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    Lord Cheese - August 2005

Gent: Interview time you've avoided it too long Hi Lord Cheese, First of all thanks to agreeing to this Chilling with Gent session i know you are extremely busy so many thanks. I want to ask you some questions on behalf of the Emulation64 Network Browsers/Users who are interested in you and what you are doing ok?

Lord Cheese: no

Gent: that means yes well im gonna ask anyway

Lord Cheese: go on then

Gent: What have you been up to since the Dreamemu Test Release? and Dreamemu? and how is life treating you?

Lord Cheese: I'm doing good. I started dreammeu before i started uni, and when i started, I didn't have as much time to code as before. So thats why it kinda died out. Im just finished uni now, so I might have time to go back to it or pursue some other emulation related project.

Gent: cool, so there is a great chance you will continue Dreamemu

Lord Cheese: Theres a possibility, yep!

Gent: superb news , i have to ask you about your feelings on Chankast have you used it and what are your thoughts

Lord Cheese: I did try it out once to see what it was like and I have to say it was amazing to see the dreamcast being emulated so well. I was outta the loop emulation wise at the time of the chankast release so I never talked to the developers or anything about it. It was cool to see a released dreamcast emulator, the console was one of my favourites and emulation wise, wasn't being tackled by that many people (in comparison to the N64 for example). Its a pity icarus was never released, but these things happen.

Gent: very true i think Chankast was a shock release to be honest as everyone had their eyes set on icarus and of course further progression on Dreamemu

Lord Cheese: yes that's true, the screenshots and videos that the icarus guys published were quite exciting at the time

Gent: yes they were i think to be honest it had everyone holding their breath You Mentioned that if you didn't continue Dreamemu you might pursue some other emulation related project. Could you give us an example of what else has taken your fancy of a possible future emulation project?

Lord Cheese: Well id like to tackle something that hasn't been done before. It could be new or old. Obviously emulating the PSP or DS would be cool, but it might be too early for something like that., or at least a public release. And of course emulating handhelds kinda defeats the purpose of a handheld console, unless you can run them on another handheld, which wont be the case with the psp/ds for quite a while. Id also like to try to emulate an arcade cabinet, but its increasingly difficult these days with encyption and stuff.

Gent: wow cool PSP or DC emulation is something that i am very inter4ested to see in development but if you need ideas for projects i could always point you the way on the Binitone ok ok i know im obsessed

Lord Cheese: yes, the infamous Binitone, which no one has ever heard of

Gent: lol 1970's UK 1st home console yes its a pong machine

Lord Cheese:

Gent: well if its DcEmu or a PSP/DC Project im just exited to know you are still about thinking of furthering your projects which you know im a fan of just make sure you keep us informed

Lord Cheese: maybe

Gent: lol ok another thing most people don't know is you have a great sense of humour so i want to dig into that part of your Personalty but im sure they have already seen it here so far but: lets go further there is a urban terminology for a word Gented referring to me of course here When was the last time you Gented and what was it?

Lord Cheese: does drinking too much count as gented?

Gent: lol no that's under the addiction section

Lord Cheese: hmmm, well a couple of nights ago i spilled a drink over someone but that was directly related to drinking too much

Gent: lmao ok so when under the influence you gent alot

Lord Cheese: im sure ive gented since then but my memory is hazy at the moment (still nursing a hangover )

Gent: lmao

Lord Cheese: doing emu interviews is a great cure

Gent: ok well you live in Ireland correct?

Lord Cheese: yes, im not doing much to help our reputation

Gent: so silling anything over anyone in Ireland is what i would call a gent plus hazardous
Gent: spilling

Lord Cheese: gented

Gent: ya no1 baby i still got it

Lord Cheese: i think i made a few spelling mistakes in this interview so that can count as a more recent gent

Gent: lol ok fair enough When you get to the gates of heaven what would you like to hear Arc Angel Gabriel say to you?

Lord Cheese: Pint of Guinness OK, sir?

Gent: hahaha gold
Gent: what is your Favourite Word ?

Lord Cheese: hmm, dont really have one. I like big words that make me sound intelligent but the trouble is i cant pronounce or spell most of them I like the sound of the word flesh, for some reason.

Gent: lol looking at your Avatar you use for Yahoo i can see why

Lord Cheese:

Gent: but we will come to that question later
Gent: What is your Least Favourite Word ?

Lord Cheese: hrm, sleazy

Gent: interesting, again i look at your Avatar
Gent: What is your Favourite Yahoo or any Smillie ?

Lord Cheese: its the one i use most often

Gent: most used i should imagine worldwide
Gent: What question would you of wanted me to ask that i haven't ?

Lord Cheese: "Will you marry me?"

Gent: let me ask Sarah 1st

Lord Cheese: better yet, get sarah to ask me

Gent: ok she said if she gets shot of me, She'll pay you

Lord Cheese: such a loving wife you got there

Gent: lol dont we know
Gent: What was your 1st Video Game Console
Gent: mine was a Binitone

Lord Cheese: sega megadrive (or genesis to our american readers). it was the updated slick version, megadrive II i think it was called

Gent: yea i had that one

Lord Cheese: it came with streets of rage and golden axe and some other game

Gent: i got addicted to Road Rash and my dad made me get rid of it

Lord Cheese: hehe

Gent: yea was up all night bashing coppers on the head good old days!
Gent: What was the 1st game you played

Lord Cheese: oooh, thats a tougher one. It was probably tetris on a friends game boy or the first mortal kombat on the megadrive

Gent: i loved MK was crap at testris btw

Lord Cheese: i didnt have a commadore or atari 2600 or anything, i started my gaming life a bit late

Gent: i had a Amstrad tape you are lucky

Lord Cheese: oh yeh i think i played some crappy amstrad games ages ago, but not sure if it was before tetris or not

Gent: lol, wmy fav Amstrad game is Harrier i still play it on Winape which of course i had alot of help from you in the past running the danm thing so for that
Gent: If you could be anyone in the world past or present who would you be

Lord Cheese: oh yeah, i remember that . hmm, id like to have been jimi hendrix, just so i could play guitar as good as him

Gent: you want to play guitar with your teeth ?

