Libretro: Refactoring for adding GB/GBC core (8 months ago)
0e60c34 - Fix this (8 months ago)
52f5a02 - fix installdeps for Ubuntu 18 (8 months ago)
cc43db3 - fix installdeps for Ubuntu (8 months ago)
3f903cf - Merge pull request #278 from retro-wertz/patch-4 (8 months ago)
02e5f0b - Libretro: Bump version number (8 months ago)
fc42f88 - GB: Fix SIO related issue (8 months ago)
a8d0508 - use GetWindow()->Refresh() in Wayland only (8 months ago)
459a1fb - builder: fix ccache, mingw-cross (8 months ago)
f937aa7 - builder: disable ccache for openssl (8 months ago)



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