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    Sunday, August 13, 2006
pSX emulator 1.8 Released

• Various GTE fixes (fixes Wipeout, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, amongst others)
• Fixed bug where self-modifying code was incorrectly detected
• Save/restore debugger window layout
• Debugger font can now be configured
• Fixed crash when memory card file did not exist but was referred to by ini
• Implemented CCD parsing
• Improved CUE file handling (pre/post gaps and indexes now supported)
• Fixed CD play command and report mode (fixes BIOS cd player)
• Ignore non mode1 sub-q sectors (required when playing audio CDs)
• Corrected sub-q faking when subcode reading is not enabled
• Fixed bug where CDDA playing would stop when fast forwarding
• Fixed crash when ejecting CD while game is reading it
• Fixed crash when frame buffer is bigger than display mode (VibRibbon PAL)
• All combo boxes in config menu are now read-only
• Improved emulation of SPU CD and reverb buffer (VibRibbon)
• Support SPU IRQs in CD buffer (VibRibbon)
• Fixed crash after recovering from Ctrl-Alt-Del
• Fixed bug where gamma settings did not update until pressing adjust key

pSX emulator Official Site
pSX emulator 1.8


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