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    Review By Martin
Q-PAD® Gamer XXXL™
Review by Martin
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Date: 2003-09-08
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Cleverly packaged to lower shipping fees.

The Swedish company Q-PAD sent us two of their massive Q-PAD® Gamer XXXL™ mouse pads to review. By massive I mean huge, and I’m sure you all know what that means. The mouse pad measures 405 x 285 mm, about twice as large as a regular mouse pad you pick up at the local computer shop for a few dollars. It is in fact the world’s largest mouse pad. Why have such a huge mouse pad then? Well, if you’re a die hard FPS gamer and spend many hours most nights of the week challenging your friends (and enemies) over a game of Counterstrike, Battlefield 1942 or Quake 3 you also know that a large mouse pad increases precision, as you have a larger area to move your mouse around. It is also very useful if you work with graphics, or any other work that requires high precision. If you’re not a gamer or a graphics artist, why have such a huge mouse pad then? Because it looks so damn sweet. :D

Sweetness defined. Definitely.

Personal prints

The Q-PAD® Gamer XXXL™ is not only very large, there’s something else that makes it much more personal that any other mouse pad you normally see; your own prints. We used two of the prints submitted to our art gallery by our friend and graphics master RatTrap, they can be found on this page.

Send in your own image to Q-PAD, and they will print it on a high quality mouse pad. The result is a mouse pad with an excellent print, and the mouse glides very easily on the material. I’ve tested this mouse pad for about a month now, and it’s as good as new, you can’t tell I have even used it. I’ve even spilled some food on it, and it was easy to clean off with a damp cloth.

Gotta love the print quality. Thumbs up!

4 mm

The mouse pads sent to us are 4 mm thick, which is thinner than most regular mouse pads. However, if you want an even thinner one, Q-PAD offers a 1.5 mm version of Q-PAD® Gamer XXXL™ as well.

4 mm thin.


The mouse pad by Q-PAD is made of rubber, not plastic. This ensures that the mouse pad will stay on your desk until you physically force it to move. You don’t have to worry about it losing its grip when doing something important (like playing Battlefield 1942 :P), which unfortunately can’t be said about all mouse pads.

Sticky side up.

Some more pictures

With Logitech MX700 (wireless, optical).

Q-PAD® Gamer XXXL™.

Hmm…where have I seen this logo?

Desktop shot.


People who say an optical mouse doesn’t need a mouse pad have obviously not tried a Q-PAD mouse pad, the difference is stunning. This mouse pad works very well with a regular mouse as well, I’ve tested it with a Logitech Cordless Mouse and I'm very pleased.

The Q-PAD® Gamer XXXL™ costs 249 SEK (about $30) plus shipping and handling. It is in the same price class as other “professional” mouse pads such as IceMat, fUnc sUrface and Steelpad, or even a bit cheaper. Don’t forget you get your own print with Q-PAD. A regular sized mouse pad, with your own print of course, is available as well from Q-PAD. It is priced 150 SEK plus shipping and handling.

Thanks to Q-PAD for sending us these mouse pads to review, visit their site (click here for the english version) by clicking the logo below:


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