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    Spotlight on Runik

Date: 2004-03-25
Current Project(s): Saturnin
Location: Toulouse, France

Today we focus our Spotlight on Runik, who is best known for his great work with his Saturn emulator known as Saturnin. Runik is definitely one of the nicest guys in the scene and very appreciative of the feedback he gets for his work. Saturnin is a great project and I love to give my support to people like Runik who give us such great things to play with and who keep the scene alive with new and excited developments. Now lets get to the great interview Runik provided for us.


Q : When did you get into emulation either as a coder or just a fan?
A : I discovered emulation during highschool, late 1996. I was first interested in PC Engine emulation, I spent endless hours playing Parasol Stars and Final Match Tennis with my roomate on an old version of Magic Engine :) And I was very admirative of zGenecyst, Callus and of course Mame !

Q : What was your first coding experience for emulation?
A : I started with a little N64 project, but it was never released. It was just a rom-byteswapper with the name of the game rom displayed, not a big deal ;)

Q : What interested you in Saturn Emulation?
A : Well, the main reason was because there wasn't a lot of Saturn emulators released or even being worked on, compared to the Playstation or to the N64 ...

Q : What do you think about the current state of the emulation scene as a whole?
A : On the technical side, I find amazing the results achieved by the nextgen emu coders. On the downside, the fact to have emulators for systems (console or arcade) still being in production results in an ever growing demand from lamers just wanting to play the latests games without ever considering buying them. I find this sad, because it hurts the business, and will end in the disappearing of great gaming software companies ... My interest as an emulator user is to play old games, and to achieve a technical project as an emu coder. Playing new games for free is not an option.

Q : How do you feel about the response you have received so far for your projects?
A : It's great ! I got a lot of support messages, helping hands for the translations, the website etc ...

Q : What is your best experience when it comes to Emulation?
A : Can I say two? The first one was when I first saw Mario 64 running on UltraHLE ... my jaw just dropped ! The second was when Saturnin displayed something for the first time : it was an awesome Christmas present for 2002 :)

Q : What was your worst experience when it comes to Emulation?
A : I can't think of any ... emulation is good, mmmkay?

Q : Are you currently working on any other projects besides Saturnin?
A : No, I try to stay focused on this one :)

Q : Does the amount of lame request ever make you second guess what you are currently doing?
A : Strangely enough, I can't remember of any lame request I might have got.And even if I got some, I do this project for me in the first place, and to share it is just a nice plus. So the worse thing that could happend to Saturnin would be to go underground ...

Q : What is the lamest request you have every received?
A : I don't remember any ...

Q : What is the nicest complement you have received?
A : The fact to be contacted by Haze from Mame for the ST-V part ... wow ! MAME ! :) I'm far behind them now, but it was really nice.

Q : Could you give us some information regarding the current state of your projects?
A : Well, 2 games are playable on the ST-V side, a lot are showing things, and the speed is not really good. Improve the compatibility is
on top of my todo list, I'd also like to boot games on the Saturn side, to improve speed and to fully rework the GUI. Damn, I've work for the next 10 years ;)

Q : Do you ever plan on working on another emulation project after Saturnin? If so what would interest you and challenge you?
A : A Gamecube emu would be nice. I have a lot of tech doc on it, and maybe it'll be my next project, who knows ;)

Q : Are you satisfied with the work you have done up to this point?
A : I always want to improve things, and I'm far of being satisfied with what I have now ;)

Q : Does the progress of your projects surpass all of your expectations so far? Or do you think you would have been further along in development?
A : My main goal when I started this project was just to display something. This has been done so everything from there is bonus :)

Q : Who else do you currently work with on your projects?
A : I work alone. But Fabien Autrel's help was precious during the early stages of the project (and it's still precious !)

Q : How much have they influenced you and how much have they improved your work and vice versa?
A : With Satourne, Fabien showed me that Saturn emulation was possible. His help and experience allowed me to progress faster than if I was alone all the way long ... I'm not sure he got something back from me on the emulation side though (he already knows everything ;) )

Q : After you have moved on from the scene what do you want to be most remembered for?
A : Just as being a nice guy :)

Q : Could you provide us with an teasers of things to come for your projects?
A : 0.20 will have a new GUI for sure, and for the rest it depends on how fast I can fix problems ;)

Q : One last thing is there anything you would like to say or anybody you would like to thank?
A : Thanks to Fabien, Ben.J, Benjamin Siskoo, to the people on the SegaXtreme board, on the NGEmu board, and to everybody showing support ! And of course thanks to you Keith, for showing interest from the beginning to my little project ;)

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Small Tidbits:
Name: Renaud is my first name ;)
Age: 26
Food: pastas with diced bacon, onions and olive oil
Movie: The Indiana Jones series
Music: too much to pick :)
Book: the Amber cycle by Roger Zelazny, alongside with Lord of the Rings
Game: Day of the Tentacle by Lucasarts
Hobbies: watching movies, reading, badminton, skiing and of cours programming :)


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