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    Sunday, May 29, 2011
Altirra 1.9

News via http://emu-russia.net/en/

Atari 800/800XL/130XE emulator for Windows has been updated. Changes:
[features added]
* Debugger: Multiple memory access breakpoints can now be placed.
* Debugger: Added option to break on run address of loaded executable.
* Debugger: Conditional breakpoints (bx) are now supported.
* Debugger: Commands can now be run when a breakpoint fires.
* Debugger: Added ? (evaluate) and .printf commands.
* Debugger: Trace and assert statements can now be embedded in assembler listings.
* Debugger: Added vta, vtc, vtl, and vtr commands to control verifier OS entry point checking.
* Debugger: Added .dumpsnap command.
* Debugger: Memory access breakpoints can now be placed on an address range.
* Debugger: History window now has a Copy Visible context menu option.
* Debugger: Verifier modes are now configurable.
* Debugger: Verifier can now catch register corruption across interrupts.
* Debugger: .writemem now supports extended address syntax.
* Debugger: Added .sio command.
* Debugger: Added .sdx_loadsyms command.
* SoundBoard: Initial support.
* UI: Added emulator crash dialog.
* UI: Show FPS option now also shows CPU usage.
* Input: Added Amiga mouse support.
* Input: Added CX-85 keypad support.
* GTIA: NTSC and PAL modes can now have separate palettes.
* GTIA: Added option for PAL encoding quirks.
* GTIA: Added PAL high artifacting mode.
* Disk: Initial version of disk explorer.
* Serial: Inbound connections are now supported.
* Serial: Added support for A, L, M, P, Q, S, T, V, X, &C, &D, &F, &G, &P, &T, &V, and &W modem commands.
* Serial: Added DTR and CRX signal support.
* Serial: Added IPv6 support.
* Serial: Added option to force specific connection and DTE communication rates.
* Serial: Added option to bypass accurate serial port rate throttling.
* Cartridge: Two cartridges are now supported for 800 left+right and stacked cartridge configurations.
* Cartridge: 2K and 4K cartridges are now supported (as mirrored 8K cartridges).
* Cartridge: SIC! cartridge support.
* PCLink: Initial support.

[bugs fixed]
* UI: Pane dragging is less twitchy and no longer undocks a pane as soon as you click on the caption.
* UI: Fixed undocked panes getting lost on exit when no other panes were docked.
* UI: Optimized Direct3D9 code to reduce flickering when switching artifacting modes.
* UI: Fixed current beam position indicator not updating properly when stepping with interlacing enabled.
* UI: Auto-size command now works when menu wraps.
* HLE: Fixed crash when NMI handler is invoked with no NMIs pending.
* HLE: Added support for XL OS PENTV vector.
* HLE: E: device now excludes prompts from data returned by get-line commands.
* HLE: Increased HLE kernel compatibility with SpartaDOS X.
* HLE: Fixed BASIC ^ operator with HLE kernel or floating-point acceleration.
* HLE: Fixed AFP not accepting leading spaces (which broke the Atari BASIC READ statement).
* Simulator: Default kernel mode now prefers ROM images properly again.
* Simulator: BOOT? and DOSINI are now set at the beginning of EXE/XEX loads to support more WARMSV tricks.
* Cheats: Enable checkbox on cheats was broken.
* CPU: Added missing SHA abs,Y ($9F) instruction.
* CPU: Fixed CMOS BIT #imm ($89) instruction.
* CPU: Fixed 65C02 $FC instruction.
* CPU: Back-to-back interrupts are no longer allowed.
* CPU: Added emulation of BRK/NMI bug.
* CPU: Added option to emulate masked NMIs (off by default).
* CPU: Fixed dp,X, dp,Y, and (dp,X) page wrapping behavior in 65C816 E=1 mode.
* ANTIC: DMACTL bits 6 and 7 are no longer reflected in .dlhistory output.
* ANTIC: Fixed CPU not being halted when playfield DMA occurred on cycle 10.
* ANTIC: Fixed timing of when VSCROL affects DLIs.
* Debugger: Optimized History pane.
* Debugger: Avoid re-requesting the same source file when it is not found on disk.
* Debugger: Improved reliability of source-level stepping.
* Debugger: Added XL OS entry points to default entry points allowed by verifier.
* Recorder: Fixed crash on recording errors.
* Recorder: Fixed incorrect format on video stream when using ZMBV compression.
* Disk: SIO receive speeds are now validated for more reliable high-speed SIO detection.
* Disk: VAPI (ATX) images can now be loaded from .zip files.
* Disk: Fixed problems binding disk images to D9:-D15:.
* GTIA: NTSC high artifacting mode now respects artifact phase setting.
* GTIA: Fixed trigger state sometimes being initially wrong when enabling latching.
* GTIA: Improved accuracy of transitions from mode 8 to mode 9/10.
* GTIA: Fixed hires lines not artifacting correctly with the extended PAL height setting enabled.
* Serial: Telnet emulation now reads out of band data.
* Serial: Telnet emulation now handles incoming WILL and WONT commands.
* Serial: Telnet server now attempts to turn off local echo on remote end.
* Serial: Fixed sporadic missing newlines on modem status messages.
* Serial: Control line state is now reported in non-concurrent mode.
* Serial: Ring pattern adjusted to match US standard (2s/4s).
* Serial: Re-opening the R: device now flushes buffered data.
* Serial: Closing the R: device deactivates concurrent mode to make subsequent status requests work.
* Serial: Fixed crash in R: when invoking GET BYTE with an empty input buffer or PUT BYTE with a full output buffer.
* Serial: Fixed BASIC GET command failing after XIO on R:.
* Serial: Fixed erroneous CR-to-CRLF conversion on transmit path.
* Serial: XIO commands to R: instead of R1-R4: now work properly.
* Serial: Closing R: waits for queued output data to flush.
* Printer: Fixed close command not actually closing IOCB.
* VBXE: VBXE memory no longer overlays extended memory in 1088K mode with shared memory disabled.
* IDE: Cold reset now also resets the emulated IDE device.
* IDE: Addressing is now restricted to offsets $00-07 to avoid conflicting with OS PBI scan.
* Cartridge: Corrected banks 1 and 2 for OSS 034M cartridge type.



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