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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006
MESS 0.104 Released

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
- Exidy Sorcerer (diskless) [Robert]
- Sony Playstation (scph3000 J v1.1 01/22/95) [incog]
- Sony Playstation (scph3500 J v2.1 07/17/95) [incog]
- Turbo Grafix-16 [Rob Bohms]
- Acorn Electron [Wilbert Pol]

System Driver Changes:
- [AT] Cleaned up A20 gating. [Nate Woods]
- [COCO3] Fixed a timing bug in video rendering. (bug #743) [Nate Woods]
- [PC] Fixed PC keyboard ESC char code (it is now 27; used to be 26). [Nate Woods]
- [EXIDY] Fixed keyboard, printer and video speed. Added natural keyboard support. (bug #615) [Robert]
- [PCE] Various improvements, updated renderer and removed GAME_NOT_WORKING flag. [Rob Bohms and Charles MacDonald]
- [VTECH1] Fixed key definitions. (bug #835) [Robert]

User Interface Changes:
- [Windows] Fixed a bug that caused crashes if a dialog was presented, the emulation reset, and a subsequent dialog presented. (bug #834) [Nate Woods]
- [Windows GUI] Fixed a bug that caused zip files where the file extension was not all lowercase to not be recognized as such. (bug #831) [Oliver Stoenberg]

Imgtool Changes:
- [OS9] Removed a limitation that prevented images from loading that have allocation bitmaps larger than 1024 bytes. (bug #825) [Nate Woods]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.104. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Changed how devices are specified. The new system resembles how MAME CPU and sound cores are specified. [Nate Woods]
- Added a "input" command to the debugger. [Nate Woods]
- Cleaned up natural keyboard code. No longer have QUEUE_CHARS/ACCEPT_CHARS and CHARQUEUE_EMPTY; callbacks are now installed at runtime. [Nate Woods]
- Fixed a file manager memory allocation bug. [Brian Sturk]
- Moved MESS validity code into a separate file. [Nate Woods]
- Enhanced error reporting when loading images. (bug #827) [Nate Woods]

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.104


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