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    Saturday, April 01, 2017
Github emulator update for 1.4.17


Merge pull request #307 from jarupxx/xdk5344
Added DSound signatures (5344) Starsky And Hutch - reaches the menu!
Merge pull request #305 from LukeUsher/oovpa-speedup
Merge pull request #304 from LukeUsher/remove-unneccesary-uses-of-memorymanager
Merge pull request #303 from PatrickvL/master
UpdateOverlay : Make sure the overlay is allocated before using it
Merge pull request #301 from PatrickvL/master
Merge pull request #299 from LukeUsher/SSE2



Merge branch 'master' into bdvd_mount



Merge: f7d6d7d 7230a8b Merge pull request #9526 from hrydgard/remove-disable-alpha-test Remove the "Disable alpha test" setting. It breaks too many things.
Remove the "Disable alpha test" setting. It breaks too many things. The performance benefits in a few games on older hardware are not worth it. We are able to automatically remove redundant alpha test in many cases now.
Update README, also dummy commit to get a new build after buildbot fix
Merge: 186d471 8d1ece0 Merge pull request #9521 from hrydgard/move-flash0-into-assets Move flash0 into assets
Finally move flash0 into assets, fixing #9468 and #9520 CMake fix Fix the innosetup and zip scripts for the new assets location
Update AndroidManifest version to 1.4. (Probably can stop doing this though as Eclipse builds are no longer used for releases).
Gradle: Use the main assets directory instead of the android/assets one which is only updated when doing old style builds...
Merge: fd47e39 11485f6 Merge pull request #9516 from jbeich/qt+sdl Qt: don't require QtMultimedia if building with SDL
Add UMD switching to What's New in README
Qt: don't require QtMultimedia if building with SDL for #9157



Remove libao sound backend
OGL: Fix MSAA being forced to 1x
VertexLoaderTest: fix maybe-uninitialized warning
Move DVD code to a new directory
ndroid: Change the color of the selected slot to make it more visible
DolphinWX/Frame: Remove GetGameListCtrl()
Update to Android SDK 25
Common: Remove dead code in NandPaths
StubHost: remove unused Host_RequestFullscreen()
Breakpoints.cpp: fix format string warnings
DiscIO: initialize out args to ReadSwapped (fixes warning)
CoreTimingTest: make AdvanceAndCheck() static (fix warning)



Merge pull request #687 from cesys/altivec_lvrx_stvrx_fix
Fixing Altivec lvrx and stvrx



New JIT implementation using libbinrec.
decaf: Change old internal_ kernel functions to RegisterInternalFuntion.
New JIT implementation using libbinrec.



gsdx: workaround AVX2 generated code by GCC
See commit for the full details.
v2: use a direct access to the union field instead of extract32
It gives us both optimal and working code.
GSdx: Add merge sprite hack to GSdx hacks dialog
Adds merge sprite hack to GSDx hacks dialog
And ports merge sprite hack to Direct3D renderers.
Special thanks to my keyboards Ctrl, c and v buttons for all their hard
work in porting this hack.
GSdx: Unscale Point and Line Direct3D11 port
Ports the "Unscale Point and Line" hack to the Direct3D11 Hardware renderer.
And enables the "Unscale Point and Line" hack for Custom Resolutions with Direct3D11 and OpenGL.
GSdx: Add Windows GUI for split texture filtering option
Adds Windows GUI elements of the split texture filtering options.
Bilinear Texture Filtering is moved to the top section of the main GSdx window,
and Trilinear Filtering is moved to Hacks.
GSdx: Shader & OSD window update
Adds Texture Filtering Of Display option to the Shader dialog window Windows UI.
Updates the layouts of the Shader and OSD dialog windows to more closely resemble the Linux GUI.
GSdx: Main & Hacks window update
Reorganizes Hacks dialog window.
Adds UI elements for the Memory Wrapping and HPO v2/Special commits
Adds advanced OpenGL functions "Geometry Shader" and "Image Load Store" to the Windows UI.
Renames "Configure Hacks" to "Advanced Settings and Hacks", to more closely resemble the Linux GUI.
GSdx: Direct3D port of HPO special/V2
Adds a port of the new Half-pixel Offset options for the Direct3D
Hardware renderers.
GSdx: Memory Wrapping Windows port
Adds GS Memory Wrapping hack to Windows. Enabling the hack will fix cut-off cutscenes in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Thrillville.
gsdx: cpu detection take 3! Don't use 64 bits type in Xbyak::Cpu
Recent GCC uses SSE4/AVX code to optimize the 64 bits operation.
It is bad idea as it would generate an illegal instruction on
older CPU.
GameIndex: minor update
Update compatibility info for 2 games based on compatibility reports I
made earlier.
Fixes title for the PAL and NTSC-U releases of Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2.
And adds a fix for Sled Storm(confirmed to be required for both the PAL(SLES-50683) and NTSC-U(SLUS-20363) versions).
PCSX2: Console log widescreen patch folder message improvement
Improves the widescreen patch message when loading from the cheats_ws
folder instead of the archive.
PCSX2: Console log plugin message update
Remove full path from every plugin binding and only add it to the
preceding "Loading Plugins..." line.
Instead the revision date and version number are printed for each plugin
to make it easier to identify issues with plugin versions.
GSdx: Move Ace Combat 4 CRC hack to aggressive level and fix spelling issues

Ace Combat 4 CRC hack removes clouds for a good speed boost, which removes both 3D clouds(invisible with Hardware renderers, but cause slowdown) and 2D background clouds.
Removes blur from player airplane.
This hack also removes rockets, shows explosions(invisible without CRC hack) as garbage data, causes flickering issues with the HUD, and in some (night) missions removes the HUD altogether.
The CRC hack has been moved to the aggressive level.
Aggressive is misspeled several times in the file, this has been adressed.


*All links are from official sources
*Due to the nature of developer builds, they may break games


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