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    Thursday, January 12, 2006
Nintendulator 0.960 Released

- Overall:
Added proper Unicode support to Nintendulator - as such, there are now separate ANSI and Unicode builds.
- APU:
Various optimizations to the pulse channels
Removed the sound logging feature from the code, since AVI output allows sound logging easily.
Re-enabled frame IRQs on reset - the only games that had problems with these were demos.
- Controllers:
Added a global option to enable Left+Right and Up+Down in normal gameplay, rather than only allowing it during movie recording.
Cleaned up device handling somewhat.
Fixed several bugs with device enabling.
Moved movie-related code into its own file.
Fixed various controller 'Frame' procedures to use the MovieMode parameter rather than the global setting.
Improved cursor positioning for the Oeka Kids Tablet controller.
Updated Zapper support to behave more closely to the real thing
- Debugger:
Enabling debugger with 1X size no longer sets the size multiplier to 2x - when closing the debugger, it will now revert to 1X properly.
Various minor fixes.
- Game Genie:
Cleaned up initialization code.
Updated Genie Enable code to use the 'optimized' code handlers.
On savestate load, any active game genie codes will be reported in the Status window.
- Graphics:
Graphics resources are now unloaded when an invalid bit depth is detected - this should prevent the emulator from crashing.
Enumerated all available palettes to reduce the possibility of introducing bugs when newer VS palettes are added.
Added dark grays to the 14th column of the Playchoice-10 palette.
Added the palette for the VS unisystem PPU "RP2C04-0001".
Cleaned up NTSC palette generation code slightly.
Improved Colour Emphasis coefficients to more closely match the real hardware.
- Mapper Interface:
Added the ability to select which DLL to use when multiple DLLs support the current game's mapper.
Removed the "Full Reset" reset type.
Added Unicode support, denoted by setting the high order bit of the CurrentMapperInterface variable.
Moved mapper 'Load' call from NES "File Open" code into LoadMapper.
- NES:
Fixed a bug where changing between NTSC and PAL emulation would load the "Custom Palette" for the wrong mode.
Fixed a multithreading bug in the main emulation routine.
Fixed a bug in the Load Settings code to perform special mapping for the Four-Score instead of the Power Pad.
- Main Program:
Fixed command-line parameter handling to behave correctly when the program and/or ROM filenames are enclosed in quotes.
- PPU:
Added a variable to keep track of fractional cycles in PAL emulation.
For compatibility, this variable is stored in the upper bits of the "ClockTicks" state variable.
Added preliminary code (currently disabled) to accurately emulate the sprite evaluation process.
Adjusted the initial VRAM addres load to occur at cycle 304 on scanline -1.
Delayed VRAM address horizontal component reload until cycle 257.
Fixed a bug in Sprite 0 Hit handling during frameskip.
- Savestates:
Moved controller savestate code into the Controllers module.
Moved movie savestate code into the new Movie module.

- Mappers:
Added a new mapper DLL for VS Unisystem games.
Increased MMC3/MMC6 IRQ counter threshold for PPU address changes.
Removed noise emulation from FME-7 sound code.
Updated MMC5 configuration dialog to list unconfirmed Famicom game titles in Japanese.
Improved mapper 32 slightly.
Updated mapper 45 (and BMC-Super1Min1 UNIF board) to support RAM at $6000-$7FFF.
Updated mapper 95 to use Namco 118 instead of MMC3.
Made vast improvements to mapper 100 (debugging mapper).
Upgraded MMC5 mappers to full compatibility.
Added iNES mappers 74, 88, 116, 125, and 188.
Added UNIF boards NES-SFROM, NES-TL1ROM. and UNL_A9712.
Fixed UNL-H2288 board (Earthworm Jim 2 pirate) to work correctly.

Nintendulator Official Site
Nintendulator 0.960


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