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    Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Nestopia 1.24 Released

Windows Port:
- Unicode support. Win98/Me users need to obtain the Unicode Layer DLL (unicows.dll) from Microsoft's site and place it in the same directory as Nestopia.
- Palette editor (video options dialog).
- NSV movie to AVI converter.
- Several new NSP file commands.
- Clipboard text can now be pasted into the screen through the menu or F12 when the Family Basic or Subor keyboard is in use.

- Original kailleraclient.dll replaced with Anti3D's version.
- Localized keyboard layout names.
- Better DirectInput to Family Basic keyboard mapping.
- Default save file path is now .save instead of .cartridge for consistency as some of the new save file types aren't technically part of a cartridge.
- Various aestetic fixes.

- Menu->File->Sound Recorder->Rewind command is now disabled during recording.
- Workaround for the notorious VC8 iostream memory leak bug.

Emulation Core:
- VRC7 sound chip (Lagrange Point).
- Mappers 137,138,139,141,143,145,146,147,148 and 149. Info from CaH4e3.
- UNIF boards 8157 and CC-21. Info from CaH4e3.
- Family Trainer, Subor Keyboard, Doremikko Keyboard (partial) and Party Tap expansion port devices.
- Turbo File using *.tf as file extension (some games by ASCII).
- Data Recorder using *.tp as file extension (Family Basic, Mach Rider, Excitebike, others).
- Datach Joint ROM System and Barcode Battler.
- 24C01+24C02 serial EEPROM for mapper 16 and 157.
- Secondary controller pad microphone via button press.
- Sound samples for Moero!! Pro Yakyuu.
- Option for allowing up/down and left/right button presses simultaneously.
- Some game database entries.

- FME-07 sound pitch.
- Mappers 76 and 83.
- Longer delay for FDS block-start reads. Fixes Time Twist.
- Some game database entries.
- NSF player bug with some FDS songs.
- Frame IRQ disabled by default (hack) for King of Fighters 97/98 and Sonic 3D Blast 6.
- Coefficients for the color emphasis modes. Info from Quietust.

Thanks to StefaN for the headsup on IRC.

Nestopia Official Site
Nestopia 1.24


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