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    Thursday, March 03, 2011
1964mod v1.4.1(beta)

News via AEP

The 1964 derivate 1964mod has been updated.

For 1964mod release details, please read the posts below
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1964mod v1.4.1(beta) Release
posted Mar 1, 2011 5:16 AM by Pokefan 999 [ updated an hour ago ]

Core Changes & Fixes

1. emulator UI display status cleanup (enh/bugfix)

* fix menu option status
* improve statusbar display status
* fix icon button display status
* fix thin horizontal line on romlist window when 1st entry is visible
* remove useless statusbar display codes

2. obsolete & duplicate codes cleanup & refactor codes (enh)

* improve 1964Core.ini codes
* improve TimerProc codes
* improve CloseROM codes
* remove useless emu title bar status display codes

3. capture CIC ChipID when rom is loaded (enh)

* map Alt+I to RomInfo

4. update texture caching (bugfix)

* fix failure to cache/readback hires texture after 1st game run in the same emu session

5. frame limiter speedup (experimental) (enh/bugfix)

* reduce delay between frames change & improve game speed
* fix Banjo-Kazooie jerky display during speedup

6. random flashram / sram missing saved game (bugfix)

7. cleanup “runaway” audio thread (bugfix)

* fix “high pitch” sound during emu pause, screenshot, toggle between window/fullscreen mode
* fix "high pitch" sound when rom is closed

Plugin Changes & Fixes

1. upgrade lpng to v1.5.1 & zlib to v1.2.5 for MyGlide64 (enh)

2. MyGlide64 improvement over official Glide64 r215 (enh/bugfix/hack)

* fix NewTetris, Bomberman Hero & Tetrisphere horizontal lines
* improve "Mega Man 64" & "Army Men - Air Combat" horizontal lines
* fix missing background for "Read every frame" in Ogre Battle 64
* fix corrupted fade-out game menu in Gauntlet Legends
* fix corrupted alpha in ISS2000 intro cutscene
* fix extra blue square layer over ExtremeG logo in intro cutscene
* fix border corruption in Top Gear Overdrive
* fix spillover texture in MIA
* fix "broken stadium roof" portrait in Pokemon Stadium intro
* fix pokemon transparent eyeball in Pokemon Stadium 2
* fix sound distortion due to speed slowdown in Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars Episode 1 – Racer & Road Rash 64(U)
* fix screenshot image truncation for mis-match resolution ratio
* bypass Command&Conquer sprite truncation when screen resolution mis-match aspect ratio
* remove duplicate “Full Screen” resolution entries from dropdown combo box

* revamp Change_Size function codes (enh)

* obsolete pal230 & adjust_aspect ini option
* fix games with 1st screen corruption e.g. Virtual Chess
* fix over-sized texture image e.g. New Tetris, XG2(E), DK(E), TWINE
* fix shrunk texture image e.g. Bottom of the 9th, Centre Court Tennis etc
* fix jumping frame in TGO & MIA transition effect
* fix screen transition effect garbage e.g. TGO, MegaMan
* fix New Tetris missing image tile on the bottom line
* partial fix of Pokemon Stadium 2 corrupted pokemon portrait in Stadium battle
* remove RE2 video hack & PPL hack
* new custom effect for MIA e.g. goal replay

3. minor gameplay improvement for Mario Tennis (enh)

4. implement quick hotkey for "Read every frame" & “LOD” (enh)

5. update texture caching (enh)

* remove non-hires texture caching/readback dependency on "Rice" format being checked

1964mod v1.4.0(beta) Release
posted Mar 1, 2011 5:14 AM by Pokefan 999 [ updated an hour ago ]

Core Changes & Fixes

1. compiler warnings (bugfix)

2. obsolete & duplicate codes cleanup & refactor codes (enh/ bugfix)

* improve message handling & remove unnecessary sleep time
* improve emulator window re-sizing & maximizing function
* improve state saving & loading
* remove Kaillera / Netplay codes & menu option
* remove 1964 v0.8.5 save format codes & menu option
* remove XPTheme codes
* remove most of the trace & debug codes

3. update romlist window layout (enh)

* re-size default romlist column width
* set “GAMESAVE” as default column display

4. wrong mapping of F1 hotkey to “Online Help” (bugfix)

5. re-map the savestate & loadstate slots hotkey (enh)

6. wrong savestate slot is selected for savestate/loadstate if emu is paused (bugfix)

7. update screenshot capture codes (bugfix)

* fix missing screenshot when taken during emu pause
* fix invalid screenshot path for certain 1st screen screenshot e.g. DK64

8. update crc calculation e.g. DK64, Body Harvest (bugfix)

9. incomplete "bananaport" fade-out & game menu freeze e.g. DK64 (bugfix)

10. losing voice audio if same rom is started again after closing e.g. TWINE (bugfix)

11. upgrade zlib from v1.1.4 to v1.2.5 (enh)

12. convert registry ini to 1964Core.ini (enh)

13. replace use of expansion pak size as memory address mask with real rdram size (bugfix)

Plugin Changes & Fixes
1. change 1964Audio default to "nosync"



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