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    Monday, January 16, 2012
vBulletin 4.1.10 installed

We've upgraded the forum software to vBulletin 4.1.10 at EmuTalk, here are the changes for the new version:

vBulletin 4.1.10 was driven by customer feedback. The release contains:

A major stylevars refactor
90+ stylevars bug fixes and improvement requests
Stylevar Mapping Response to minimize impact on customized styles.
A Remove Orphan Stylevars tool to help customers clean up vB4 installs
32 Hook Requests made by customers

Additional Changes since the 4.1.10 BETA 1 Release:

VBIV-6910 Attachment Paperclip Overlap Pagination (Search Results, Forums, Settings)
VBIV-13895 Credits Update
VBIV-5472 File name in lightbox has htmlspecialchar'd HTML entities (only for old attachments)
VBIV-6910 Fix Template version.
VBIV-14029 Missing username in private messages sent list
VBIV-14041 Problem with mappings of navbar_tab_size
VBIV-10902 Wrong directional markup in Blog Entries sidebar block - RTL
VBIV-13921 Security Breach: Unauthorized Blogs Being Posted
Update template version numbers to 4.1.10
VBIV-14033 Attachment lightbox overlay re-appears after closing it
VBIV-14027 Thread Title Quick Edit Box Width Depends on Original Title Length
VBIV-14043 link_textDecoration and linkhover_textDecoration Don't Work in Forum Sidebar and CMS Widget Content Links
VBIV-14044 Extra Margin Displayed Above and Below Lists in WYSIWYG Editor
VBIV-13545 Cursor in WYSIWYG editor disappears when using arrow keys to move it
VBIV-14064 Thread Titles Clipped

4.1.10 contains a total of 300+ bug fixes, hook requests, improvement requests, and feature requests. A full list of these changes can be found HERE.


File Releases

Cemu 1.11.3
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Cemu 1.11.2
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Cemu 1.11.1
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No Description in database.

snes9x-1.55 x64
No Description in database.

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