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    Monday, January 09, 2006
GP2X Emulators Round Up

The GP2X has to be the future king of homebrew, in the 2 months or so it has been released theres been an onslaught of both Homebrew and Emulation releases and the fact that all you need is a cheap cable for TV Output makes it even more killer, heres all the latest emulators for the GP2X that were originally posted at GP2X News

SquidgeSnes v0.0.2 (Snes Emulator for GP2X)

Squidge has released a new version of his impressive Snes emulator for the GP2X, heres whats new:

Now uses Rlyeh's SDK instead of my own
Only one file now instead of two
Double buffered instead of single buffered
Colors corrected
Controls implemented (game are now playable, yey )

More info

A SNES emulator for your gp2x put together by various SNES emulators. File needs to be named snes.smc and put together with the emulator into SD Root. Fast, playable, but no rom selector yet.

Download at GP2X News or GP2X File Archive


Franxis the author of GP32MAME has updated the port of the MAME Arcade Emulator to the GP2X, heres whats new:

MAME GP2X 1.3 (January 08, 2006) http://www.talfi.net/gp32_franxis/

- Improvements in Cyclone compatibility. All Neo·Geo games are running perfectly now. But no Metal Slug with activated sound yet due to lack of RAM :-(.

- Some bugs corrected in CPS-1 games (taken from MAME 0.35b2). Knights of the Round is running ok now, King of Dragons does not get locked after first level, you can insert credits to continue the game, etc... Also there are new supported games (MAME 0.35b2 ROMs): Final Fight (US) (ffightu), Street Fighter II (US rev A) (sf2a), Street Fighter II (US rev B ) (sf2b), Street Fighter II (US rev E) (sf2e), Three Wonders (US) (3wonders), Wonder 3 (Japan) (3wonderj), King of Dragons (Japan) (kodj), Captain Commando (US) (captcomu), Captain Commando (Japan) (captcomj), Knights of the Round (Japan) (knightsj), Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (World) (sf2ce), Street Fighter II - Champion Edition (Japan) (sf2cej), Varth (Japan) (varthj), Street Fighter II' - Hyper Fighting (US) (sf2t), Street Fighter II Turbo (Japan) (sf2tj)

- Configurable controls, analog controls sensitivity and inverted X and Y axis.

- You can fire now with volume controls in rotated screen mode.
- Relative paths used now in the emulator, you can put the emulator in the folder you want in the SD card.
Thanks to all paypal donators: gp32x.de, Federico Mazza, Nandove, Videogame Stuff, Denis Evans, Ricardo Cabello, Elías Ballesteros, J.Antonio Serralvo Martín, bagmouse7, Suj, funkyferdy, Gieese, Vincent Cleaver, William Burnett, Bleeg, Martin Dolphin, Ilarri, Glen Stones, Dr.Konami, Augusto Carlos Pérez Arriaza, Charles Box, Borochi, Kayday, George Tavoulareas, Timofonic, Fabrice Canava, Rdox, Javitotrader, remowilliams, Scott Contrera, Jinhyun Seo, Hardcore Gamer (Chapas H-G), Craigx (gp2x.co.uk), Shane Monroe.

Phamicom GP2X v0.1 (NES emulator for GP2X)

Madelman has also released a Nes Emulator for the GP2X called Phamicom GP2X heres the info:

The speed is not perfect yet, but this is only the inital port, so i’m pretty confident full speed can be achieved easily in future versions.

Download Here --> http://gp2x-emulation.dcemu.co.uk/phamicom2x.shtml

Cygne GP2X v0.1 (Wonderswan Emulator for GP2X)

Madelman has released a port of Cygne the Wonderswan emulator for the GP2X, heres the info about this port:

Really slow
Sound doesn't work
Second stick not implemented yet

GP2XMess v0.4 pre alpha

Telengard has released the first public version of MESS for the GP2X, heres what the coder says:

I've put a page up as suggested by vic20-ian although it's not pretty. It'd be cool to have a logo and splash screen for the emulator but I have no artistic ability. Any takers? You'll get a big thanks in the THANKS file.

