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    Wednesday, September 12, 2012
HalfNES 0.050

HalfNES is an open-source emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System, written in Java. Currently, it only runs as a standalone Java SE application and supports: joystick through DirectInput and xInput, SRAM save, accurate sound core, full screen display and cross-platform portability.

Chere's changelog for latest build:

Lots of minor improvements for this release, and new mapper support as well.
Thanks to Nawrot Kryzystof for many of these fixes.

Added Mappers:
Mapper 10 (Fire Emblem, Famicom Wars)
Mapper 19 (Megami Tensei II, Rolling Thunder (J), etc.) with expansion sound
Mapper 34 (Impossible Mission II)
Mapper 38 (Crime Busters)
Mapper 64 (Klax, Rolling Thunder (U))
Mapper 70 (Kamen Rider Club)
Mapper 89 (Mito Koumon)
Mapper 93 (Fantasy Zone (J))
Mapper 94 (Senjou no Oukami)
Mapper 97 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru)
Mapper 107 (Magic Dragon)
Mapper 140 (Bio Senshi Dan)
Mapper 152 (Arkanoid 2)
Mapper 180 (Crazy Climber)
Mapper 185 (Spy Vs Spy (J) but NOT Banana)
Mapper 200 (36-in-1 Multicart)
Mapper 203 (35-in-1 Multicart)
Mapper 240, 246 (More Chinese original games)

-Fixed DMC timing (passes DMC basics test and makes Bee 52 work better)
-CPU interrupt is delayed so CLI+SEI only causes 1 interrupt after SEI
(fixes Break Time, Hebereke)
-Fixed APU frame counter reset to within 1 CPU opcode of correct timing
-Fixed APU sweep behavior when clocked then immediately reset
(Super Mario Bros. sound effects, Driar wrong notes in music)
-Updated VRC7 sound to use new patch set from nesdev,
changed the way modulator feedback works, increased envelope attack rate
-Added CRC to options menu to make verifying dumps easier
-Fixed Uchuusen - Cosmo Carrier mirroring
-Fixed bug with file dialog where it wasn't clearing the old name when loading
a ROM by double clicking

Visit project homepage for further information and latest version of emulator.


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