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    Saturday, January 14, 2006
GP2X Emulators Aplenty

The GP2X Console is the Homebrew and Emulation Console of the moment and the tidal wave of releases keeps on coming, heres the latest releases ive already posted at my GP2X News Site:

GP2X Engine v1.3 (PC Engine Emulator for GP2X)

Hermes has released a new version of the PC Engine emulator for the GP2X he is working on, heres whats new:

- Hu-cards (.pce) compressed in BZIP2 format (.bz2)
- compressor to BZIP2 included (from selector rom screen)
- WAV support for 22050Hz, 44100Hz, 8 and 16 bits and MONO or Stereo files
- Some bugs corrected and others minor changes.
- Display Clock fixed to avoid problems with external software
- New Mode Horizontal-Inverted screen (to use A,B,X and Y as directional keys and Volume selector as buttons I and II)
- Sound speed syncroniced with screen refresh
- You can select a syscard rom from roms/pcengine directory (to avoid syscards clones in ISOS directories) using the symbol # in .toc files. Example: syscard: #syscard3.pce.bz2 (note you can use BZIP2 files too)
- You can use the 'Pregap' command to add relative time in a .toc file.
Example: Pregap: 00:03:00 (and in the next line track2.iso for example, to displace 3 seconds the iso begin)
- Added 250Mhz clock for some gpx2 don't working from 266Mhz

No official Homepage but you can download Here

Vice 2X Alpha 3 (Multi System Emulator for the GP2X)

Snaff has updated the release of Vice2X the emulator which supports Commodore computers including the c64, c128, Plus 4, PET, CBM-11 and the VIC20 .

D64 browsing, loading and attaching options, basic cartridge support. Truedrive emulation works now, though watch out for that option switching itself off still. Make sure you copy all the data files over as there are extra ones since the last release.

SquidgeSnes v0.03

Source - Emuholic

Squidge let us know he has released a new version of his SNES emulator for the GP2X.

I've changed the graphics routines on this one, and it seems to be a fair amount quicker. The main problem was trying to sync with the LCD refresh - why oh why can't we just use a vsync interrupt?

The proper way to exit is to hold down SELECT for at least 2 seconds, as I've said previously, but some people may not have read the entire thread. This version also has a frame rate limiter built in, so games shouldn't run too fast. It uses rlyeh's timer routines for this however, so I've no idea if they handle overclocking.

Next version will have command line support, and possibly a menu :)

No Official Homepage so download from Emuholic or GP2X News

SMSPlus 2x v0.3

efegea has released a new version of the Sega Master System emulator for the GP2X:

Official homepage down but it can be downloaded here.

Outcast v003 (AtariST Emulator for GP2X)

Skeezix has updated the Atari ST Emulator for the GP2X:

Heres whats new:

NEW: Virtual keyboard -- needed for entering text or function keys etc of course, but also to get into a lot of games; the crack groups often put loader demos, or multiple games on a disk, and so you sometimes need to hit spacebar, or a number, of function key. Of course, some games require keyboard controls, too.
NEW: Input modes a little more defined
FIX: YM chipmusic is pretty good now, though sample playback is still asshat; I'll work on that more. Always running out of time ;)
NOTE: Most of the START runtime menu should work fine now; CPU Mhz setting isn't yet available, but throttle and frameskip and disk management and savestates and control modes should all be working!
CHG: Welcome screen text

Phamicom GP2X v0.2 (NES emulator for GP2X)

Madelman has updated the releas of a Nes Emulator for the GP2X called Phamicom GP2X heres the info:

Using rlyeh’s minilib instead of SDL.
Improved speed. Now all games I tested are playable.

GP2XMess v0.6 (Multi System Emu for GP2X)

Telengard has updated the MESS port to GP2X, heres whats new:

I just added ti99/4a support to gp2xmess. I'm happy to say it runs at full speed w/ the default fs and also has sound.

So this release supports:

Atari 7800
TI 99/4A

EFCS2x v0.1 (Chip 8 Emulator)

Tharos has updated his Chip8 Emulator for the GP2X:

Version 0.1 allows to map the controlls different for each Chip8 game (as Chip8 has often a very strang keymapping). Have a look at the readme.txt and the keymappings files which explain how to do own keymappings.

FCE-Ultra gp2x v0.1

Noname has released a very early port of the Nes emulator for the GP2X, heres the info:

A port of FCE-Ultra, a NES emulator. Very early version, not really usable yet, but it's WIP.

GNGNeo2x v0.6.6a released

Pepone has updated his NeoGeo MVS (cartridge version) emulator for the GP2X, heres what he posted:

It's only a bugfix release, but it fixes Samurai Showdown and maybe some other games as well.

All those releases were in a matter of a few days, keep your eyes peeled to GP2X News


File Releases

cemu 1.15.2
No Description in database.

RxNES v3.039
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GCI to Dolphin 0.3
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No Description in database.

sixtyforce 1.0.3
No Description in database.

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