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    Jabo - April 2004

Gent: Hi Jabo, First of all thanks to agreeing to this Chilling With Gent Session i know you are an extremely busy Guy so many thanks and a huge from me, I'm aware that it may seem a bit strange as we chat alot so we may be going over old ground but i want to ask you some questions on behalf of The Emulation64 Network Browsers/Users who are interested in you and what you are doing ok?

Jabo: sounds coo

Gent: cool What have you been up to since the release of Project64 1.5 Sp1 and jnes_0_5_2 and how is life treating you?

Jabo: sp1 was done while i was still in school, it was mostly a cleanup of old code and a few new ideas that I spent a week or so on while I was finishing my last semester, I didn't really have much time to spend on that Smiff actually took a look at it and wanted to do a sp1 maybe he had some foresight I still am not aware of so since that I've been
working, in between working on a couple of side projects and such, going out on weekends and such, typical stuff.

Gent: This addressed most of the pausing Issues that everyone welcomed with open arms

Jabo: yeah the pausing was a major thing, during testing for 1.5 it wasn't as prevelant on our test machines, and for some reason I couldn't hear the complaints of the Radeon people until after release so I wanted to clean that up

Gent: Yea amazing to see that response after the release and superb job btw.
Now Jnes we have seen go from strength to strength and i see on the Emutalk board talk about further work on Pal Region issue's this is the E regions running at 60fps right ?

Jabo: can't forget about the people on the other side of the pond heh (E) regions running at 50fps and also have proper CPU timing since they differ slightly, altho I haven't seen any compatibility benefits from this yet Jnes has always had been a special project for me so it's fun to keep up to date, Yeah lack of PAL support was an oversight, one of the things I like about doing other projects is the ability to get fresh perspectives on older ones,
Jnes definitely benefits in that way

Gent: so sounds like a cool feature in the pipeline looking forward to that, would you also like to elaborate on these couple of side projects ? they sound interesting

Jabo: one of the things I've really always wanted to do is make jabosoft a little more than my software house that works on emulation projects, so over the next year or so I think it's safe to say you can expect to see a plethora of developments and innovations in the form of shareware productivity and backup software, which is another one of
my passions in development

Gent: wow sounds superb, so these are like non emulation oriented things for every day PC use ?

Jabo: yeah these won't have anything to do with emulation, they are for every day people it's not a first time for jabosoft, but it's been a while, the whole emulation thing side tracked me for a lot of years

Gent: and there's been plenty of years dedication to the emulation side of your productivity and everyone who has ever used a Jabo plug or emu appreciates it, looks like there's going to be a year or two of amazement to come from you really looking forward to that

Jabo: I've enjoyed it as well, it's been a great thing to be involved with, I've met a lot of great people, and learned a great deal, I hope to continue in this and use it in other areas

Gent: As do we, so the question also on every ones lips has been if you have also been dabbling still in your Superb D3D plugin, so i have to ask have you even slightly ?

Jabo: well I made no secret there is a Direct3D8 port I did shortly after the SP1 Direct3D6 code was cleaner, actually if you search on ET you might even find a screenshot or two, i spent a couple of months working on that for personal entertainment value, I would hope one day everything will come full circle and I can get enough resources and time
to make more use of it. I think there is a lot of great things going on in that scene tho from what I read

Gent: yea i think alot of Emutalk members saw those screenshots, that's the Zelda Motion Blur if I'm correct ? plus some others to do with alot of Sai and tight textures if I'm not mistaken

Jabo: One of the things I really wanted to improve was framebuffer, so now with the Direct3D8 plugin around I had a better facility to do hardware based ones, not to mention a better video card as well. The screenshots I posted were rather old, I had taken them sometime in late June of 2003, so by the time I posted, it wasn't exactly cutting edge in many respects anyway

Gent: so a basic clean up of old for a pursuit of new as it were.

Jabo: oh 2xSaI was on? doh

Gent: ooo seems we got more then we was meant to see ? lol,now you have just made us want this more

Jabo: dunno I'd have to go back and look at it, I will neither confirm or deny

Gent: well I'm sure when you decide its time for the public we will all be wowed i will leave that question right here then

Jabo: it was mostly meant as a joke, so I hope everyone can appreciate that, always save the best for last right?

Gent: lol ya it seems, ok another thing most people don't know is you have a great sense of humour so i want to dig into that part of your Personality

Jabo: haha ok

Gent: There is a urban terminology for a word Gented referring to me of course Here
When was the last time you Gented and what was it?

Jabo: I guess it was today, one of my many machines at work I brought up with a weak administrator password, it's just a SQL box, so I didn't care, but it got infected because our LAN is riddled with people who have virii active on their machines I got a good laugh out of it, only took a minute to fix

Gent: lol cool, so glad I'm not the only one doing the Genting haha superb

Jabo: one of the lighter parts of my day I assure you

Gent: Now these next Questions i stole from the Actors Studio and love it, so i am going to ask you them too.
When you get to the gates of heaven what would you like to hear Arc Angel Gabriel say to you?

Jabo: omg rofl

Gent: that's what you want him to say ?

Jabo: nah, I don't really know, haven't given it any thought, but I suppose like anyone else I'd like to hear about the best of times and the worst in my life

Gent: cool answer, what is your Favourite Word ?

Jabo: hehe, favorite as in I use it alot or just a word I admire

Gent: any

Jabo: let me think about that word , I guess I don't' have a favorite word I can think of that I use a lot, I don't have a repetive personality I guess or I can't think of one I like

Gent: lol ok then you aint gonna like this next one What is your Least Favourite Word ?
btw the one you use most of the time is hehe as a fav

Jabo: i was gonna type that

Gent: lol

Jabo: hehe isn't a word tho it's an expression

Gent: lmao ok ok smarty

Jabo: plus i only use that online of cuz

Gent: least fav word J00

Jabo: least favorite.. just reading some stuff, i don't like "immediate"

Gent: nice choice, too demanding it is

Jabo: yeah not on my list of favorites

Gent: what is your Favourite Yahoo or any Smillie ?

