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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005
PSP-UAE 0.31 w/kbd 0.1 Released

Attila has released a new build of PSP-UAE (Amiga emulator) and included keyboard support. Here is a list of the recent changes.

Changes to PSPUAE 0.31 :
- Moved statistics screen to Menu/Options/Show statistics
- Added finer mouse movements while the () - Circle is pressed.
- Optimized some drawing related functions.
- Added FULL keyboard :
:: To activate/deactivate keyboard; press [] - Square
If Keyboard is active :
- Triangle : changes position of keyboard to top/bottom of the screen.
- Up/Right/Down/Left arrows : walk the keyboard.
- X - Cross : Press invokes a key-press event,
Release invokes a key-release event.
- () - Circle : presses the "Return" key...

The are 8 sticky keys (Ctrl,Alts,Amigas,Shifts,CapsLock); pressed once will make them sticky (they will not be released - indicated by red highlight), pressing again will release them.

Also, please note, this uses a US keyboard layout. If your kickrom is non-US, there are going to be some minor "discrepencies". ( Just imagine that you connected a US keyboard to your Amiga... )

Thank you Christophe for 0.31.

Thanks to wraggster for the news.

PSP-UAE 0.31 w/kbd 0.1


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