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    Saturday, April 30, 2011
Atari800 v2.2.1

News via AEP

The multiple Atari emulator (800/800XL/130XE/5200) Atari800 has been updated.

** 2.2.1 released on 2011-04-28

2011-04-28 Petr Stehlik
* configure.ac: generalization for sound configuration

* ui.c, videomode.c, sdl/input.c: slight optimization for snprintf()

* monitor.c, rdevice.c, screen.[ch], sio.c, ui.c, ui_basic.c, util.c,
videomode.c: replace unsafe sprintf() with snprintf()

* sdl/input.c: fix for over-optimized LPT TRIG, sprintf() removed

* README.1ST, atari800.spec, DOC/README, DOC/NEWS, atari.h, util/export:
updated for a new release

2011-04-27 Petr Stehlik
* DOC/ChangeLog: blank lines added, "src/" from filenames removed

* ide.c: fixes for IDE emulation from Ivo - fix for
8-bit mode with an odd number of reads and adds a command line option
for enabling CF mode (slightly different from normal HD mode)

* configure.ac: fixes non-SDL sound (example: X11 target) for Linux and BeOS
and also adds support for SDL sound on Falcon and other platforms
(like for example *BSD, which should fix the Debian Atari800 package)

* debian/*: updated for a new release, dropping non-SDL binary packages.

2011-04-23 Kostas Nakos
* android/*: Speed up fileselector on orientation update & bugfix mount/insert

2011-04-22 Tomasz Krasuski
* sdl/input.c: Allow using SDL/LPT joysticks together with keyboard
joysticks. Previously if a user had a joystick connected, keyboard
joysticks were ignored.

* sdl/video.c, sdl/video_gl.c: Rework the resolution of the segfault
when switching between softwareOpenGL in Windows - now it always
reinitialises the video subsystem. The previous solution would later cause
glitches when rapidly resizing the OpenGL window.

* sdl/main.c, sdl/input.c: Delay processing of repeated window resize
requests on Windows to avoid a bug in SDL.

2011-04-18 Tomasz Krasuski
* ui_basic.c: Fix division by 0 in the slider control.

* configure.ac: Fix recently-introduced issue with building SDL/Windows -
adding SDL flags to CFLAGS must be done after all AC_CHECK_FUNCS tests but
before the OpenGL check.

* sdl/main.c: Fix Windows/SDL crash when the console window is closed by
user, by servicing console-sourced signals. The crash was due to the audio
subsystem not being closed properly.

* atari.c, sdl/main.c, sdl/video.[ch], sdl/video_gl.c, sdl/video_sw.[ch]:
On Windows use the DirectX backend only in fullscreen (supports VSync) and
Windib otherwise (DirectX backend is glitchy in windowed modes).

* ui.c: Use the slider control in the "Scanlines visibility" menu option;
improve several option names.

* cfg.c, screen.[ch]: Store the "Show speed", "Show disk activity" and
"Show sector counter" settings in config file.

2011-04-13 Tomasz Krasuski
* atari.c: Fix bug introduced at 04-09 with atari.c not compiling when
HAVE_SIGNAL is not defined.

* DOS/INSTALL, configure.ac, aclocal.m4: Detect presence of SDL
using the standard m4 script provided by SDL. New configure options are
available: --disable-sdltest, --with-sdl-prefix and --with-sdl-exec-prefix.

* sdl/video.c, sdl/video_gl.c: Fix misuse of SDL - setting pointers
to OpenGL functions must be performed after each call to SDL_SetVideoMode.
Fix a bug with screen_texture not always being freed when needed.
Make OpenGL log messages slimmer and let them appear only when initialising

2011-04-09 Tomasz Krasuski
* DOC/USAGE, atari800.man, ui.c, atari_ntsc/atari_ntsc.[ch],
sdl/palette.[ch], sdl/video.[ch], sdl/video_gl.[ch],
sdl/video_sw.[ch]: Add option for setting pixel (texture) format
in OpenGL mode - depending on graphics hardware, different formats give
the best performance. the BPP parameter is now only for software modes.
Also fix a bug with bit depth autodetection not working (in Windows BPP
autotetection works only before the first call to SDL_SetVideoMode), and use
the SDL 8-bit palettised video mode properly.

* DOC/USAGE, atari800.man, ui.c, sdl/video.[ch],
sdl/video_gl.[ch], sdl/video_sw.c: Add option for enabling
synchronization with vertical retrace - for SDL fullscreen non-OpenGL modes.

* DOC/USAGE, atari800.man, ui.c, sdl/video_gl.[ch]:
Add option for disabling OpenGL Pixel Buffer Objects - on some hardware they
decrease performance.

* DOC/USAGE, atari800.man, ui.c, videomode.[ch]:
Add option for automatic detection of host screen aspect ratio.

* DOC/USAGE, atari800.man, ui.c, videomode.[ch], sdl/video.c:
Rename several options to more intuitive names - in command line and in GUI:
-horiz-offset -> -horiz-shift, -vert-offset -> -vert-shift,
-stretch integer -> -stretch integral,
-keep-aspect 1to1 -> image-aspect square-pixels,
-[no]-opengl -> -[no]-video-accel

* ui.c: Reorder the Video Mode Settings menu, for better usability.
Use the slider control for video area/shift options.

* sdl/video_gl.c, sdl/video_sw.c: Call SDL_SetVideoMode() and display
ModeInfo only when necessary.

* DOC/USAGE, atari800.man, videomode.c, sdl/video.c: Other fixes
in help/documentation.

* sdl/main.c, sdl/video.[ch], sdl/video_gl.[ch], sdl/video_sw.c:
Try to reinitialise the SDL video subsystem after an error before failing.
This allows to recover from some hardware/driver-related errors.

* platform.h, videomode.c, sdl/input.c, sdl.video.c, sdl/video_sw.c:
Fix broken handling of SDL_VIDEORESIZE event: the call to SDL_SetVideoMode
must set the same window size as returned by the event. Also when window
is maximised, it is not allowed to un-maximise it by software. When these
conditions are not met, glitches occur.

* videomode.c: Fix broken aspect ratio correction in windowed rotated
modes. Make the windowed mode the default - itīs more compatible.

* sdl/video_gl.c: Fix glitches when switching softwareOpenGL on
Windows. Avoid unnecessary scanline-drawing when scanline-percentage is 0.

* sdl/input.c: Work around unwanted keyboard events when pressing
Alt+Tab on Windows.

* atari.c, ui.c, sdl/input.c: Fix abuse of signals.
Atari800_Exit() calls signal-unsafe functions, so it cannot be called from
within a signal handler.

* sdl/main.c: Close the SDL window when the monitor is used, to avoid
unnecessary keyboard events.

* monitor.c: Fix improper handling of the prompt when readline is used.

2011-04-04 James Wilkinson
* configure.ac, Makefile.in: maintain support for older compilers (DOS, BeOS)

2011-04-03 Kostas Nakos
* android/*: Implement new screen cropping preferences,
some small port fixes,
implement new arrow key derotation workaround for ext. keyboards



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