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    Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Snezziboy v0.23 Released

A great update by Bubble 2k

These are some of the changes this round, if anyone is at all interested.

- Fixed a critical bug with the register reads and writes (might be slower)
- Improved cycle counting (again) for block move and DMA operations.
- Added feature to handle mid-frame change of background offsets.
(Able to see water in Super Mario World,
Able to see scrolling clouds in Super Mario All Stars: Super Mario Bros,
Able to see fixed status panel in Super Mario All Stars: Super Mario Bros 3,
Able to see scrolling name entry in Zelda: A Link to the Past)
- Fixed reading register $4212 to indicate auto-joypad read status.
- Fixed writing register $4016 to reset only when the correct bit is set.
- Fixed joypad registers to send joypad input only from the first controller.
- Fixed HiROM mapping.
- Added Mode 20/21 ROM Access Speed.
- Fixed a bug with the INC/DEC opcode that was previously returning the wrong
(This fixes Super Mario Bros 2's glitch where the character suddenly warps to the
top of the screen)
- Fixed messed up colors when in 256-color palettes.
- Fixed fading to use always the brightest fade color per frame
- Slightly improved VRAM allocation for background graphics
- Implemented Mode 7 Graphics

- Added more configuration options:
SMART - Don't allocate for disabled BGs
may see less garbled graphics,
slow refresh on every enabling/disabling/flicker of BGs
FAST - Allocate for disabled BGs
may see more garbled graphics
fast flickering of BGs (needed by games like Megaman 7)

- Added Quick Configuration Feature:
o L+R+SELECT+UP: Cycle through the following BG Priority Sets
set 1 = (P1, P2, P0, P3)
set 2 = (P2, P1, P0, P3)
set 3 = (P0, P1, P2, P3)
set 4 = (P1, P0, P2, P3)

o L+R+SELECT+DOWN: Cycle through the FORCED BG MODEs
opt 0 = as required by game
opt 1-7 = the respective modes

And expect the follow up on SnezziDS by Gladius

Awesome work as usual bubble2k :D. Yes, I will be porting this, but not until tonight - work calls.

snezziboy v 0.23


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