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    Monday, March 20, 2006
ZSNES WIP March 19th Released

• ALL: DSP-3 support (thanks Jonas Quinn for fixing a bug in processing code). [Overload, Feather, Nach]
• ALL: Workaround to fix crashing of certain games (Sim City Pal and Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss) on resolution change. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed bug where loading game changes frame skip settings. [Nach]
• ALL: Fixed game title in SPC files for EHi Roms. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Fixed strange sprite priority bugs after switch to window/fullscreen. [Jonas Quinn]
• ALL: Removed Mario Kart rear view mirror hack. [Nach]
• WIN: Fixed safe_popen() for MSVC. [Jonas Quinn]
• WIN: Fixed some colour problems that came up occasionally. [Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: Fixed shadow in F1 Menu. [Jonas Quinn]
• GUI: Fixed special case horizon (Thanks Dan, Motley). [Nach]
• MOV: Made audio options disappear when they wouldn't do anything. [Nach]
• MOV: Optimized WAV writing. [Nach]
• MOV: Defaults now produce smaller AVIs. [Nach]
• SRC: Ported setnoise to C. [Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Fixed some warnings. [Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Added a check to custom popen() (Thanks Bisqwit.) [Nach]
• SRC: Cleanup. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
• SRC: Source is GPL v2 only. [Nach]
• DOC: Updated source docs a bit. [pagefault, Nach]

ipher's ZSNES WIP Site
ZSNES WIP March 19th


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