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    Monday, March 27, 2017
Github emulator update for 26.3.17


Implement support for real Xbox keys
Merge pull request #264 from LukeUsher/memory-manager
Restore DefaultLaunchDataPage check
Merge pull request #281 from jarupxx/xdk3925
Revert the D3DDevice_GetTexture (3925). This function is not implemented.
Modified the EmuD3DDeferredRenderState patchOffset (3925)


libmedi fix
Merge branch 'master' into master
For textures with at least one small dimension, the block can be larger than the actual width/height.
Fix mounting bdvd when elf in subdirectory
rsx: Fix depth clears on z16 surfaces without stencil
convert string to wxString
minor fixes to gameViewer



Merge: 67fb745 32a07b9 Merge pull request #9509 from hrydgard/secondary-replace-fix If an entry already exists in the secondary texture cache, delete it properly
Texcache: Sprinkle comments on the secondary cache.
If an entry already exists in the secondary texture cache, delete it properly. Fixes #9503
Merge: 576c1b7 10f144e Merge pull request #9505 from hrydgard/remove-gl-bgra-path Remove BGRA path from GLES.
Buildfix non-Windows
Merge: be7c98c 04e1e1a Merge pull request #9506 from xebra/fix_hwtess_gles GLES:Fix compatibility checks for instanced rendering.
Merge: 13c7241 562288b Merge pull request #9504 from unknownbrackets/gameinfo-race UI: Refactor game icon/bg loading
Merge: 43d0a2b bc31415 Merge pull request #9502 from unknownbrackets/texcache-secondary Texcache: Fix "reuse changed textures"
Texcache: Fix "reuse changed textures". Broken by 9876365, which stopped generating new texture names/ptrs.
UI: Refactor game icon/bg loading. This also default-initializes the atomic flags, which seems to fix a race condition I was sometimes experiencing with missing icons.
GLES:Fix compatibility checks for instanced rendering.



IOS/ES: Move shared content map, uid.sys code
Fix incomplete Core.vcxproj.filters end-tag
Jit64: Fix crash at startup
Fix wrong address in zz_ symbol name
WiimoteEmu: refer to settings by name, not index
InputConfigDiagBitmaps: add switch empty cases (fixes warning)
UnitTests: use EXPECT_TRUE/EXPECT_FALSE (fixes warnings)
EGL: Fix missing-braces warning
TextureCacheBase: Convert bound_textures from a C array to a std::array



Merge pull request #684 from cesys/ringbuffer_init_fix
Ringbuffer init fix



SDL Multi Window - Window for Screen and DRC
kernel: Take .thrbss into account when calculating TLS size.
Merge pull request #399 from takhlaq/meme
Merge pull request #402 from CarlKenner/natvis
Add be_val and VS magic numbers to natvis.
Add Visual Studio debugger natvis for BigEndian types.



File Releases

cemu 1.15.6c
No Description in database.

cemu 1.15.5c
No Description in database.

cemu 1.15.4b
No Description in database.

GlideN64 Public Releace 4.0
No Description in database.

cemu 1.15.2
No Description in database.

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