Jabo: one of my favs heh

Gent: roflmao, yea mine too or but i gotta know you

Jabo: yeah and

Gent: that's a def ok what question would you of wanted me to ask that i haven't ?

Jabo: hehe uh .., oh I got a good one, what's your favorite drink

Gent: lol /me writes down, what's your favorite drink ?



Jabo: Jack and Coke, next

Gent: Now i know you are always busy and i have asked Zilmar about this and he turnt me down flat so I'll try my luck with you any chance of you making me a Binatone TV Master MK 6 simulator ? lol

Jabo: no clue what it even is so prolly not

Gent: lol ya figures, what was your 1st Video Game Console

Jabo: next

Gent: hahaha, what was the 1st game you played

Jabo: wow, first actual memory of it have is probably defender or combat

Gent: lol that's too new for me

Jabo: wait no i take that back, pacman, definitely pacman

Gent: ahh a classic now you look cool again

Jabo: yeah I'm old i don't remember shit

Gent: hahaha

Jabo: next

Gent: If you could be anyone in the world past or present who would you be

Jabo: i wouldn't want to be anyone really, there is no fun in jumping into someone else's life

Gent: ya i heard that from Sam Becket

Jabo: erm who is that i forget

Gent: lol

Jabo: I've heard of him i think

Gent: Quantum leap

Jabo: oh maybe i haven't heard of him then, that's an old show from the 80's isn't it ?

Gent: yea yea, i get ya point

Jabo: must be UK tv eh

Gent: roflmao, USAjust too old for you youngster

Jabo: nah it was more meant as you guys are 10 years behind but yada next

Gent: too true ok now fun stuff, what was the best prank you ever played on anyone

Jabo: lol wow, shit i did a really good one last year i can't remember it now tho

Gent: lol any prank but nothing that lead to jail i tend to forget those

Jabo: most of the ones I did I was probably intoxicated so I couldn't remember if i tried usually I don't do pranks so i probably blocked them out by now pretty nicely

Gent: lmao ok, do you believe in love at 1st sight and i mean with other people not yourself

Jabo: ha yeah i definitely do

Gent: ok shall i dig deeper you wait til your love one reads that you're in there
If you wasn't a awesome Dever what would you see yourself doing instead

Jabo: if i wasn't coding .. i'd be partying, hang-gliding, snow-boarding and traveling or watching cartoons playing video games

Gent: lol, but you do that already apart from Hand Gliding and Snowboarding AFAIK

Jabo: nah i never get to travel

Gent: but lets say you went a different path and never got the coding bug, what else would you have ended up doing for pleasure or a Occupation

Jabo: oh i thought you meant what if you were insanely rich

Gent: ya i gent alot

Jabo: if i wasn't a coder... well i covered pleasure

Gent: lol

Jabo: occupation i would loved to study electrical/mechanical/computer engineering

Gent: ok dif from what i expected for some reason i imagined the next Tony Hawks or something

Jabo: or be a PiMP

Gent: nah Smiff aint letting ya take his Crown

Jabo: he's an international pimp

Gent: ya, hes the hook up King, Hugh Hefner Loves him & Hugh Grant roflmao

Jabo: nah

Gent: What would you like to see yourself doing in ten years ?

Jabo: nothing, lol

Gent: lol

Gent: oi you aint nicking my Gig

Jabo: in ten years I'd like to have a more senior position for work, more money to play with which encompasses a few goals

Gent: wow now that's a great answer though i know you really meant the 1st , If you was a normal user and tried PJ64 and Jnes for the 1st time what would strike you the most about those Emulators ?

Jabo: pj asks you what language you speak, I always thought that was kind of nifty altho maybe we can autodetect that
and the rom browser is cool it gives the user a lot of information, I'd notice both ran the games i wanted to play and didn't really have stability issues, and I'd immediately notice all the cheats since that's a huge convenience

Gent: lol good call, I'm Paypaling as we speak

Jabo: lol

Gent: What Book has in grossed you from the start to finish and what was it ?

Jabo: books? who reads

Gent: lmao

Jabo: for pleasure I don't get to read too often, i read a lot of technical books and documentation in the field i'm in, however the last one was probably "Rich Dad Poor Dad" which people usually think of as financial fiction

Gent: What was the 1st Feature film you saw as a kid and how did it effect you ?

Jabo: honestly i can't remember let alone relate to how it affected me

Gent: ok mine was the original Star wars and i hit everyone with a Stick on the way out my dad loved that

Jabo: lol

Gent: Who is/was your Favourite Comedian and why

Jabo: at the moment it's Dave Attell because he is insanely funny but Lewis Black is a very close second

Gent: they new Guy's ?

Jabo: well depends what you consider new i guess

Gent: Well i haven't heard of them so maybe just a US thing ? or too young for me
Who is a person you most admire and why ?

Jabo: admire? umm shit I don't know

Gent: you must have someone, in any field, could be family or friend, someone famous, anyone

Jabo: I admire everyone I meet for their ability to the unique things they enjoy, you can learn something from almost anyone, even it's things not to do

Gent: that's kind of profound

Jabo: but I never really fixate on any individual person famous or not

Gent: ok one last question then

Jabo: lol k

Gent: If i gave you all the info on a Binatone TV Master MK 6 how would the chances look for that simulator ?

Jabo: hehe we'll see

Gent: you're the best Jabothanks for your time and for an enjoyable Interview Group Hug!
all the best in Life and any project you are involved in.

Jabo: word heh

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