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    Saturday, August 03, 2013
DGen 1.32

DGen is a free, open source and portable emulator for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems. The latest version supports save states, interlace mode, Game Genie, Linux joystick support, compressed ROM images, and other nice features, like OpenGL textured video output or hqx filters for upscaling.

Here's changelog:

* Debugger: the displayed instruction after hitting a breakpoint was wrong,
this is now fixed.
* Debugger: the disassembler doesn't assume instructions have a fixed size
* Debugger: fixed breakpoints support.
* Debugger: implemented the ability to step over multiple instructions.
* Debugger: implemented set(b|w|l|r) comands to read/write memory and
* Debugger: added M68K instructions counter (can be displayed with the "reg"
* Debugger: added M68K instructions tracing to display instructions while
they are executed.
* Debugger: other miscellaneous fixes (such as reverse-i-search flickering in
* Fixed 6-button emulation that wasn't working correctly.
* OpenGL: enabled byte-swapping by default for 32-bit textures on big endian
machines so users don't have to use bool_swab.
* Fixed a crash (infinite loop) while exiting.
* Imported Cyclone 68000 0.099, a highly optimized M68K core written in pure
ARM assembly. It is much faster than Musashi, especially on low-spec
machines such as the Raspberry Pi.
* Imported DrZ80, a Z80 core also written in pure ARM assembly (from
PicoDrive). A tiny bit faster than CZ80.
* Fixed various crashes with Cyclone 68000 and DrZ80 which tend to choke on
invalid code.
* Cyclone 68000 and DrZ80 are now the default CPU emulators on ARM-based
* Fixed remaining CPU core switching bugs.
* Implemented MJazz, a feature present in the original Win32 version of DGen.
Enabling bool_mjazz initializes three FM chips instead of one. Each
additional chip runs at twice the rate of the previous one, causing the
MJazz sound effect.
* Added autogen.sh to make everyone happier.
* Updated Musashi to version 3.31. This new version fixes many games.
* Made DGen/SDL more responsive on slow machines by checking input events
after each dropped frame.
* Double-buffering can now be disabled, useful on slow machines
* Added an optional separate thread (bool_screen_thread) for displaying
frames. Only useful on slower machines where flipping video buffers takes
time, especially when V-sync is enabled and doing so blocks DGen/SDL until
the next frame without consuming CPU time (such as the case of Dispmanx on
the Raspberry Pi when bool_doublebuffer is also enabled).
* Optimized Musashi to access memory regions directly without going through
callbacks. This idea was taken from Genesis Plus GX. Although not as fast
as Cyclone 68000 on ARM, it is noticeably faster than before.
* VDP: implemented VDP interrupts properly.
* VDP: added the ability to switch VDP planes on and off
(bool_vdp_hide_plane_a, bool_vdp_hide_plane_b, bool_vdp_hide_plane_w,
* VDP: improved sprites priority bit handling to fix sprites glitches in a
lot of games (Streets of Rage among others). This unfortunately makes
emulation slower.
* VDP: implemented sprites limitations (per-line, per-frame, dot overflow),
and enhanced masking (DGen/SDL now passes Nemesis' sprite masking test
* VDP: implemented sprites boxing, the ability to draw boxes around sprites
for debugging purposes.
* VDP: implemented 2-cell vertical column scrolling mode. This fixes video
glitches in several games (i.e. Psycho Pinball, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 3).
* VDP: optimized tiles blitting (but it's hard to notice).
* VDP: implemented sprite overflow and collision bits.
* VDP: forced data offset from the name table to wrap at 8K to fix video
glitches in some games games (such as Dragon Slayer I & II).
* Updated StarScream to version 0.26d (was previously 0.26a).
* Joysticks support has been reworked. They are now managed like the
keyboard, with similar names in the configuration file (joy_* instead of
key_*). Because of this, some configuration variables have been removed and
no longer work in DGen/SDL 1.32. Configuration files must be updated
* Implemented the ability to bind/unbind keys and joystick/joypad buttons to
arbitrary commands using bind_* variables. This replaces the similar
feature that only worked with joystick buttons.
* "calibrate_js" has been renamed "calibrate" and now works with both
keyboard and joystick events. Makes controllers configuration
* Implemented "bool_buttons" to display each pressed button in the status
bar. Helpful when configuring buttons manually.
* Documentation: updated manual pages for all of the above.
* Documentation: more files have been converted to Doxygen.
* Screenshot files names are now prefixed with the ROM name so they are
easier to find.
* Emulation bugfixes (code/address register cleared when writing a VDP
register, randomization of unused BUSREQ bits, VDP reset).
* Miscellaneous bugfixes (libarchive detection during configure, forced
flushing of debugger output, autoconf fixes, missed video resize events
during init).

Check out Projects website for further information and files.


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