Lord Cheese: is that not the way you are supposed to play? no wonder i sound so bad

Gent: lol well you gotta start somewhere right ?
Gent: What was the best prank you ever played on anyone

Lord Cheese: i think the april fools joke i did on the dreamemu site once was good, i dont know how many people i actually got with it thought

Gent: refresh our memories, what did you do ? Dreamemu plays PSX or something ?

Lord Cheese: I basically said that sega got hold of a private testing beta of dreamemu and they ordered me to stop development on it i suggested the beta could play commercial games or something. this was back in 2000 or something, so it was more viable at the time.

Gent: lol
Gent: which of course they didright ?

Lord Cheese: not as far as im aware anyway

Gent: ok Do you belive in love at 1st sight and i mean with other people not yourself

Lord Cheese: lol

Gent: so put that mirror down

Lord Cheese: well i dont know really. It could happen that you could see someone and then fall in love, but its down to luck as well. I dont think i would fall in love with someone just cos of what they looked like

Gent: ok great answer, so ill rephrase. Do you belive in lust at 1st sight and i mean with other people not yourself

Lord Cheese: yes, lust at first sight i can do

Gent: lmao If you went on a different path and never got the coding bug, what would you see yourself doing instead for pleasure or a Occupation

Lord Cheese: hrm, good question. I dont have a clue really. Ive always been into music so maybe something in that area. Id also like to write a movies or tv shows, but i dont know how successful id be doing that. Ive always liked computers so from an early age it was kinda what i always wanted to do. Its such a long time ago that its hard to say what i would have ended up doing.

Gent: well you have named quit a few areas i like myself, although Computers was a late stage for me

Lord Cheese: it was your true calling!

Gent: ya! i will blow up every comp in the wporld by just using it
Gent: What would you like to see yourself doing in ten years ?

Lord Cheese: hot models

Gent: roflmao /me looks at av again If you was a normal user and tried Dreamemu for the 1st time what would strike you the most about it ?

Lord Cheese: the shitness and the user-unfriendliness

Gent: aww dont you bad motyh Dreamemu i love it
Gent: or Bad Mouth

Lord Cheese:

Gent: i think its was very userfreindly and had a very nice design, im just looking forward to it running things

Lord Cheese: i think the last release had a nice gui to it, but there was a lot of configuration and stuff it wasnt stick in the disk and play, like most emulators are these days

Gent: ya

Lord Cheese: it was still in its early stages though so i suppose it was to be expected

Gent: but dont worry when you pick it back up we will cover your back with an interactive tutorial so get as techy as you like

Lord Cheese: complete with cockney voiceover

Gent: just let me know what im doing first you love my voice dont ya maybe i should stick to posh
Gent: What Book has in grossed you from the start to finish and what was it ?

Lord Cheese: the da vinci code. i couldnt put it down. i know alot of people dont like dan brown's books but i find them really good page turners

Gent: thats the holy grail one?

Lord Cheese: yep

Gent: yea i read about half of it then thought sod it ill wait for the film im lazy like that
Gent: What was the 1st Feature film you saw as a kid and how did it effect you ?

Lord Cheese: ive been trying to remember this myself

Gent: well what was the 1st you remeber then

Lord Cheese: it was probably something on tv. i remember watching a film called watership down. i cant really remember much about it, but i think at the end this dog or something kills all these rabbits and i can remember being really sad. I was about 6 or something so give me a break . there was a real depressing song in it too.

Gent: lol watership down was a great film

Lord Cheese: yeh i wasnt actually sure that was the proper title

Gent: and the soundtrack brighteyes by Art Garfunkel was a classic

Lord Cheese: yeh that was the depressing song i was talking about

Gent: lol well he was the other hal;f of Simon and Garfunkel what do you expect

Lord Cheese:

Gent: Who is a person you most admire and why ? and dont embarress me

Lord Cheese: Well i cant think of a single person, but i admire people like firefighters and doctors etc. for obvious reasons. I wouldnt really idolise anyone, maybe the guy who invented computers

Gent: great answer! now i have mentioned Your Yahoo Avatar a few times and its no secret i think its a stunning picture. Who is she and why did you choose it?

Lord Cheese: my gf
Lord Cheese:

Gent: whats her number i mean whats her name

Lord Cheese: its a pic of elisha cuthbert (Kim out of 24)

Gent: hrm i have never watched that show past the first episode i found it highly to be honest

Lord Cheese: i was looking for an avatar and i found that one, thought it looked good

Gent: i like it

Lord Cheese: only problem is i dont get to see it that much myself

Gent: everytime we chat i pay attention to the convo
Gent: well the av anyway

Lord Cheese: i hope she doesnt mind her pic subjected to your mid life urges

Gent: lol you know what i just thought im not going to be able to clear this from sarah seeing it lmao

Lord Cheese: hehe

Gent: Thank you for your time Lord Cheese and being a great sport as always and finnaly agreeing to the inview . All the best in Life and any project you are involved in.

Lord Cheese: thanks gent, nice talking to you

Gent: always a pleasure
Gent: cough Binitone ;( thats where its at

Lord Cheese: maybe if you're a good boy

Gent: everyones a witness

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