The file chooser code is also pretty modular so other's can use it if they'd like. It's not 100% finished nor pretty but it does work. Unfortunately scrolling doesn't work due to what seems to be an SDL timer limitation on the gp2x. I need to find a different way to do it. The font handling code doesn't depend on SDL_ttf and I got the code from it from a nice guy name Ray Kelm.

I spent a while on a README which has some useful info and I'd appreciate feedback on that. It describes basic usage, etc. I do not provide any BIOS or roms so you'll have to hunt those down.

The only driver this release tackles is the Atari 7800. Some games run at what seems to be full speed w/ slightly laggy sound. I have not done *any* optimizing yet. The binary size is also quite large at the moment. That will change too. Everything is statically linked in also, so you can just drop it on your SD and run it.

Unpack the zip file and place your a7800.zip BIOS rom in the bios dir and run a7800.gpe. Select a cart (usually *.a78) and you are good to go. Everything that I could think of that does/doesn't work etc are in the README and TODO files.

I also have the source up there but only the new files. I will generate a patchset tomorrow and put that up there. The xmess src is 19M and I can't host it. Speaking of which, how do I get releases placed up on gp32x.de? I don't have a lot of space (10M) so keeping releases there will be difficult going forward.

Enjoy and please let me know how you like it/feedback etc!

Get it here...


Legacy IBM PC Emulator

Jonathan Thomas has released a new emulator for the GP2X, heres the info:

Legacy is an open source emulator of the 8086-based IBM PC architecture, developed in C++. It is designed to recreate the experience of playing early 80's IBM PC "bootable" games. This is a preview version of Legacy and subject to the following constraints:

* No sound
* Inaccurate running speed
* Graphical glitches, game freezes and other emulation problems

This edition of Legacy supports the following bootable games:

* Attack on Altair
* Digger
* Moon Bugs
* Rollo & the Brush Bros.
* Styx
* The Exterminator

Gp2xengine 1.2 Beta (PCEngine Emulator for GP2X)

Hermes has released a new version of the PC Engine emulator for the GP2X he is working on:

The PC-Engine - also known as the TurboGrafx-16 in the USA, was a nice little machine made by NEC. The first model came out in 1987 followed one year later by a CD extension that made the PC-Engine the first console to have CD games. This was quite an impressive machine, with great graphic capacities (16-bit video processor, 512 colors, 64 sprites) and a fast and powerful 8-bit CPU. It also had a very good game collection, with unique and high quality games. And even today some PC-Engine games are still without an equivalent on modern consoles. Of course if you only enjoy 3-D games, well, the PC-Engine may disappoint you a bit, but if you love good old 2-D games, especially shoot'em up, give it a try, it really has some excellent games!

What's new (rough translation by babelfish - source PD Roms)

-Support of roms, isos and tocs (descriptive text file, with tracks of audio and iso)
-Support of format WAV for audio to 8 or 16 bits, 44100 or 22050 Hertz and sound STEREO
-automatico Copy of defense of WRAM in case that some game makes use of her
-Support to save the state (sav) complete of a game, including ISOS. It uses compression BZIP2 for reduccion of data.
-Possibility of loading a game from his save state
-Possibility of forming the bellboys To, b, x, and, l, r like I or II with or without Autofire. Also a button can be assigned to make photos.
-Way photo that allows to make captures at any moment of the game in format BMP of 8 bits - Scaled by hardware and posiblilidad to invest the screen (the directional control is reversed automaticamente)
-Added Screen of configuration that allows to above do some of the mentioned adjustments, as well as to select frequency of the processor (from 150 to 266) or to fit levels of ' it shone (pocketing a ball the trowel of colors) - If one leaves to the selection screen roms, it is possible to be returned to the game pressing button B

Download at GP2X News or GP2x File Archive

Gngeo2x 0.6.6 (NeoGeo MVS Emulator for GP2X)

Pepone has released the first NeoGeo MVS (cartridge version) emulator for the GP2X, heres what he posted:

There still some compatibility problem, and sound slowdown a lot the emulation. Follow the information of README.GP2X and it should work

Thanks to Hando for the news ;)

Thats all in one week :P


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