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    Monday, June 19, 2006
New VBA Build From Spacy Released

Spacy has released a newl build of the Gameboy Advance emulator VisualBoy Advance. Here is the recent changes from him and PokemonHacker.

 I extremely reworked Direct3D to be faster than DirectDraw, but with the disadvantage of not being able tos cale the iamge with an aspect ratio, and the iamge is always bilinear scaled, like in DIrectDraw.
 Removed Skin support (from the Visual Studio 2005 build [#define NOSKINS]) to make compilation easier.
 Fixed joypad configuration dialog, it now responds faster to key presses.
 Merged the "open file" code for GB and GBA games.
 Merged the simple copy Image routine between DirectDraw and Direct3D, added a fast C alternative
 Worked over the whole DirectSound interface and found+fixed a minor bug.
 Enabled SSE(1) optimization in compiler

Pokemonhacker: [the one and only :)]
 corrected a compatibility problem with other versions.
 fixed a bug for ARV3/4 rom patching codes.
 corrected a bug when you entered a 'unknown' code, and then removed/disabled it.

GBA.cpp / gbainline.h:
 tweaked the bus prefetch a bit.
 changed the save handling a bit.
 added a 'master code' support (so the cheats are executed only when the master code address is reached ; if no master code are entered, cheats will be executed after each frame).
 corrected the mirroring of Vram.
 changed slightly the emulation of gbasavetype.

 vba now ignores rtc command 0x64.

 added a 64k->128k 'auto upgrade' (could correct some of the pokemon games's corrupted/deleted save problem).

 corrected a compatibility problem with other versions.
 fixed a bug for ARV3/4 rom patching codes.

 added support for swi $d (GetBiosChecksum).
 corrected a bug in registerRamReset.

 optimised/simplified a bit the bus prefetch handling.

You can get some more information and the release from their forum post over at NGEmu's forums. Also if you do give this build a try please report all problems to Spacy and other feedback you would like to give. :)

Spacy's VBA Release Thread


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