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    Sunday, November 13, 2005
bsnes 0.014 Released

This version adds speed regulation, greatly improves PPU rendering, and increases speed by ~30% over the previous version.

• Rewrote offset-per-tile mode emulation, should be correct now. Fixes Chrono Trigger, Contra III, Tetris Attack, etc.
• Fixed a bug with HDMA occuring during interrupts. Fixes Tales of Phantasia souond test screen
• Updated compiler to Visual Studio 2005, and enabled profile guided optimizations
• Added conditional compilation of debugging functions (faster without them)
• Added conditional compilation of core classes as pointers (allowing polymorphism) or objects (allowing inlining). The latter results in a speed increase
• Small fixes to BG and OAM rendering routines
• Corrected sprite tile bounds wrapping
• Corrected sprite rendering in hires video modes
• Rewrote color add/sub routines, should be correct now. Fixes Illusion of Gaia menu, etc.
• Optimized video blitting routines, will temporarilly break mixed video mode screenshots
• Prevented selecting menu options via return key from being recognized as keypresses by the emulator
• Added system speed regulation (60hz/NTSC or 50hz/PAL)! Many thanks to kode54, GIGO, and Richard Bannister for their assistance

I disabled the debugger and polymorphism, and enabled profile guided optimizations for this build, to maximize speed. The debugger and polymorphism can be re-enabled via uncommenting the respective #defines in src/base.h and recompiling, or bsnes v0.013 can be used. I may start releasing two separate builds in the future... not sure yet.

bsnes Official Site
bsnes 0.014


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